Strzelcy Rzeczypospolitej - Międzylesie


crime court Sad Rejonowy 
ul. Bohaterów Getta 15 57-300 Klodzko









Al qaida war was started by Poland and USA 2003 , when united nations said NO, dont do it .

The crime was same as Hitler did  . More as  10 million ded or came to west Europa to ask exiler status and plan islamic revolution.  1,5 million dollar wasted says president Trump. Weapon industry of Finland  broke laws when they got from Poland the best client in their historia. But Poland  has no  money to food , dentists and books of school children.


 This i wrote to Donald Tusk and president of Poland in  year 2004. Police Adam Polanski in Miedzylesie and  local  jehova witnesses started against me crime court in KLODZKO writing to prokurator how Hietikko  is mentally  ill terrorist , devil  in  form of man , who  hurts honour of jehova witnesses. They were spreading such in  their network and came  to shout ´´go to Finland , we kill you´´.

Świadkowie Jehowy w Polsce
ul. Warszawska 14 05-830 NADARZYN POLAND carry collective responsibility to ethnic crime.

 Police Adam Polanski said 4.5.2005  how Hietikko not can come back to my farm , before Finland explain  their opinion about me.  Because of ,  polish  jehova witnesses have reason to believe that mad Hietikko can kill all of them.

The case is not finished, this man took from me big  money, he  is  responsible to continue

Lawyer Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4 / 1 , 50036 Wroclaw 



 Because he  not confess  his  responsibility , ambassa of Finland  in Poland Ul Chopina 2  Varsova must  give to me and my  son William  new lawyer and demand  by NOOTTI (  notification ) crime investigations and RE opening the court of Klodzko


According kidnapping agreement of Haag, matters of my son does not belong to Finland but to court of Klodzko. State of Finland  has  stolen my son in  age of 4 and  banished me  to  islamic south Maroc ( west Sahara )

Accoring their laws and maroccian al qaida, stealing a son and breaking his childhood home shall  be punished by death. Elli Aaltonen, Teija Tanska , Alisa Veistämö  and Flora Kuparinen carry personal responsibility, if they not confess this crime and act


Finnish  social ladies , lawyers and court  agree how Finland is so  much better  country as Poland, that kidnapping agreement of Haag is not valid. , consul and 3 lawyers in Finland say  how court psychiatric comitea in Klodzko was corruped , when  they wrote 2008 how Hannu Hietikko is NOT  mentally  ill ,  not dangerous. But in same year 3 doctors in psychiatria ( kuokkanen keränen luoto )  also in Helsinki wrote how Hietikko is not mentally  ill, no skitsofrenia, no paranoija. Me, my son and new wife Melika are victims of long lasting torture


Panstwo Polska Ambassa of Poland

Armas Lindgrenintie 21
00570 HELSINKI Kulosaari 


You  must  take  care  that those  finnish  people  come to explain their opinions   in the court of Klodzko.  in Lissabon consulat must take care that  doctor Rui Neves from Faro come to Klodzko court and explain  what is  real truth about those happenings. After discussion of 15 minutes , dr Neves wrote 31.3.2015 to portugalian healthy registers how Hietikko is sick, diagnosa paranoija. Out of realities. But chef of police Jose Marques in Portimao was believing to Hietikko. Also doctors in Spain say how Hietikko is much more healthy as finnish  men in Andalucia GENERALLY are. State of Portugal is responsible about my healthy matters after honour consul of Finland  was fooling me 2015 to make tax agreement of 10 years. It was ending 1.1.2019 and this was a contract fault.  My demand from lawyer Giselia Farias and Maija Katila is 100 000 e  taxfree plus costs of lawyer. If doctor Rui Neves  not can show in  court of Klodzko that they are corruped and  Hietikko  is  sick, state of Portugal  must pay  me 500 000 euros taxfree,  plus cost of lawyer ANDREIA  CINTRA. She was sending me and my wife to Finland 16.5.2018 and they banished us to Marocco for next 3 years. People near and said to us how all  islamic people and unpatriotic,  mentally  ill  Hietikko  shall  be killed or  pushed away from Finland. did not start investigation and we came to Maroc


Because of such situation in Finland and Portugal , we want come to Poland. They confess my human rights , but only if Finland confess to Klodzko court that Hietikko  is not sick. Because this can take still  long time, Finland must pay me 75 euros tax free travelling compensation / per day, starting 4.5.2005. Loosed EU mountain supports from 14 years etc



Because our farm in Gniewoszow Seitendorf is standing empty and jehova witnesses use our lands 34,5 hectar, and because my son William in Finland  needs  money to his studies and hobbies, this matter must be  solved NOW



We are asking help from GERMANY.


This region was one of the most beautiful  parts what they loosed after war.  Its possible to get  it back 34,5 hectars from top  of  green hill   to  369  german motor cycle clubs. Each of them pay 10 euros / month rent from piece of land 10 mtr x  17 mtr. Time of rent 30 years. Possibility to buy



to polish finnish culture association  Keltaiset ry de Gula rf.

iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH



Those 369 camps are situated to the borders of farm 34,5 hectar and our partners  all build 17 mtr of strong henge or  mur  to prevent ousiders to enter this closed area. 369  german motor cycle clubs  start there camping for motorcycle scooter bicycle horse travellers and to WALKERS  who come by train from PRAHA 140 km  to station  Domszkow in Miedzylesie . 3 km walk through beautiful forest up to mountain of Seitendorf 690 m high ( with heavenly wiews , no  mosquitos, no  traffic noise )


1.5. -30.9   we could get there 100 000 visitors per month and earn 5 million euro in 5 months. 10 % we pay tax to state of Poland, 10 % to gminna Miedzylesie who gives us owning of all old   horse roads inside that farm. Nobody needs them and we not can  let outsiders to come to this area to shout with axe in hand  ´´go to Finland, we kill you´´ ( so they did to  my family ) . We make there also 200  nice places for home cars of older germans , who want be in safe place. They pay 20 e / person / day. 240 000 e / month, with 2 person in wagon




 Gminna Miedzylesie earns big money and they must pay geodet who show exact  place of the border. They must give us also building permissions  to mur  ,  all needed toilet buildings and exibition of karelian sauna exhibition, wooden  loghouses. 5 e / visit. To 69 wooden loghouses from America.  We also must build to our farm  stage to orchesters




When we organize there nice concerts of blues  jazz country rasta rock and roll , we sell 10 e tickets to 10 000 people per day during 5 months.  10 % we pay tax to state of Poland, 10 % to gminna Miedzylesie. 30 % to the best artists from all world , irish russian jewish folk music etc. In walley of Dlugopole Domaszkow Rocanka landowners could offer similar tents 3 m x 3 m  good madras for 2, with own sleepingpacks 10 e / day / person. There is  place enough for million and   Gminna Miedzylesie earns million euro from such happening. But you must take very posivite attitude and   engourage people in willages to join this project with 369 germans in Gniewoszow. Landowner shall get 24 % , 21 % his 7 workers , who build tents and take care of clients


In our farm this 21 % shall  be  dealed  to 369 german motorcycle clubs OR private german  people choosen by Dietmar Schuller in DHL  Nurnberg ( ) 24 % in  our farm shall be paid to 3 owners William Sarnowiak, his mother, his father 8 % each )


To  polish people is now very interesting to know WHAT kind of germans are those 369 , who shall come to Miedzylesie ? Dietmar Schuller is 55 years old peaceful ciwilized man , who like motorcycles but not new natzies. Dietmar  have many friends in Miedzylesie. If he choose these 369 germans, it will be no danger to polish people. But if he not want do this,  i shall give the same offer to german swedish finnish russian organizations. Hells angels or volves of night  international may be interested to do it ?


Gminna Miedzylesie or jehova witnesses can  not  prevent  me and my son start  camping bisnes in  our farm



To be able to start  GOOD  POSITIVE  activities

 in Poland , we need help from court of jehova witnesses


As compensation of starting nonsense trial court of Klodzko and from 8,5 years terrorism family of jehowa witness Stefania ilnicki must give owning of 8,5 hectar to association Keltaiset ry. 8,5 and 34,5 hectar of Viola Sarnowiak shall be joined and surrounded by GERMAN mur 3,3 mtr high beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 . It was original style in old Seitendorf ( Gniewoszow ) .


 jehowa witness Stefania ilnicki was assisting  purposes of these 3


cousin of my ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz

 Halina Cieplucha   ul Bratyslawska  13 m 24   90900 Lodz

 Sister of my exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz





Majiec Abresz took care of my case in Klodzko court,  started   by our neighbour jehova witness family stefania ilnicki in Gniewoszow Miedzylesie Poland.  Before this they did   against me and my  polish ex wife  almost 50 requests of crime investigation 1999-2005 . Every time police of Miedzylesie noticed that nothing illegal has happened, but they did not want finish this teasing. Police did nothing when they were spreading rascistic hate in network of jehowa witnesses, and came very often with axe in hand to south in front of our house GO TO FINLAND , WE KILL YOU. witness  of jehova  did this also to our hostel-clients as and police of Klodzko has got photos, soundfiles and several witnesses of Hietikko .

But they let it happen, because police Polanski had salary only 300 e / month . He got some % profit when ilnickies were stealing wood from  our forest meanwhile we had to sit in  police station  half day , almost every week.


This told us  other  people in willage Gniewoszow. They said how ilnicki  family are not  polish, after war Russia was pushing half million  mountain  banditos from Kazakstan to south west border  of Poland ( sudetian mountains ) and  gave them  best houses of german people. Ilnicki banditos got also  unofficial work to assist communistic police of Miedzylesie,  to spy polish farmers what they talk and what they eat. This told to me and Piotr Piaskus the most reasonable  older farmers Jidek Zamosch and Mietek Steinzek 2009 . All willage  has been afraid of ilnickies since the 2 world war and such old powerconstructions were not finished in such small back side willage in  mountains  4 km from border of Tsech rp. In  middle of European Union.


But in Helsinki court 13.4.2006 lawyer Aila Koulu said how  Hietikko  is  mentally ill  terrorist and they know it also in Poland. They did not give me any  lawyer and after trial i was  closed  2,5  month to mental hospital . They  forced me eat poison,  made sexual violence etc. Since  that time  they did not  let me see my son, only  one  hour in august 2012  Two years  later 2008 the court psychiatric comitea  of Klodzko  got  ready  their  analyza from Hietikko. They said how Hietikko  has  no mental  illness,  only lot of creative usefull   ideas and visions. This proofs that  Finland  is breaking seriously human rights,  freedom of thinking. More as 1000 such cases every year  , says investigator markku salo  ,  . State of Finland  is  very fasistic,  they have been killing own citizens MORE as russians  killed us in famous winter war. Both my  parents were loosing their fathers in age of 5. When  my son was 5, he could  not any  more see his  father because im different thinker. I have  never done anything bad to my boy, he used to say how father  is  his  best friend


I  had to be 2,5 months in mental hospital and i loosed my child because of this  nonsense trial started by polish jehova witnesses.

But this game was exposing serious crimes  of  human rights  in  finland


Because of 8  years  jehova terrorism and corrupted police, my  polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak got  nerv break down and  kidnapped our 4 years old son to Finland 17.4.2005 .  Such  order she got  from her mother Halina Cieplucha in LOZD  ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  .. 2 week later  police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski  came to say that Hietikko  also must go away and give our house to clients of social office of Klodzko ( adam zaba and Violetta Kulawik ) . Klodzko city  Marta Ciemlowitz promised to take responsibility what happens to our house  and  hostel  bisnes .


