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My homes in Finland and in Poland were destroyed, my first son was  killed by abortion and second boy kidnapped in age of 4.  Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz says how there is  one reason to these both crimes. According law of Poland it was a murder, never juridically old,  but  prokurator does not act. Polish mafia blackmail money and not  let us meet  eachothers.  Police Adam Polanski banished me away from  my farm  and Kamila Michalowska gave it to ´´association of Holy Albert ´´ . They stole and destroyed all. Advocat  in Wroclaw Poland could tell  you that 67  old citizen of Finland Hannu Hietikko is  victim of serious crimes in Poland,  but not any lawyer can help me and my  kidnapped son. in Finland can assure  how  situation is the same. In Spain Marbella took 1000 e but says how he can not do anything more. I made residence 2015 to Portugal but   Presidente do Conselho Regional <>José Leiria can  not find  any lawyer to take this case. 7.7.2018 family of my polish ex  wife sent mafia men to our home in Portugal . They have motive of 3,69 million e  to kill  me and my wife Melika. Police in Portimao did not want investigate, lawyer Andreia Cintra sent us to Finland 16.5.2018. banished us  out from EU 20.7.2018 and i could not see my  son any  moment. Finland take tax 600 e / month from  my  pension, but not give any  healthy services to me and my wife. Spark us to Sahara, where al qaida men and german new natzies offer  their help. After being tortured 20 years, im in danger to become mad and accept their offers. I do that, if European union close their eyes from such crimes. Please act rapidly because im in danger to die to diabetes and  sorrow. I have left  testament which could  mean war in Poland Portugal Spain and Finland   . Please give me  shelter of law and  investigate this Intitiative  to EU parlament,---  to prevent poverty in Poland , Maroc and in Portugal


My wife  asked to write like this --


Prokurator, police,  priest and psycholog in Poland  say that big crime has  happened  against 

finnish citizen Hannu Hietikko and his kidnapped son. But police, social ladies and lawyers  in Finland are mixed to this crime and they  not  accept any investigation. All  media in Finland is quiet,  but  polish prokurator Beata Jelinska was asking my  husband to produce a screen play.

Citizen of Marocco  Melika Ramouz got  married 2009 with finnish citizen Hannu Hietikko. He promised  me his  farm 34,5  hectar in Poland. Im professional in agricultura, educated in university of Agadir. We have legal documents in court of Porvoo Finland 1989  how this farm belongs to  my  husband and his son 18 years old, who is living in Finland

Mafia of Miedzylesie and Lodz have  different opinion, who  owns  that  empty standing  old german farm of family Gebhardts in Seitendorf Mittelwald ? They came to my  house in Portugal Portimao 7.7.2017 to say how I  shall  be  killed , if I have any  demands. Because my husband is not  keeping  his  mouth shut and  his  cinema plans are quite furious ,  social office and police of Portimao sent  us 16.5.2018  to go to ask  help Finland and  make this matter clear. 

But  Finland  sparked  us to Sahara after 2 months. Doctors in Mänttä  made alarm to police , because she did not  like cinema  plans  of my  husband. 


One  week  ago  29.7.2019 informed that I m free to  travel to my home in Portugal. I go there now  but  1.10.2019 we  want come to Budabest and make  our  home in Hungary.   We are collecting team  who want  produce  cinema  of renewed european  union  in that farm in Poland


before its  possible, we  need  lawyer from Budabest and KLODZKO  who start crime trial


We have 7  good witnesses who know what has happened there


A )  Police of KLODKO said 2008 to Hietikko  and translator  mr Thadeus how polish family  Cieplucha in Lodz has  been fooling finnish Hietikko in  horrible ways  during 20  years,  kidnapping  his son and  blackmailing  money. This crime is not ´´old´´  , it continues still today

B ) Prokurator Beata Jelinska said  the same after crime trial of 3,5 years and  court psychiatric investigation. ´´Hietikko is not  mentally  ill ,  but too good hearted honest blue eyed finn , who  believe  how all people are  similar. Hietikko  not can  live in Poland´´ she said asking my husband to write a book or cinema manuscriptura  from  this subject. ´´What for 40 million too  honest  POLISH  people also  had  to run to other  lands ? ´´ And how to get  them back with their  money and  knowledge  from normal,  legal  societes ?

( to this cinema  project  we  need help from Hungary , east Germany  and from finnish PERSU party  

C ) Lawyer Anna Schabikowska  in Wroclaw analyzed this matter 2011 and said  
how polish family  Cieplucha in Lodz has  been fooling finnish Hietikko in very systematical ways. Very big compensations would  belong to Hietikko and his son, she said

D )  DHL  logistica  planner Ditmar Schuller from Nurnberg knows all what  happened. Also he  was  loosing his farm  and  he  says  how such cases are  more as 5000.

E ) Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz has  said to my  husband and Alicia Panek , how  there is ONE  the same  reason  what for Hietikkos  first child was killed by abortion and other boy kidnapped to secret adres  in  finnish  forest . And what for Hietikkos  polish  ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak wanted to get  with  my  husband TWO times  married , demanded TWO divorce ? What for Hietikkos son   could  not get his fathers  name ?  This  is very strange  in Poland and shows  how the  crime was systematically  planned, says  in Wroclaw . But she  could not  take  this case because of the same reasons what for today   Pirkanmaa oikeusaputoimisto cant find any  lawyer to do it . According  law of Finland, she would be  responsible to give lawyer to me  Melika Ramouz,  because and  banished me 20.7.2018 out of EU  for  next 3  years.

29.7.2019 Harmaala  informed  that  banishing is no  more  actual,   but  I must get compensation  from the  court of Pirkanmaa Tampere.

 I have demands to city of Keuruu,  city of Mänttä Vilppula, state of Finland  and to kidnappers of our boy in

F )  Psycholog Mariuz   in Wroclaw knows my husband and his polish  ex wife since 1999 . If courts  of Tampere Klodzko and Portimao 
ask him to tell  everything,  he and pastor Siemasz  must forget  their  responsibility to be quiet.

He told me that ONLY sick people  needs  roman catholic church and they try to  keep  people sick to be able to keep power and  money. He is very good trutful  priest but other of them was CURSING  their  home  because Hannus  ex wife  has  killed  her  first   child 

 Abortion is a  murder according law of Poland, and it never becomes  juridically  old . They did it  in Finland,  but  order  came  from Poland Lodz. General prokurator in Klodzko  must  react, otherwise Poland  not respect   their  laws  of abortion 

In Portugal they discriminate all  foreigners

Prokurator office Bruno Pinto wrote how Portugal can do nothing, because we not know those 2 polish men who attacted our house 7.7.2017. We not now personally members of polish mafia , but we know who has sent them to frighten us. planners of this crime are these 3 women

1) cousin of Hannus  ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz

2 ) Mother of Hannus exwife , Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 90900 Lodz

3 ) Sister of Hannus  exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz Her husband Pawel has self said how he belongs to mafia of Lodz international



G ) Witness nr 7  is Helena Antila Jalonen  vuorityömiehenkatu  9  b 6 Turku Finland. She was Hietikkos  ( avo ) wife 1979 - 1987  and they studied both in Helsinki art academia atski TAIK.  Helena and his brother were helping Hannu  to build big beautiful  house in Porvoo.  ( kun  talo on valmis, saapuu kuolema, Helena said )

Violetta Sarnowiak  came  there 28.3 1987 when house  was  ready , telling how she is holy Maria  of  Nasareth and  how angels  has  appeared her  asking to go to Finland , to make  a  child  to jewish finn Hietikko. Helena Antila Jalonen did not  want start  fight against such  heavenly  forces , she gave  up 

. But she can  tell  in courts  all  what Jyväskylä court  2010  did  not  let  her say. Helena has never seen Hannu Hietikko  or  his  father to hit anybody. Also me, Melika Ramouz can swear  that during 10 years  Hietikko  has never hit me. But  in finnish  court Violetta Sarnowiak and her 4 costless  lawyers  said how Hietikko  is  very dangerous  mentally  ill  terrorist, who hits his  poor wife everyday

In her own  hand written  letters  53  pages  in Mänttä oikeusaputoimisto 
  Violetta Sarnowiak  is telling  how her  father Wieslaw Cieplucha  was  hitting  her to  head  with full  forces  almost  every day ,  until  age  of 16. To  policestation  of Jämsä Arto Koivumäki she wrote  how  she is victim  of hard  family violence in Lodz,   our son and Hannu  has  been suffering about this a lot. Social  office  saw  this  letter  in summer 2018  and she said ,´´  that farm  in Poland MUST be  given to Hietikko and Melika ´´. We MUST  get  a lawyer ´´said Heino. To my  husband they not want give such, but Finland breaks  its laws if they  not give lawyer to ME.

