Portugal Portimao social office  cdssfaro@seg-social.pt and apav.portimao@apav.pt

  Illegal  matters  happened in Portimao 2017 - you  told how we shall get lawyer help and it costs us nothing. So far they have not found anybody for us but  this  crime  case NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM.  is going to crime court of Portimao. They MUST find a lawyer. We cant wait, we go to Finland  to same willage where is my son www.keuruunekokyla.fi

 I come back after 6 months and make new home in Lissabon old city some small street secret adress

Melika want start live in Finland, find a workplace, she is teacher of french lanquage hum.kand. Salaries are 5 x bigger as in Portugal.  Finnish people are  more honest, in Portugal all try to fool and lie, MEO, Williams keller, Liberty insurance. Very low bisnes cultura, no capital of trusting and thats why  highly  roman catholic Portugal and Poland are 2  most puor and conservative EU countries .



Av. Da Republica, 76

1600-205 Lisboa

 We want  lawyer from Liberty Portugal fez seguro de casa apolice nr 047/00572125/000

   Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral Aldeia Sobreiras 14    8500 434  Bemposta    Portimao  apolice nr  047 /  00572125 / 000 


Williams Keller Ruth Alexandra  in summer 2016 was blackmailing from us 20 000 euros.They must  pay us this money plus costs of lawyer. Witness Sonia Barreto , police of Portimao and



In Finland they are  responsible to give us lawyer . This adres is contact to us



President of ´´ORDEM dos AVOGADOS ´´ JOSE LEIRIA cons.geral@cg.oa.pt    Rua Cadadores 4 /  16   8000 236  Faro

You sent 2.2.2018 letter 127765 / 2017 2017102966 to consulat of Finland / Lissabon for citizen of Finland Hannu Oskari Hietikko. You offer me advocat, Dr Andreia Cintra, Rua do comercio 72 - 2 andar,- 8500- 633 Portimao. We have sent her registered letter. Dr Andreia Cintra has given no answer. Consul Kaarina.Kulin@formin.fi did not understand what you advice  us now to do? Please tell her clearly , what should do 66 old  citizen of Finland  in Portugal to get a lawyer ? Our home insurance in Liberty Portimao Praya Rocha was  including costless lawyer help with no  limits but  it was finished immediately   when  we  needed lawyer help.  2 polish armed men attacted our house 7.7.2017  in Rua Cabral Alvares Bemposta and police in Portimao Jose Marques started crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM.

Police can not quarantee  our security before matters with farm in Poland are clear and nobody has  reason to such frightening with killing .

 Doctor of law in Portimao 2016  anapauladuarte@apdadvogados.com 

took from us money promising to make agreement with family of my  polish ex wife, but she never even tried to do it. Partly its her fold when one year later they come with guns, in meaning to make us be afraid.  My wife got pains in heart and my diabetes rise when there is stress

Healthy centre can not offer  help to our problems and they hope that we are in Finland so long as all is clear.

official letters for me  , please send

Hannu  Hietikko c/o consulat of Finland in Lissabon
Rua do Possolo 76-1°
1350-251 Lisboa, Portugal

 Consulat must  recieve all official  letters to me, so long as Sr. Leiria
 and Portimao social office  cdssfaro@seg-social.pt  find us lawyer.  

  in Finland  contact to me pirkanmaa.oikapu@oikeus.fi


2 polish talking men with guns visited our house Portimao Bemposta . Reasons are the same what for i was threatened by killing  when I lived in Poland Miedzylesie. Me, my son and polish ex wife still own there farm 34,5 hectares, but we were not allowed to be at home. Im not going to sell those lands, i prefer  to sell my house in Portimao and buy apartment  in Lissabon some small street, unknown adres. I have decision ( turvakielto ) from finnish magistrat 2014 Marjo Valkonen, how my adres MUST be kept secret, because of polish  mafia. The real estate and police in Lissabon  must take care of this

 Melika Ramouz want stay in Finland and find a workplace, support my 17 years old son  in his studies and hobbies. I want stay mainly in Portugal because my boy not want see me, social boss riitta.vanhanen@keuruu.fi  has kidnapped my child and talk to him bad matters  about his father. Highest doctor of  psychiatria Rui Neves in Faro investigated my case 1.4.2015 and raported how there is no legal reason to close Hannu Hietikko to mental hospital. When they did so in Finland during 2,5 months , it was serious crime against human rights . In Poland they could never do that to man as Hietikko says court psychiatric comitea of Klodzko.  border1@wp.pl . But consulat of Finland in Warsawa vappu.pajala@formin.fi  said  that Hietikko  has  bought  that document with black money. German, swedish and maroccian doctors say that Hannu  Hietikko  has no psychiatric ilnesses  but court of Jyväskylä in Finland judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  is sure about it. They were separating connection father son during 10 years and now my boy not want anymore see me.  Finland not respect kidnapping agreement of Haag and kill everyday almost 100  unborn children. Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz says how  there is same one  reason what for they were killing with abortion my first son and stole William Sarnowiak  away from  his  childhood home  in polish sudetian mountains. This matter was in all steps of finnish  court  in october  2015 / 399/ Helsinki Highest court said how they  not want handle. Next step was court of  Strasbourg

 Advocat Ivo Belchior Dias in Faro  ibelchiordias-50621F@adv.oa.pt took money and power of attorney 1.12.2015 But he never did anything to get case 399/2015 Helsinki Highest court to court of Strasbourg. In Spain ilagoson@ilagoson.com did this same 4 years before. Take 1000 euros and do nothing. Those 2 lawyers carry big responsibility. Finnish honour consul giselia.m.farias@gmail.com is involved. They commonly decided to put case Hietikko to rubbish, not to court of Strasbourg§

 Williams Keller Ruth Alexandra and Paula Custodio noticed  in summer 2016.


They were trying to be good friends and found out  many  matters,  how Hietikko  has no  police procurator and consulat services. Not any lawyer would  help us.  Those women and their clients Rui Jose  Nunes and Maria Bernadette Nunes da Conceicao 14  Rue Roger, Barde , Seyssinet , Paris France sold in september 2016 to us small house 70 sq mtr in Portimao bemposta.  We claim compensation of 20 000 euros from  the seller / or Williams  keller ,  plus costs of lawyers   )


Eles dizem que tal engano não é ilegal em Portugal, mas enganar 100% inválido e BLACKMAILING é crime com certeza.

They say how such fooling is not illegal in Portugal, but fooling 100 %  invalid and BLACKMAILING is crime for sure. 12.10.2017  in Portimao policestation , crime investigator ,  who look out as BIN LADEN , said how its not crime, not belong to them . Because we were signing under. If  we wouldn’t sign under,  such black mailing  would lead  to crime investigation, he said. But in august 2016  they said in different way. We did not  yet  sign under but asked help  in police Portimao . They  did not start  crime investigation about black mailing , saying how its ciwil case. Police Portimao helped Williams  keller  to fool 20 000 euros from 100%  invalid. State of Portugal is employer of police, they  must pay us 20 000 euros  plus costs of lawyers


Association for victims of crimes apav.portimao must  be able to tell  what is  e mail  address to office which  investigate mistakes  of police in Portugal ?  What is such office in Poland ?  In hearing  of  swedishsteel@gmx.de Police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski  said me 4.5.2005  how I  must go away from my farm and leave it to Adam Zaba and Violetta Kulawik ,  clients of Klodzko social  office  Marta Ciemlowitz . They robbed and destroyed 4 remonted buildings together with finnish ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com,  holy  alberts association Wroclaw, vyroby@gmail.com and gangsterteam abau@onet.eu



Association for victims of crimes apav.portimao must  be able to tell  what is  e mail  address to office which  investigate crimes of  jehova witnesses. In FB  Samuel ilnicki and his father came 13.5.2007  to my house in night  saying  how they kill us , if we not go to Finland. 3 witnesses told this to police of Klodzko next day 14.5.2007 Marian Misiazek. He took also photos and soundfiles but not any  crime court started. Because of same reason court of Portimao and FARO  are boikoting  me, not confess  my human rights . Strasbourg court sanomat.eue@formin.fi  finnish  ladies block their emails. Family  of ilnicki  was attacting to our farm with axe in hand almost every week  and when they got us out, they use lands of our farm 34,5 hectar without paying any euro rent to my son William Sarnowiak in Finland



We really have no kind of human rights in any land and seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi in Jämsä 2010 noticed this. Finnish police also knows that Hietikko  CAN sell  my credits and claims to maroccian  al qaida in Europa  and german new natzies IS IS  sturm gruppen. I wash my hands about responsibility if there is NO LAW and NO ORDER in Portugal Poland Spain Finland,  its leading to anarchia. POLAND  and Portugal are two  most  roman catholic  lands , but  most of people are very unhonest. Almost all bisnes people , even social  office and  police are talking lies, there is no capital of trusting. POLAND  and Portugal are also very  rascistic,  they  not  like foreigners, we are  only  objects of fooling. All portugalian  people hate quipsies, this told me lady who works  in Portimao healthy centre fysiotherapia


.......When UCI  bank  valuation  said  in august 2016  that  house in Bemposta is  not value of 70 000 euros,  we had right  to cancel and get back handmoney  7500  euros.  We said in august 2016 how we not want  buy this house , please give back us  our money 


 But Williams  Keller started rise valuation higher by FORCE by taking their friends  to say that  price is what Ruth Alexandra wants . We self could  not  meet at all those engineers, not talk with them. They could not give house before end  of august, and it was also argument to cancel, to get back 7500 e.  But Ruth Alexandra said that she will  not give us back our money if we not buy this house. We asked from police station,  from Vista Plaza  Melina Fernades, and her lawyer, does Williams  keller  Ruth Alexandra  have rights to such behaving, they all said , ´´ABSOLUTELY NOT ´´ 


11.10.2017  we met  Melina Fernades, asking  if she remembers  what we were discussing in august 2016 with her  and  their  advocate ?  She said, yes , I do and I can quarantee  that value of this  house  in Bemposta is not more as 50 000 e.  Also Sonia Barreto  said how  she is ready to tell all in court.Alex.portimao@gmail.com said how value is less as 50 000 e


In  august 2016  Policestation  Portimao  said  how  this is  ciwil case , not crime case. They cant  help, we must self find lawyer


But    12.10.2017  ´´ Bin Laden ´´  said  how  its not any more belonging to police,  because we were signing under  agreement in September 2016  . In august 2016 we had´nt  yet sign  under, but we had to do it, because police or  any  lawyer   did not  want help. Police was lieing to us and helped Williams  keller  in their crime


They  were  fooling and blackmailing 100 %  invalid with 20 000 euros. City  of Portimao is involved  to this crime, ruth Alexandra gave us documents how camara certify that this house is not dangerous for healthy. It is, say doctors in healthy centre,   lawyer David Leonardo and real estate Domus Dreams. Nobody want rent this house with any price, noticed Sonia Barreto during 3 monhts. Global service in Praya Rocha could not find client to this house during half year.. Black  mushrooms were covered with white colour during selling but they caused to my wife serious problems with heart and breathing. I got mushroom  symptoms in nose , throne , lounghes. ( I not smoke )


Because city  of Portimao is involved  to this crime, they  must give us with no  payment  building  permission  to make wooden loghouse to second floor. ( bottom 69 sq meters  )  Paula Custodio Williams  keller told us that house in  our neighbour has made II floor beton  with no permission, paying black money to camara. If this is truth or not, needs  police investigation .



Williams  keller fooled and blackmailed from us 20 000 euros. We want  back this  money plus  costs of lawyers. Because trial takes time, we claim 10%  interest starting today 12.10.2017


They refused to give back 7500 e handmoney  if we not  buy this one in September 2016. This was illegal  blackmailing said Sonia Barreto,  Melina Fernandes Vista Plaza,  their lawyer  and police of Portimao.


 UCI  bank is involved to fooling of 100%  invalid  and  not any lawyer wanted help victims of crimes. Williams  keller Anne Tikkanen wrote us mail, saying how we make other people sick, but its not so. They have made us sick. From Santander Totta  bank Ana Fonseca said to my wife 5.6.2017 how her husband is mentally  ill and she ask police to arrest Hannu Hietikko. This same said maijakatila@netcabo.pt  and cutted my membership in finnish  association Algarve.suomi@sapo.pt

We claim 50 000 euros from Santander Totta  bank   because of serious hurting of honour and frightening  100%  invalid  . Papers from this mushroom house were made by Santander Totta  bank Ana Fonseca and in camara of Portimao . They took part to fooling


 Ordem dos Advocados ´´ gave  Sonia Raminhos promised 3 months ago how she take care of this, if not, she promised to find an other lawyer who do it. She not has said anything , yes or no, did not want power of attorney and now we must go away. Portimao  Police said  that we must give to court our  new adres aboard . It is in this letter


Case of insurance company Liberty


Is  closely connected to this house. Their inspector visited our house in april 2017  saying how these wounds  not  belong to insurance, its question about illegal fooling in september 2016 . Liberty chall  give us advocat who put this to court. But when i asked such help from Liberty, they were cancelling our home insurance  totally. They are co operating with banks and real estates  who fool  foreign  pensionists in Algarve. Not any lawyer want help us, no trial shall  be started


In Poland insurance ALLIANZ  wroclaw  also finished  my home insurance 2010  after hearing  that gangsters  named ´´holy alberts  association  abau@onet.eu  had robbed  and broken my farm. Where state of POLAND  prokurator Jelinska Beata , soltys AGATA  Miedzylesie  and police Adam Polanski  were sparking me away


Situation  was deeply  illegal in Poland 1998 – 2008 . They robbed all my farm 34,5 hectar, investings of 1,469  million euros and started crime trial against  me 2005 . It was lasting 3,5 years  but during  that time  they could  not say what illegal Hannu Hietikko  has done ?  Against those who broke and robbed my house, they did not start  any crime investigation or trial


After  my  son was kidnapped  to Finland,  they did  not want  respect  international  kidnapping agreement of HAAG . They  were putting me to court in Helsinki  2006 . They did not give me and to my kidnapped  son  any  lawyer ,  when  advocat Aila Koulu  was roaming  six hours 13.4.2006  how hannu hietikko  is mentally  ill  child killer and in  polish court  they know this . Also police of Helsinki  agree this , she said.  But when i later  called to comisario tuomo.lotta@poliisi.fi , he said that advocat Koulu  talk lies. Police  hopes  that  they print book  from Hietikkos  letters . ´´tuntematon  potilas ´´  After that trial in eastern  Thursday 2016  they close  me  to  cold mental hospital  for 2,5  months , made sexual violence after forcing me eat  lobotomia  chemia  etc. ( witnes  advocat  jari.kattelus@ruokola.com  and special nurse  pirjo.tolkki@epshp.fi .


