court of Helsinki Finland



Court  of Tampere  Pirkanmaan hovioikeus L 19/37844


Court  on Portugal  Portimao   prokurator office Carminda Costa /  avenue Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia 8501 960 Portimao    case 

1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM 13.5.2019 1131 70005


  ICT   ( Islamic comissio of truth )  ( court of Agadir )


Court of Klodzko Poland  , lawyer  Maciej  Abresz   <>


Melika Ramouz from Takad sidi Bibi.  tel 00212 615 700 148 . Wife of finnish citizen Hannu Hietikko  who was  banished away from Finland  20.7.2018 ( because of wrong  religion and  opinions ).    State of Finland  is  responsile  to give  me  lawyer  and has my  power of attorney.  She  is alloved to  give  copies  of  our case to  media  of arab  lands and europa. Letters for  me or my  husband , please send to  OIKEUSAPUTOMISTO   Häkiläpolku 1 (2krs), 33100 Tampere Finland    is  responsible  to  inform about danger  of death  / and good  offer  Swiadkowie Jehowy w Polsce  ul. Warszawska 14 05-830 NADARZYN POLAND



  ICT   ( Islamic comissio of truth )  ( court of Agadir )

We wish that you  make translation  in arab and give it  to  prokurator of Agadir and  to media in all  islamic lands.

They have our  permission to  get  all information from  our  case in courts  of 3 countries  in European  union, Portugal Poland  and Finland.

 Kuolemaan tuomittu Saddam hirtettiin joulukuun 30. päivänä vuonna 2006.Me and my finnish  husband has  been  sparked  out from those 3  lands  because of wrong  opinions. Hannu was living 10  years in Poland and he wrote 2004   letter to president and  primieminister  of Poland   warning   them  ´´what  happened  to german natzies  ,  when they started illegal war  against orders  of UN.´´?

 They started  against him crime trial  and banished  away  from Poland,  broke  his  house to small  pieces, stole his small boy. His  lawyer    did not defend his client.  When  he went to his home country Finland,  Aila Koulu , laweyr of  his polish  ex wife    closed him 2, 5  months  to mental hospital of  ,  made sexual  violence and forced eat  poison.  banished him to Marocco 12.5.2010. He never  can  meet  his kidnapped son ,  and  all  this  happened  because  he  has said  the  same as  presidents  of France and Russia. Starting al qaida war  was  terrible  mistake. My  husband and  his son are victims of this war  and our case  must go to courts  in 4  lands. At same  time with  this bigger case

  We  have  started crime trial against   president  Donald  Trump. He   has self confessed how 2003 started al qaida war was biggest mistake in historia of usa. More as 15 billion dollar wasted  and  mr Trump said in christmas  how  he  wants  oil  of Syria  to  compensate  their losses !  He became  angry  when Syria and  all  the world  was  laughing.  He  was openly showing  the  reason  and  motive what for  usa and Poland started this  war 2003 --After showing  his ´´cards ´´  ,  he wanted show his force and   kill  respected general  of Iran  . This reaction  was childish ,  mad ,   infantile and  ILLEGAL.  ( and dangerous  to all  word )


Finnish polish maroccian culture association  Keltaiset ry die Gelben  rf wrote   immediately  in  next  morning  to prokurator of  Helsinki   demanding  start crime  trial. Finland is  EU  leader  in  this  year  and  they  must  do  it  together with Poland Portugal and Marocco.  Those 4  can  use same witnesses ,   when all  happens  in front of tv camera. People  in  all  world can  see  what will  happen  and tell   their  opinion  with  telephones  and  flaptops


7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .



Two  days  after  murder  in  Bagdad ,  also  many  americans  has woken  up . They also  claim  crime  investigations  and  court . But  criminal  is  not able to  investigate  him/her self . It  must  happen  ´´outside´´dirty  american  money  power systems . EU leader country  Finland  with Poland Portugal and Marocco  must do it,  but  USA  must  pay  costs  of investigation.  Inside war  criminal  Poland   it  must  be done  by  finnish  portugalian and  maroccian  police   because polish  peple  not  can  investigate their own  crimes.  Poland   joined immediately to this crime against decision of united nations, allthough they not have money to books , dentists and food of schoolchildren. More as 15 million killed and large exiler problem in europa. Poland not take anybody, they spark out finnish family from sudetian mountains and  break  their  homes and  hotel  bisnes