Police Robert Furtak and 2  kollegas told to me and Piort Piaskus  later  how Halina Cieplucha in LOZD  ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 was giving order to Polanski to push Hietikko away from  my home. She also promised to family  ilnicki rights to use our forest and fields , if they take care  that NOBODY can be in  our farm . They frightened away  with  guns and  nightly attacts also all  tenants as  in  march 2009. Police of Miedzylesie and consulat Finland did nothing. After Viljakainen was gone, holy albert association wroclaw  and destroyed all 4 buildings totally. I had full value  insurance in Allianz Wroclaw ul Ruska 8 , but they  refused take any responsibility. Finnish consul had given such information  that Hietikko  is 100% ly  mad who could very well break his own house. Kill  his own child .  This was said by lawyer aila koulu in court of helsinki and stefania  ilnicki in court of Klodzko. consul said me in  telephone, how Hietikko  has bought such  paper with money, if Klodzko  court psychiatric comitea write how Hietikko is not sick. Because of so serious talk from represantive of state Finland, this  matter  really  needs to be  investigated and processed 


 What for all this shit  happened,  it came out in year 2010 my  polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak was trying to lie to finnish court  how  lands of our farm  are  all  bought with money of her  mother Halina Cieplucha in LOZD . And only broken 4  buildings belong to Hietikko. But we have marriage agreement in Porvoo OP bank and credit paper 870 000 e made in  law  office . They show how this properity belongs 100 % ly to Hietikko .

Halina Cieplucha and  her younger daughter perfeck okei Wiesa were planning to sell our lands to germans and keep the  money,  but  they cant do it without signature from me and my  new wife. Or by  killing us. Mafia of Lodz was trying this 7.7.2018 in Portugal Portimao  but police and prokurator Bruno Pinto  sent us to ask status of exiler. They banished 20.7.2018  my wife to sahara and  because  i not can live  without my wife, i had to come also


To keep  me away from Poland, Polanski, Halina Cieplucha and  her  assistants  jehova  witnesses started crime court against me in court of Klodzko.  Trial was lasting 3,5  years but during this time  they could not say what illegal Hietikko has done ? I didnt  hurt anybodys honour .To  keep such trial was illegal. They must say in first day, what is reason  . State of Poland must compensate me taxfree 500 000 e . Im using that  money to advertising in canada and usa. Im inviting all    polish emigrants and half million  yellow vests with motorcycles and scooters to make common  drive to Poland. To  buy new wooden loghouses


Family  ilnicki  must go to Finland   if they not want become  killed by al qaida. Im not giving such order, this what im telling honesty, its enough to get punishment of death for sure. They have full  reason to say  how they are not safe if they stay in Poland. Finland give them good new home , healthy services and money.  As compensation they must give owning of 8,5 hectar and all buildings to 369  men from Germany   start  there very productive bisnes and  pay to accounts  of family  ilnicki  their  part honestly, dealing all according investings of  8,5 ha and  34,5 ha  . Its so big  money that Finland social office  not  must give them any euro


Respected King of Marocco, Muhamed VI.


Cannabis has been used many thousand years in your country in north Africa , near and middle east India China . In the Bible is written ´´
when I went away , you saw me in cloud, and when you see me re come , you will see me in cloud.

But  heavenly majestet did not mean that he needs ´´puor mans nirvana´´. Those fishermen and sheepheards were using cannabis to understand better , to be more sensitive. Johannes who wrote the last part of the Bible in Patmos island , was using cannabis everyday. So did also TAO monks in CHINA already 5000 years ago. President of European council Donald Tusk has confessed in TV how he also has been using quite a lot of cannabis

Registered culture association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes from Finland Poland and Portugal makes you offer.

Government in your country keeps more as million men prison because of cannabis, in Poland and in Finland such people are several hundred thousand .World healthy organization WHO says how it is good medicine, 100  times  less  harmful as alcohol and cigarettes . Thats why Usa Canada Tsech rp Holland Germany makes cannabis legal.

This same offer we send   to in south west Poland, to city of Portimao in Portugal. We could make also agreement with russian Karelia Petroskoi, volves of night  and mr Putin

Police in Finland says how they have new problem. From China is coming lot of syntetic material which looks out and smell the same as maroccian. But there is dangerous material inside. Millions of people are in big danger

Because Maroc is the best in all world to produce this old homeophatic herb , you should ´´mark´´ your original product with stamp ´´K ´´ ( kings quality ) and sell it legally to all world 5 e / gram

This would make rto Marocco large annual incomes and you could offer good healthy services also to puor maroccians .

Cannabis is good also to cars and growing lot of it would help in climate problems. Setting million men free from prisons would mean big save of money. Many happy children would get father back home .

according our offer , all annual cannabis production should be sended by ships from Al Hoceima Tanger Agadir Dakhla to habour of Portimao in south Portugal.

Keltaiset ry deal it to all other world and sell 5 e / gram

0.5 e / gram tax to city of Portimao who arrange big safe store to habour and employ few people to take care

0.5 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Marocco

0.5 e / gram tax to land of final exporting ( Portugal , Poland, Spain, USA , Germany , Russia..)

0.5 e / gram to shop who sell it ( legally ) in  Miedzylesie Poland, Portimao Bemposta Praya VAU beach in Portugal and in Marocco Agadir ( 10 million  people per year come to Agadir because of this your Majestet Muhamed VI )

0,5 e / gram to healthy services of puor people in Maroc

1,5 e / gram to farmer families and mafias in Maroc , who product and pack cannabis. Send it legally by ships to Portimao habour international store. Nobody goes to prison because of this

1 e / gram to keltaiset ry to arrange international logistica, quality control , product development and culture happenings to the festival road 6900 km from Dakhla Agadir Gibraltar Portimao praya vau beach France Bayer Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow Russian Karelia Niirala Ilomantsi Keuruu Turku  ...

 Large maroccian cannabis money should be situated to Finland  bank of farmers  Suupohjan osuuspankki

to account of culture association   Keltaiset ry de Gula rf.

iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH


 Police of Finland , , inspectors from ketama chechaouen farmers and government of maroc have right to control that dealing money goes correctly

In the world are milliards of people who respect the best qualities of cannabis , made in Maroc. We get lot of travellers to Portimao, Agadir and Miedzylesie Poland also in wintertime, if there is the world market of maroccian hasis. And the best of American polish finnish german french maroccian blues folk

jazz country rock and roll


40 million  polish emigrants , wellcome to the common  road back home. It will be opened by


Donald Trump ja Donald Tusk keskustelemassa Italian Taorminassa G7-kokouksessa.


Please  join  this  festival in next summer. Share the time tables of common starts and names of willages by the road 6900 km long, from Gibraltar 7.5 to Portugal Baskiland south France Bayer Tsech rp Poland 31.5 Bialo Russia Pskov Terijoki Sortavala 23.6 Niirala Finland Ilomantsi Koitere Juankoski Runninkylä Iisalmi Kiuruvesi Keuruu kihniö kauhajoen nummijärvi hyyppä päntäne karijoki säkylä to habour of TURKU 1.7. Shipping back to america motorbikes scooters and veteran cars model 1969 or older.


( pictures lended from iltalehti )

Koko läntisessä maailmassa keltainen liike kasvaa lumivyöryn tavoin. Olen kommunikoinut viime aikoina paljon amerikan keltaliivien ja Trumpin kannattajien , B kansalaisten Harrikka väen kanssa. He pitävät hyvänä ajatuksena ehdotustani järjestää ensi kesänä iso ´´ajelu´´ 7.5 Gibraltarilta Turkuun 1.7 , 6900 km moottoripyörillä skoottereilla keltaisin lipuin. Olen itse tuon reitin valinnut , ajellut moottoripyörällä ja keskustellut monien ihmisten kanssa tällaisesta eurooppaa yhdistävästä hankkeesta joka toistuisi joka kesä samoina päivinä . 100 % sti hanketta on kehuttu loistavaksi. Reitin varren kylät järjestäisivät isoja juhlia kun kulkue saapuu paikkakunnalle . Amerikkalaiset keltaliivit saisivat nähdä koko euroopan tanssivan ja laulavan

 Image may contain: 2 people, people standing


We need professional writer in usa  Russia Portugal and in Poland , who understand that idea and explain it to people in better lanquage. Mr PUTIN should invest to international advertising to invite half million people

 who like PEACE travelling by motorcycles , good music , nice common being


What for we need such ?


Weapon industry of USA wants arrange in Finland in next summer big expensive war exercise ( aimed against Russia ) .We invite all yellow vests from Poland Germany France Spain Usa Canada and Wolves of NIGHT ---international to make protest against such meaningless stupid wasteing of money.


Come together 4 week from Gibraltar to east Poland HAJNOWKA with bicycles motorcycles scooters and veteran cars model 1969 or older . 12.6. to PRUZANY----- BIALO RUSSIA 12 days transit wizum on the border 50 e.

Wolfs of night should arrange wonderfull evening festivals , camping for half million and common start 13,6. at 10 00 in front of city house of PRUZANY .Yön sudet juhlivat Sevastopolissa Krimin miehitystä vuonna 2014.

(  picture lended from iltalehti )


We invite to this road happening russian emigrants
and those ones from usa and canada who want make close personal friendship with russian people. In meaning of nice common being and the best blues jazz rock and roll from russia poland and usa. Russian and irish folk music . We plan to repeat this happening every year at the same days and they leave lot of money


start 14,6. Mou cadz BIALO RUSSIA
iniciar 15,6. Hlybokaje,
iniciar 16,6. Asvieja
iniciar 17,6 Krasnaje
iniciar 18,6 Pytalovo


10 km outside these cities they should build tents , good madras with own sleepingpacks , 10 e / person / day. ( according reservations in advance to Wolfs of night 
or to ) saunas 5 e / visit . Compost toilets 0,5 e / visit. Rubbishing surrounding forbidden, mandat 50 e

55 ssä paikassa noin 120 km välein tulisi tehdä luonnonkauniiseen rauhalliseen paikkaan sateenpitäviä telttoja ja patjoja puolelle miljoonalle , joita tulijat käyttävät omin makuupussein. 10 e / henkilö toisi kylään 5 miljoonaa euroa. Pitäisi tehdä suomalaisen hirsisauna ja kiuas teollisuuden pysyvä maailmannäyttely 55 llä paikkakunnalla ja velottaa visiitistä 5 e . Kompostoivia ekologisia vessoja 0.5 e / käynti

Ympäristön roskaaminen kielletään 50 e sakolla jonka saavat peria paikalliset lapset ( roskapoliisi ) Ellei makseta, lapsilla on vesipyssyissä sinistä maalia jolla ympäristörikollinen ja hänen ajoneuvonsa tuhritaan


We can get half million people if we start good advertising and 
if mr Putin invest to good artists. The travellers shall leave 5 million euros to these willages , every summer, several times, if we do this. Money fun culture and peace at the same time. Lot of new work places 2500 e / month to product american houses from russian wood


Common start 19,6 in front of Pskov city hall
Start 20,6 Gdov


Festivalroad  in Russia  should be choosen by Wolfs of night in such ways that it goes through most beautiful areas , suitable for slow going bikes and scooters. Road should be marked with yellow arrows. You should ask eu money to make new asfalt because this project its VERY useful . It repeats every year and money comes .