Because  of such reasons , state of Finland must pay me million euros. Lawyers  association Finland  6,9  million euros  because of 12 years teasing , psychiatric  terrorism


 Papers from polish  court  came to Helsinki  court  3 years  later, in march   2008  and court psychiatric  comitea  wrote how Hietikko has no  psychiatric  ilnesses, no % skitsofrenia, no secret agressions, no criminal historia in any land. Consul  of Finland  in Warsawa  Vappu.pajala@formin.fi said how Hietikko  has paid  black money to court  psychiatric comissio  in Klodzko. But its not true, can say in court psycholog border1@wp.pl ( he speak english and knows  me and my  polish ex wife more as 10 years )


Finland national insurance elli.aaltonen@kela.fi  and court of Finland  has made decision  that Hannu Hietikko is 100%  invalid, out of realities , skitsofrenic 24 hours every day. They did not want change this decision and according such status also court of Portugal Spain and Poland  must handle me.  Tribunal MUST  give to me and my 16 years old son SUPPORT  PERSON, edunvalvoja.    In Portugal Williams  keller and city of Portimao  were fooling from 100%  invalid 20 000 euros , using illegal  blackmailing. In Poland they stole from 100 % invalid  my only child and investings  of 1,469 million euros


Police chef Jose Marques  started  crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM started  about the reasons what for 7.7.2017 two polish / english  talking men visited our house casa Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral Aldeia Sobreiras 14 and  they were fightening me and my wife badly. Before  this one polish / english  talking man came to discuss with us in  june 2016 in Alvor camping. This man said how we must send to Poland orginals of  credit documents 870 000 and 599 000 euros, if we not do that, something bad shall happen. Kamila Michalowska from holy alberts association Wroclaw was only  one who knew  our adres in Alvor camping. Our adress in Bemposta house was secret by decision of finnish magistrat , notar Marjo Valkonen. Only Williams keller knew it


 Quaranty of this credit is 34,5 hectar farm in south west polish sudetian mountains , Miedzylesie Gniewsozow. Jehova  witness  family  ( FB )  Samuel ilnicki ,  Police Adam Polanski  4.5.2005 ,  prokurator Beata Jelinska  in march 2008 , finnish ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com in december 2008 , willage chef  ( soltys, administration of gminna Miedzylesie) Agata Piaskus in may 2009  said  that Hannu Hietikko NOT can be in that farm . I must go away from my home. They have robbed and broken 4  remonted buildings but selling my  lands to german investors is  not possible, because i have credit agreements of 1,469 million euros

You said 22.8.2017  how somebody from  court of Portimao  shall contact us after 4 weeks. Apav Portimao Isabela Moreira  said how it  can take sometimes 6 weeks.  Now has gone EIGHT  weeks and we  have  reason to believe how they  not want handle our case at all


Para controlar o escritório das companhias de seguros



Av. Da Republica, 76

1600-205 Lisboa


Liberty Portugal fez seguro de casa em nossa casa Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral Aldeia Sobreiras 14 8500 434 Bemposta Portimao apolice nr 047/00572125/000


in sebtember 2016   Liberty  Portugal made  home  insurance to our house   Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral Aldeia Sobreiras 14    8500 434  Bemposta    Portimao  apolice nr  047 /  00572125 / 000 


Quando estávamos passando o inverno no maroc agadir --- e voltou 12.4.2017, vimos como o telhado estava quebrado de muitos lugares e os musculos negros e perigosos estavam cobrindo as paredes -………..


When  we  were  spending  winter in maroc  agadir  ---and  came  back  12.4.2017 we  saw  how roof  was   broken  from  many  places  and  black  dangerous musrooms  were  covering  the  walls—

..consulat Finland Lissabon sr Renata disse que os vendedores são responsáveis, eles certamente CONHECER  am esse problema e cobriram tudo com espaço e cor branca apenas para o tempo de venda.  Eles não cuidaram a prova de água no telhado……

….consulat  Finland Lissabon said  that sellers  carry  responsibility, they surely  KNEW  this problem  and covered  all  with spachel and white  colour  just for  time of selling . They did not take care water proof  on the roof

………O inspetor da liberdade de Lissabon veio para ver a situação e disse que isso não lhe pertencia. É um crime, e Liberty deve nos dar advogado para levar a tribunal o vendedor e bens imobiliários improváveis ​​Williams Keller

.... Inspector  of Liberty  from Lissabon came  to see  the situation  and said how this not belong to him. It’s a crime , and Liberty  must give us lawyer to put to court unhonest seller and real  estate Williams keller

.....Quando fizemos esse seguro de casa, a mulher em Liberty praya rocha disse muito claramente como esse seguro está incluindo custos menos ajuda de advogados, sem limites de custos e quantos casos. .....

.When we  made  that  home  insurance , woman  in Liberty praya rocha said very clearly how this insurance is including  costs less  lawyer help, with no  limits of costs  and how  many  cases. But  they were telling  lies. Also ODIDENTAL seguros and Millennium Bank were telling  lies


…..Andreia.pio@millenniumbcp.pt nos dizia mentiras quando nos vendeu em outubro de 2016, a companhia de seguros de viagem ODIDENTAL seguros. Quando estávamos protestando sobre isso, o Millennium Bank não quer nos fornecer um cartão de crédito para nossa conta. Eles querem nos provocar o bom banco. Até agora, de qualquer forma estamos usando esta conta   HIETIKKO

  Inside Portugal  0033-0000-45468260636-05

International   BCOMPTPL PT 50-0033-0000-45468260636-05

Andreia Pio  was  telling  us  lies  when she sold  us  in October 2016 travel insurance company ODIDENTAL  seguros . When we were protesting about this, Millennium  bank  not want give us cash card to our account. They want spark us out from their fine bank .  We anyhow are using this  account and they  cant  prevent us do so. We have not done anything illegal , they have.   We  shall  start  use that  account   after  17.10. 2017  only  to matters  of culture  association  keltaiset ry . Its no more  private account of Hannu Hietikko  and Melika Ramouz



If you want  membership  of keltaiset  ry  for ever, pay 10 euros  and add to info  your real  name , nationality , age and email .  We contact  you soon.  If you want pay support   to cinema of Jesus Christ , you can  legally do it in that account . Contrabilista Ana Araujo  in Portimao  and Police of Finland Keuruu Risto.solmula@poliisi.fi and seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi are authorized to look after book keeping.


Keltaiset ry  is  acting  only  in legal ways , registered to work  globally

1994  by  government Finland  kirjaamo@prh.fi . Originally  in India Eernakulam 1906




 I was 18 years married with polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak  and i invested from Finland to Poland sudetian mountains  all my properity 1,469 million euros. We both have only one child, common William and i want give my properity to him. Polish mafia had different plans and they work together with police  urzad@miedzylesie.pl, jehowa witnesses and polish mother of my ex wife

Matters in Poland are open, because not any lawyer want this case where are polish mafia and maroccian al qaida involved. In Portimao advocat  anapauladuarte@apdadvogados.com took 15.10. 2016 money to make agreement with my polish ex wife, but never did it. Im not allowed to see my son, i can not go to my  home farm  in Poland  but 2  polish armed  men came in late evening  to frighten us with killing in our home in Portimao Bemposta. My 46 years old wife started got problems with heart after  that visit and we came qwickly to south Maroc. Its not easy to find us  from here  . Because we cant be  there, we  gave our home in Portimao Bemposta  to real easte for SALE and buy with that money apartment in Lissabon  in secret adres, small  peaceful street, in  top floor  

 We want go to Finland in summer  to talk with police and prokurator. In autumn  I  shall come to Lissabon when real estate has new home for me. Melika Ramouz wants STAY in Finland,  find workplace. She is a teacher / translator of English French arab. My education is from Helsinki art academia TAIK,  polish procurator Beata Jelinska was ordering me to produce manuscriptura to screen play EXODUS TODAY. Its telling about big change, coming of Jesus Christ to be common president of seven countries,  Poland Portugal  West Sahara, east Germany ( DDR ) , Palestina, Russian Karelia and  Finland. Before HOLY spirit of truth can become to level of practice , we must see fire of harmakeddon jihad . Accoring the Bible all christian religions and churches shall be finished.  

    In our screenplay  al qaida international  and german new natzies finish blind terrorism against ordinary people. Concentrate to selective killing

start kill everyone  who  is  preventing coming of  kingdom of Jesus Christ. All protestants and  roman catholic priests / nuns.  Jehowa witnesses al qaida  not kill  because  they are not  religion . With money of finished vatican, jehovas  shall build the kingdom of heaven  in level of practice. Starting from our farm in Poland. Our  34,5  hectar  and  neighbour jehova witness family  of stefania ilnicki 8,8 hectar shall be joined ,  3 mtr high mur  around  43  hectar.  Near mur 50 houses with distance of 50 -70 mtr , groundfloor  beton, nature stones , model jugend art nouveau 1906 . II , III  floor wooden loghouses  from 50 states from America. With individual  interiörs , furnitures , visual arts, carpets, cheramica, home-electronica. The best of blues jazz country  rock and roll . Best of theathre , dance, poetry in 50 states of America. In heavenly beautiful mountainwiews. 140 km to east from PRAHA. Railway station Domaszkow  3 km 

 50 % of this cinema comes from the Bible, 50 % from  realistic happenings  of today in case of Hannu Hietikko (John the Babtist ) .I´m ´´shouting voice from Sahara ´´ who is opening  the road to one who said ´´ i am road´´. 55 % of polish people were electing him as  their president, in Portugal  , Finland and Russian Karelia  they want him as king. All power shall be given to people by digital direct democratia


 7. I agree this matter 100 % .   
 6. I agree this matter 80 %      
 5. I agree this matter 60 %  
 4. I agree this matter 50 % 
 3. I agree this matter 40 %  
 2. I agree this matter 20 %  
 1. I do not agree this matter at all    

 He comes from heaven  suddenly , with large lightening of thunder,-  as its written in the Bible, but he takes form of normal  man, as its told in book of Arto Paasilinna. Ukkosenjumalan  poika Rutja von Donnerwetter.  Son on God of Thunder.


People  who  say  wellcome to King of Gloria and his new union ( unianova.eu ), will  have  no problem in starting harmakeddon jihad. Who not want new system, finishing all  political parties --starting of digital direct democratia ,--those ones shall  be killed by union of  jehowa witnesses , new natzies and  al qaida  international, IKL  (  islamilaisten kristittyjen  liitto )

 Roman catholic church in Poland and in Portugal is quilty to sexual pervesions  , violence against children, to real SATANISM.  Priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka in Miedzylesie  was leading  people  in  eastern messa like this´´  lets  hope now all  good to  each others , who are in  this  church ,--  and lets  hope  all possible bad to those there , who are  not with us. Aiming with his hand to direction of our house  (  only  foreigners in the willage )  That was satanistic messa, black magia, mass-fascism

After that I had to listen very often when local jehowa witness family of Stefania Killnicki came with axe in hand to say ´´ go to Finland, we kill you´´. In meaning to destroy our hostel-bisnes , they were threatening with killing  also  our hostel clients, as swedishsteel@gmx.de and outi Rantaniemi. When nobody had courage to be in that house, organ player of roman catholic  church Adam Zaba, holy alberts association vyroby@gmail.com   and  jehowas broke  our remonted 4 houses and use our lands 34,5 hectar , steal wood from our forest and pay some % to police of Miedzylesie. They had so small salaries 300 e / month

 In our fictive cinema ,  Islamic freedom fighters IKL start  kill  roman catholic priests  nuns and jehova witnesses in  Finland , in Portugal and in Poland . Jehova house  near Portimao railway station has got clear warning about coming death. In the Bible is said how to everyone shall  happen what they have  been believing. Jehovas have been believing how such times comes when other people want kill  jehowa witnesses. (  Eli se tulee  mihin  on uskottu )

Because this cinema  is telling about Jesus Christ, God of Love and mercy , jehowa witnesses can avoid death. They must start building project ´´kingdom of heaven  on  the earth ´´ . First place 43 hectares in Poland . Open 363 days in year for visitors.  7  rooms for travellers  in 50 houses , 350 st.  20 euros / day.  2 and 3 floors  wooden loghouses , exhibition  of the best parts of culture from 50 states of America. Inside  43 hectares we can arrange  marvellous festivals , high quality music and cinema from 50 states of America, sell tickets of 10 euro 100 000  in one day. We pay tax to commun Miedzylesie 10% and to state of Poland 10 %

Also we  open lot of good workplaces near Domaszkow railway station . According  these first 50 models sent  by american jehowa witnesses , we start large  mass  production, pay 5 % commissio to USA , if we get first models free. Pinewood and stone TULIKIVI ( see google ) come from Russia by trains endless amounts. By ships to Maroc Portimao and Palestine.  We  rebuild Syria Libya Iraq Afganistan Kurdistan  and sell such safe willages of 50 houses a lot also to Russia Europa USA.