Because people live in  media illusio,  they are sure  that USA easily can beat down IRAN. 80 % of social  media  in Finland  Portugal and in Poland   say ´´ hah  hah  hah ,  its good to  kill them  hah ha´´ .  Today 8.1.2020  all  world is surprised when IRAN  has  reacted. How  hell  they  have  courage to  do it , whey write ? It because Iran belongs to SHANGHAI union, and it is 100 x stronger as NATO. Norwegian Johan Galtung from UN has said this, and  he  has  not talk  shit very  much


but media not want people know what´s going on. World is once again marching like blind sheeps to big catastrop


 Leaders  of IRAN  are very sure  that USA will  loose this  war  when  they  in  last  night answered to Donald Trump. Armies  of  Russia China India  are helping  them in  this  last big battle . Also  we  have  been told how maroccian  al qaida and  hizbollah  networks in europa start  co  operate  with new  natzies. They  have common enemy, world  power  of America, Harlot of Babylon  mentioned  in Holy Bible apocalypta 18

Poland Portugal and Finland are 3  most loyal assistants  of international  satan  in Europa  and thats why   german  natzies maroccian  al qaida and  hizbollah  networks  have  decided to concentrate to them.


Finnish televisio yle mot is  teaching in  you tube , how to kill Finland in 15  minutes. 9 men could explose 3  electric transformators in  most cold and dark  time  of  year, february. All shops hospitals banks bensin stations closed 2 months. It would  mean  finish finland . This will  happen  if primie minister and court of Helsinki  not  has  courage to start  these  last  judgements.,  and   Maciej  Abresz   are  responsible to  tell  also to government  of Poland this. They  must start  court in Klodzko  at  same  time as  in Helsinki  Portimao and Agadir. Otherwise also Portugal and Poland can  loose  their electricity 2  months.  Meaning  is to EXPOSE SATAN ,  who  is  leading all world to  concrete hell


 This  matter  explain  perfetly  finnish man Heimo Nuutinen in his you tube video



it means destruction of america - when i translated his video to arab, 100 % ly all members of al qaida ( what we know ) want that Heimo Nuutinen shall be spiritual  guru and comendant of maroccian al qaida. Nuutinen is present from Allah and He should come to talk to people in Agadir and in front of courthouse Helsinki.   This man could make miracles and re unite all sunnies shiaas and sufies / Finland is leader of EU in this year and she is  invited  to Agadir to  open 15.4.2020


folk parlament  of renewed european union
Avenue Hassan II, en face de la place de l’Espérance AGADIR


 Since 15.4.2020  it will work everyday 11.00  - 22.00 . Big  loudspeakers on  the  roof  of  uniprix house 
 Avenue Hassan II, en face de la place de l’Espérance. System  Hyde Park  corner London.Microphone shall  be  given  for 5   minutes  to  people from  different countries.  100 000 people   in  the  beach  listen and vote with their telephones 


7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

What is  thinking  the  world parlament  of Agadir , we  can  show in TV  of Usa Canada Russia and european union. They can vote at  home .  Between  the speachs of 5  minutes  we  play the  best  of jazz blues folk  music from Irland Russia Senegal  Turkey Finland Poland  Hungary and 50  states of America . We  could keep eurovision competitions  of folk songs every  year , thema weeks  of  classical  pearls


On  the roof  of  unprix house  2  smaller  and 2  bigger  loudspeakers  should be made  from  beton. Inside them soft wool .This would make  deep basso. . Front panels massive wood. Amplifier 50 000 watt. This would make good acustica in area of  several hectar Talbortz and  beach. We not  play there any commercial  screaming  and  stupid  PUM PUM PAM PAM,  but  the  best of folk music from all  parts  of the world.  This example is from Finland

Millions of turists come every year to Agadir and all  hotels are full,  if we  do this.

We not come to Agadir to fight, we come to make  peace and love. Enjoy good music  and  the best qualities xero xero cannabis  5 e / .  Electricity from  the  microphone  shall  be  cutted  if someone  try  to incite  feel  hate against  some group or nation. We  discuss what to do  to  get such tensions smaller . Between 2 private  people  we can accpet freedom to say what ever 5  minutes if other one  gest 5  minutes possibility to answer.  This we call VITTUILUKILPAILU


taiteiden   korkein  laji  on  vittuilu, väittää M A Numminen

Agadir could get   role  of  new ATHENS. Home of arts and filosofia.  In old Grecia was born european culture,  but  it came there from Egypt Etruskia Atlantis ( south Maroc ) Theathre was originally psychodrama and it was trying to get connection  to  our  real self ATON.  To  notice how its same as  the biggest.  In India they call  it atman, in Finland ITTE , prophet Muhamed used name Allah. We could start  in Agadir several  psychodrama  theathres  and it would bring  here  lot of  people to  find  out who  they  really are. Such experiences  of beauty  and katarshis  are bringing  lot  of joy and  new kind  of light. More and  more  people from  all  countries would come to sunny Agadir. To  look at the sun  as farao Ekhnaton long time ago