When we had to run away from Finland , Marja Heino  ( city Mänttä Vilppula )  said that we can  leave our furnitures to empty apartment owned by city ,  in suomelantie 2  Vilppula. She  also  told  that city is selling with small  price  pieces of land  , if we want build a small  loghouse in back side willage  of Mänttä. We  made such reservation   knowing  that state of Finland MUST sooner or later  cancel such  illegal decision  of  banishing. Hannu wants  build such house to his son, what Hannus  father builded to him . Many  people  said that  it was the  most beautiful  in Porvoo,  but to Mänttä Jämsä or Keuruu we cant  build ANY  kind of house 

Yesterday 31.7.2019  secretaria  of maankäyttö insinööri wrote  us  how Mänttä Vilppula shall  NOT give  us  any  land and  we  have  no rights  to  houses in suomelantie 2  Vilppula. People in Mänttä wrote  31.7.2019  in SUOMI24 how city has  been  breaking down  all  houses  in Suomelanrinne Vilppula. People  in Mänttä  cant  understand  what for  Mänttä invested  big  money  to repair  those  houses,  and  2 years  later  break  all  down . They  did  not want  to give  them  to islamic exilers  from Syria who  live in TENTS  in  camping  place

To  me  people  in Mänttä said  how all  muslimanes  shall  be  pushed away  from  here, and  because of my religion  they discriminate also  my husband , allthough  he is a JEW ! Born  in Finland. Father  had to be  in  barbarossa war to help  germany to kill 20  million russians . Now  state of Finland  Mänttä Vilppula  not want give  to my  husband and his islamic  wife small  piece of land 2000 sq meters 20 km  far from centre Mänttä.  When Hannu  got that  mail  yesterday,  he became sad and said how we not go to Finland any  more. We start  live in Hungary  so  long that we can  go to  our  farm  in Poland. 

But big CURSE shall  fall  over Finland !  When  all  satanistic forces go  to land of END,  ciwil  war  worse as 1918    is  coming  between  kansallismieliset  PERSU  people  and green red government of Antti Rinne

What  is  the  reason why  lawyers in Poland  Finland  or  Portugal  not want  help  victims  of  crimes ?

In Poland  is general collective  opinion how other  lands  have  been  treating Poland  in  very  bad ways. ( and it is true,  unfortunatelly ) Several million innocent ciwilians  were killed by  german and finnish SS  men in Poland White Russia and Ukraine ! 

 If those 5000  polish families  ( mentioned by Ditmar Schuller DHL )   ,  have  been succesfull to fool  german skandinavian  or dutch men,  polish  lawyers NOT start  defend foreigners  . If young woman lawyer  in Wroclaw , would have done it,  she would get BIG problems . 3  people were KILLED who were trying t help Hannu  to keep  his farm  in Miedzylesie. Police did not want  investigate in Tampere  can  not find to Melika  Ramouz  any lawyer, because several  finnish lawyers, social and court ladies are  involved to very serious crimes. Breaking the  kidnapping agreement  of Haag. Matters  of Hannu´s son  not belong to finnish court and social system SS  ladies AT ALL !  My demand  is to  open court of Klodzko  and Strasbourg  , listen what  those  7  witnesses  say ?

What  is  the  reason why  lawyers in   Portugal steal  our  money  but do  nothing  more ?  Heritage of culture in Portugal  is very criminal, those terrorists  and  banditos  have  been  robbing  half world , transported 5  million africans  to usa to work in slavery. Today Portugal is the  most  poor  in EU and  they try to earn  money with  unhonest fooling of helpless  foreign  pensionists--promising 10 years taxfreedom  , good healthy and security services. This all was a  big  lie !


  When roman catholic priest  heard about child  murder  of  Hannus  ex wife ,   they were CURSING their  home and hostel  bisnes. Also   jehova witnesses  family of Stefania Samuel Stanislaw ilnicki  joined  this . They  were pushing away from the  farm everybody . Go to Finland, we KILL you,  they said with axe in hand also to clients of  hostel ( witness )

After all were pushed away with violence, jehova witnesses  are using our lands 34,5  hectar. Without  paying rent any  euro, this  means socialism  in middle  of European  union !

   jehova witnesses  family of Stefania Samuel Stanislaw ilnicki used their  networks  to blackpaint reputation  of my husband . They also   started 2005  against him crime  court  Sad Rejonowy ul. Bohaterów Getta 15    57-300 Klodzko.  