Network of polish producers and artists could get  43 hectar  exhibition willage  20 km  from Agadir airport. Subtropical beach of sidi tual.  First floor beton/ nature stones, 7 douple rooms for turists . II, III floors wooden loghouses, exhibition of polish visual arts, music, cinema, clothes, electronica , furnitures. Several million people / year from all world see these  polish  products and want buy. All Poland gets good work with good salaries. When plans of marketing, logistica, product development is common, costs of production fall 50 %. We can pay good salaries and offer nice homes with attractive prices in all world.  Association Los Amarillos is not allowed to take economical  profit, we create ciwilized leaded  capitalism without capitalist.


 Socialism and satanism in middle of European Union. State of Poland / police Adam Polanski ruled me away from  my house 4.5.2005 . They socialized my home and  properity . Now  they send killers to Portugal  to frighten  us  to sell the lands .   I m not ready to sell  kingdom of heaven  to anybody.  I want give owning  to my son 96 %  ly . 4 % ly to culture  association Los Amarillos who prevent everybody to sell any part of farm for next 1000 years. Los Amarillos send there 10 strong men from Marocco. Pay from monthly  netto 20 % to my son in Finland, 10 % to his father , 10 % to his polish mother Violetta Sarnowiak and grandmother Halina info@keuruunekokyla.fi 

60 % from netto this group deal 6 % to 10 men and their families . They shall start bisnes with firewood , mountain mineral water and  200 places for german home cars , camp Seitendorf  43  hectares. Maroccian mur 3 mtr high around  make old german  people feel safe and confortable. This area of Klodzko walley Miedzylesie is the most beautiful  part of loosen Germany. When we offer  them safety , we have always 400 clients who pay 20 euros / day.  

  Several  million jehowa witnesses  in USA   shall find out where are  the most beautiful houses and interiörs, designers in 50 states of America.. When such beautiful american houses rise up in all world, people will say. Donald Trump did what he promised, reputation of americans has  been rising. Its  high time to do something because reputation  of americans  is very low.  After usa was winning german natzies, they  adopted their arrogantsia and  megalomanic  plans  to rob and dominate all  world . When war finished in Europa american war industry  had  to create all  the time  ´´markets ´´, new wars. When USA and Poland started 2003 big al qaida war, united nations said NO. This was same crime as Hitler did and association Los Amarillos De Gelen claim court of  Haag for war criminals to act

We could offer  possibility to maroccian people to sell  their products in middle of Europa, to get work and good incomes. More as 30 russian fisher ships come to south Marocco every month , they can bring lot of PINE wood and stone for fireplaces ( see TULIKIVI in google ). They can bring wood also to habour of Portimao. We start production in 30 hectares area between praya Vau and Bemposta

Villa Verde Ficalho

96 loghouses    model  Kentucky  shall  be  situated around 27,6  hectar


 mur 3 mtr alta em torno de 27,6 hectares. Primeiro andar beton / pedra, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 quartos para os viajantes 20 e / dia faz bons rendimentos para fazendeiro e a empresa que investir nestas amostras. loghouses de madeira no andar de cima, com interiores individuais. A Rússia está enviando todos os meses para águas Maroccian muitos navios grandes para levar peixe e wegetables. Eles poderiam trazer para Portugal Portimão e Marrocos Agadir monte de madeira de pinho e pedra especial para lareiras, vuolukivi, olhe para google TULIKIVI. Começamos a produção de acordo com essas primeiras amostras de 50 estados de América e vender tais casas muito. Quando levar marketing, desenvolvimento de produtos e logistica de um lugar, os custos de produção caem mais de 50% e nós pode pagar bons salários, oferecem boas casas com preços atractivos.
Depois de 15 km exposição das melhores partes da cultura e 96 casas de

Colorado, perto  de Villa Nova de São Bento

 Day of annual exodus  10.5. Mina de São Domingos   IDAHO-

 Mertola Carolina norte

 these houses we   offer  to american people who are afraid of nuclear war. Portugal is very neutral corner. If it  happens to usa what is written in Bible apocalypta 18, it would be good to save best parts of culture in 50 states of america to 50 willages in Portugal ?


São João dos Caldeireios ARIZONA-

Almodovar Geórgia-padilhadebrito@sapo.pt


 Day of annual exodus  11,5. Ameixial NEVADA-



melhor deles também para a Polónia Miedzylesie Gniewoszow e 27,6 hectares na Finlândia www.keuruunekokyla.fi

São Bartolomeu de


 Messines /

castelo 27,6  hectar de Wisconsin-

SILVES Michican

Almarjao Alabama-

Odelouca Pensylvania


Porto de Lacos FLORIDA -

ALVOR CALIFORNIA (exemplo da cultura na Califórnia) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaQ1vXdf1Q0
 3 kilometers  from  habour perto de 

Praya do VAU VAU   and  to Bemposta Los Sabores  30 hectares de Nova York.

96 casas, primeira beton andar, 2 andares loghouses madeira Mur 3 mtr elevados. Dentro 30 exposição hectares da cultura no willage''greenwich''. Suas melhores peças. conexão navio de Portimão para a Madeira e para Agadir. Para Florida Daytona Beach, para Nova York

commonstart  to Poland 12.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time. To direction 

  Bembosta Washington DC-


Casas da Sr do


 Verde / MARYLAND-



 nas proximidades -

grandes Competiçoes internacionais de motos e carros

Marmelete / NORTH DAKOTA-


  Aliezur / MISSOURI -


Odeceixe / OREGON -

Sao Teotonio / INDIANA-

 Day of annual exodus   13.5.
 Villa Nova de Milfontes / MAINE--

Cercal / Utah-

 / South  Carolina


Santiago do Cacem / Washigton SEATLE-


Grândola / Missisippi - seus represantives esta aparência



 Day of annual exodus   commonstart 14.5 Alcácer do Sal / NEW MEXICO

São Cristóvão / Ohio-

Montemor o Novo / Wyoming


 Day of annual exodus  commonstart 15,5 
Montargil / KANSAS-


Ponte de Sor / CONNECTICUT -



Villa Velha de Ródão / SOUTH DAKOTA-


commonstart  to Poland 16.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time

 Castelo Branco Delaware -


Alpedrinha Texas-


Covilha IOWA -

 Day of annual exodus  commonstart 17,5 Guarda






Pinhel / OKLAHOMA-

Figueira de

 Castelo Rodrigo / Vermont-



Barca de Alva / NEBRASKA-


exposição dos melhores artes ARCHITECTURA e artesanato, mobiliário, electronica, casa de máquinas, música folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll. cinema de alta qualidade e música a partir de 50 estados de América


Freixo de Espada à Cinta / TENNESSEE-



Mogadouro / West Virginia -

 Day of annual exodus commonstart 18,5
 Bemposta / ALASKA


to be able to enter to the  new world, to fifth VI and VII  levels of consciousnes , you  must learn know your inner self, our real home . Aton Atman Christus in Nobis  to RE  meet  RA , we find the inner  light, PRAKASH  katarshis , moksha.

State is we, summa of  individual  independent  people create   independent country.




7. I agree this matter 100 % .   
6. I agree this matter 80 %      
5. I agree this matter 60 %  
4. I agree this matter 50 % 
3. I agree this matter 40 %  
2. I agree this matter 20 %  
1. I do not agree this matter at all    

When  we start observe  matters from all corners, we shall find DAS DING AN SICH. We start confess the realities and become able to repair problems in society.



consul of Finland in Lissabon, kaarina.kulin@formin.fi .  According law, they carry responsibility about ´´family  juridical matters´´. In problems connected to Poland , to consulat  of Finland in Warsawa , timo.salo@formin.fi. In Marocco  anne.vasara@formin.fi and maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi



go to Finland, we kill you and burn your house ´´


State of Poland , prokurator Beata Jelinska and police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski gave order to go away from Poland and give lands to Ilnickies, leave house alone.


 Association for victims of crimes apav.portimao sent us to social  office, saying  said how their work is to show the adres where to ask help and to get  supporter person, if one has been victim of crime . We need such absolutely  because im 100% invalid. My wife is simple farmer from Maroc, first time in Europa, not understand such matters. My kidnapped son William Sarnowiak is still a child, born 28.3.2001. I want give all my properity in Portugal and Marocco , also farm 34,5 hectar in Poland to my son, but polish mafia and 5 finnish advocates want deal it to themselves. Family of my ex wife in LODZ Poland and  mafia  abau@onet.eu Miedzylesie send killers to frighten us. They want originals of credit agreements 1,469 million euros. Original is in policestation of keuruu@keuruu.fi Finland, police Kimmo Rytkönen took it to shelter.   English talking lawyer Ari Kuukka in Keuruu has a copy asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi

We  asked Dr Andreia Cintra to send power of attorney to honour consulat of Finland in Agadir, if  she takes this case. If  she not  want, she should tell it immediately to you senjor Leiria and  consul of Finland . You and  have got this in registered letter, but you  wrote me to consulat Finland  second time how we MUST contact to Dr Andreia Cintra. Otherwise i LOOSE my possibility to get lawyer help ? Consul kaarina.kulin@formin.fi did not understand from your letter , how long time you give us to contact Dr Andreia Cintra ?  According national insurance of Finland viestinta@kela.fi I am 100 % invalid, Melika is from Africa. We need to get support  person from social office or court . We not understand what to do ? We  have asked help from association for  victims of crimes in Portimao

apav.portimao@apav.pt   and chef of social office of  PORTIMAO  av. Afonso Henriques – 8500 502 PORTIMAO Portugal cdssfaro@seg-social.pt

We wish that social office of Portimao make to Dr Andreia Cintra this question. Is she helping us or not ?  We cant come to Portugal  because we are in danger to become  killed. Police has no capacity to quarantee our safety  and Portimao not can offer healthy services. Because i took bank credit and bought a house 2016, my residence/ tax agreement in Portugal 286014041 must stay until year 2025. I must  sell that house and buy home in Lissabon, secret adres. In big city they will not find us. In small willages and cities in Portugal they not accept if a man has long hair. Freedom and culture is possible in Portugal only in big cities Lissabon or Porto, this told young man in my neighbour. Proud women of Bemposta were sparking him away because his outlook.

Such problems with polish  mafia did not happen to me first time,  finnish magistrate kirjaamo.ita-uusimaa@maistraatti.fi Marjo Valkonen made 16.6.2014 decision nr 789 – 2014 -165 Tu-1. Adres of Hannu Hietikko must be TOP SECRET, so long that problems with polish credit takers are solved. They have motivation of 1,46 million euros to kill me and my maroccian wife. Real estate Ruth Alexandra Williams keller  found out our situation during half year 2016 and she was blackmailing illegally from us 20 000 euros. Witnesses police of Portimao and real estates  melinaf@vista-plaza.com  and Sonia Barres Domusdreams. Ruth Alexandra wanted destroy victims of her crime, by giving our adres to polish mafia. She was trying to destroy also my social reputation, her friend in Bank Santander Totta Ana Fonseca said to my wife 12.6.2017 how her husband is mentally ill dangerous man. I claim compensation of 50 000 euros from that bank, plus costs of lawyer. Williams keller must compensate 100 000 euros. If  they not pay, i sell these claims and credits to maroccian russian collectors. They add to saldo their costs 50 %

 Doctor of law anapauladuarte@apdadvogados.com  friend of Ruth Alexandra  was charching  money promising to  take care about  problem  of  fooler company MEO . She also promised   make agreement with my polish ex wife , but she did nothing. Only stole our money. 

 LIBERTY  sold us expensive   home  insurance 2016  including  free  lawyer  help. They cutted it away immediately  in august  2017 when we told about problems with polish mafia.