Start 21,6 Koskolovo
Start 22,6 Terijoki governo
.. 23 .6 Käkisalmi
… 24 .6 Sortavala

Kulkue menee Itä Puolasta valko venäjälle ja karjalaan, He tutustuvat venäläisten yön susiin ja hyökkäävät Niiralan raja asemalta Suomeen juhannuksena. Rajaviranomaiset tarkistavat ettei ole vesipyssyjä vaarallisempia aseita

Tämä initiaatio matka amerikkalaisten ja kanadalaisten eurooppalaisiin juuriin olisi houkutteleva juttu , koska edullisten yöpymisten takia se maksaisi vain 550 e plus ruuat bensat ja saunomiset. Kuten Mr Putin ja venäläiset tietävät, amerikkalaisten itsetunnottomuus ja todellisen kulttuurin puute on iso ongelma ja vaara kaikille. Se saa jenkit käyttäytymään öykkärimäisinä maailman sheriffeinä
--koko ajan aloitetaan uusia sotia koska yksityisen aseteollisuuden intressit sitä vaatii.


Such big culture festivals would increase trusting and positive attitudes between motorcycle people from Russia and USA Germany UK. This could make ironia about big expensive war exercises of NATO in Finland. Summer war with water guns against finns every year 24.6. in Niirala border. EU citizens americans and canadians can go there without wizum. Russians can ask wizum 7 days to Finland  plus 7 days in Estonia. ( ship Turku Tallinna )


yellow vests usa / canada , and 40 million polish emigrants
---wellcome to the common road to united europa and to renewed Poland

Poland  is one of the most beautiful countries in the world , as big as France ,  but 40  million  polish people had to run away to other lands. Many who tried to come back became very disapointed, because law and order is missing,  there still exists old post communistic cultura and unhonest manners. But if we go there  with half million harleys scooters and yellow flags  together with american and canadian yellow vests, something could change. Send your bikes  by ship to Spain Algeciras and fly to malaga. Start Gibraltar  7.5.  Or  fly to Praha in end of may and buy scooter or motorcycle. Sell  it later in Finland 24.6  and fly back to home. You can also come by train 140  km from  Praha airport Lichkow Bobozow Miedzylesie DOMASZKOW. 3 km walk up to mountain  of Gniewoszow  690 mtr  high

  Dlugopole grn in Klodzko walley has place enough for tents of several million people who come by walk , with bicycle scooter or motorbike. Willage association can build tents , good madras with own sleepingpacks , 10 e / person / day. ( according  reservations in advance to ) wooden saunas 5 e / visit . Compost toilets 0,5 e / visit. Rubbishing surrounding  forbidden,  mandat 50 e

 On top of hill  Gniewoszow we build strong loudspeakers and play the best of blues jazz country  rock and roll music in Poland, Tsech rp   and  50 states of America. Three days every summer 1.6 -3.6 . Second time 20-23.8

 Farms of Stefania ilnicki 8,5 hectar and William / Viola Sarnowiak 34,5 hectar shall be joined and surrounded by mur 3,3 mtr high beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 . It was original style in old Seitendorf ( Gniewoszow ) . All communal roads inside that 43 ha must be finished by

Nearby the mur 69 houses ( stone and beton ) bottom 170  sq meter 7 douple rooms jugend  for travellers 20 euros / day/ person . To II floors  EXHIBITION OF AMERICAN CULTURE  wooden loghouse with charming interiör from 50 states of America, big sala 4 mtr high,  high quality cinema and  music,   visual arts , electronica . To III floor 7 rooms for travellers 20 e / person / day. With cheap prices rooms are always occupied, also in winter. Millions of people from many  lands shall see these american houses and interiörs  , want buy to their own lands  individual combination . We start  mass production  near railway stations Domaszkow Rozanka Miedzylesie , pine wood and vuolukivi come from  Russia by  trains , endless amounts.  

We pay commission of 5 % to usa who sent first 69 models for free to Gniewoszow and 69 to Portugal Portimao

 After  Gniewoszow  festival is over,  3.6. at 9 00 oclock start  race bicyles , 10 00  others. They go  to  the yellow road  to  Ponikva, Długopole grn - Wytski- Bystrzyca Klodzka ul Krakowska - Nadbzezna- Plac szpitalny - Plawnica

- Sienna - Stronie Slaskie - ul Nadprezna - ul Hutnicza - ul. Kosciuszki ....

Stojkow- Ladek Drj- ul Kosciuszki- Slodowa - rynek- para Zolty stok -kamienica - Paczków /
Unikowice - Ujezdziec ... ratnowice .. kalkow- laka- Kijow- Biskupow- Głuchołazy -Pokrzymna- Moszczanka


Jos onnistuisimme yhteisillä tiedoitustoimilla saamaan hulvattomat amerikkalaiset B kansalaiset tähän innostumaan ja kaikki huomaisivat miten mukavalla tavalla 55 kylää tienaa 5 miljoonaa, tätä reittiä ja majoitus infrastruktuuria tulisi käyttää myös toisenlaisten ryhmien tarkoituksiin

3 päivää keltaliivien jälkeen voisi Gibraltarilta 10.5 startata puoli miljoonaa christian motorists järjestön jäsentä valkoisin lipuin

3 päivää heidän jälkeensä 13.5. oluen, venäläisen ja irlantilaisen kansanmusiikin ystävät ORANSSIT ajelevat Turkuun ja pitävät isoja juhlia reitin varrella 6900 km

3 päivää heidän jälkeensä 16.5. Riding witnesses of Jehova on the road

Tämän kummallisen suunnitelman takana on elokuva käsikirjoitus jonka puolalainen syyttäjä Beata Jelinska minulta tilasi 2008 . Se tarina ´´minä olen tie ,eli tao -- tulee 50 % sti raamatusta , 50 % tämän päivän reaalitodellisuudesta. Nämä neljä eriväristä joukkuetta markkeeraavat ilmestyskirjan ratsastajia . Pian niiden jälkeen tulee JEESUS Puolan ja Portugalin presidentiksi kuten kansan enemmistö oli valinnut . Minun pitäisi tässä elokuvassa esittää pomoani koska olen juutalaisen nenäni kanssa niin perkeleesti kyseisen jätkän näköinen



8 -12 km before city   prudnicka  people  should prepare  in  beautiful  peacefull  place  tents for  half million american canadian british german  yellow vest traveller. They leave to your willage  5 million euros, every summer many times. To land  owners 25 % , 10 % tax to state of Poland, 10 % tax to local communa , 55 % to the one who build  the tent and take care of reception  and toilets, rubbish service

Keltaiset ry  súggests to communa and to the landowner .  You should invest   beautiful silent  place 30 - 40  hectar , 10  km before Prudnik  . Build around it  mur 3,3 mtr high beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 .  To the ground floor 7  rooms for travellers To II floor  wooden loghouse with charming interiör made in Poland Domaszkow according  the first models  from 50 states of America, big sala 4 mtr high  livingroom  to the polish emigrant family who  buy the house . To III floor 7  bed rooms . Inside this closed ´´castle´´ we could arrange marvellous festivals , polish and american culture. Sell 20 euros tickets to 10 000  people and earn  20 0 000 in  one evening, 180 times every summer. 10 % tax to communa, 10 % to state of Poland, 45 % to the land owner. 45 % to artists and  workers of  these happenings


Prudnik commonstart 4.6. annually


trzy dni i nocy, każdego roku, koniec Wielkiego koncertu obok marketu w PRUDNIKU 4.6.

9,00 START of race bicycles , usa black Poland yellow , finland middle blue, russia indigo blue germany dark red etc-

at 10,00 common start of motorcycles scooters and veteran cars model 1969 or older. They are not allowed to overtake the race bicycles. If they go too slow, must stop and visit local willage exhibitions by the kings road


People in White Russia Inkerimaa Karelia Poland Marocco and Portugal would get lot of workplaces with real salaries 2000 -2500 e / month .Donald Trump ja Donald Tusk keskustelemassa Italian Taorminassa G7-kokouksessa.

Mr PUTIN, Tusk and Trump have power to make this true and get their names to historia

( picture lended from iltalehti )

When culture association Keltaiset ry not demand any fiscal profit , this will be ciwilized leaded capitalism with no capitalist. When costs of product development , marketing , advertising and plans of logistica come to yellow network with 7 % commission , costs of production shall be 50 % smaller . Companies can pay good salaries to workers and sell such attractive American houses with very friendly prices. We shall win world markets in sector of home production.


We are looking for many workers to Keltaiset ry. Take your role in this project and share this invitation


start motorów, skuterów i Weteranów, po traktory nich, piesi, tancerki samby, klauni .... Mam nadzieję że dużo ludzi będzie chciało przejść te kilka kilometrów, Cala POLSKA NA drodze, nawet klauni.
em 9,00 o 'relógio de iniciar as equipes de racebicycles. Àt 10 00 começam todas as motocicletas, scooters e os veterancars, depois deles tratores, caminhantes, dançarinos de samba .. Arts and Puos on the road


Prudnik - Biala- Slokow- Klisino- Pomorzowice- Kwiatoniov- Gadzowice- Wlodzienin- Cerekwia- Racibórz
Nieboczowy - Lubomia- Belsznica - Gorzyczki- Godow - Golkowice- Jastrzebie Zdrój - ... Ruptava- Konczyce ML - Cieszyn- Goleszow- Ustron- Wisla


Wisla commonstart 5.6. anualmente a cada verão


Trasa powinna przebiegać przez takie jak miejsca ....- Malinka- Szczyrk- Godziszka- Lipowa- Zywiec- Rychwald- Gilowice- Slemien-Kocon- Kukow - Stryszawa.- Zawoja- Przel Krowiarki- Zubrzyca DLN - Jablonka- Czarny Dunajoec- Koniowka- Witow- Zakopane ..


Zakopane commonstart 6.6.


7.6.start Uście Gorlicke



In south Poland these mountain willages are very beautiful.

40 million polish emigrants should come and choose new home  by  this route


Bukowina - Czarna Gora - Trybsz - Nizne- Kroscienko n Dunajcem - Gorzany - Lacko- Estrada 969 Jazowsko -Stary Sacz - preguiçoso Biegonickie - Jamnica- Ptaszkowa - Grybow- Kaclowa- Brunary - Czarna- Uście Gorlicke Kwiaton- Gladyszow- Malastow- Mala - Mecina- Bednarka- Pielgrzymka- str. zmigrod- Dukla - estrada Trzciana- 897-Daliowa- Wola Nizna- ROMANCZA - Wola Michowa - Kalnica- Wetlina- Ustryki grn- Smolnik- Lutowiska- Czarna grn- Rabe- Ustryki dln- Liskowate --corridas 890--all these willages should

send your e mails to Finland registered culture association ( that name means the yellows die gelben Los Amarillos Zehubim Burf sarkar Zolty , i Gialli , Kollased in Estonia ). We will send you e mails of other members and we create road comission. Folk parlament of european union and Folk parlament of Poland. 40 million polish people who live aboard , or nearby this road, should join together. Take power in Poland


1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %
3. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
5. I agree this matter 40 %
6. I agree this matter 20 %
7. I do not agree this matter at all



8.6.start mountains  Tarnica bieszczady


9.6.start Przemysl


10.6.start Tomaszów LUB


11.6.start Wlodawa


12.6.start Hajnowka


start 13,6. PRUZANY----- BIALO RUSSIAYön sudet juhlivat Sevastopolissa Krimin miehitystä vuonna 2014.


50 e / 12 days transit wizum on the border to summer war of Finland


our association has been demanding to open court of haag for


war criminals.


 We hope to get strong support from Russia'


HUMAN RIGHTS in Finland and in Poland are very low


Al qaida war was started by Poland and USA 2003 when united nations said NO, dont do it .