 They wrote to procurator Beata Jelinska  how  mentally  ill  Hietikko   is  planning  to  burn  all  willage  and  kill  all  people . At  same time  in finnish  court lawyer Aila Koulu  was talking about this as a true  fact. Thats  why  he  could  never see  his  illegally  kidnapped son

Hannu  paid big  money to advocate and he  must  continue this case - or  let his friend to do it

 When  prokurator  and police  got  results  of court  psychiatric comitea,  they said  how  my  husband  not can  be in Poland, because  he talk  too  much truth. And its  not allowed in Poland before big  reform of attitudes and  post communistic laws.  He  went to Spain  and  rented 2008 that farm to finnish American yoga school ananda seva .  Samuel illnicki  and his friends came  in the night, with real guns. This happened 15.3.2009 , witnesses and

 When these  matters  finally  go to court, demand of MELIKA  RAMOUZ 

to  roman catholic church is to  cancell  this cursing and FINISH such

satanism in roman catholic church

This next was written  by  my  husband

In sudetian  mountains near border of Tsech republic   is small  polish willage   Gniewoszow  Miedzylesie  ( in  german time  name was  Seitendorf  Mittelwald ) . Im born  in Finland from  jewish mother and finnish father,  but I  was living in that willage 8 years with  my  polish architect  wife Violetta Sarnowiak  and our small boy  

 Roman catholic priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka have  heard about child killing in  our family. Also  he  obviously  became  jealous  from  remonting  of our house. Priest was inciting people in eastern messa to satanism . He said, ´´lets hope now all good to each others, and lets hope all together all bad to those there ( aiming with his hand to direction of our house.) There is standing also 350  years  old statue of HOLY  MARIA

Also jehova witnesses were joining to this  cursing , they came with axe in hand in front of our house , shouting ´´go to Finland, we kill you ´´. They said so also to clients of our hostel ( ) He is  Ditmar Schuller from Nurnberg who could tell about this willage to the  courts  and to  media

Soon started dogs get poison and cars were burning.  My wife got nerv break down, she  took our  4  years old son and ran away to Finland  social office . 2 weeks later 4.5.2005 police Adam Polanski  from Miedzylesie came to say  how also Hietikko  must go away. When i rented it to finnish yoga school, armed gangsters of Andrei Bogdanowitz came in to house in night. Police did nothing. Consulat Finland  in Warsawa said that this is our private problem

Also  i got wounded during this proces    and im suffering about post traumatic stress reaction. I need psychoterapia by telephone , 2 x per week 45 min.  These  discussions must  be  recordered and given  to  international al qaida police. I have been driving with motorcycle and  my arab  talking wife 10 years in islamic north Africa and I  know what they want  to make peace with christian Europa.  This information  must ge given to  public media, to internet radio.

Polish  people  and USA  started big al qaida war 2003  , when  united  nations said, no. This crime was same  as Hitler did.  Polish  people not take any war  exilers,  they are cleaning common shit and agressions to faces  of foreigners

Keltaiset ry  clubhouse IMPIVAARA was before in Finland Porvoo ,  full  of shamanistic art collections, spirits of finnish forest. When all those things were cursed by roman catholic priest and  jehova witnesses ,  they were flying back to Finland to this house.,+06500+Porvoo,+Finland/@60.4074437,25.5725217,371m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4691f700242f5e5f:0xc4a15b3c67133683!8m2!3d60.4074411!4d25.5747157


President of indian yoga doctors association K.U.Sathyanath in Kerala Cochin saw how also lot of black satanistic agressions from roman catholic church and jehowa witnesses went to Haksi Porvoo Finland. Among those    angels  of war were  lot of german  colours


In Sudetian  mountains , where II world war  started --  it ended in year 1945  when  soldiers  of red army  said to german  people.  You  have  2 hours time to pack 20  kg and go away  from  their  home, march to railway station  of Domaszkow  . They did so  but  left  to Gniewsozow 6  heavy curse. They asked  german architype of war VOTAN to start  last final  battle against polish  people. Those agressive spirits were also flying to land of the END Finito Finland . Porvoo HAKSI.


Dr K.U.Sathyanath in India  is big shaman who can see to esoteric world. He told me how this forest start to  be full  of demonistic forces and  how they  are  making their  home to old church of Porvoo .  If someone is  interested in satanism, go inside that church to feel common  badness from all world. Go  to forest around  that red house in HAKSI  to  feel what  are  common  satanistic forces  from Germany  Poland and


Such bad hoping against only foreigners in willage is satanistic black magia . When jehova witnesses and roman catholic church do such, all vatican and jehova organization has got inside serious virus. One rotten apple can spoil big store of apples ( yksi mätä omena voi pilata ison omenavaraston )