 In October 2016 advocat Ana Paula Duarte in Portimao took from us copy of that  agreement and 160 euros  promising to make contract  with my previous polish wife Violetta Sarnowiak who  lives in Finland  info@keuruunekokyla.fi .During this year Duarte has done nothing, not gave back our money. Because of HER, situation is still open and we are in danger to become killed


Same crime did before in Faro Ivo Belchior Dias and  in Spain  lawyer Eduard Gonzales  ilagoson@ilagoson.com . Marbella police started investigation in summer 2016. In Finland TommiKoivistoinen@jaakkotuutti.fi  and Markku.Lindblad@gmail.com, in Poland  Marek Rudnicki and abresz@poczta.onet.pl  took money but did not do their work. They carry full  responsibility if polish mafia KILL me and my maroccian wife . If we no more exists, or give them originals of credit papers,  my polish ex wife and her lawyers in keuruu@keuruu.fi  can  do what they want



Me and my polish  ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak   both are quite old and have common son, we should be able to give our properity to him. Such agreement should be natural and easy to do . We did not have any credits from farm in Poland. In our marriage agreement 12.12.1997 in court of Helsinki is written  how all investings to Poland  belongs in divorce only to Hietikko. Also I have credit agreements of 1,469 million euros,  made by lawyer 3.9.1996 in Helsinki and culture  association Keltaiset ry Los Amarillos . I have rights to say that all my  properity in Poland Portugal and south Marocco Agadir   must be given to our son 96 %  ly.  To Keltaiset ry 4 % ly, AitaLimed15@gmail.com make farm productive and prevent selling lands next 1000 years


To  handle the case Williams  Keller / ruth Alexandra , Paula Custodio , Anne Tikkanen  UCI  bank , Santander Totta  Ana Fonseca  ,- Portimao social office  promised  us  in june 2017  advocat , and it costs us nothing, they said.  Núcleo de apoio Jurídico Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887 referência PJ 5835/17 - 102966/17 IMC IM FAR´´


Later they forced me sign under that I pay 160 euros  per month from this help. But we not have money to pay anything and my signature means nothing, because im  officially 100%  ly skitsofrenic. Out of real realities 24 four  hours every day, according court of Finlanderkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  , lawyers  association info@valvontalautakunta.fi  and  national insurance viestinta@kela.fi .  So long as this  case is not investigated and corrected, court of Portugal Finland Poland Strasbourg must handle me as  100%  invalid


Director  of polícia de Portimao Jose Marques

You started 22.8.2017 crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM . You said that somebody from court contact us after 4 week . I told them also that

Now has gone 8 week and  nobody called us. We  must go away from Portugal  because we have been more as claimed half year 2017, and we are here in  danger, crimes polish network . Apav Portimao Isabela Moreiras promised us SUPPORT person and from Lissabon  international lawyer help  because ´´Ordem dos Advocados ´´Faro can not find us any . In  june 2017 social office  Portimao promised how lawyer help to victims of crimes costs US  NOTHING and cases can be several said later Apav Portimao Isabela Moreiras


If court of Portimao not want handle this case, its question about same matter  what for court in Jyväskylä , Torremolinos , Klodzko , Wroclaw or Agadir did not want do it and what for  advocate Ana Paula Duarte said today 12.10.2017  how she not want  help us. What for David Leonardo and Maria Paula Salqueiros  turned their back to us

 Boss of prokurators in Finland Jorma Kalske vksv@oikeus.fi  has made  decision how Hannu Hietikko has no police procurator or consulat  services  in any land of European Union. ( because im 100%  ly skitsofrenic, out of real realities 24 hours every day)

I not know  what they mean with this, because I have been driving big endure BMW  r 800 basic 30 years with no accidents. If someone not understand real realities, this one shall die very soon. It must be question about my opinions and in finnish  honour consulat  Quarteira  maijakatila@netcabo.pt  said how she has  seen ALL bad sides of Hietikko. She knows what are my sick thinkings and can tell it all in court of Portimao. Healthy centre can not offer me psychoterapia , state of Finland is responsible to explain to court of Portimao , Agadir, Klodzko what are negative  bad sides of Hannu Hietikko ? Are they so dangerous  opinions that  its reason  to prevent  father son and spirit of Truth  meet each others in 10 years ? not even by telephone or mail


maijakatila@netcabo.pt as  represantive   of state  Finland is responsible to explain to court of Portimao , Agadir, Klodzko  what for state of Finland  has banished me from land where I was born ( and my father was 4 years in Barbarossa war )What for they prevented  during 7 years illegally   Melika and Hannu Hietikko  get married and to get wizum to Europea ?


Comisario  sami.kalliomaa@poliisi.fi  told me this in telephone 2007 . He also was advicing me to run away from Poland immediately, when mafia of  samuel ilnicki,vyroby@gmail.com  and abau@onet.eu  said directly how they KILL Hietikko . In Keuruu police  Mikko Keisala  and in Jämsä seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi noticed 2010 how Hannu Hietikko has no  police procurator or consulat  services. Jokinen said 2010  how crime  trial  must start  because of illegal arrestings , offering in police jail strong tobacco to victim of crimes ( who was before  nicotinist )  This traumatic arresting explosed my addiktion to cigarettes for next 2 years and I got serious wounds to lounghes, nearly  died . But doctors in Agadir got that sicknes away with modern medicines and I did no more smoke. State of Finland  not want discuss about such crimes  . seppo.jokinen@poliisi.fi  or  asianajaja.kuukka@kuukka-tiainen.fi  cant do alone anything if procurator not handle any matter  where is name Hannu Hietikko


In Poland  police Piotr Stezaly wanted  help me, but he was loosing his work place soon. If  procurator in Portimao also put our case to rubbish, Apav Portimao ( for victims of crimes ) must be able to show where we can put this case ? In internet  this  request  of help and offer of co operation is going to hands of Bin Laden junior, leaders of german sport  clubben and  IS  IS   sturm  gruppen in Europa  and in Marocco .


They are ready to play role of red horse riders , who bring fire and war. They shall kill in our religious screen play everybody who has  something  against to make  cinema true in level  of practice ? IS IS  sturm gruppen and kauhajoen tappajat  kill everybody who   is not  ready to invite king of Gloria and peace of 1000 years immediately


Advocat Ivo Belchior Dias in Faro took decision of Helsinki  highest court october 399/2015 and letter  form office of Donald Tusk in Bryssel  . Sr Dias promised 1.12.2015 to put cases Poland  and Finland  to court of Srasbourg,  he took also money, power of attorney  and 43 pages apostilled in evora and in notariuz Isabela Loureiro Portimao  October 2015 .


But after  consulat of Finland  advocate giselia.m.farias@gmail.com  was discussing with Sr Dias , they decided put my case  to rubbish. Not answer any word. Ordem dos advocados  must put  those  2 lawyers and Sonia Raminhos to responsibility. Ana Paula Duarte took from  us money 160 euros and she promised to take car with  our problems with unhonest  internet company MEO. Her further  costs must come from meo, this 160 e we want  back

………But  today  her secretare  has told to Melika Ramouz  how  they are not going to help  us in  question  about MEO.  They have just kept  that  case  since april 2017  without doing  nothing. Law office  ana paula Duarte  has made power of attorney and taken  money 160 euros. They  have  in  their  office  all  parts  what must be returned to MEO. And now when we go away from Portugal, they say how they are going to do nothing. Ordem dos Adocados  Faro  must  put them to responsibility  at same  time with Ivo Belchior Dias  and  Sonia Raminhos



Um caso que temos em Portugal com a melhor empresa de internet da MEO. Advocat Ana Paula Duarte em Portimao tirou de nós poder de advogado e 160 euros prometendo cuidar disso. Seus custos adicionais devem vir de meo, este 160 e nós queremos de volta

…………….Deixamos todas as partes do sistema de volta à sua loja em Portimao e tiramos foto deles. O Dr. Duarte tem esta foto. Diretor de MEO Portimao e sua trabalhadora Joana Pereirs se recusam a nos ajudar neste problema, dando este lugar onde escrevemos em carta registrada.

....We  gave all  parts of their system back to their shop  in Portimao and took  photo from them.         Dr Duarte has this  photo.  Director of  MEO Portimao  and  their worker Joana Pereirs  refuse to help  us in this problem, giving this adres  where  we  wrote   in registered  letter  . We wrote to them

……..Meo  Servicos Comunications  multimedia SA   Avenida Fontes  Pereira de Melo   no   40   1069 -300  Lisboa                 

        Em setembro de 2016 eles nos ofereceram adsl 33 euros/mês. Mas estava trabalhando em Bembosta não ok e depois de perceber que temos de ir para Maroc, não era hora de esperar meo pessoas para resolver o problema. Eu fiz um acordo no portimao de milênio de banco que meo pode levar 33 e de nossa conta. Mas eu notei logo que meo não tomar 33 e/mês, mas 116 e,  59 e 61 e.  Durante 6 meses no inverno de 2016 a 2017, quando em nossa casa era NOODO, MEO estava tentando mentir como alguém usa telefone e roubou da nossa conta bancária 402,17 euros. Mais tarde, têm perturbado e provocando minha esposa com terrorismo telefônico. Os problemas cardíacos de Melika vieram, em parte, por causa de fezes MEO. É melhor para eles pagar 402,17 euros mais 160 e o mais rápido sem nenhum teste 0033-0000-45468260636-05. Sua antena ainda está no telhado da nossa casa, eles podem vir a levá-la quando quiserem. Outras peças que deixamos para Joana Pereirs em sua loja……………

During 6  months  in winter 2016 -2017  when in  our house was NOBODY, MEO was trying to lie how someone  has been using  telephone and robbed from our  bank  account 402,17 euros.        Later  they have been disturbing and teasing  my wife with  telephone  terrorism . Melika s   heart  problems  came partly  because of MEO  juppies .  Its  better  for them to pay 402,17 euros  plus  160 e  soonest  without  no trial   to 0033-0000-45468260636-05. Their  antenna  is still on roof  of our house, they can come to take it  when they want. Other parts  we have left to Joana Pereirs   in  their shop or to law office  Ana Paula Duarte

…………………………..Mesmo que era no outono, só às vezes trabalho, principalmente não.               Hoje visitamos Meo Portimao Joana Pereira e deu seu telefone, adsl caixas ect e disse que seu homem pode chegar mais cedo para pegar a antena e outras coisas que pertencem a meo.                Eu exigir de volta meus pagamentos para meo 402,17   euros, porque nunca estava funcionando e os preços não era o que foi acordado.   Se eles não querem pagar antes de 20.5.2017 e este assunto vai para o tribunal, MEO deve pagar também os custos de advogado ---------


…………Voltaremos para Portugal 4.5.2018 e fique aqui até 7.11.2018, mas o tribunal deve solicitar o nosso TOP SECRET. No magistrado finlandês kirjaamo.ita-uusimaa@maistraatti.fi Marjo Valkonen já fez 16.6.2014 decisão nr 789 - 2014 -165 Tu-1, como Hannu Hietikko deve ser TOP SECRET, por muito tempo que os problemas com os compradores de crédito poloneses sejam resolvidos. (eles sabem sobre esta situação, porque a polícia de Torremolinos relatou sobre isso)


Quando compramos a casa de Portimão em setembro de 2016, damos uma cópia desta decisão nr 789 - 2014 -165 Tu-1 para Williams Keller / juppi-woman   Ruth Alexandra, mas ela deu a pessoas perigosas. Quando voltarmos para Portugal 4.5.2018, nosso endereço DEVE SER TOP SECRET. Minha esposa começou a obter atletas de coração sérios depois de 7.7.2017 e meu otário de sangue está aumentando perigosamente alto por causa do estresse. Em parte isso é causado pelo ruído terrível dos cães. Eles não nos deixam dormir, nem de noite nem de dia......


Because our lawyer  says how they not can  help us, and they  not want take our letters, we  ask  portimao post office  to send  them chef of social office of  PORTIMAO  av. Afonso Henriques – 8500 502 PORTIMAO Portugal cdssfaro@seg-social.pt


Raminhos.Sonia@gmail.com, Rua do Barranco 43, 1 andar, 8400 -508 Carvoeiro -LGA Portugal nos prometeu como ela leva este caso ou se não o faz, ela nos encontrará um outro advogado. Como ela não responde nada, pedimos para enviar todas as letras conectadas ao nosso caso para ela. Se os colocou no lixo, a ordem dos defensores deve responsabilizá-la.

Raminhos.Sonia@gmail.com , Rua do Barranco 43, 1 andar, 8400 -508 Carvoeiro -LGA Portugal    promised  us how  she takes this case or if she not do it , she will  find us an other  lawyer . Because she answer nothing ,  we ask  to send all  letters connected to our case to av. Afonso Henriques – 8500 502 PORTIMAO cdssfaro@seg-social.pt

 Social  office  promised to arrange us lawyer and support person. Lady in their office said to us in july 2017 how lawyer would cost us nothing and cases can  be so many  as we have juridical problems. Not only one. Apav Portimao said how they have in Lissabon also international lawyers

 Add to envelop  code ´´Núcleo de apoio Jurídico Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887 referência PJ 5835/17 - 102966/17 IMC IM FAR´´.

 If social office  not know what to do,  consul of Finland  kaarina.kulin@formin.fi  is responsible to help . Embaixada da Finlandia, Rua do Possolo, 76, andar 1, 1350-251 LISBOA. 



....When we bought house from Portimao  in September 2016 we gave copy of this  decision nr 789 – 2014 -165 Tu-1  to Williams Keller / Ruth Alexandra, but she has given it to dangerous people.. My  wife started get serious heart attacts  after 7.7.2017  and my blood sucker is rising dangerously high  because of stress. Partly  this  is caused by terrible dog noise. They not let us sleep , not in night not in day.





New European union of Jesus Christ  (  his  masters  advertising office  Keltaiset  ry  Los Amarillos )   invite members to UNIANOVA

  Russian republic of Karelia, Inkerinmaa, Estonia , Ahvenanmaa ,  Katalonia, 50 states of America , Portugal Marocco and west sahara .