If you want  yourself a  place in world parlament , you should  pay 10 e to this  association and write to  info  your name, country and e  mail adress


Art Academia Agadir   A 3 ( keltaiset ry association )

iban: FI 3447304720017228   BIC: HELSFIHH.

Police of Finland , and primie  minister are authorized to  look after  that  account . This what  we  do is 100%  legal


If you want join  our association,  mark  ( A )  if  your  primar interest is art ,  immaterial. Mark ( B )  if your  motive is  bisnes , honest plussumgame Sampo


This word  needs to discuss   in  level  of grass  ground , between citizens , if we want avoid earthly  hell. Before  better safe future is possible , we  must confess  the realities. Stop sleep. We  must put criminals to courts  of 4  lands


USA was winning german natzies and Japan , they had to create large weapon industry to be able to do it. But this industry is very productive to its owners and they not want finish it. Thats why USA has started lot of new wars and keep with their media power all word in ´´big sleep´´. They were adopting Hitlers megalomania to conquer and rule all world.

´´. They use traditional method , break and rule. USA not want strong united Europa but Germany does not accept such rules any more ! german new natzies in south Marocco have close connection with maroccian al qaida and now they are ready to co operate with IRAN and  russian volves of night .
is  responsible  to  put to  court  of  portimao  dr Rui Neves  and  those who did  not  let  us  be  in  our house. Time is short because concrete hell on the earth is near of all polish finnish and portugalian priests and nuns
they teach still today, as pastor matti viitanen how all 1,8 milliard muslimanes absolutely belong to hell, because they not believe to death of Jesus . Coran says how he is not ded, he ´´sleep´´ in area between ded and living people. dr K U Sathyanath was leading my husband to that area, called samadhi, in tibet they call in ´´bardo´´. In german mytologia Lethe and in Finland tuonela. Jesus Maria and 144 000 saints are there waiting a day of big re coming among people. In his book ukkosenjumalan poika Arto Paasilinna tells how such spiritual forces can ´´kidnapp´´ body of existing normal people. It has happened. Holy Maria in keuruu has got clear messages from high angels , what is her real origin.

K U Sathyanath in india met holy maria many times and he is sure about this matter. We have holy maria in Finland in body of normal woman. This means later millions of tourists to Holy Maria shall talk to travellers in kiviselän kievari .Reservations to Holy Maria meets groups of 12 people during one hour , price 200 e commonly

Christians believe that death of Jesus is forgiving all their sins, what ever they do. But its surely wrong because Jesus is NOT ded. Christians have started too many cruel colonialistic wars, because such satanistic wrong theoria. It would be correct to kill them but because this is christian revolution , we must give them mercy and possibility to go to HELL singborg social offices in Sweden. ( if try come back, they shall be killed ) Priests and bishops shall get work in swedish industry ( floor level ) to make true whats written ´´ the high ones shall be the low ones ) ylhäiset alennetaan

Who  says  that,  its  my  husband  Hietikko
( He is advertising man of new polish president choosen by majority of 55 % ) Prokurator Beata Jelinska was ordering him to produce a screen play about this proces . His work was  supposed  to  be  manuscriptura  to fictive  screenplay,   but  al qaida  and  new  natzies  like his  ideas very  much

Dr K.U.Sathyanath in India is leading his work. He is big shaman who can see to esoteric world.

He was planning this method how to expose interrnational satan and take away her power ( satan is feministic says american poet Robert BLY in his book iron john ( rautahannu hietikko suomennettu )

In the Bible is written how peace of 1000 years is not possible, before we finish all christian religions and churches. Because 55 % of polish people were electing JESUS CHRIST to their new president, this cleaning proces, holy war harmakeddon jihad must be started from Poland. Donald Tusk promised long time ago to polish people to ´´clean away from poland all shit´´ if they choose him to power. He was meaning power of rotten roman catholic church , old bitter women and numerous mafias. But when Tusk was boss of EU, he did nothing.