The crime was same as Hitler did .


Lawyer Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4 / 1 , 
50036 Wroclaw



I have been reminding  mr Majiec Abresz  all  these  years  that  he  not can DROP that  case without demanding  costs of lawyer  and  compensation , from 3 years  meaningless trial , terror of 8 years !  When nobody can be in our house, ilnickies use our lands and forests to their cattle. Brutal socialism in  middle of European union and Poland start big wars to hunt terrorists from islamic lands


After state of Finland  banished me and my maroccian wife 20.7.2018  three  years  outside  EU  , im  in  north Africa . I have not asked anybody to do anything  illegal,  but when my wife has said this all in arab, they want go to that willage and KILL  all jehova witnesses ilnicki and their assistants Marisa Zamoschi  Marisa Malinowska Adam Prokop  Pawel Boycoff Aneta Kubiza, roman catholic priest and nun  of Rozanka,  Adam Zaba  Violetta Kulawik Kamila Michalowska MANY  ( names and adresses  they got from my homepage ) 


Because you mr Majiec Abresz and consulat of Finland in warsawa  didn´t take  care your responsibilities  in right time, you must  solve this situation  now without  killing anybody.Because POLICE was sparking me out from  my house 4.5.2005 ,  state of Poland  ( or german allianz )  must compensate  repairing of 4 buildings  to top  condition, bring back all stolen . I demand to me and my son William both  70 euros/ day  taxfree until that day  that we can safely  come back to  our home.  State of Poland must also pay me all  EU support what i loosed from 34,5  hectar  during 2005 - 2019


in  march year 2008  procurator Beata Jelinska  finished  that trial . She  told to me in hearing of witness after reading raport from court psychiatric comitea  , how Hietikko is not mentally  ill  ,  but  is too honest, good hearted , direct talking ( writing ) man , says too much truth. Such person can not live in Poland. Must go away and plan cinema what must happen that 40 million polish emigrants would come back to Poland with their money and knowledge how the matters work in ´´normal´´ societies Germany usa Canada uk Holland skandinavia. In all of them is something very good and something bad, stupid, not suitable to sampo tao plus sum game


When we elect to new Poland only the best parts of other countries, Poland shall be the most democratic ciwilized rich and happy land in the world. All political parties finished, power to the people using direct democratia digital. With previous pope John Paul II , 55 % of polish people were electing that JESUS would come and start be their king. 

Before he is in visible form ,    in  level  of our fictive screen play keltaiset ry has been choosing role of his authorized represantive to Donald Tusk. In Portugal this role is given to finnish woman, who  not believe at all to GOD , not even to his advertising man Hietikko. 


Because i not hope anything bad to Poland and i want come  back to my home

i try to turn this  manusscriptura to polish people so  positive as possible,  but  all  polish  people  must  help me.

Al Qaida  - new natzi atact shall not come 1.9.2019 to Poland  if we can start  demanded trials  before 1.5.2019 . Black  september shall  not start in Poland 1.9    if half  million  yellow vests with motorcycles and scooters and yellow flags  shall appear to Klodzko walley  in  end of may 2019 . Necessary change in Poland could happen with help of americans without  killing anybody



Majiec Abresz took care of my case in Klodzko court, started by our neighbour jehova witness family stefania ilnicki in Gniewoszow Miedzylesie Poland. This  matter  is not finished

Al Qaida - new natzi atact shall not come 1.9.2019 to Poland
 if we can start demanded trials before 1.5.2019  Majiec Abresz . Black september shall not start in Poland 1.9 if half million yellow vests with motorcycles and scooters and yellow flags shall appear to Klodzko walley in end of may 2019 . Necessary change in Poland could happen with help of americans and russian wolves of night  without killing anybody


Donald Tusk has promised to people long time ago, if he gets power , he will clean away from Poland ALL SHIT. Wzytsko kupa and kurvas ! It means political parties , roman catholic church , jehova witnesses and million mafias. We do this cinema according the Bible, all Christian churches and religions must be finished.--

If Donald Tusk wants this job , he must tell in twitter ´´ I will keep my promise and this role suits to me´´ . If he not do that before 1.5.2019 this role of wice king shall be choosen democratically .

He / she must be citizen of Poland. We want find 12 candidates, send your photo and text one a4 page in polish and in English to We arrange elections between 12 candidates to polish people 38 million inside Poland and 40 million outside.

If Tusk is patriotic man, he will do this. He has best possible knowledge what to do to clean away from Poland ´´all shit´´. This he has promised to do of he gets the power.


he was answering to this offer by fb

´´fuck you Hietikko, fuck islam ´´


we must get better leaders to eu. Come to discuss in Agadir

Helsinki -Agadir – Helsinki 250 e by Norwegian airlines. Hotels 10 e / day

--to Agadir centre square ---roof of restaurant UNIPRIX we install big loudspeakers. People in beach can hear international competition of folk songs , thema weeks for classical music, friends of jazz blues rock and roll. Between music we give possibility to 5 minutes spech . Make question to 100 000 people in Agadir beach . What is true, what is real reality in europa and in america ? . People vote with telephones


1. I agree this matter 100 %

2. I agree this matter 80 %

3. I agree this matter 60 %

4. I agree this matter 50 %

5. I agree this matter 40 %

6. I agree this matter 20 %

7. I do not agree this matter at all

At homes in all world people see this in TV and vote

When we observ the same matter from all sides, 360 grades, we start find out what is true , das Ding an sich. The spirit of the TRUTH

If his majestet Muhamed VI accept this plan, you shall get 10 million visitors to Maroc every year. We should start now advertising and has professional team to do it --if you give us budjet.

We could get lot of the yellow vests from usa and canada, they are asked to send their bikes and scooters to DAKHLA before 24.4. annually every year.


2. ) Start Boujdour beach next morning 25.4.

3.) Start Tarfaya beach 26.4.

4. ) Start Tan Tan beach 27.4.

5. ) Start Quelmim , gate of Sahara 28.4.

6. ) Start Sidi Ifni ( habour for big ships ) 29.4.

7. ) Start Massa 30.4.

8.) Start Agadir airport and Takad sidi tual beach 3.5. ( 3 days large Woodstock and folk parlament of European union FEU )

( in desert 2 km from beach sidi Toile international competetions of speedway , motocross, finnish baseball, boxing, aikido , judo, paintball etc )


9. ) Start MARRAKECH airport 4.5.

10. ) Start MEKNES airport 5.5.

11. ) Start Chechaouen blue city 6.5. ( jazz and blues festivals 3-5.5 every year )

12. ) Start spanish Algeciras and british Gibraltar 7.5.

We go to road of united europa , using network of peacefull local roads, ideal for motorbikes. From Gibraltar 3 weeks to sudetian mountains in south west Poland. 3 weeks to Finland ---By the yellow road we start folk parlament of new union of Europa and enjoy the best of american blues jazz folk country rock and roll.

Yellow vests USA canada and europa must respect police of Maroc. We not start fight against them because in this country is law and order. They put you to prison at least one year if you hit police. Also chemical narcotics amfetamines heroin extace Marocco not accept. Only cannabis is free, as it is in USA and Canada


29.4-1.5. we celebrate in Agadir the international yellow revolution,

wellcome lovers of irish and russian folk music , jazz blues rock and roll. 3.5. kavalkade is starting motorbikes scooters and old veteran cars model 1969 or older . Drive motorway over atlas mountains 250 km to Marrakech. In end of may, they enter to Poland

 to walley of the arts

Christian priests say how all 1,6 milliard muslimanes belong to hell because they not believe to Jesus. This is not true, islamic priests in Maroc teach people to pray Allah that Jesus would come and start peace of 1000 years. In Poland procurator Beata Jelinska asked me to produce a screen play what it means when previous polish pope John Paul II was leading 55 % polish citizens and 58 % portugalians to pray, how Jesus Christ would come and start be common king in these 2 lands. When we spread this cinema to all world , to people happens what they have been believing. Golden time of art returns ( if we want . if we want war, it will come)

In our fictive cinema big miracle happens in Miedzylesie . Peace of 1000 years starts .40 million polish people want come back to Poland and buy new house. Lot of americans want buy house in Portugal . They run away horrors of harmakeddon

5 million promisekeepers in usa are SURE how apocalypta 18 means usa. Big bloody destruction in ONE day, people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours. If its so, keltaiset ry los amarillos warmly recommend you to buy new safe home from Portugal, 50 houses 30 hectar and mur around. We should make such to many willages by the yellow road to France Bayer Tsech Rp Poland Finland, because stroms of harmakeddon are coming. It means , people come creisi, mass psychosas. Those who travel with 2 wheels in free nature, shall stay calm. 
Motorcycle or scooter the best religion now


What for Finland has banished me and my Islamic wife 20.7.2018 to south Marocco West Sahara, does not want investigate. Its question about my political opinions. in Finland its not allowed to think in different way as majority basic finns , so called normal people. Because of wrong opinions they break my home and social system never let me see my only child. When i ask help, they say how I have no police procurator and consulat services in all EU


Who started the yellow movement ?

Yellow is colour of fusio, light , egyptian RA. Jumala in Finland. We can find the highest light , when we find REAL ourselves, ATON. This said Sokrates and system wanted kill him . Im the road ( tao ) said Jesus, and they killed him too.

In China was living 5000 years ago THE YELLOW EMPEROR. The book TAO te king of the road --tells how such TAO is dealing gold and diamonds in spiritual and economical meaning ( if we ´´build the aparat´´ in right ways , we can return to gold age , paradise as it was long time ago.) TAO means road to this kingdom of heaven inside us . TAO means also NATURE, so the yellow movement was born by force of nature.

YOGA means originally ´´ re uniting , re-ligere , religio and ´´concentrating´´. If we choose one road from ALFA Gibraltar to OMEGA ( land of END - finito ) Finland, something great starts happen . It would work as fusio generator SAMPO-if we use it every year at same days at same days . This could make lot of money fun and culture . It could change the mad , dangerous political situation.

Telling the truth is very dangerous to power systems , but large international yellow movement and social media can do a lot. So lets start the yellow reform 7.5.2019 by joining ourselves in USA Canada Britannia France to the COMMON ROAD of unity 6900 km long

- Gibraltar Andalucia Portugal Baskiland France Bayer Tsech rp Poland 1.6. Baltia and Finland Turku Russian Karelia

We invite to this kings road people who want

create yellow vests international and folk parlament of renewed european union

Who want that russians and americans learn to live in peace

People who use motorcycles , scooters , bicycles or veteran cars model 1969 or older. Exhibition of historia of car industry on the road is one of many meanings of this multiproject .

Les Jaunes / Los Amarillos / die Gelben want take power to the people in European union with help of half million scooter yamaha and harley riders from USA and Canada. Without guns , using force of culture , fun and laughter ( its the best weapon )

1. I agree this matter 100 %

2. I agree this matter 80 %

3. I agree this matter 60 %

4. I agree this matter 50 %

5. I agree this matter 40 %

6. I agree this matter 20 %

7. I do not agree this matter at all

To make this true, send vechiles with yellow flags, quitars banjos balalaikas by ships to Algeciras before 7.5 and fly to Malaga. Start 7.5.2019 Gibraltar / Algeciras . Hitch hiking is possible by paying part of fuel. Youngsters from Finland fly to Malaga 6.5 and hitch hike back to Finland ( Turku 16.6 ) . Learn to know european cultures and american people

You can start also 24.4.2017 . Fly to west Sahara Dakhla

. Send your vechicles to habour of Dakhla 24.4.