North west Finland separate itself  from Helsinki administration and start new  independent country SUUR keuruu. SK. Suomen Kansa , lyhyesti K   Capitol WEST - Turku . Border line starts from habour of Turku . We invite from usa half million  Harley  people  to ship  their vechicles and cars  model 1969  or older  to habour Turku before 23.6.  or to Portimao Portugal before 10.5.

 come to common  drive around fresh  spring in Spain  south east France Bayer Tsech republic Poland Baltia , ship Tallin Turku  and  19 days trip around  most beautiful  lake district of Finland. Fly  back from St Petersburg or by Siberia train  to China habour of  Shanghai -

This  kavalkade  starts  from west sahara Dakhla  habour 28.4.2018  and annually every summer  at same time . From Portugal Portimao  12.5.2018 . At 12´00 oclock  start home wagons and newer cars as model 1969 .  In next day 26.4.2017 in Finland TURKU  habour at 10´00 oclock start all  kind of motorcycles and veteran cars model 1969  or older. To habour of Turku  come ferries from Sweden and Tallin.

The festivalroad  shall  be also border of new and old Finland . Left  side of the road  is new Finland Suur keuruu, ( shortly SK )( suomen kansa ) . Border is ending to Niirala Wärtsilä , border to Russia, connection to train to Murmansk Moscow China North and south Corea


New  border  goes  from Turku  habour  to  Åbo Akademi - Aninkaistenkatu - Hämeenkatu-Itäinen Rantakatu- Martin Silta- Aurajokipuisto- Linnankatu- Pakkarinkatu-Hansakatu- Vaihdekatu- Pansiontie- Huolintakatu-Hiekkasortamankatu-Tuontikatu- PANSIONTIE- PAAKARLANTIE-Hansakatu-Laivateollisuudenkatu- Päästäisenpolku- Ahjokatu-Metallikatu- Riilahdentie- Ankkurikylänkatu- Telakkakatu - TEMPPELIVUORI  - RAISIONLAHDENTIE- YLTÄMÄENTIE- KATTELUKSENTIE- ORKOLANTIE- NAANTALIN VANHA KESKUSTA- KALELA- KARINKYLÄ-TIE 1893- MÄKSMÄKI- ALISKULMA- NUMMI- NOUSIAISTEN KYLÄN LÄVITSE - ALAKYLÄ- TIE 201 - LEINAINEN-VAHTO- tie 201- SIKILÄ- LEIRAKKALA- HOLY Henrik road   222 - AURA- Aurasta YHDYSTIE vasempaan- vanhaa tietä Pöytyälle: MÄKIÄINEN- RIIHIKOSKI- PÖYTYÄ-HAVERI- PALTANKULMA -ORIPÄÄ-LATVA- MAKKARKOSKI-KEIHÄSKOSKI-TOURULA-RANNANKULMA -PYHÄJOEN KYLÄKAUPPA..HEVOSHAANTIE-PYHÄJÄRVEN RANTATIE-SÄKYLÄ- uusikylä- ISO VIMMA - EENOKIN KENTTÄ-  KOTKANNIEMI -ennen KAUTTUAA vasemmalle- "PYHÄJÄRVEN INSTITUUTTI"-SEPÄNKUJA-  KAUTTUAN KLUBI-    RUUKIN PUISTO-MAASILLANTIE-YHDYSTIE-EURA-OSMANTIE- kantatie 2460 -EURAKOSKELLE -HARJAVALTAAN -KOKEMÄENJOEN sillan jälkeen vasemmalle TIE 2440-NAKKILA- ULVILA-KIRKON LUOTA- VIHELÄ-TIE 2553-HARJUNPÄÄ-RUOSNIEMI- JÄRVIKYLÄ- TIE 2555- NOORMARKKU-TIE 2701- POIKELJÄRVEN TANSSIPAVILJONKI..-Karijoki Päntäne Möykkykylä Hyyppä  Nummijärvi  Kihnio Kuru Ruovesi  Vilppula -Keuruu Kivijärventie 300 , camping of 50 hectar. There will be 50  wooden  loghouses  with charming  interiors  from  50 states of America. Using Russian  pine wood , we start  large mass production  in  north Finland  Russian Karelia DDR  Poland Catalonia  PORTUGAL  Marocco West Sahara and in Palestina  GAZA  Betlehem Nasaret


  uuden K –linjan naiset ja  miehet mainituissa  kylissä,  teidän verkostonne  tulee  toimia  itsenäisen uuden suomen  kansanparlamenttina. Tulkaa koulutukseen  FB ryhmässä  kullervolle  kalervolle , tulkaa mukaan sisäisen vallankumouksen tielle löytämään oma individuaali  itsenne , vapautumaan sosiaalisen teatterin taakoista , kokemaan ilo  rauha energia valo voima viisaus rakkaus terveys syntien anteeksisaaminen  ja iankaikkinen elämä

itsensä löytäneiden yksilöiden summa on  itsenäinen  älykäs turvallinen  vauras  valtio . Tunnustakaa syntinne  kullervolle  kalervolle FB ssä  avoimessa ryhmässä tai osoitteessa www.unianova.eu

meilillä  kalervolle@gmail.com

myös Keuruun  kirkkoherra ossi.poikonen@evl.fi on seurakunnan  johtajana  valtuutettu ottamaan vastaan syntejä . Poikonen toimii  Jeesuksen tiimissä ja uskovaiset voinevat  luottavaisesti  poistaa  tunnoltaan  kaikki  salaiset , vaivaavat asiat ja pahat teot. 



revolução em    Portugal ,Catalonia, Bilbao , Estonia, DDR, West Sahara Tarfaya ,in  Poland, Russian Karelia , Portugal BEMPOSTA 


Real independency starts from people  because state is we.  Wellcome  to psycho - socio drama for spiritual training  to South Portugal Portimao Bemposta. Ship connection to New York for motorbikes scooters and cars model 1969 or older. Common start   from Portimao Bemposta Praya do VAU  12.5.2018  .  To Poland to this walley  1.6.-3.6  meeting of   parlament of  new  European Union, neues europa, unianova

Devemos convidar para Portugal de férias 38 milhões de pessoas polonesas que vivem a bordo, nos EUA, Reino Unido, Alemanha. Nós vendê-los tais casas na Polônia situado nas proximidades da estrada festival rota UM POLSKA mencionado mais adiante nesta página.

Alguns anos atrás 55% do povo polaco e anterior Papa João Paulo II estavam escolhendo para a Polônia novo presidente, que é até agora invisível. Quando começamos a manter o ruído sobre esta matéria, 38 milhões de emigrantes polonês quer voltar e comprar a casa nova. Na Bíblia está escrito, quando você viu-me ir, eu estava em nuvem. Quando você me vê recome, estarei em nuvem. Os religiosos dizem como tudo é verdade o que está escrito na Bíblia.

Mas não é óbvio que o rei de Gloria precisa Puou mans nirvana, porque Ele é 100% próprio nirvana. Mas outras pessoas que o viram ir e vir, eles podem precisar de cannabis (cloud) para ser mais sensível para entender o novo presidente da Polónia, para ser capaz de encontrá-lo

Depois de Portugal festival estrada volta para a Espanha -Fermoselle - Bermillo de Sayago-

19,5 início 

Valladolid - 20,5 início

21,5 início 

estrada N 135 - D 933 para a França 22.5. iniciar

commonstart  to Poland 22.5. 2018 , later annually every spring at same time



Sina vuonna kun arkkienkeli Sarnowiak pocztavioli77@gmail.com kulkee tämän reitin Espanjan Avilasta Puolan kotiinsa Miedzylesiaan, silloin koko roomalais katolinen maailma pidättää hengitystään ja kuuntelee kirkoissaan ja kotonaan tälläistä

23.5. iniciar 


estrada D 656 para Cahors -road 653 MURAT --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-

24,5 início 
AURILLAC N 122, D 588, D 906,


25.5. iniciar VICHY D 480, D 973 para Lapalisse - -

Autun -

estrada D 973 ---- D 673 Seurre - St Jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

27,5 início Besancon

D 683 - para Belfort ALEMANHA Altkirch D 419

28,5 início 

estrada 317 NEUSTADT --29.5 começar TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311- Sigmarinen -Scheer --- 311 estrada

  30,5 início 


O que sempre acontece nos EUA em novembro, quando eles elegem novo presidente e nova linha para a política mundial, esta questão deve tratar as pessoas muito fortemente, também após as eleições. Os Estados Unidos são dois dividido como era em tempos de guerra ciwil. Agora todo mundo pode seguramente participar a esta próxima guerra ciwil sem armas. Quem está interessado para ajudar Donald J.Trump para se tornar presidente do presidente América e Jesus Cristo da Polónia, - que querem a paz de 1000 anos com russos,

ir de Augsburg à direção Potmess --Pfaffenhofen - Moosburg - Landshut - Postau-

31.5. iniciar 
Sraubing --

- Deggendorf - Innernzell - Grafenau - Philppsreut - Strážný - Lenora - Cesky Krumlov-

1,6 começar Ceske Budejovice -

Litomysl - -

2.6. iniciar -Rokytnice


NIEMOJOW POLÔNIA ... 3.6. iniciar






Sender ,   Hannu Oskari Hietikko ,  citizen of Finland, residence of 10 years in Portugal, my wife Melika Ramouz , citizen of Marocco , born 1.11.1969


Ao tribunal de PORTIMAO

Para associação de vítimas de crimes apav.portimao@apav.pt   Esta tradução para portugal é feita com google, o inglês original está no próximo capítulo. Por favor, verifique se que o Google faça uma tradução clara

Presidente de ''ORDEM dos AVOGADOS' 'JOSE LEIRIA cons.geral@cg.oa.pt Rua Cadadores 4/16 8000 236 Faro

  Polícia de Portimao Jose Marques iniciou 22.8.2017 investigação criminal  NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM  Eles disseram que depois de 4 semanas alguém nos contata do tribunal. A Associação APAV disse mais tarde como às vezes pode levar 6 semanas. Eles disseram como essa pessoa de apoio de assistência devemos pedir do tribunal. Escrevo esta carta nesse sentido

They said that after 4 week somebody contact us from the court. Association APAV said later how it can sometimes take 6 weeks. They told  how such assisting support  person we must ask from the court. I write this letter in that meaning

Agora passaram sete semanas e não ouvimos nada. Devido ao nosso acordo tributário, temos a responsabilidade de estar em Portugal todos os anos, 6 meses e um dia, 14.10.2017 é o último dia em que é possível nos encontrar e assumir a nossa assinatura de procuração. (o meu telefone 920 134 196) A polícia de Portimao disse em 6.10.2017 que devemos informar nosso assunto ao tribunal e à ordem dos advogados

……Now it has passed seven weeks and we have  not heard anything. Because of our tax agreement we have responsibility to be in Portugal every year 6 months and one day , 14.10.2017  is the last day  when  its  possible to meet us and take our signature to power of attorney. ( my tel 920 134 196 )  Police of Portimao said 6.10.2017 that we must tell our adres to the court and to ordem dos advocados

…………Ponto de problema é esta, a família polonesa da minha ex-esposa Violetta Sarnowiak na LODZ tem motivo de 1.469 milhões de euros para me eliminar e minha nova esposa. Eles enviaram 7.7.2017 aos homens de Portimao Bemposta da "rede polonesa" que afirmou dar-lhes acordos de crédito originais. Mas não vamos fazer isso. Vivemos em casas móveis nas praias do Sahara Ocidental e nosso espaço é secreto. Mas pode contactar-nos através do consulat de honra da Finlândia no AGADIR. Eles têm o nosso telefone nr e Honor Consul tem direitos de notariuz. Podemos assinar sob os papéis necessários em seu escritório

Consulat honoraire de Finlande    Imm Comin 1 er étage N 8

Avenue Hassan II     AGADIR     MARROCOS

Escreva no envelope´´    para Hietikko e Ramouz, telefone 0615 700 148 ''

Point of problem is this , polish family of my ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak in LODZ has motive of 1,469 million euros to eliminate me and my new wife. They sent  7.7.2017 to Portimao Bemposta men from polish ´´network ´´ who  claimed to  give them original of credit agreements. But we not are going to do it. We live in mobile home car  in west Sahara beaches and our adres is secret. But you can contact us via honour consulat of  Finland in AGADIR . They have our telephone nr and honour consul  has rights of notariuz. We can sign under necessary papers in their office

Deixaremos 16.10.2017 de Portugal. As suas respostas a esta carta enviam ao chefe do escritório social de PORTIMAO  av. Afonso Henriques, 8500 502 PORTIMAO Portugal cdssfaro@seg-social.pt Ele prometeu nos organizar advogado e pessoa de apoio. Em julho de 2017, a senhora em seu escritório disse que o advogado não nos cobra NADA. Eles devem cumprir sua promessa.

 He promised to arrange us lawyer and support person. In july 2017  lady in their office said how lawyer costs us NOTHING. They MUST keep their promiseAdd to envelop  code ´´Núcleo de apoio Jurídico Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887 referência PJ 5835/17 - 102966/17 IMC IM FAR´´

We shall go away 16.10.2017 from Portugal. Your answers to this letter  please send to the chef of social office

Se não conseguirmos nenhum advogado, se o tribunal de Portimão não forçar a Williams Keller a cancelar o acordo da casa de Bemposta, se não pudermos recuperar nosso dinheiro e comprar uma nova casa de acordo secreto, precisamos de permissão de autoridades portuguesas / fiscais que o nosso contrato de residência  e a taxa de tributação devem permanecer, embora não estejamos em Portugal 6 meses / por ano. Você não pode nos forçar a arriscar a se matar quando a polícia não tem capacidade para colocar nossa segurança em quarentena.