In the Bible they talk about the earthly digitalization , general deal to plus and minus. Its necessary before we can enter to cosmic consciousness , kingdom of heaven. Door is open to all polish jewish russian german people, all Hindus, sunnies , sufies and shiias, who join this common program to EXPOSE and destroy our enemies INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

If you are ateistic profane person, learn simple yoga exercise PRANAYAMA. Its very good to your healthy

If you are religious , ask during your praying Allah , Jesus Christ , Jahve, to show your secret angers and ten most terrible sides in your character. Write them to paper and ask opinion of your friends

Confess them to yourself and say to those 10 demons, one by one , go SAATANAN PERKELEET to satan church of Porvoo, in the land of END , FIN . Never come back. At same time burn that paper

This GEHENNA exists 50 km to east from HELL sinki
old church of Porvoo .

It is correct adress because president Ahtisaari and has promised to government of usa how finland is ready to die if it helps holy america. This happens also because leaders in church of porvoo made the only sin in the world where is no forgiving .Never, ( according Jesus ) Its ironia against Holy Spirit of Truth. Pastor Paul von Martens has made protest about this big sin of Porvoo hiippakunta

They were throwing out from this church 500 years old picture of Holy Maria, saying how its PACANITY to keep there any pictures from other ( wrong ) roman catholic religion. At the same year city of Porvoo was killing with abortion son of Holy Maria. They did not want give her psychoterapia because of rascistic reasons. Maria was in her childhood in Poland wictim of very hard family violence. Between this crime are german natzies who kept school to polish boys --hitting them everyday hard to head. This same father of holy maria did to her until age of 16 years

We must make this horrible world better and we must start from ourselves

Start breathing OUT from bottom of your lounghes and spit all those ten bad forces from your mind and body to this church.

Start breathing IN from bottom of your lounghes
and ask Allah Jesus, your real inner self ITTE to send to you
and to your country lot of


1. joy . ILO
2. peace .RAUHA
3. Energy ENERGIA
4. light. VALO
5. power. VOIMA
6. wisdom. VIISAUS
7. love , RAKKAUS
8. healthy , TERVEYS
10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

We should do this breathing exercise 10 minutes every day and we start feel better. Sunnies and Shiias do not feel any more so big anger against each others when we send all these negations to ONE place.  

(yoga means concentrating )

Very important is to believe that it happens, because to us happen what we believe. It will be more effective if you study 10 words of FINNISH lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India.

You also should keep in your mind those 12 words when you drive car or before sleep. If you very often think
. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA. it start make you ready to
foreverlasting life. If you also wizualize in front of eyes picture picture of Jesus , you will be joined to kingdom of heaven.

You can very well be musliman and live your life according orders of prophet Muhamed. But because he is ded and not come back, all 1,8 milliard sunni sufi shiia muslimanes should concentrate to this his dear friend who has promised to come after long samadhi sleep of 2000 years . Muslimanes can get much more easily connection to that coming big white king because they have ramada , not drink alcoholes or eat animals who eat shit. We are what we eat

If you very often keep in your mind word VALO, very soon inside you start inner light of wisdom

.Doctor Sathyanath was grown in roman catholic family, but he knew very deeply old hindu mythologia and WHITE MAGIA.
When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose, like home of Holy Maria in Poland. Priest of roman catholic church was inciting in his eastern messa people to wish to each others all good, but those there, lets hope all bad ( aiming with his hand to direction of her house and hotel seitendorf )

Soon jehova witnesses ilnicki came to say how they KILL them if not go to Finland. Helsinki court must demand that roman catholic church will repair house of Holy Maria and return all stolen. Otherwise there is danger of finnish and german hakkapelitas. Finnish persu men and new natzies become very angry to poland who made such problem to Porvoo and Ensto. They can come to poland Miedzylesie and break all houses, hit people blue with baseball equipments . Because this what is legal to do to one of the smallest is legal to do to everybody. This law is in Bible and Coran

adress is in google map gniewoszow 6 miedzylesie Poland

Maybe its wish of Allah that before Poland gets such president as Jesus, they must suffer pains of hell --become a bit more humble as Stefania ilnicki marisa zamosch Halina cieplucha and her 2 daughters

When Porvoo satan church is too full and explose , this knows only GOD / Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to ´´big powerfull country behind big ocean´´. It happens what Johannes was writing to last part of Holy Bible apocalypta 18 --American people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours

this day is very actual says finnish al qaida comendant heimo nuutinen. Government of iran can be peacefull and spread this pranayama method to all people in your land

It happens to all, what they have been believing, said Jesus. But all negative is possible to turn to positive. HELL means hel vete, wholistic knowing. When we end all dualistic dealing to good and bad, we shall understand what is satvic harmonia . But before this is possible, we must see and feel fire of hell in They were writing about my husband something what gave reason to social system SS ladies to take away good father from small boy. Prevent them 12 years to see each others. This reason was political.