When you read this, please listen

150- 180 km / day and big party .Ready made tents with good madras 10 e / person. 3 week holiday in europa 210 e plus food and bensin. 6 weeks to Finland 420 e. ( 6900 km in 42 days means 170 km per day )

If you want start 16.6.  send your vechicles to habour of Turku and drive 6900 km to Gibraltar .


first start Algeciras happens 2019/07/05 10'00 oclock

near habour Praça de Paco de Lucia, -

à direção Avda Agustin Balsamo -Avda do Aqua Marina-

Gaucin Ronda, Alcodonales, Coripe

Arahal Common start 10 00 next morning 8,5


We should arrange this road festival every year at the same days. . Willages by choosen festival road prepare their own exhibitions and start advertise them .

8 - 9. 5 Carmona,Brenes, Villaverde del Río, Las Pajanosas, El Castillo de las Guardas, Higuera de la Sierra, Aracena, Galaroza,


Cortegana -

commonstart 9,5

After the ´´yellow angels ´´ and tao drivers go away, we can offer this same festival road 6900 km long and 10 euro camping capacity to many other groups.

We invite 10.5 to Algeciras christian motorists.

15.5. jehova witnesses. Finnish families who belong to this organization can send their youngsters 14.5. by air to Malaga. Let them hitch hike back to Finland in cars of jehova witnesses. Let them know europa and american people. ( this is possible to arrange if we want -

-who wants , send your e mails to Finland registered culture association )


..18.5 we  invite to start Algeciras half million mormones with scooters and veteran cars

21.5  Algeciras friends of bier and irish folk music etc.. , fly to Malaga 20.5. , by train to Algeciras 150 km


25.5. we could invite to Algeciras half million american ´´promisekeepers with old cars or two wheels


28.5 start Algeciras friends of jazz

31.5 start Algeciras friends of classical music

Aroche, Rosal de la Frontera ...all these willages arrange  festivals  and  get terrible much visitors and money

by the road 6900 km long .


We need e mails from people in cities and willages mentioned on the yellow road who want be members of european union folk parlament


1. I agree this matter 100 %

2. I agree this matter 80 %

3. I agree this matter 60 %

4. I agree this matter 50 %

5. I agree this matter 40 %

6. I agree this matter 20 %

7. I do not agree this matter at all

AFTER ESPANJA the festival road goes to portugal in Villa Verde Ficalho .

We could produce there wooden loghouses and interiores according models from usa Kentucky. Russian ships bring pine wood and vuolukivi to habour of Portimao

30-40 hectar shall be surrounded by mur 3,3 mtr high beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 . Nearby the mur 50 houses ( stone and beton ) bottom 170 sq meter 7 douple rooms jugend for travellers 20 euros / day .

To II floor wooden loghouse with charming interiör from Kentucky , big sala 4 mtr high livingroom of family who buy the house . To III floor 7 bed rooms . Inside this closed ´´castle´´ we could arrange marvellous festivals of american culture. Sell 20 euros tickets to 10 000 people and earn 20 0 000 in one evening, 180 times every summer. 10 % tax to communa, 10 % to state of Portugal, 45 % to the land owner. 45 % to artists and workers of these happenings

Millions of people from many lands shall see these american houses , want buy to their own lands individual combination . We start mass production near railway stations everywhere in Portugal


after 15 km ...casas de Colorado,

de Villa Nova de São Bento. Loghouses and interiores according models from Colorado



Distance between these 50 willages is only  20-35 km.

Peaceful  road, good asfalt. You can come to exihibition  of  american cultures  by bicycle. Start from Portimao habour 12.5. after half million  motorcycles  have already gone

For evening festivals these willages should build large loudspeakers, ampliflier 50000 watt and offer music from cd originals. history of pop music in usa and in europa. Etta James, Johnny Lee Hooker , Charles Mingus, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan, Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters , ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Woody Guthrie, king Crimson, Gratefull,death Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, MA Numminen, John Mayal , who , Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela, Billie Holiday, camel, Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra Allman Brothers etc.

To religious people , who arrive 3 days later , we must offer different kind of music

Start 10,5. Mina de São Domingos

loghouses from IDAHO-

Mertola --North Carolina

São João dos Caldeireios ARIZONA-

Almodovar Geórgia-

iniciar 11,5. Ameixial NEVADA-




São Bartolomeu de

Messines /

castelo Wisconsin-

SILVES Michican

Almarjao Alabama-

Odelouca Pensylvania

Porto de Lacos FLORIDA -

Iniciar 12,5. habour perto de Portimão .


(exemplo da cultura na Califórnia)

Bembosta . Washington DC- Capitol of yellow USA

40 hectar near beach praya VAU surrounded by mur 3,3 mtr high beton / nature stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 . Nearby the mur 50 houses ( stone and beton ) bottom 170 sq meter 7 douple rooms jugend for travellers 20 euros / day . To II floor wooden loghouse EXHIBITION OF AMERICAN CULTURE charming interiör from 50 states of America, high quality cinema and music, visual arts , electronica . To III floor 7 rooms for travellers 20 e / person / day. With cheap prices rooms are always occupied, also in winter. Millions of people from many lands shall see these american houses , want buy to their own lands individual combination . We start mass production near railway stations and habours everywhere in Portugal . Pine wood and vuolukivi come from Russia by ships endless amounts


Central do renovado América e União Europeia.

1. I agree this matter 100 %

2. I agree this matter 80 %

3. I agree this matter 60 %

4. I agree this matter 50 %

5. I agree this matter 40 %

6. I agree this matter 20 %

7. I do not agree this matter at all

PENINA / 50 houses from HAWAJI

Casas da Sr do Verde / MARYLAND-


there is good stadion for competitions of cars and motorbikes

grandes Competiçoes internacionais de motos e carros

Marmelete / NORTH DAKOTA-

Aliezur / MISSOURI -

50 willages in Portugal want co operate with 50 states of america and offer homes for people in USA who are afraid of future and want run away to safe warm country. In Portugal nobody gets social money and there is no islamic exilers at all. Very peacefull country, good costless healthy services . To make reservation , send your names and e mails to Finland registered culture association

5 million promisekeepers in usa are SURE how apocalypta 18 means usa. Big bloody destruction in ONE day, people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours. If its so, keltaiset ry los amarillos warmly recommend you to buy new safe home from Portugal. Or from other willages by the yellow road to Finland

Odeceixe / OREGON -

30-40 hectar shall be surrounded by mur 3,3 mtr high . In groundfloor 7 rooms for travellers 20 e /day. To II floor wooden loghouse with charming interiör fromOREGON , big livingroom of family who buy the house . To III floor 7 bed rooms .

Sao Teotonio / INDIANA-


iniciar 13,5. Villa Nova de Milfontes / MAINE--


Cercal / Utah-

Tanganheira / SUL Carolina

Santiago do Cacem / Washigton SEATLE-

Grândola / Missisippi - seus represantives esta aparência

commonstart 14,5 Alcácer do Sal / NEW MEXICO

São Cristóvão / Ohio-

Montemor o Novo / Wyoming


commonstart 15,5 Montargil / KANSAS-

Ponte de Sor / CONNECTICUT -



Villa Velha de Ródão / SOUTH DAKOTA-

commonstart 16,5 Castelo Branco--- Delaware -


Alpedrinha Texas-

Covilha IOWA -

commonstart 17,5 Guarda / ARKANSAS -

Freixedas / NEW HAMPSHIRE -

Pinhel / OKLAHOMA-

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo / Vermont-

Barca de Alva / NEBRASKA-

exposição dos melhores artes ARCHITECTURA e artesanato, mobiliário, electronica, casa de máquinas, música folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll. cinema de alta qualidade e música a partir de 50 estados de América


Freixo de Espada à Cinta / TENNESSEE-


Mogadouro / West Virginia -

commonstart 18,5 Bemposta / ALASKA

Depois de Portugal festival estrada volta para a Espanha -

Here we go to Spain -

Fermoselle - Bermillo de Sayago-

19,5 início Zamora-

Valladolid - 20,5 início Burgos-

21,5 início Pamplona-

estrada N 135 - D 933 para a França


 22.5. iniciar ORTHEZ

French yellow vests should join here

 if you have short holiday, drive few 100 km with them and enjoy marvellous atmosphere. Create folk parlament of France


23.5. start AGEN

estrada D 656 para Cahors -road 653 MURAT --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-

24,5 início AURILLAC N 122, D 588, D 906,

by this route FRANCE could show to millions of travellers every summer

what is french culture and what is demand of the yellow vests to  get france  better


25.5. iniciar VICHY D 480, D 973 para Lapalisse - -


26.5.start Autun -

estrada D 973 ---- D 673 Seurre - St Jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

27,5 início Besancon


D 683 - para Belfort ALEMANHA

exhibition of german culture


And  demands  of  german  yellow  vests ,  how to get  germany  better


Altkirch D 419


10 times during summer these willages earn 5 million euros.

Send your e mails to Finland registered culture association and  make active  information work to usa Canada  all eu.  Start  organize  big festivals and tents for half million


28,5 início LOERRACH

estrada 317 NEUSTADT --29.5 começar TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311- Sigmarinen -Scheer --- 311 estrada


30.5 start  Augsburg


Augsburg confessions


in AUGSBURG Germany  the travellers shall  be  divided to 2 groups.

Who not like hippes , cannabis and  folk music but amfetamine cocaine and heavy rock , who want  get contact to ´´german SPORT clubs´´( new natzies ) , hells angels , blood & honour, this sort of people  shall take from Augsburg road to north  ,

 170  km to FURTH.

Common start 31.5. 10´00 oclock in

 Gerhard Hauptman str---


Bamberg - 1.6. start Sonnenberg ---SAALFELD - Jena - Apolda-- 2.6. iniciar Finne -Lutherstadt Eisleben --Kothen --Aken - Zerbst--3.6. start GENTHIN ---Two week later meetings in Tallinna Estonia  with russian wolves of night, finnish  persu SKE  men and soldiers of ODIN.


 Those americans and Canadians who not accept stronger materials as cannabis, who  like peace and love,  not  natzies,  they continue from Augsburg to east , to Potmess --Pfaffenhofen - Moosburg - Landshut - Postau-

31.5. start  
Sraubing -- - Deggendorf - Innernzell - Grafenau - Philppsreut


yellow vests of Tsech rp should arrange programs to these willages and tents with good madras to half million, 10 e per day.


---such people who  not accept any kind of drugs or alcohols, we recommend  to start from Gibraltar 10.5.   Christian  motorists international.


 In  Augsburg protestants go to direction Furth Tallinna. Roman catholics to Poland Bialo Russia Karelia and Finland


- Strážný - Lenora - Cesky Krumlov-


1,6 começar Ceske Budejovice -


Litomysl - -


10 times during summer these willages earn 5 million euros  but  now we must all  be  active. One  man not can start  this,  im only advertising  planner  of TAO.

 We need all  people by this choosen route to co operation.

2.6. iniciar -Rokytnice




3.6. Start


south west Poland Miedzylesie Dlugopole grn in Klodzko walley.


Festival of peace and love 3 days, after that journey to White Russia and Finland. Half million   yellow hippies  will stay all July  in  finland and continue to Danmark Odense commonstart 8.8


Those  traveller  who  not come from

Augsburg  confession  to Poland

take  alternative route  of the ´´blacks ´´hells angels and heavy rock persu people go

from Augsburg   to FURTH ---- Havelberg - Prizwalk - Wittstock-- start WAREN 4,6. ---- Demmin - Wolgast--

Usedom  Poland  by  the Baltic sea 5.6.-


start 6.6. -at 9,00 teams of bicycles 10,00 motocyces scooters and veterancars -


start Ustka 7.6. -


Karwia start 8.6.