If we not  get any lawyer , if  court of Portimao not force Williams  keller to cancel their unhonest  deal from Bemposta house, if we not can get our money  back and buy  new home from secret  adres ,  we need permission from Portugalian administration / tax officials that our residence agreement  and taxfreedom  shall stay, if we are not  in Portugal 6 months / per year. You  can not force us to make risk to become killed. Police  has  no capacity  to quaranty our security .   

 Em anexo, há cópias de nossos passaportes para certificar, quem é remetente, querido senhor  Helder de Sousa cdeontologia@crf.oa.pt

 Im pensionista da Finlândia, 10 anos de residência em Portugal E 150 7795, Hannu Heikki Oskari Hietikko, nascido em 1.11.1951, minha esposa é cidadã de Marrocos, Melika Sofia Ramouz, nascida em 1.11.1969.Somos vítimas de crimes em Portugal, na Finlândia, Espanha, Marrocos e na Polônia. Precisamos obter ajuda de advogado e auxiliar a pessoa de apoio, porque não somos capazes de lidar com questões jurídicas e muito complicadas. Minha esposa é trabalhadora agrícola da África, eu sou 100% inválida de acordo com o seguro nacional da Finlândia, viestinta@kela.fi.

..........   Im pensionist from Finland , 10 years residence in Portugal  E 150 7795 , Hannu Heikki Oskari Hietikko,  born 1.11.1951 , my wife is citizen of Maroc , Melika Sofia Ramouz, born 1.11.1969.  We are victims of crimes in Portugal, in Finland , Spain, Maroc and in Poland. We need to get lawyer help and assisting support  person because we are not able to handle such juridical, very complicated matters. My wife is farm worker from Africa, im 100 % invalid according the national insurance of Finland, viestinta@kela.fi.

……Durante o tempo em que minha ex-esposa polonesa estava vendendo e "continuando a vida toda na minha vida trabalho 1.469 milhões de euros para a Polônia, seus" amigos da nova idade "me deixaram cogumelos venenosos e durante 4 anos eu estava comendo cannabis forte 3 gr / dia por ordem do médico alemão Henryk Lange. Ele contrabandeou a Polônia de Hamburgo e vendeu-se também a outros clientes. Por causa disso, eu estava vivendo vários anos apenas no "mundo espiritual" e entendi NADA sobre assuntos jurídicos ou dinheiro.

......During time  when my polish ex wife was selling  and ´´lending ´´all my life time work  1,469 million euros to Poland , her ´´new age friends ´´gave me poison mushrooms and during 4 years I was eating  strong cannabis 3 gr / day  by order of german doctor Henryk Lange. He smuggled it to Poland from Hamburg and sold also to other clients.  Because of such I was living  several years only in ´´spiritual world ´´ and understood NOTHING about  juridical matters or money .

………Minha ex-esposa era diploma  engenheiro inteligente que liderava economia em nossa família. Os médicos da psiquiatria Eija Thomasson Loviisa e Arto Lauerma em Helsínquia disseram naquela época como Hannu Hietikko estava em psicosa, não entendi onde eu estava colocando meu nome. Seguro nacional da Finlândia, viestinta@kela.fi disse que eu me tornei inválido de 100% e que o escritório de impostos de Portugal me confirmou esse status. 30.3.2015 em Portugal Dr. de psiquiatria Rui Neves se FARO relatou como Hietikko está fora das realidades.......

.My ex wife was clever  dipl engineer  who was leading economia in our family. Doctors of psychiatria Eija Thomasson Loviisa and Arto Lauerma in Helsinki  said in that  time how Hannu Hietikko was in psychosa, I did not understand where I was putting my name.  National insurance of Finland , viestinta@kela.fi  said  how I became 100 % invalid and also tax office of Portugal has confirmed such status to me . 30.3.2015 in Portugal dr of psychiatria Rui Neves if FARO reported how Hietikko is out of realities.

………O tratamento do médico Henryk Lange realmente me tornou inválido para o resto da minha vida, esta investigação precisa ser feita em Portugal, em setor privado por alguns psicoterapeutas falantes ingleses em Portimao. Porque Portugal não tem dinheiro para tal, os custos devem vir do seguro do Dr. Lange. Desejamos que o tribunal de Portimao tome tal decisão, porque Portugal é responsável pelos meus próximos 10 anos saudáveis.

……Did  treatment of doctor Henryk Lange really  made me invalid for rest of my life, this  investigation needs to be done in Portugal,  in private sector by some English talking  psychoterapist in Portimao.  Because Portugal  has no money to such,  the costs must come from  insurance of dr Lange. We wish that court of Portimao  makes such decision, because Portugal  is  responsible about my healthy next 10 years. 

……É muito fácil enganar tal 100% inválido e minha esposa africana. Ainda hoje somos crianças tão indefesas. Williams Keller Ruth Alexandra e Paula Custodio perceberam isso no verão de 2016. As mulheres e seus clientes Rui Jose Nunes e Maria Bernadette Nunes da Conceição 14 Rue Roger, Barde, Seyssinet, Paris França venderam em setembro de 2016 nossa pequena casa de 70 metros quadrados em Portimao bemposta. Durante o próximo semestre, as paredes e os telhados estavam cobertos de cogumelos pretos, muito perigosos para a saúde. Eles haviam coberto cogumelos durante a venda com espaço e cor branca. Brutal enganando com um significado claro para enganar. Para poder reparar a casa, reclamamos uma indemnização de 20 000 euros pelo vendedor ou Williams Keller, mais os custos dos advogados) (Minha esposa de 46 anos tem problemas de coração e de respiração nos últimos 6 meses. Se se tornar mais sério, nossas reivindicações serão maiores


Williams Keller tirou de nós 29.7.2016 handmoney 7500 e prometendo de acordo que o recuperamos, se a avaliação do banco UCI não aceitar preço 75 000 euros. Eles também prometeram que devemos receber as chaves da casa dentro de 4 semanas, em outros casos, podemos recuperar todos os 7500 e de volta. Mas tivemos que esperar muito mais no acampamento quente, porque o banco da UCI disse que o preço não é mais de 60 000 e.

Williams Keller  took  from us 29.7.2016 handmoney 7500 e  promising in agreement that we get it back,  if valuation of UCI  bank  not accept price 75 000 euros. They also promised  that we shall  get keys to the house inside 4  weeks , in other case we can  get all  our 7500 e  back. But we  had to wait  much  longer in hot camping, because UCI  bank said how  price is not more as 60 000 e. 

………No verão de 2017, os imóveis Domus Dreams Sonia Barreto disseram que essa casa não era mais valiosa que 50 000 euros. Alex.portimao@gmail.com disse que é menos como 50 000 euros. Durante 2 meses, Domus Dreams não conseguiu encontrar ninguém, sem qualquer preço que estaria pronto para contratá-lo. Williams Keller estava nos mentindo há um ano, como podemos facilmente chegar no verão 1500 euros por mês, mas os "serviços globais" dizem que não podem encontrar QUALQUER cliente para esta casa, nem com nenhum preço.

...........In summer 2017 real estate Domus Dreams Sonia Barreto said how that house wasn´t  more valuable as 50 000 euros. Alex.portimao@gmail.com  said how its less as 50 000 euros. During 2 months  Domus Dreams could not find anybody , with not any price who would  be ready to hire it.  Williams Keller was lieing to us year ago how we can easily  get  in summertime  1500 euros per month , but ´´global services ´´ and Domus Dreams  said that  they not can find ANY client to this  house, not with any price.

……Nos últimos 6 meses, também eu tenho problemas com a respiração e algo "dentro" do nariz e do trono. Na Finlândia, os médicos dizem que tais sintomas vêm se houver cogumelos dentro da casa. Médico no centro saudável de Portimao concordou com isso

.........During last  6 months also me have problems with breathing and something ´´wet ´´  inside  nose and throne. ( I not smoke ) In Finland doctors say that such symptoms come  if there are mushrooms inside house.  Doctor in Portimao healthy centre agreed  this

……Quando dissemos em agosto de 2016 como não queremos comprar esta casa, devolva-nos os nossos 7500 euros, tivemos o direito legal de obtê-lo de acordo com o acordo. O banco UCI disse que o preço é de 60 000 e. Mas Williams Keller começou a aumentar a avaliação por FORCE, levando seus amigos para dizer que o preço é o que Ruth Alexandra quer. Nós próprios não conseguimos conhecer todos esses engenheiros, não conversamos com eles. Eles não podiam dar casa antes do final de agosto, e também era argumento para cancelar, para recuperar 7500 e. Mas Ruth Alexandra disse que não nos devolverá nosso dinheiro se não comprarmos esta casa. Pedimos da delegacia de polícia, do Vista Plaza Melina Fernades, e do seu advogado, Williams keller Ruth Alexandra tem direitos sobre tais comportamentos, todos disseram: '' ABSOLUTELY NOT ´´ 


......15.5.2017 and second time in july 2017 we sent to Williams keller Portimao  and to the sellers in Paris  reclamation  in  registered letter. They  did not answer any word and  Ruth Alexandra no more work Williams keller Portimao . They sent  to us new represantive , finnish  speaking  Anne Tikkanen . She was talking with us 7.6.2017 one hour in restaurant,  promising  to take  care of  negotiation between us, sellers in Paris  and  Portimao William keller. But  after  talking with her boss, Tikkanen wrote us e mail how  she not want do it, because Hietikko and my musliman wife are very sick people and also other people become sick because of us. Her daughter is in danger to become sick if she helps us, Tikkanen  wrote. Friend of Ruth Alexandra in Santander Totta bank, Ana Fonseca said to my wife how Hietikko is ´´mentally ill ´´ and she can ask  police to arrest me, if we not  keep our mouth shut. This was illegal  hurting of honour, its true that we both live only in spiritual world and not understand such matters, but our spiritual world is not same as  ´´mental illness´´. Such talking is dangerous if maroccian al qaida hears about this. They have big network in all Europa

Depois que Williams Keller e os proprietários anteriores em Paris não estavam prontos para discutir, apenas tentamos nos assustar com a polícia, fomos ao escritório social para pedir advogado. Eles disseram que esta ajuda não nos custaria nada. Essa promessa que eles devem manter, não podemos suportar isso se todos estejam neste país. Os problemas cardíacos da minha esposa ocorrem em parte sobre isso, em parte de cogumelos, em parte do ruído contínuo do cão no dia e na noite. Em Bemposta, cada casa tem cães e proprietários deixa-os aterrorizar ao redor. A polícia diz que não é legal, mas não quer terminar a situação ilegal

......After Williams  keller and  previous owners  in Paris were not  ready to discuss, just tried to frighten us with police, we went to social  office to ask lawyer. They said how this  help would costs us nothing. This  promise  they must keep, we cant stand such  if everybody lies in this country. Heart problems of my wife come partly about such, partly from mushrooms, partly  from continuous dog noise in day and in night. In Bemposta every house have dogs and owners let them terrorize surrounding. Police says how its  not legal, but does not want finish illegal situation

.......Núcleo de apoio Jurídico cdssfaro@seg-social.pt Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887 referência PJ 5835/17 - 102966/17 IMC IM FAR e presidente de ''ORDEM dos AVOGADOS' 'JOSE LEIRIA cons.geral@cg.oa. pt Rua Cadadores 4/16 8000 236 Faro nos deu advocat Raminhos.Sonia@gmail.com. Nós fomos encontrá-la há 2 meses e ela disse '' se eu não quiser esse trabalho, eu vou encontrar um outro advogado ''.

.......Núcleo de apoio Jurídico cdssfaro@seg-social.pt  Proteccao Juridica Recibo no 2017 0128 026954887 referencia PJ 5835/17 - 102966/17 IMC IM FAR  and President of ´´ORDEM dos AVOGADOS ´´ JOSE LEIRIAcons.geral@cg.oa.pt    Rua Cadadores 4 /  16   8000 236  Faro  gave us advocat Raminhos.Sonia@gmail.com. We  went to meet her 2 months ago and she  said ´´if I not want this work, I shall find you an other lawyer ´´.

--Como ela não respondeu nada às nossas perguntas, JOSE LEIRIA cons.geral@cg.oa.pt nos deu outro advogado, Padilha de Brito. Ele não queria nos ajudar em questão de mafia polida e Williams Keller, mas ele prometeu iniciar o processo em ''ORDEM dos AVOGADOS' 'contra o defensor IVO BELCHIOR DIAS.

.......Because she has not answered anything to our questions, JOSE LEIRIA cons.geral@cg.oa.pt  gave us an other advocate, Padilha de Brito . He did not want help us in question of  polish mafia and Williams  keller , but he promised to start  process in ´´ORDEM dos AVOGADOS ´´ against advocate IVO BELCHIOR  DIAS. 