. If milliard muslimanes start all send their anger and mental shit to church of Porvoo, it will explose for sure
. If someone is interested in satanism, go inside that church to feel common badness from all world. Go to forest in HAKSI Valto Sirkiä and sere wilska to feel what are common satanistic forces from Malmi social office and


Usa CAN fall to mass psychosa in one day


we have been driving with bwm motorenduro very much in Marocco . Hannu was before in Palestina and Egypt . we have been talking with thousands of people . we know what is opinion of majority, its the same as 960 members of keltaiset ry

In  his fictive  screenplay,  it  was going  like this--

After courts  of  4  lands  , USA must go away from NATO and instead of it come Russian Federatio , Marocco , West Sahara Palestina , Israel ,White Russia , UKRAINA , IRAN , Georgia, Armenia Azerbajdjan, Iraq Syria Libya Kurdistan Turkey Sweden and Finland. Russian swedish finnish maroccian polish army together is closing borders of new NATO and renewed european union with their navy and airforces.

National armies start take care of peace and legality inside their lands and control national borders. Handweapons are enough, we not need expensive airforces to make climate problem bigger. All australia fire !

National borders in new european union and in united states of Allah USA shall be closed by light hand weapons. Wish of Allah and Jesus Christ is not to mix all colours , because result is grey, booring shit like swedish cities . Its better that everyone live n own country and ask 2 week visum if want go to other lands

Common valuta politica shall be leaded from Berlin using the best knowledge . Germans are most intelligent people in the world to plan traffic infrastuctura , healthy services and economia in all large european union. We should start use deutsche markka in renewed european union. The have not burned their money as stupid Finland did

Tyhmä Suomi poltti rahansa ja antoi vallan ulkomaalaisille . Ja kun oma typeryys pelottaa, pitää ostaa lainrahalla paljon uusia aseita

Members of new europan union can use their own money, zloty, dirham ,markka, rubel, but its value is same as DM .

Russia and IRAN are the most rich countries in the world and if together with Germany Finland Holland France , we all should win a lot. Inside markets´´ in new union are so large that we not need bigger ´´globalization ´´--if there are problems .with china. Probably they are ready to good co operation -


-- Renewed european union of Jesus Christ Holy Maria and saint sanna Marin can offer to all citizens good healthy services and very high standard of living in all lands of new European union. Equally good in Israel and in Palestine. Peace of 1000 years shall save large economical capacity

50 states of america can join renewed NATO and European union if they are ready to become independent and FINISH ´´harlot of babylon´´, federatio USA , FBI, CIA, us army. All power in new union shall be given to people , using digital direct democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .
6. I agree this matter 80 %
5. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 %
2. I agree this matter 20 %
1. I do not agree this matter at all .

Please join this festival in next summer and spread this invitation to american and canacian harley honda or scooter travellers.

If you want 50 independent states of America, if you not want die in harmakeddon, send your scooters Harleys Hondas to habour of Turku before 26.6

If you have holiday in august , send them to Danmark Odense before 8.8

After this trip of 69 days to Jerusalem you shall be mentally strong enough to return to usa --without becoming mad in mass psychosas

150-220 km per day and big party

Start Turku 26.6.

in the park of old TURKU CATHERDAL

At 9.00 start the teams of racebicycles. at 10.00 all the others ,
the exhibition of motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and veteran cars model 1969 or older ( with no caravanes ).

After them go samba and salsa dancers , arts & puos on the road ... they all go direction -

Åbo Akademi - Aninkaistenkatu - Hämeenkatu-Itäinen Rantakatu- Martin Silta- Aurajokipuisto- Linnankatu- Pakkarinkatu-Hansakatu- Vaihdekatu- Pansiontie- Huolintakatu-Hiekkasortamankatu-Tuontikatu- PANSIONTIE- PAAKARLANTIE-( the motorvechicles have no right to overtake the racebicycles , if they go too slowly, you must stop often and enjoy the local happenings and exhibitions. ---


- kyläteiden verkostoa pitkin KIIKOINEN-

CENTRE OF GOLDEN AGE Kujalantie 90, 38510 Sastamala. Exhibition of INDIA and hindu culture

big ethno-jazz-folk-blues festival in NUMMIJÄRVI Finland 24.6.-29.6 .