Tolkmicko Krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej

9.6 start  SENJY (fronteira da Polônia - Litwa

10.6 .. Iniciar VILNA --- 11,6.


start beach JURMALA  a Riga 12.6.

--- start Parnu 13.6.

start tallinna. Hells angels and soldiers of ODEN skandinavia. Kauhajoen ikl

and wolves  of night  ---  large  annual meetings 10. 6- 15,6. -Yön sudet juhlivat Sevastopolissa Krimin miehitystä vuonna 2014.


Connection 2,5 hours ferry to TURKU finland

start Turku Ruissalo 16.6.


at 9,00 oclock start teams of race bicycles , at 10,00 scooters harleys hondas veteran cars model 1969 or older, after them running competition to next willage , samba dancers samba e dançarinos de salsa, arts  and   Puos  on  the road.

Olin aiemmin ja ehkä YHÄ, yksi suomen parhaista mainos konstuista ( ad ) . Tiedän kokemuksesta että jos ihmisille näytetään massamedialla jotain , mikä ei vielä ihan totta ole --mutta minkä mainosbudjetin maksaja toivoo todeksi tulevan-- ihmisille tapahtuu se mihin he olivat uskoneet .

mediatodellisuus ja real reality saadaan vaihtamaan paikkaa kun ammattilaiset on asialla ja budjetti riittävän tukeva
--Ja jos joku haluaa tätä kampanjaa nyt tukea
tehkää se järjestön  tilille

Minulle  henkilökohtaisesti   Mäntän osuuspankkiin

OKOYFIHH Hannu Hietikko 
FI90 5521 0720 1069 95.


Mäntän poliisin tutkinnanjohtaja Kari.aaltio tuntee minut ja tämän hankkeen.

Åbo Akademi - Aninkaistenkatu - Hämeenkatu-Itäinen Rantakatu- Martin Silta- Aurajokipuisto- Linnankatu- Pakkarinkatu-Hansakatu- Vaihdekatu- Pansiontie- Huolintakatu-Hiekkasortamankatu-Tuontikatu- PANSIONTIE- PAAKARLANTIE- piispa Henrikin Tieta Auranjokivartta pitkin Sakylaan-

start Sakyla Pyhajarvi 17,6 .--

näitä juhlia pitäisi itsekunkin kylän ruveta järjestämään ja tiedottamaan aktiivisesti amerikkaan .Jos haluatte mukavampia vieraita kuin helvetin enkeleitä  ja  yön  susia, ryhtykää aktiiviseen tiedotustyöhön amerikan uskovaisten kutsumiseksi 10.5. tapahtuvaan gibraltarin lähtöön ´´christian motorists´´. Tämä  kuvaelma tarkoittaa  ilmestyskirjassa  mainittujen  ratsastajien esiinmarssia


common start  of  black  persu people and  new natzies  in Kauhajoki Nummijarvi 18,6.

-Kihnio, Seitsemisen kansallispuisto --KURU -.


Ruovesi -

Vilppula -


start KOLHO 19,6. - mega festivals

camping for half million in Keuruun  ekokylä

 common start 20,6 --


Multia, Viitasaari -


start  Kiuruvesi 21,6. ---


start  Iisalmi Runninkyla


, C.G.Mannerheimin talon luota 22,6 -suuntaan

Varpaisjarvi Juankoski Koitere Kivilahti ---

começar Ilomantsi 23,6. ---

24.6. , em NIIRALA border of Finland and Russian republic of Karelia

Behind the east border is coming russian  wolves of  night , who  has bought 3 week wizum to travel to Turku- Tallinna - back to Russia . With  them  attact american and canadian yellow vests who went from AUGSBURG to Poland. We will see in Niirala 24.6 every year SUMMERWAR with water guns. With this game we could make ironia about expensive meaningless american- finnish war exercises in finland 2019 .


itärajan takaa saapuu joukko yön  susia , amerikkalaisia hippejä vihervasemmistolaisia ja  intellektuaaleja  jotka ovat valinneet Puolasta itäreitin Suomeen . Järjestämme ilmaisena kansalaistoimintana sen suuren sotaharjoituksen suomessa näin. Puoli miljoonaa keltaista jenkkiä  kokoontuu itärajan taakse Wärtsilään polttelemaan hassista ja pitämään isoja bileitä   venäläisten kanssa. 24.6 he hyökkäävät Niiralaan ja huutavat karmeasti URAAAAAA. Ampuvat ihmisiä vesipyssyillä ja yrittävät tappaa heitä nauruun. Suomen kesäsota alkaa joka vuotisena uustraditiona Niiralassa juhannuksena. Sen on tarkoitus olla kansallista HYDRO terapiaa surullisille ja epäluuloisille suomalaisille. Tässä myös nähdään  ovatko hipit rautaa vai onko  persumiehet sitä enemmän ?

suurelle viimeiselle  taistelulle  on sosiaalinen tilaus

ja me tarvitsemme tallaista materiaalia  raamatulliseen elokuvaamme exodus today,  nysse tuloo. Suuri viimeinen  taistelu  Trumpin  kannattajien  ja  vihaajien  kesken ( amerikan a ja b  kansalaiset )


herätkää, vartiotorni kaatuu

wake up, the watch tower is falling!

Common start for christians to Jerusalem , muslimanes to Mecca and ateists to Gaza pyramides Egypt

8.8. 2019 later annually every year


start Odense

all TWOWHEELERS and  veterancars  yearmodel 1969 or older , with no  caravans. Citroen 2 CV Volvo PV clubs  HD and  scooterclubs from  Holland  Germany France danmark sweden ,

join to the common  road

in Kerteminde habor 8.8. at . 9,00  Ladby-asum -passing por em um desfile ODENSE Townhall  cl. 10.00.

.to read  303 Reis to-Tarup-Brenderup-317-Båring- Big Bridge-estrada 161-Nr Bjert- Kolding-Vamdrup-Skodborg-Rodding- 437-Ribe-dine de Jylland.

 Sr Farup -Vedsted- Ballum- Koldby-Emmerlev-Hojer- (início Tonder 10.8. No antigo cl townhall. 9,00 início da racebicycles, 10.00 o'clock todos os outros ..


 -Suderlugum-Westre-Ladelund-Weesby -Medelby-Wallsbüll-Großenwiehe-Hullerup- Haurup-Oeversee-Freienwill-Obdrup-Satrup- GrossRude-Boel-Nottfeld-Basdorf-Borby-Eckernförde-Kiekut-Aschau- Noer-Surendorf-Stohl- -Altbulk-Strande-Schliksee-Kahlenberg-Kiel  festivais 9.8.-11.8 ..start KIEL cada ano 11,8. cl. 9,00 início da racebicycles, às 10.00 horas todos os outros direção

Wellsee-Rönne-Sieversdorf-Preetz-Kuhren- Kuhrsdorf-Bundhorst-Glasholz-


 exhibition of german culture


Ascheberg-Dersau-Stocksee-Damsdorf-Seedorf -Berlin - Gnissau-Strenglin-Pronstorf-Neukoppel - Festivais Krumbeck-Obernwohlde- Lybeck Old City 10.8.-12.8. depois anualmente ao mesmo tempo.

start  LUBECK 12.8.


.Brandenbaum-Ludersdorf- Neschow-fogão Rehna-Wedendorf-Sievershagen-Wotenitz- Upahl-Testorf- Krankov-Bobitz- Bad Kleinen-Dämelow-Neufhof-Warin-Mankmoos -Qualiz-Gralow-Steinhagen-Start Butzow 13,8. cl townhall de idade. 9,00 início da racebicycles, às 10.00 horas todos os outros- a direção Zibuhl-Tarnow-Pruzen- Klein Upahl-Lohmen-Oldenstorf-Suckwitz-Gross Tessin-Kurort Krakow-Linstow-Kniep-Cramon-Nossentiner Hutte-Malchow-Penkow- Sietow- Röbel festivais da cidade 12-14,8 commonstart de Röbel 14,8. no antigo cl townhall. 9.00 e 10.00 horas -


Friedrichshof- Melz-Buchholz-Sewekow-Dranse-Alt Lutterow-Kunkelberg-Steinberge- cityfestivals e commonstart internacional do NEURUPPIN anualmente 15,8. no antigo cl townhall. 9,00 e 10,00 horas-Treskow-Fehrbellin-Tarmow-Hakenberg- Linum-Kuhsiedlung-Staffelde-Börnicke-Nauen-Neukammer-Wachow-Weseram-


Brandenburg FESTEN, festivais especiais para os muçulmanos europeus anualmente 14-16.8 .. Comum começar Brandenburg a Meca e Jerusalém cada ano 16,8 cl. 9.00 e 10.00 horas ..


For older people we have from Germany river ship and museum train connections to Greece Athen - ferry to Haifa and Jerusalem or Mecca


O desfile começa a partir da antiga prefeitura e passa por Hauptstrasse -Direção-Pernitz-Ragösen-Dippmannsdorf-Belzig-Klein Glien-Borne-Bergholz-Grubo-Burg Rabenstein-Gross Marzehns- Straach-Dobien- WITTENBERG-

Luther neue Kirche festen

(A cada ano, anualmente, 15.-17.8).

início comum de protestantes reais re-nascido, com ciclomotores, scooters, bicicletas
começar pela igreja Luther em Wittenberg 17.8. cl. 9.00 bicicletas de corrida, às 10h00 todos os outros .. Reis estrada vai para a Dorna-Trebitz-Pretzsch-seguindo rio Elbe-Dommitzsch- Torgau- Beilrode-Arzberg-Köllitsch- Tauschwitz- Stenla-Kossdorf-Lehndorf-Muhlberg Elbe- Fichtenberg-Kreintz- cidade Zschepa-Bobersen-Riesa carnavais anualmente 15.-17.8 Iniciar Riesa 17.8. -Grödel- Boritz-Zehren- Meissen- Sörnewitz- Kotitz-seguindo o Streetline pelo rio Elbe-Radebeul-Kaditz-Übigau-Johannsstadt- através da cidade de Dresden vai nos festivais de música popular internacional anualmente 15.-18,8 ..Tolkewitz. festival .big de alemão, grego, polonês, judaico, islâmico, scotish música folk 15.8.-18.8.-

vêm para ajudar a libertar Polska do terror de fascistas católicos romanos


start  Dresden anually  18.8.