………Esse advogado tirou de mim 1.12.2015 protocolla 34 páginas certificadas por Evora e notar Isabel Loureira em Portimao, outubro de 2015, ele também pegou mão do dinheiro, procuração e carta do escritório da DONALD TUSK Bryssel. Eles me escreveram 1.12.2015 como os acontecimentos na Polônia e a decisão da HELSINKI HIGHEST COURT 399/2015 DEVEM IR IMEDIATAMENTE PARA O TRIBUNAL DE ESTRASBURGO. Mas depois de IVO BELCHIOR DIAS conversar com o conselho de honra da Finlândia (advogado giselia.m.farias@gmail.com), o Sr. Dias estava colocando meu caso em lixo. Seu assistente disse que o sr Dias é responsável, mas no próximo dia esse jovem estava perdendo seu lugar de trabalho

......That  advocate took from  me 1.12.2015  protocolla  34 pages  certified  by Evora and notar  Isabel Loureira  in Portimao  October  2015,  he took  also  hand money , power of attorney and letter from office  of DONALD TUSK  Bryssel. They wrote  me 1.12.2015  how  happenings  in Poland  and  decision  of HELSINKI  HIGHEST COURT  399/ 2015 MUST GO  IMMEDIATELY  TO COURT OF STRASBOURG.  But  after IVO BELCHIOR DIAS was talking  with honour consul of Finland ( advocate giselia.m.farias@gmail.com ) mr Dias was putting  my case to rubbish . His  assistant said how sr Dias carry responsibility, but in next day that young man was loosing his work place

………O consulado da Finlândia não quer que o meu caso seja de Estrasburgo, porque questiona o ashame nacional da Finlândia, diz o investigador Markku Salo toimisto@mtkl.fi. Mais de 1000 pessoas saudáveis ​​a cada ano na Finlândia são presas por causa de "opiniões erradas". Eles são forçados a comer venenos químicos de lobotomia, porque na Finlândia todos devem ser semelhantes. Antes de serem os maiores adeptos de Adolf Hitler, a mesma mentalidade ainda é.

...........Consulate of Finland does not want that my case goes to Strasbourg , because it  question of national  ashame  of Finland , says investigator Markku  Salo  toimisto@mtkl.fi . More as 1000  healthy  people every year in Finland are arrested  because of ´´wrong opinions ´´. They are forced to eat chemical lobotomia  poisons because in Finland  everybody must be similar . Before they were biggest supporters  of Adolf Hitler and same mentality is still.

……Por causa das minhas opiniões, a polícia da Finlândia me prendeu várias vezes sem qualquer motivo por 2,5 meses. Eles têm impedido ilegalmente meu casamento com Melika Ramouz durante sete anos, no sentido de nos manter na África (testemunha novo conselheiro em Rabat maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi sabe que não havia nenhuma razão real para se recusar a nos entregar os papéis necessários ) O estado da Finlândia vem interrompendo o acordo internacional de seqüestro de Haag, impediu que o pai e o filho se conhecessem (eu não fiz nada ilegal e não sou perigoso para outras pessoas). Meu primeiro filho foi morto pelo aborto, o segundo foi seqüestrado e romano O padre católico Josef Siemasz diz que o motivo é o mesmo para esses 3 assuntos. Por causa da mesma razão, a família da minha polonesa ex-esposa Violetta Sarnowiak, Kivijärventie 300, 42700 Keuruu Finlândia e seus advogados finlandeses minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi chantagem de nós 1,469 milhões de euros. (devemos dar-lhes originais de contratos de crédito feitos em Helsinki 3.9.1996)

........Because  of my  opinions , police of Finland  has arrested me several times without any reason for 2,5 months . They  have been  preventing  illegally  my marriage  with Melika Ramouz  during seven years, in meaning to keep us in Africa ( witness new consul  in Rabat  maija-liisa.vahakuopus@formin.fi knows that there was NO real reason to refuse to give us necessary papers ) State of Finland has been breaking international  kidnapping agreement of Haag , prevented father and son meet each others ( I haven´t done anything illegal and im not dangerous to other people ) My first son was killed by abortion, second one was kidnapped  and roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz says how reason is  the same to these 3 matters. Because of same reason  family of my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak , Kivijärventie 300 , 42700 Keuruu Finland  and their finnish  lawyers minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi  blackmail from us 1,469 million euros. ( we should give them originals from credit agreements made in Helsinki 3.9.1996 )

……Propriedade Uma fazenda de 34,5 hectares em montanhas sudetian polonesas é uma quarentena desse crédito, pertence ao nosso filho comum, William Sarnowiak (nascido em 28.3.2001). Mas essas pessoas dizem como isso pertence a mafia polonesa e advogados finlandeses de minna.tyvio@oikeus.fitanja.heiskanen@sandstromkoulu.fi e tero@artimo.fi. Quando eu e a minha nova esposa não aceitarem suas reivindicações, corremos o risco de nos matarmos. Tal ocorrência aconteceu antes em Espanha e em Agadir, na última vez em 7.7.2017 em Portimao Bemposta.

…Properity 34,5 hectar farm in polish sudetian mountains is quaranty of that credit , it belongs to our common son William Sarnowiak ( born 28.3.2001 ). But those people say how it  belongs to polish mafia and finnish lawyers  minna.tyvio@oikeus.fi , tanja.heiskanen@sandstromkoulu.fi and tero@artimo.fi . When me and my new wife  not accept their claims, we are in danger to become killed. Such threateting happened before in Spain and in Agadir, last time 7.7.2017 in Portimao Bemposta.

……Violetta Sarnowiak tirou de mim  divórcio há 11 anos e essa fazenda valiosa na Polônia fica ali sozinha, em mãos de ladrões. O estado da Polônia é totalmente responsável, porque a polícia Adam Polanski, ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com e a procuradora Beata Jelinska disseram que Hannu Hietikko deve sair da minha casa, onde minha ex-esposa, a arquiteta Violetta Sarnowiak, investiu 1.469 milhões de euros (emprestado de mim ) nos anos de 1998 a 2008. Eu tinha um seguro de custo total caro em Allianz Wroclaw quando eu tive que deixar minha fazenda para ossi viljakainen, kannisto@kaapeli.fi, Anna Lassila e ASSOCIAÇÃO SANTA ALBERTS Wroclaw (vyroby@gmail.com) O advogado Marek Rudnicki em Wroclaw fez acordos e ele carregou responsabilidade de que ele estava cuidando de mim de maneiras corretas.

………Violetta Sarnowiak took  from me ( second ) divorce already 11 years ago and that valuable farm in Poland stands there alone, in hands of robbers. State of Poland carry full  responsibility, because police Adam Polanski, ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com   and procurator Beata Jelinska said that Hannu Hietikko  must go away from my home, where my ex wife , architect Violetta Sarnowiak invested 1,469 million euros ( lended from me )  in years 1998 -2008 . I had expensive full value insurance in Allianz Wroclaw when I had to leave my farm to ossi  viljakainen, kannisto@kaapeli.fi , Anna Lassila and HOLY ALBERTS ASSOCIATION Wroclaw (vyroby@gmail.com ) Lawyer Marek Rudnicki  in Wroclaw made  agreements and he carry responsibility that  he was taking care from me  in correct ways.

----Depois de Allianz Wroclaw ul ruska 8, ouviu o que aconteceu com a casa 2009-2010, eles cortaram, cancelaram meu seguro e a mãe de juppi, extremamente orgulhosa e gorda, escreveu '' não compensamos nada porque Hietikko está mentalmente doente ''. A polícia da Finlândia Keuruu tem esse sms. Psycholog Border1@wp.pl em Wroclaw diz como Hietikko não está mentalmente doente, e a companhia de seguros não tem direitos sobre tal conversa.

……After Allianz Wroclaw ul ruska 8  heard what happened to that house 2009-2010, they cutted , cancelled my insurance and  extremely proud  juppi lady Anna wrote ´´ we compensate nothing because Hietikko  is  mentally ill ´´. Police of Finland Keuruu has that sms . Psycholog Border1@wp.pl in Wroclaw says how Hietikko  is  not mentally  ill, and insurance  company  has  no rights to such talking. 

O mesmo aconteceu em Portimao, o seguro LIBERTY cortou nosso seguro de casa 30.8.2017  por causa de argumentos semelhantes, quando eles ouviram que precisamos de advogado após o attacto da máfia polonesa 7.7.2017. Afirmamos que o escritório de controle de companhias de seguros em Portugal e na Polônia deve punir Allianz e Liberty. Eles devem me pagar advogado na Polônia e em Portugal. Também em Agadir e em Torremolinos ocorreram problemas relacionados à máfia polonesa e a esse grande crédito. Este assunto deve ser feito em tribunais criminais também em Marrocos e em Espanha

..This same happened in Portimao , insurance LIBERTY cutted away our home  insurance  30.8.2017 because of similar arguments, when they heard that we need lawyer after attact of polish mafia 7.7.2017. We claim  that control office of insurance companies in Portugal and in Poland shall punish Allianz and Liberty. They  must pay me lawyer in Poland and in Portugal.      Also in Agadir and in Torremolinos has happened problems connected to polish  mafia and this big credit. This matter must go to crime courts also  in Maroc and in Spain

……Advocat Anna Schabikowska em Wroclaw (a.schabikowska@lexel.com.pl) disse 2011 como Hietikko pertence grandes compensações, mas o problema é obter advogado. Todos têm medo da MAFIA. Jaroslaw Krotlinski kancelaria@plusnet.pl em Wroclaw é um bom advogado honrado que conhece minha situação, mas também ele tem filhos pequenos e não quer problemas com mafia poderosa de Lodz - Miedzylesie, senhor Borisko, vyroby@gmail.com e abau@onet.eu.

……Advocat Anna Schabikowska in Wroclaw ( a.schabikowska@lexel.com.pl ) said  2011  how to Hietikko  belongs BIG  compensations , but problem is  to get lawyer. They are all  afraid of MAFIA.  Jaroslaw Krotlinski   kancelaria@plusnet.pl in Wroclaw is good honest  advocate who knows my situation , but also he has  small  children and not want  problems with powerful  mafia  of Lodz – Miedzylesie mr Borisko , vyroby@gmail.com  and abau@onet.eu .

--A Polônia é uma terra profundamente criminosa que começou com a grande guerra ilegal dos Estados Unidos, quando as nações unidas disseram '' NÃO, não faça isso ''. Milhões de pessoas morreram e a Europa está cheia de exiladores. As novas natzies estão aumentando em todos os lugares e cooperam com isis / al qaida. O crime da Polônia e dos EUA era o mesmo que o HITLER e o tribunal de Haag para criminosos de guerra devem ser iniciados.

........Poland is deeply criminal  land , who started with USA big illegal war, when  united  nations said ´´ NO, don’t do it ´´. Millions  of people has died and Europa is full of exilers. New natzies  are rising  everywhere and they co operate with isis / al qaida .  Crime of Poland and usa  was same as HITLER did and court of Haag for war criminals must be started.

Quando eu escrevi este 2014 para o presidente da Polônia, and to primie minister Donald Tusk , eles me mantiveram no tribunal de crimes de 3,5 anos, mas não conseguiram dizer o que o Hietikko ilegal fez? Não podiam confessar que na UE, a Polônia não tem liberdade para tal opinião! Todos os documentos desse julgamento sem sentido estão no escritório de advocacia abresz@poczta.onet.pl

.......When I wrote this 2014 to president of Poland and to primie minister Donald Tusk  ( who is today president of European council )  they kept me in crime court 3,5 years but could  not say what illegal Hietikko  has done ? They could not confess that in EU Poland is no freedom to such opinion ! All documents from that  nonsense trial are in law office abresz@poczta.onet.pl

………Al qaida do Marrocos  está muito interessada sobre este assunto e eles estão prontos para matar todos os que estão envolvidos no nosso caso (também em Portugal) Eu e a Melika dissemos que esperamos uma solução legal, mas se nada começar a acontecer, nós lhes damos as mãos livres para fazer o que eles querem. Nós não pedimos nada a nada ilegal, mas temos direitos para dizer às pessoas o que aconteceu, quem fez o quê? Se pudermos escrever na minha página inicial como o estado de Portugal / tribunal de Portimão está pronto para defender nossos direitos humanos, isso faria uma reputação e segurança muito positiva para esta terra e para esta cidade

........Al qaida of Marocco  is  very interested about this matter and they are ready to KILL everybody who is  involved to our case ( also in Portugal  ) Me and Melika have said that we hope legal solution, but if nothing start happen, we  give them free hands to do what they want.          We do not ask anybody to anything illegal, but we have rights to tell to people what has happened, who did what ? If we can write at my home page how state of Portugal /court of Portimao  is ready to defend our human rights, it would make very positive reputation and security to this land and this city

………Por causa da minha opinião sobre a guerra de Al Qaeda, ilegalmente, a polícia de Miedzylesie Adam Polanski veio dizer 4.5.2005 como Hietikko deve sair da minha fazenda e deixá-la para o escritório social de Klodzko, Marta Ciemlowitz. (testemunha swedishsteel@gmx.de) Dietmar Schuller de Nurnberg DHL.

………Because of my  opinion  about illegally started al qaida  war, police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski came to say 4.5.2005 how Hietikko must go away from my farm and leave it to  social office of Klodzko, Marta Ciemlowitz. (witness  swedishsteel@gmx.de ) Dietmar Schuller from Nurnberg DHL.

………A polícia não nega essa banição, eles dizem como chegou o pedido da família testemunha jehova de Samuel ilnicki (ele está em FB com esse nome, vive em Danmark hoje em dia) Quando seu pai, a irmã e a mãe Stefania ilnicki nos afastaram da nossa fazenda, eles use nossas terras sem pagar nenhum aluguel para meu filho. Eles estão errados durante 10 anos na rede de testemunhas de jehova para a reputação de minha família. Eu escrevi para jehowa testemunhas em Portimao como eles devem colocar esse assunto no seu próprio sistema de controle-corte e reivindicar a compensação ilnickies de 10 anos de terrorismo. Se jehowa testemunhas em Portimao não quer nos ajudar, eles estão envolvidos com esse crime e podem ter problemas no futuro.                                As testemunhas de Jehova acreditam como isso acontece quando outras pessoas querem matá-los. Jesus diz como todos acontecem o que eles têm acreditado.