the meeting of scooters, Harleys, BMW TEAMS , PAPPATUNTURIKERHO , varsova union..
Start nummijärvi 29.6. teams of racebicycles at 9.00. ( suomen ympäriajo) . The motor vechicles start at 10.00 and after them a big kavalgade of samba-salsa dancers, arts and puos on the road ...and they all go to Jokelanperä- SYYSPERÄ- SÄKKIPERÄ- SARA-RANTATIE - KARVIANKYLÄ- PORRASSALMI- MUSTAJÄRVI - HOSEUS- ALAVA- PYHÄNIEMI- TEIKARI-

start Kihniön asema in morning 27.5. 30.6, 27.7 26.8 26.9 - TIE 3350 - ITÄ-AURE - -SEITSEMISEN KANSALLISPUISTO - LUODE- KAIDANKYLÄ- KURU - Keuruu Kivijärventie 300. Keuruun ekokylä and holy Maria wellcomes all people from all world.

She was travelling with hannus white bmw in nasareth and betlehem, before they came to Poland to start kingdom of heaven. But roman catholic church and jehova witnesses said that NIE VOLNO robi tutaj kingdom of heaven.

ekokylästä kuninkaantie vie multialle viitasaareen kiuruvedelle iisalmen runninkylään varpaisjärvelle -KAAVI- TIE 573-LIUKONLAHTI-MAARIANVAARA-TIE 502- SYRJÄVAARA -KELTAINENVAARA -SAARIVAARA- HUKKALA - MONOLANMÄKI- POLVIJÄRVI. these cities and willages should organize their culture festivals, tradition- and product exhibitions annually at these days ..It will be a '' world expo'' on the road , every year at the same day you will get a lot of visitors from all EU countries and USA .


From Polvijärvi the kings road is number 504 to MARTONVAARA-AHMOVAARA-KOLINKYLÄ- JERO - PANKAVAARA -HERANIEMI- Ahveninen


Ilo means joy.

PATRIKKA-PEHVANA- TUOHIVAARA- JUUSTOLAN KIEVARI-MUTALAHTI -PUTKIVAARA-MANNERVAARA- KITSAN LOMAKYLÄ- LUUTALAHTI-ÖLLÖLÄ - HOILOLA-SAARIVAARA-VÄRTSILÄ-NIIRALA- Border to Russia......Road continue to Sortavala Käkisalmi Terijoki Pskov white Russia Poland Tsech rp Hungary Slovenia croatia albania Athena , raffinia habour ferries to haifa , Jerusalem or in case of  jews and christians , profanes and muslimanes  to Mecca   or  pyramides take ferry to palestina Gaza


Ateistic  people  finish their inintiatio tao tie to pyramides of Gaza egypt , where travellers find their real existence aton, noticing how its similar to ra. After this trip of 69 days to you shall be mentally strong enough to return to usa --without becoming mad in mass psychosas

King shall come ´´in cloud ´´ says the holy Bible. But before its possible, we must finish all christian churches and religions ( according the Bible )

Isis and Al Qaida are ready to peace of 1000 years when we finish wrongly understood christian religion , COLONIALISM and divide & impera politica.


Time is short because USA was  forcing   IRAN to war

Hannu Hietikko and my wife Melika Ramouz have residencia and house in Portugal E 1507795 . They banished us away because of such opinions . They gave me lawyer Andreia CINTRA but she sent us to Finland 16.5.2018. They sparked us to Africa . Consulat Finlândia must find us lawyer who continue discussion with prokurator office Carminda Costa avenue Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia 8501 960 Portimao 1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM 13.5.2019 1131 70005

Trial in court of portimao must take place in last week of april 2020. Doctor Rui Neves must explain his diagnosa 2015.

Roman catholic priests nuns and jehova witnesses in Portugal and Poland are in danger to become killed, if portugalian chef of UNITED NATIONS not open court of Haag for war criminals

He do nothing and our only hope is court of Helsinki saint Sanna Marin. We can make you and holy Maria very famous among 1,8 milliard islamic people


Who started the yellow revolution ?

Yellow is colour of fusio, light , egyptian RA. Jumala in Finland. We can find the highest light , when we find REAL ourselves, ATON. This said Sokrates and system wanted kill him . Im the road ( tao ) said Jesus, and they killed him too.