às 9h00 inicia os racebicycles, às 10h00 os outros .. Os concertos são contiunuing nos carros e willages pelo rio Elbe -Pillnitz- Pirna- Bad Schandau- Sebnitz- Vilemov- Mikulasovice- Krasna Lipa- Jiretin Jedlovo-Krombach-Hermanice-Jablonne -Lvova- Rynoltice-Chrastava- Mnisek-Bedrichov-Josefuv Dul-Vel Hamry-Vysoke n Jiz- Roprachtice-Vrchlabi-Lanov-Rudnik- Hostinne-start TRUTNOV 19,8 em 9.00 e 10.00 horas -road 14 -Nachod-Kudowa Zdroj- Droga Stu Zakretow- Karlow- Radków-Wambierzyce-Road 388- Polanica Droj- Stara Lomnica-


Bystrzyca-Klodzko grande iluminação para os peregrinos romancatholic anualmente 17,8-19,8. Festivais terá lugar no streetroute: Okrzei- ul Miedzyleska - Krakowska -Wyszki- Długopole Zdroj, Długopole grn 

german seitendorf

  festival 1.6.-3.6

second time 20.8-23.8


23.8. commonstart to Jerusalem Mecca or gaza pyramides ( for ateistic people )


69 days ,  150 -170 km / day


Rozanka - Mienzylesia Boboszow -Lichkov- Mladkov Pastivny- Letohrad- Usti n. Orl- Hor. festivais Sloupnice- Litomysl 23,8-24,8 (commonstart de Litomysl 24,8 em 9,00 e 10,00 o'clock.) para Polska-Jimramov-Dalecin- Bystrice-Rožná-Moravec-Krizanov-Oslavice-Rudíkov-Trebic-Vycapy-Rozkos-Jevisovice- Primetice - na cidade de Znojmo será filmfestivals internacionais a cada ano 24,8-25,8 ..

começar Znojmo 25,8

em 9.00 e 10.00 horas -Tasovice-Krhovice-Valtrovice-Dyjákovice-Hevlin-LAA- ÁUSTRIA - Ungerndorf-Fallbach-Zwentendorf- Pyhra-Busch B - iniciar Ernstbrunn 26,8. às 9.00 e 10.00 horas - Naglern- Wetzleinsdorf-Großrußbach-Weinstieg-Seebarn-Stetten-Hagenbrunn-wienna


(Estamos a pedir a ajuda dos clubes do ciclo de automóveis europeus e pessoas que tem hobby para cuidar de veterancars velhos)


precisamos de material para o nosso filme que 2 milhões de motos passar por uma mesma rota rua escolhida em Wienna. Escolha esse caminho e estar pronto com 100 000 bicicletas para conduzir este através wienna ao mesmo tempo em que NYSSE vem
a rota reis deve ir em cada willage através das mais belas e peacefull ruas, e está marcada com o sinal amarelo


the yellow revolution on the road


isso significa que a revolução amarela do novo presidente da Polônia

Start wienna 27,8. 9,00 e 10,00


Mannswörth- Fischamend - Klein Nuesiedl- Schwadorf-Sarasdorf- Kaisersteinbruch- Neusiedl-Weiden am See-Podersdorf- começar Illmitz 28,8. 9,00 e 10.00- HUNGRIA Fertőszentmiklós-CSAPOD - Ivan- Locs- Buk- (Start ACSAD 29,8 cl 9.00 e 10.00.) -


Vasszilvagy-Szombathely-Kisunyom- Körmend- estrada 98- Nadasd- Viszak-Pankasz- Nagyrakos-Bajansenye-Hodos-Mackovci- começar Murska Sobota 30,8 cl. 9.00 e 10.00 -. Tisina- Radenci- Ivanjci- Gradisce- Lenart v slov.Gor- Kamnica- Bresternice- Selnice-Ozbalt- Brezno-Muta-Dravograd-Lese-Velenje Sempeter- Tunjice-Kranj- (começam Bled 1,9 a 9,00 e 10,00 horas) - Kamen-Jesenice-Kranjska Gor-Ratece-ITALY-Tarvisio- Pontebba-Tollmezzo-Belluno Iniciar Vittorio Venetton

io-Venezia -Adria - (START Ravenna 3.9.) - Ravenna-Faenza- Brisighella-S.Sofia-Corniolo-Poppi-Rassina-O Pieve -Badia- (Start Urbino 4,9 cl .10 00..) - Pergia- Terni-


commonstart anual ROMA 6.9.


Na frente da igreja-Campobasso-Ariano-Rionero de Pedro em Abutre-Altamura-Martina Franca- Latiano-Brindisi.There'll ser um ferryconnection para Igumenitsa 11.9.2002 commonstart Igumenitsa - Ioannina- HANI KIASMA-

grupo profano Ateistic, que querem continuar a Egipto pyramides Gaza e muslimanes que querem ir a Meca escolher linha: Kalambaka- Meteora Metamorfosa -Trikala- Karditsa-Agiopigi- Amarandos-Klisto- Fourna -Ag.Nikolaos-Krikelo -Neohori- Pokista- Stilia- Skala - Nafpaktos-Rio-Agia- PATRA-Ovria-Halandritsa-Kalanistra-Trehlo-Loussi- Kastria- (Start Klitoria cl 10,00 Câmara municipal desfile.) (Klitoria internacionais festivais de música popular 19,9-23,9) -Filia- Kerpini-Valtesiniko- Alonistena - Hrissovitsi-Karatoulas-Megalopoli-Sparta- Githio- transporte para a ilha de Creta -Kissamos- Hania-Vrisses- Kares-Imbros-Stakia- de balsa para Alexandria ..


Pessoas que estão indo para Jerusalém, do início de Meteora Meta Morfosa 12,9. eles tomam a direção-TRIKALA-Karditsa-Agiopigi- Kedros-Anavra-Ekara- Pournari-Lamia- INÍCIO Alepospita 13,9 Termópilas-Anavra- Reginio-Zelio-Exarhos-Kolaka- começar ORHOMENOS 14.9.-Askrea-thespies-Lefktra-Eritreia Dafni-Pili-Fili-



anualmente 12,9-15,9


Comece Athens 15,9. às 10.00 horas de Agropolis, 11,00 em Raffinia habor para Haifa
Os grupos com as bandeiras de todas as cores attact até a montanha de Jerusalém com as armas do riso, alegria e boa music..We deve pressionar também judeus e palestininas a rir e esquecer sua raiva. Devemos mostrar um exemplo de como diferentes nacionalidades, grupos religiosos e ateists pode ser muito bem todos juntos e têm um tempo muito agradável.

todo mundo que realmente acreditam que Jesus, você deve vir a Jerusalém para convidá-lo para trabalhar como presidente polonês

12.10. às 10h00 horas acontece um grande REWOLUCJA commonstartżółta na torre David's.
A estrada Reis atravessa velha Jerusalém a Via Dolorosa e vira para a direção -Betlehem-.

its written that when all nations come to Jerusalem
big light shall return
VALO palaa

if we want it happen, we should go there


But if you are not religious, not believe to Jesus but only to Hietikko, go this pilgrim road to Gaza Pyramides or to Mecca. It will save you alive to new union of europa. This trip would help you find your self and peace inside you. Its enough to get place in new system. Those people who not believe to Hietikko, who has not done this trip, may have problems in starting harmakeddon jihad . When it starts, home is not safe place. Better to buy scooter and join this

20.3.2019 Hannu Hietikko ( advertising man of Tao, salvator of pacans and muslimanes )

Jos Niiralan Ilomantsin Juankosken Kiuruveden Keuruun Mänttä Vilppulan Kihniön Kauhajoen Karijoen Säkylän ja Turun kuntien johtajat uskoisivat Hietikkoon, he pelastaisivat itsensä ja alamaisensa köyhyydestä ja yleisestä suur vitutuksen helvetistä

Niille jotka asian ymmärävät , tämä pitäisi 
olla ilosanoma , evankelijumi. Niitä ihmisiä jotka eivät pidä kirkoista ja uskovaisista ollenkaan, lohduttanee se tieto että teemme tätä elokuvaa Raamatun mukaan .Siellä seisoo että kaikki kristilliset kirkot ja uskonnot lopetetaan .




Uskonnolliset ryhmät voisivat ottaa alakerran hotellihuoneisiin kokelaita, noviiseja saadakseen selville voidaanko hänet hyväksyä vakiojäseneksi . Eri kehäkylät kilpailevat siitä keiden alueelle taivaallinen majestetti suvaitsee ensin tulla. Missä asuvat puhtaimmat ja valaistuneimmat ihmiset. Ovatko he kristittyjä, ateisteja vaikomuslimaaneja ? Helluntailaisia vaijehovia ? Sitä ei tiedetä. Mutta se tiedetään että Herran päivän koittaessa totuuden pyhä henki alkaa valaista kuin tuhat aurinkoa. Sitä ei pääse sängyn alle piiloon. Se johtaa yleiseen kaaokseen , harmakeddoniin jossa voi sattua paljon kuolemantapauksia ja hulluksitulemisia. Sellaisten myrskyjen varalta on parempi asua suljetuissa yhteisöissä joissa pienempi sakki tuntee toisensa, eikä kellään ole pyssyjä. Ympärillä kivimuuri. Valmistautuminen uuden ajan alkuun  ( joka tapahtuu äkillisesti ) suositellaan erityyppisiä ryhmäterapioita , psykodraamaa. Niillä joilla on turvallinen koti ja yhteys omaan sisimpään itseen, ei ole hätää harmakeddonin myrskyssä


Pyysin amerikkalaisia että he tulisivat ja tuhoaisivat Marokon cannabis tuotannon syömällä juomalla tai polttamalla se piipuissa ja sätkissä , koska se on heille laillista

-Ison pilvijuhlan järjestämisellä on ajankohtainen syy, sillä Eurooppa on ajautumassa kaaokseen ja uutta ´´valoa´´ kaivataan . Raamatussa sanotaan--pilvessä näitte minun menevän ja pilvessä naette minun jälleen palaavan. Tämä ei tarkoita taivaallista majesteettia, sillä ei HÄN tarvitse ´´köyhän miehen nirvanaa ´´ -Se tarkoittaa niitä paimenia erakkoja kalastajia B kansalaisia jotka häntä seurasivat ja hänen juttunsa ymmärsivät paremmin kuin kunnon A luokan kansalaiset . Tietynlaiset ihmiset , mystikot ja noidat ovat vuosituhansien ajan lähi idässä ovat tätä yrttiä käyttäneet . Johannes Patmos saarella kirjoitti raamatun viimeisen osan ja oli pilvessä joka päivä



  Plans of maroccian al qaida and german new natzies

  here in english

jatkuu suomeksi


kirje  Helsingin  kaupunginjohtajalle  23.3.2019  uhkaavasta  kuolemasta (  suomeksi´)    vapaavuori.htm






PITKÄLAHDENTIE 782 , 52100 Anttola

Ylin johto

Toimitusjohtaja  Marja Liisa Lehkonen

Toimitusjohtaja   Elina Maria Koivisto


Hallitus: varajäsen  Harald Mikael Christianson





Mitä ovat nämä jotka tekevät rahaa huostaanotetuilla lapsilla ? Seurasin läheltä yhtä tapausta kun kommunistisen työväenpuolueen Paavo Koivisto , lakimiehensä Mikko Vartiainen , Jutta Lavonen ja  Elina Christiansson Porvoossa halusivat sosialisoida  itselleen  isäni ja Porvoon  poliisien kanssa rakentamani uuden 235 neliön  omakotitalon  5 km Porvoon ulkopuolella Haksin kylässä


Elina Christiansson,  joka Anttolassa  esiintyy  nimellä Elina Koivisto (  ylin  johto ) oli teuvalainen merkonomi retku , jolla oli 2 avioerolasta itsellään . Harald Mikael Christianson on hänen poikansa, 20 vuotta sitten hän oli 5 vuotias, erittäin  neuroottinen häiriintynyt lapsi. Isänsä Helsingin ruotsinkielistä eliittiä  jonka  kanssa  ihanan hurmaava Elina ehti olla hetken naimissa