……Police not deny  this  banishing, they say  how order was coming from jehova witness  family of Samuel ilnicki (he is in FB with this name, lives in Danmark nowadays) When his father, sister and mother Stefania ilnicki  got us away from our farm, they use our lands without paying any hire to my son. They have been wrongusing  during 10 years network of jehova witnesses to blackpaint reputation of my family.  I have been writing to jehowa witnesses in Portimao, how they must put this matter to their OWN  control -court system and claim from ilnickies compensation from 10  years terrorism. If jehowa witnesses in Portimao  not want help us, they are involved to this crime and may get problems in future. Jehova witnesses  believe how it comes such time when other people want KILL them. Jesus says how to everyone happens  what they have been  believing.

………Para as pessoas também geralmente acontece o que eles temem. As mulheres geralmente têm medo de envelhecer muito mais como homens. É por isso que as mulheres tornam-se velhas e uckly muito mais rapidamente como homens. Anne Tikkanen tem medo de que Hietikko faça com que ela e sua filha doente, é possível que ela aconteça o que Anne Tikkanen acredita

...... To  people also usually  happens  what they are afraid.  Women  generally  are afraid  of becoming old  much more as  men. That’s why  women  become old and uckly much more  rapidly  as  men. Anne Tikkanen  is afraid that  Hietikko makes her and her daughter SICK, its  possible that to her  happens what Anne Tikkanen believes

………..A polícia Robert Furtak disse 2009 para mim e para PIOTR PIASKUS como a ordem para banir Hietikko longe da minha casa veio de Halina Cieplucha ul bratyslawska 13 m 24 Lodz. Ela é mãe da minha ex-esposa. No tribunal finlandês, minha ex-esposa estava tentando mentir como nossas terras são compradas com dinheiro da Halina Cieplucha. Pawel Cjajzinski é marido de sua filha mais nova Wiesa perfekt okei. Pawel disse que ele pertence à mafia de Lodz, então não é difícil adivinhar quem está enviando assassinos a Agadir Torremolinos e Portimao. Temos um contrato de crédito de 870 000 euros, onde é escrito quem comprou essa fazenda. Não é Halina Cieplucha, é Hannu Hietikko.

Police  Robert Furtak  said 2009 to me and to PIOTR  PIASKUS how order to banish  Hietikko  away from my house came from Halina Cieplucha ul bratyslawska 13 m 24  Lodz. She is  mother of my ex wife . In finnish  court my ex wife was trying to lie how our lands are  bought with  money of Halina Cieplucha. Pawel Cjajzinski  is husband of her younger daughter Wiesa perfekt okei .            Pawel has self said how he belongs to mafia of Lodz, so its  not difficult  to guess who  is sending killers to Agadir Torremolinos  and  Portimao. We  have credit agreement  of 870 000 euros where is written  who has  bought  that farm. It not Halina Cieplucha, its Hannu Hietikko .

…………Quando não posso dar essa propriedade ao meu filho William, ele é vítima de crimes. Para esconder essa merda, pai e filho nunca podem se encontrar. Eles falam com meu filho como seu pai está mentalmente doente e, nesta situação, o banco do Santander Totta em Portimão deve mostrar argumentos no tribunal de Portimão. Em Coran e a BÍBLIA é uma lei igual, se alguém disser a sua irmã ou irmã como Ana Fonseca, ossi.viljakainen@gmail.comHeidi.nystrom@elisanet.fi, associação de advogados da Finlândia, juiz erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi e Halina Cieplucha, aquele que diz está TIRANDO sobre o próprio castigo do inferno.

.......When I can not give this  properity to my SON William , he is real victim of crimes. To hide this shit , father and son can never meet . They talk to my boy how his father is mentally ill and in this situation Santander Totta bank in Portimao  must show arguments in court of Portimao .                In Coran and BIBLE  is equal  law, if someone says to his brother / sister as Ana Fonseca, ossi.viljakainen@gmail.com,Heidi.nystrom@elisanet.fi , lawyers association  of Finland , judge erkki.marttila@oikeus.fi  maurisemontonen@gmail.com and Halina Cieplucha, this  one who says is PULLING on her / him self  punishment of hell .

Al qaida maroc deve usar novas armas, elas parecem uma caneta normal, mas dispare sem barulho pequenas agulhas afiadas, onde é forte super veneno. No início, a vítima pensa que era um mosquito, mas logo começa a ficar em amarelo. As dores terríveis e as alianças do inferno devem começar e após 2 semanas chega a morte misericordiosa. O consulat da Finlândia em Rabat disse que também eles viram  sobre essas novas armas. Os jornais espanhóis e finlandeses escreveram como Marrocos vai levar o Algarve e a Andaluzia. Antes de pertencerem a eles

………Al qaida maroc shall use new weapons, they look like normal pen, but shoot with no noise tiny small sharp needles where is strong super poison. In beginning victim think  that it was mosquito, but soon start skin become yellow . Terrible  pains and hallusinations  of hell shall start and after 2 week comes mercyfull death. Consulat  of Finland in Rabat said that also they have seen pictures about these new weapons. Spanish and finnish  newspapers wrote how Marocco is  going to take back Algarve and Andalucia. Before they  were belonging to them

……Marrocos estava perdendo suas revistas turísticas devido a esta guerra de Al Qaida, iniciada ilegalmente, e planeja explodir consulados da Polônia e destruir as bisbilharias turísticas na Andaluzia e no Algarve. Eles têm planos para atirar com aquelas agulhas pessoas que levaram sua pele SIGN OF BADNESS. As fotos de tatuagens estavam levando antes das pessoas nas prisões. Eles queriam marcar e se identificar, exigir quem esteve na prisão.

...........Marocco was loosing  their turist  bisnes because of this illegally started al qaida war and they have plans to explose consulates of Poland and destroy turist bisnes in Andalucia and Algarve. They have plans to  shoot with those needles people, who have taken to their skin SIGN OF BADNESS. Tattoo pictures  were taking  before only people in prisons. They wanted mark and indentificate  each others , to reqonize who has been in prison.

……..Mais tarde, isso se tornou moda de frutitas frustradas, que não têm nenhum tipo de individualidade real. (Nada próprio) Essas jóias de plástico de juppi precisam de imagens para se sentirem como se fossem algo o que o vizinho não é. Em Portugal, a indentação geral é fraca, quase todos tomaram 'isign on evilness', mas essas pessoas vão chorar. Isso é dito na Bíblia, não é minha fantasia, mas pode ser que ninguém venha às praias do Algarve ou Fuengirola, que tem uma foto de tatuagem na pele.

.............Later  this became fashion of frustrated juppies, who have no kind of real  individuality .    ( nothing  own ) Such plastic juppi -dolls need pictures to skin  to feel  how they are something else what neighbour is not . In Portugal general indentity is weak, almost everyone has taken  ´´sign on badness ´´ but  those people will cry . This is told in the Bible, its not my fantasia but it can  be that  nobody comes to beaches of Algarve or Fuengirola, who has tattoo picture in skin.

…..Se eu começar a manter o barulho sobre isso, acontece o que eles têm acreditado. Eu também posso ficar quieto, e não vou escrever isso, se eu, minha esposa e filho seqüestrado, finalmente, ajude. Caso contrário, posso ser realmente perigoso usando métodos legais de informação. Minha educação é da academia de arte de Helsinki TAIK e eu estava diante de um dos melhores homens de publicidade na Finlândia (clientes nokia, volvo auto e www.ensto.com)

……..If I start  keep  noise about this, it happens  what I make them believe . I can  also be quiet, and I will not write such , if me , my wife and kidnapped son get help finally. If not , I can be really dangerous using legal methods of information. My education is from art academia  of Helsinki TAIK and I was before one of the best  advertising  men  in Finland ( clients  nokia , volvo auto and www.ensto.com )

……Desejo que Portugal me ajude, então eu o ajudo. I wish  that Portugal  helps me, so I help you .

…………Associação para vítimas de crimes APAV Portimao disse-nos como escritório social deve nos dar tantos advogados como temos casos. E não nos cobra nada porque somos vítimas de crimes. Eles têm advogados internacionais Lissabon, que podem ajudar, disse Isabela Moreira em Apav Portimao. Eles devem ter coragem de fazê-lo, polêmica mafia não pode iniciar a guerra contra advogados portugueses. Seria uma sensação muito grande. (E os problemas de maroccian al qaida podem ser mais perigosos)

........Association  for victims of crimes APAV Portimao  said to us  how social office shall  give us  so many  lawyers as we have cases. And it costs us nothing  because we are victims of crimes . They have in Lissabon  international  lawyers, who can help , said Isabela Moreira in Apav Portimao . They  must have  courage to do it , polish mafia can not start war against  portugalian lawyers. It would bee too big sensation. ( And problems with  maroccian al qaida might  be more dangerous )

……..Temos 2 casos na Espanha. No verão de 2016, a polícia de Marbella iniciou a investigação sobre o que o advogado ilagoson@ilagoson.com tirou de mim 2011 mesmo caso, o que IVO BELCHIOR DIAS egiselia.m.farias@gmail.com estavam colocando no lixo 2015? Eduard Gonzales /  Ilagoson tirou de mim 1000 euros e procuração, prometendo preencher este formulário de pedido de pagamento ao tribunal de Estrasburgo. Mas ele nunca fez isso, apenas roubou de mim 1000 e.

We have 2 cases in Spain. In summer 2016  police of Marbella started investigation what for advocate  ilagoson@ilagoson.com  took  from me 2011 same case what IVO BELCHIOR  DIAS and giselia.m.farias@gmail.com were  putting to rubbish 2015 ? Eduard Gonzales / Ilagoson took from me 1000 euros and power of attorney, promising  to fill with  this payment application form to court of Strasbourg . But he never did it, just stole from me 1000 e.


………O segundo caso em Espanha apareceu em julho de 2017. Depois que a máfia polonesa veio 7.7.2017 para assustar minha esposa, decidimos fugir rapidamente. Estávamos empacotando nossa Mercedes e nossa amiga marocótica prometeu levá-la a Wroclaw e vender. Para nos deixar para a Alemanha Löerrach. Polícia e hospital, conhece o meu caso e estão prontos para ajudar. Mas a estação de bensin E.S.SALGADO Y Orta S.L H-122 P.K. 1. Em 21590 Villablanca (Ayamonte Aracena Huelva) ESPANJA vendeu combustível sujo ao nosso carro e tivemos que voltar para Portimao. Nosso carro Mercedes td 300 está no registro POLISH, seguro de tráfego DW 767 NV em polonês ERGO Hestia, green gard PL / 12/4206447. Possui novo motor, sem corrosão, modelo luxus. 6 cilindros, valor 5000 euros

…….  Second case in Spain  appeared in  july 2017 . After polish  mafia came 7.7.2017  to frighten me and my wife, we decided to RUN AWAY qwickly. We were packing our Mercedes and our maroccian friend promised to take it to Wroclaw and sell. To leave us to Löerrach Germany. Police and hospital  there know my case and are ready to help. But bensin station E.S.SALGADO  Y Orta S.L  H-122 P.K. 1.  in 21590 Villablanca  Ayamonte Aracena Huelva  ESPANJA sold dirty fuel to our car and we had to come back to Portimao. Our car Mercedes td 300 is in POLISH register, DW 767 NV traffic insurance in polish  ERGO Hestia, green gard  PL / 12 / 4206447. It has new motor, no corrosion, luxus model, automat. 6 sylinder, value 5000 euros

………Auto Alexandre lda em Loyle estava dando alguns primeiros socorros 12.7.2017, mas eles advertiram que o motor pode se danificar totalmente se dirigirmos com este carro. Chegamos de volta a Portimao e então '' auto_alexandre@hotmail.com O Sr. Fabio de Loyle prometeu explicar no tribunal o que estava acontecendo.

.....Auto Alexandre lda in Loyle was giving some first aid 12.7.2017, but they warned that motor can get damished totally if we drive with this car.  We got it back to Portimao ´´so and so ´´auto_alexandre@hotmail.com Mr Fabio from Loyle promised to explain in court what was happening.

……Esse carro está parado fora de nossa casa em Portimao e a polícia chef José Marques prometeu que não nos causam problemas. Meu filho recebe logo uma licença de condução e ele pode vir para levá-lo para a Finlândia ou para a nossa fazenda na Polônia, Miedzylesie Gniewoszow.               Mas E.S.SALGADO Y Orta S.L estava misturando nossos planos e seu seguro deve pagar todos os custos de reparação e seguro de tráfego por meio ano para obter o carro para a Polônia ou para a Finlândia

.........That car is  standing outside our house in Portimao and police chef  Jose Marques promised  that they  not make us problems. My son gets soon  driving licence and he can come to take it to Finland or to our farm in Poland , Miedzylesie Gniewoszow. But E.S.SALGADO  Y Orta S.L  was mixing  our plans  and  their  insurance  must pay all costs of repairing and traffic insurance for half year to get  the car to Poland or to Finland




Melika Ramouz                    Hannu Hietikko                            20.3.2018  em  West Sahara

Claims to dr Lange and to court of Poland cant  be juridically old , Kamila Michalowska has written  and given  this  letter  in  polish   to police of Wroclaw more as 5 years ago www.unianova.eu/Polska.htm


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