In China was living 5000 years ago THE YELLOW EMPEROR. The book TAO te king of the road --tells if we ´´build the sampo aparat´´ in right ways , we can return to gold age , paradise as it was long time ago.) TAO means road to this kingdom of heaven inside us . TAO means also NATURE, so the yellow movement was born by force of nature.

metod is very simple. In every person every country every company has something good what suits to tao and plussumgame sampo. Something negative what not suit. When we take from every unit only that positive and send all negative to church of Porvoo, the wheel of sampo starts run dealing gold and diamonds in spiritual and economical meaning --to all more as they have been asking

YOGA means originally ´´ re uniting , re-ligere , religio and ´´concentrating´´.



paratiisi ja helvetti ovat molemmat edessämme, jos haluatte taivaan , kokoontukaa lauantaisin helsingin käräjäoikeuden eteen vaatimaan Amerikkaa ja Puolaa oikeuteen

6.1.2019 in west sahara

Melika Ramouz Hannu Hietikko and 960 members of keltaiset ry



Our  farm   exists   in  middle of Europa, between Berlin and Wienna,  on top of green mountain  690 mtr  high , majestetic wiews. 3 km to railway station Domaszkow. Train to Praha 140 km, to Wroclaw 130 km.

Association  Keltaiset  ry   want employ 12  young  farm and building workers from Marocco. They should be unmarried and  find their  wifes from polish girls  to  be  able to learn polish and  get adopted to polish society.  We can  offer salary 2000 e / month - minus tax 200 e, 100 e  to private healthy insurance. Netto 1700 e. Plus 1 % of monthly  nettoprofit.Maximally 4000 e / month .

 We  offer 10 % tax to commun Miedzylesie, 10 % to state of Poland, to maroccian lawyer  3 %. To polish lawyer 3 % who  lead this  international bisnes

9,6  % to my son William Sarnowiak , 9,6  %  to   my ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak in Finland 9,6  %  to hannu  hietikko  senior  9,6  % to Melika Ramouz  . to  hietikko junior   9,6  %


 After our death 48 % shall be dealed to William Sarnowiak and to my  adopted son  Hannu Hietikko  junior .  To their children. Nobody of them has right to sell  land or to put it quaranty of credits or  poker game

10  %  of  monthly  nettoprofit  shall  be dealed  to other workers  of association  Keltaiset  ry

Me and my polish architect wife were  living in that house 1998-2008 repairing 4 culture historically  valuable german buildings to be  our home and ´´centre of  7 finn ugrian nations´´50 rooms. But we  had to  interrupt this project, police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski said 4.5.2005 that we must go back to Finland. Jehova  witnesses ilnicki said how  they KILL  me and  started big crime trial writing to  procurator how Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  devil who  hurts  their honour . Holy Alberts association  promised take responsibility from farm. German  Allianz made 2009 expensive full  value  insurance and german  Allianz ( or state of Finland ) must pay  all  materials and salaries  of 12  men 2000 e / month , 1400 e to 4 women in  kitchen team SAHRA  ,  so  long  that 4  buildings are repaired. After they are ready , association  pay   salaries  plus 1 % from  nettobisnes to 12  men and 4 women

Our  farm  takes place in very beautiful  surrounding and we shall invite   there lot of hungarian finnish estonian  and german home cars. They are very  independent , need  only water firewood and  security .

12 maroccian men  clean forests to be beautiful  park  and make  bisnes with fire wood.  Every day millions litras 100% clean mountain mineral water comes from our farm and we sell  it to Europa. We  can arrange  music festivals and get big incomes from tickets.

We  invite there motorcycle clubs  to meet eachothers, some weeks we can sell to different kind of religious groups. Work of 12 men is to take care of security and build new  wooden loghouses from hungarian  estonian karelian , maroccian and  polish producers.

We are selling these houses furnitures art and artesan works carpets cheramica home electronica and  create network from companies and home verstats everywhere in Hungary Estonia  Karelia Mari Poland , Palestine and Marocco . Keltaiset ry  open 2 new  schools to  take care of   marketing  advertising,  plans of  logistica and  product development. The companies in  ´´yellow network´´ save  50 %  in costs of production. We shall win all  global markets in sector of ´´homes,  basic living´´ . Producers   pay  7 %  from  their  nettoprofit to salaries  of teachers in 2 schools