Avioeron  jälkeen Elina ja kaksi  lastaan muuttivat Porvooseen ja elivät pienessä kaksiossa yksinhuoltajaäidin  sosiaalituella. Elina tutustui työvoimatoimiston  yrittäjä  kurssilla ex vaimooni , arkkitehti Violetta Sarnowiakiin , joka oli  muuttanut uuteen talooni kommunistisesta Puolasta 1987. Pian Elina lapsineen ilmestyi pian kotiimme   ja yritti olla äärimmäisen makea , kertoi avomielisesti itsestään  kaiken. Miten hänen isänsä Teuvalla oli  kansalaisopiston rehtori mutta  äitinsä pahasti mielisairas  nainen, joka juoksi Teuvan keskustassa  ilki alastomana ,-  mutta silti kävi töissä Teuvan b mielisairaalassa. Elina tapasi juoda runsaasti olutta ja kertoi käyttäneensä myös huumeita

Kaikessa avomielisyydessään Elina sanoi  minulle ja vaimolleni  kaljapäissään ´´  mitään  muuta en teidän elämästä  kadehdi kuin tätä taloa ´´. Hän ehdotti vaimolleni  että he yrittäjäkurssilla aloittaisivat siellä bisneksen huostaan otetuilla  lapsilla. Koska sitä lupaa ei merkonomille  ja arkkitehdille myönnetty, Elinalla oli loistava  suunnitelma. Hän  menisi naimisiin erään helsinkiläisen Paavo Koiviston  kanssa, joka oli Elinaa puolet lyhyempi , ruma punanaamainen mies ,  mutta jolla oli  tarvittava sosiaalialan tutkinto. Tavattuani hänet Koivisto sanoi  minulle olevansa kommunistisen työväenpuolueen jäsen ja suhtautuvansa hyvin  positiivisesti huumeiden käyttöön  

Elina sanoi  että hänelläkin on kyllä  huumeista kokemusta ja myös jokin viikon loppu  kurssi tutkinto Turun yliopistosta  .Mutta tätänykyä hän  ilmoittaa  julkisesti omaavansa korkean kasvatustieteen  arvosanan  tuosta yliopistosta. Tämä  asia on ensinnäkin selvitettävä, sekä se minkätakia hän  käyttää FB ssä  nimeä Elina Paasio  mutta Mikkelissä hän  on ylin johtaja Elina Koivisto ?



He halusivat saada talomme osan alivuokralaissopimuksella  800 e  kuussa luvaten ottaa puolalaisen vaimoni mukaan tähän bisnekseen josta kaupunki maksaisi kolmesta lapsesta 100 000 vanhaa markkaa kuussa . Mutta kun he olivat saaneet nimeni sopimukseen , he pyysivät minua ja  kuukausi myöhemmin myös vaimoani poistumaan talostamme. Sen ympäristö avohakattiin kuumaisemaksi keskellä kesää, eläinten pesimäaikoja

. He rikkoivat taloni karmeaan kuntoon eikä sitä saatu koskaan takaisin. 3 vuoden vuokrasopimuksen päätyttyä  he olivat tehneet talollani  useita  miljoonia  ja  ostivat isomman paikan Porvoon Staffaksen tieltä. Koiviston  perhekoti oy ssä   kaksi psykopaattia Elina ja Paavo olivat ajautuneet avioeroon  ja  kamalaan riitaan siitä kuka on  ylin  johtaja ja suurin  päällikkö. Elina ryhtyi ylijohtajaksi Mikkelin nuorisoparantolassa  ja otti poikansa Haraldin  hallitukseen.  Viranomaisten  on syytä ymmärtää mitä Elinan kaksi teuvalaista veljeä hänestä sanoivat. Elina on HUORA. Minun  käsittääkseni  hän on tyylipuhdas psykopaatti, vallankäyttöä rakastava  tunnekylmä hirviö  joka osaa teeskennellä  kaikkia tunteita –jos siitä on hänelle hyötyä. Samaa tautia ilmenee puolalaisessa anopissani  ja hänen  nuoremmassa tyttäressään—ja useimmissa eduskuntaan pyrkijöissä.  Eräs Helsingin yliopistossa opettajana toimiva sanoi miten sosiaali alaa opiskelemaan tulevat  ovat  keskimääräistä lahjattomampia tolloja,  mutta useimmilla heillä on psykopaatin luonteenpiirteet


Joku saattaa nyt ihmetellä,  miten ne niin  helposti saivat miehen ulos itse tekemästään omistamastaan  talosta ? Syy on se että komisario Jalo Jokinen sekä ylikonstaapeli Ilmo Jantunen  olivat  kirjoittaneet etelä suomen aluehallinta virastoon  että Hietikko on  mielisairas . Minut voitaisiin  panna  pakkohoitoon  jos joku Paavo Koiviston kaltainen  sosiaali puolella sellaista ehdottaisi ? Minulle Paavo punaniska sanoi täsmälleen näin ´´ Hannun  huono  maine Porvoossa estää heidän  yhtiönsä toimintaa  ja etenemistä Porvoon kulttuuri sosieteetissa. ´´


Koska kyseessä oli sairauden  perusteella  tehty  laiton karkoitus ja taloni  hajottaminen,  on rikostutkinnassa  selvitettävä mitä tässä oli takana ? Komisario Jokisen vaimo Eeva oli  karannut ja ruvennut ensto oyn  perustajan vaimoksi. Jokinen ei voinut mennä  potkimaan paikkakunnan suurinta  työnantajaa ja suomen toiseksi rikkainta miestä,  joten hän  teki sen hänen apulaiselleen . Minä olin Miettisen henkilökohtaisessa koulutuksessa 5 vuotta, toimin  konsernin  mainos ja tiedoitussuunnittelijan  tehtävissä. Tiedän  kaiken  mitä tässä tapahtui  ja miksi poliisit jokinen ja jantunen molemmat äkkiä  kuolivat

Miettinen oli Viipurista  kotoisin  oleva dipl insinööri  mutta myös  henkisen  maailman näkevä SHAMAANI , älykkyysosamäärä hyvin  korkea, yli 200 patenttia  omissa nimissään . Hän  kutsui  minua 5 vuoden ajan henkiystäväkseen  koska  minä  olin ainoa joka ymmärsi mistä tämä super insinööri puhui, ja  osasin aiheesta  keskustella

Hänen poikansa  sanoi ymmärtävänsä senverran että kyse ei ole mistään  mielisairaudesta  näissä  jutuissa. Mutta Timon sisar marjo.miettinen  väitti että isänsä ja Hietikko  molemmat  ovat aivan taatusti hulluja. Marjo halusi saada työpaikkani  mainos osaston  päällikkönä  ja työterveyslääkäri Udo Prezler kirjoitti että Hietikko sairastaa 100 % skitsofreniaa. Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri Eija Thomasson  kirjoitti  kelaan  mitä Hietikon työpaikalla  sanotaan,  mutta hän  varoitti  minua  itseäni sitä koskaan  uskomasta. Elikkä teki lääkärin valansa kunniansa  ja  omantuntonsa kautta Kelaan  lausunnon  jonka  itse  sanoi olevan perätön. Tätä asiaa ei ole  koskaan tutkittu  ja jos se jälkeenpäin  joudutaan tekemään, se on oleva hikinen  paikka , totesi Tri Thomasson. Hän  sanoi tekevänsä tietoisen virkavirheen  lääkäri etiikkansa velvoittamana  saatuaan selville viiden terapiakäynnin  aikana millaista henkistä väkivaltaa  yhtiön kehitysjohtaja Kari Metso oli  minuun suunnannut saadakseen Hietikon  ulos  talosta. Kun hän oli siinä  lopulta onnistunut, Miettinen suuttui  ja heitti ulos Kari Metson  kuin  leppäkeihään. Minua pyydettiin  tulemaan  takaisin mutta tri Thomasson sanoi että ÄLÄ mene , njet njet. Ne tuhannen insinööriä  repivät sinut  kappaleiksi aivan varmasti , eikä ensio tai timo  miettisellä  ole valtaa sitä estää.


Se  hulluksi leimattu aihepiiri,  josta Miettinen oli  minulle 5 vuotta  luennoinut olohuoneessaan Puutarhakadulla , se käsitteli tulevaa tietoisuus yhteiskuntaa  ja sivistynyttä kapitalismia. Hän  teki aiheesta myös 4  paksua kirjaa,  mutta ne ovat vaikeatajuisia. Henkilökohtaisesti kuultuna  asia meni jakeluun. Kuka on tämän uuden tulevan valtakunnan isoin herra, hän on Jeesus Kristus. Näin  kirjoitti omalla  nimellään  Ensio Miettinen  paikallisessa UUSIMAA  lehdessä. Minäkin  kirjoitin sinne lähes sata artikkelia  ja  porvoolaiset väittivät  minua ja Ensio Miettistä hulluksi.  Tätä oli siis sosiaaliohjaaja Paavo Koiviston  tietämä ´´hietikon  huono  maine´´


Kun sain 33 vuoden  iässä  hyvän eläkkeen  ja vapauden  olla  ihan  mitä haluan , mennä  mihin  tahansa, ajattelematta  lainkaan  mistä saan elantoni, se asiantila  jätti  minut pysyvästi eräällä  tapaa  illuusion   omaiseen todellisuuteen , maahan jota ei  ole,  mutta  joka  pian tulee. Minusta tuli Jeesuksen  mainosmies, Johannes Ra kastaja Rautahannu, huutavan ääni Saharasta. Olen matkustanut paljon endurollani  ja tunnen  kaikki al qaida johtajat  ja saksalaiset uusnatsit.  Tänne asti jouduin  pakenemaan välttääkseni  pakko  myrkytys hoitoa Seinäjoen vapaa kirkon  omistamassa keskitysleirissä Vielä 6.9.2018 ollessani MÄNTÄSSÄ,  tuon epshp sairaalan  ylilääkäri sanoi  puhelimessa  olevansa varma että Hietikko sairastaa skitsofreniaa 100 %, kuten kelassa on  kirjattu. Mutta jo vuonna 2006  tämä lassila todistaa että ei ole  mitään syytä estää Hietikkoa ja  poikaansa olemasta normaalissa vuorovaikutussuhteessa. Eikä  pitää Hietikkoa tahdonvastaisessa pakkohoidossa. Se 2006  tapahtunut 2,5  kk  pidätys oli  tehty asianajaja Aila Koulun  ja  kauhajokisen sisareni  miehen Antti Virolaisen pyynnöstä .


Kun Keuruun sosiaalinaiset eivät ole kymmenen vuoden aikana  isän ja  pojan lainkaan tavata, he ovat  ottaneet  oikeuden  omiin käsiinsä. Yksikään psykiatri missään  maassa ei sano ettei Hietikko voisi tavata poikaansa, sen takia että Hietikko suunnittelee fiktiivistä elokuvaa Jumalan valtakunnasta ! Tämä on  fasistisen Keuruun sosiaalinaisten tekemä ankara rikos ,  pojan varastaminen, joka rangaistaan  kuolemalla


Koska  minä olen joka tapauksessa Suomen terveys ja oikeusviranomaisten  mukaan mielisairas 100 %  sti irti todellisuudesta, en  voi  ottaa vastuuta siitä että Elina Paasio ja Paavo Koivisto panevat  minut kohta  oikeuteen. Enston  lakimies vaati 1986  nimeäni  paperiin  etten  koskaan tulisi  haastamaan Enstoa oikeuteen  vammauttavan työpaikka koulutuksen  takia. Mutta kun he itse väittävät minun  olevan 100% sti skitsofreeni, ja näin  lukee kelassa,-  eihän sellaisen  miehen  nimi  mitään merkitse




cable telephone to me  is 
++ 212 528 320 361

im  mostly  near that phone


if its not answering , try mobile ++212  615 700 148


Hannu Hietikko   5.3.2019   länsi sahara  tarfaya