Our potential clients shall be  40  million  polish emigrants   who  has  ran away from  Poland. To  get them back, government of Poland should accept this  our plan and  create lot of good workplaces 2000 e -3500  e /  month  everywhere in Poland .  Pine  wood and stone for fireplaces ( TULIKIVI in  google )  comes by trains  from Russia. To south Maroc russia send today  every  month 50 empty ships to take  fish wegetables and fruits. They can start bring lot of pinewood and vuolukivi to habours of al hoceima tanger agadir sidi ifni  Dakhla. To Palestine GAZA

 30   km  to  south  from Agadir  airport  , 2  km  from  the  beach  SIDI  TUAL  is  big empty desert ,  far from all  houses,  no  noise  limits. In  that  area Keltaiset ry    wants make big stadion  for speedway and  motocross  bike ,  bicycle and  running competitions,  international  , every week end  friday -sunday. We  need  to co-operation polish  speedway and  motocross clubs

  We  should sell  to  foreingners  in Agadir  all  maroccian  production  of  cannabis, so  its  no  need try to smuggle  it  anywhere. Large  money would come to  using of society,  better hospitals  for  puor  ones


 Its  homepatic medicine which  makes  people think ---

Cannabis has been used many thousand years in Maroc  and in north Africa , near and middle east India China .


 In the Bible is written ´´when I went away , you saw me in cloud, and when you see me re come , you will see me in cloud.´´

 heavenly majestet did not mean that he needs ´´puor mans nirvana´´. Those fishermen and sheepheards were using cannabis to understand better , to be more sensitive. Johannes who wrote the last part of the Bible in Patmos island , was using cannabis everyday. So did also TAO monks in CHINA already 5000 years ago.


 Previous president of European council Donald Tusk has confessed in TV how he also has been using quite a lot of cannabis. ( that photo is lended from ILTALEHTI )


Government in Marocco  keeps more as million men prison because of cannabis, in Poland and in Finland such people are several hundred thousand .World healthy organization WHO says how it is good medicine, not so harmful as alcohol and cigarettes . Thats why Usa Canada Tsech rp Holland Germany makes cannabis legal.

Police in Finland says how they have new problem. From China is coming lot of syntetic material which looks out and smell the same as maroccian. But there is dangerous material inside. Millions of people are in big danger

Because Maroc is the best in all world to produce this old homeophatic herb , you should ´´mark´´ your original product with stamp ´´K ´´ ( kings quality ) and sell it legally to all world 5 e / gram

This would make to Marocco large annual incomes and you could offer good healthy services also to puor maroccians . Many  of them try  to go to europa because  there is
healthy services and  pension  to  old  people.  But Europa  not WANT them anymore  because  they  make dirty booring works with robots.

Cannabis is good also to cars and growing lot of it would help in climate problems.

 Setting million men free from prisons would mean big save of money. Marocco NEEDS this  money to  get  healthy services !

Many happy children would get father back home .

according our opinion , all annual cannabis production should be sended to Agadir.

Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes  deal it to all other world 5 e / gram

0.5 e / gram tax to city of AGADIR  who arrange big safe store to habour and employ few people to take care.


Agadir can change its laws

 and sell  it legally

to millions of foreigners in year

0.5 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Marocco

0.5 e / gram tax to land of final marketing  ( Marocco Portugal Finland, Poland, Spain, Germany , Russia..)

0.5 e / gram to shop who sell it ( legally ) in Agadir , in  Mänttä Finland , Miedzylesie Poland, Portimao  Praya VAU beach in Portugal

0,5 e / gram to healthy services of puor people in Maroc

1,5 e / gram to farmer families  in Maroc , who product and pack cannabis. Send it legally to Agadir international store. Nobody goes to prison because of this

1 e / gram to keltaiset ry to arrange international logistica, quality control , product development and culture happenings in Agadir  to get  here million  foreingers  per year

. Large maroccian cannabis money could be situated to Finland  to account of culture association Keltaiset ry .

Art Academia Agadir   A 3 ( keltaiset ry association )

iban: FI 3447304720017228   BIC: HELSFIHH.

Police of Finland , , inspectors from ketama chechaouen farmers and government of maroc have right to control that dealing money goes correctly



If  you want to  team to Poland and  sidi Tual, send your applications to


Youssef Dassine     3/1- 3/2 Fondation Hassan II     Avenue Mohammed V   80000 Agadir Maroc


our demands to USA Poland Finland and germany are told here

satanism in roman catholic church. In sudetian mountains near border of Tsech republic is small polish willage Gniewoszow Miedzylesie ( in german time name was Seitendorf Mittelwald ) .Im born in Finland from jewish mother , but I was living in that willage 8 years with my polish architect wife Violetta Sarnowiak and our small boy .







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