In the Bible is written how peace of 1000 years is not  possible, before we finish all christian religions and churches. Because 55 % of polish  people were electing JESUS CHRIST to  their new president, this cleaning  proces,  holy war  harmakeddon  jihad  must be started from Poland. Donald Tusk promised long time ago to polish people to ´´clean away from poland all shit´´ if they choose him to power. He was meaning power of rotten roman catholic church , old bitter women  and  numerous mafias. But when Tusk  is boss  of EU, he do nothing

 In the Bible they talk about  the earthly digitalization  ,  general deal to plus and  minus. Its necessary  before we can enter to cosmic consciousness ,  kingdom of heaven. Door is open  to all polish jewish russian german people, all Hindus, sunnies , sufies and shiias,  who  join this  common program to EXPOSE  and destroy our enemies INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

If you are ateistic profane person, learn simple yoga exercise PRANAYAMA. Its very good to your healthy

If you are religious , ask during your praying Allah , Jesus Christ , Jahve, to show your secret angers and ten most terrible sides in your character. Write them to paper and ask opinion of your friends

Confess them to yourself and say to those 10 demons, one by one , go SAATANAN PERKELEET to satan church of Porvoo, in the land of END , FIN . Never come back.  This GEHENNA exists 50 km to east from HELL sinki. Its full  of satanistic demons from Germany Poland and  jehowa witnesses  international.  It is correct adress because our last intelligent president Urho Kekkonen said how Finland is more american country as USA. He was meaning its bad sides, good sides is not possible to copy ( sillä kannettu vesi ei pysy kaivossa )

Start breathing OUT from bottom of your lounghes and spit all those ten bad forces from your mind and body to this church.

Start breathing IN from bottom of your lounghes
and ask Allah Jesus, your real inner self ITTE to send to you
and to your country lot of

1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

We should do this breathing exercise 10 minutes every day and we start feel better.  Sunnies and Shiias do not feel any more so big anger against each others and general anger against americans becomes smaller when we send all these negations to ONE place. ( yoga means concentrating )

Very important is to believe that it happens, because to us happen what we believe. It will be more effective if you study 10 words of FINNISH lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India.

Doctor Sathyanath was grown in roman catholic family, but he knew very deeply old hindu mythologia and WHITE MAGIA. When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose. When it happens , this knows only GOD / Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to ´´big powerfull country behind big ocean´´. It happens what Johannes was writing to last part of Holy Bible. American people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours

Pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania told me in Jerusalem how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Berlin Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan who swims in blood of millions innocent victims. To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

But because Jesus and Allah is mercy and love, americans shall get possibility to avoid this punishment. Previous president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari and his friend Ilkka Kanerva promised some years ago to government of USA how Finland is ready to die, if it helps holy america.

Ahtisaari antoi tietämättään , juovuspäissään valtion päämiehen roolissa lupauksen jonka seuraamuksia tuskin  arvasi.  Sven duuva  idiootti myytin  kotikaupunki PORVOO ottaa JEESUKSEN, syntien sovittajan roolin. Se tapahtuu intialaisen opettajani mukaan myös siksi että porvoolaiset haukkuivat suu  vaahdossa  kylän viisainta miestä Ensio Miettistä hulluksi ja lopulta panivat sen ristin 33 vuotiaan Hietikon selkään.  Mutta he eivät tienneet  miten  vaarallista voikaan  olla väärälle  miehelle vittuilu.  Kun  ovat  itse minut leimanneet 100 %  mielisairaaksi,  eivät voi syyttää  oikeudessa  uhkauksista ,kunnianloukkauksista  eikä  fiktiivisen  elokuvan suunnittelustakaan

Previous primie minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen wrote in Helsingin sanomat how harmakeddon jihad starts from Finland in next years, and it will more hard as winter war , because the enemy is inside.

nyt he sitten saavat mitä Lipponen tilasi , koko mailman yhteinen vihollinen itse PERKELE on Suomen sisällä Porvoon Tuomiokirkossa  josta nämä  voimat  leviävät  Mänttä Vilppulan  kaupungintaloon   ja Kauhajoen lämpöhuoltoon. Miksi sinne,  johtuu siitä että Kauhajoella  asuu antikristus, seppo korpi -filppula MYLLIS  joka väittää olevansa Jumala  ja on  perustanut kirkon saatanalle. Outi Jalava Lapualta  on  shamaani  joka  näki  miten Kauhajoki  omistettiin saatanalle silloin  kuin 11  koululaista tapettiin  ja Hannu Hietikko suljettiin  kauhajoen lämpöhuollon  Antti Virolaisen esittämien  juorujen  takia  mielisairaalaan . Vaikka se todettiin  aiheettomaksi , silti maineeni  mustamaalattiin  niin etten  saa koskaan nähdä poikaani eikä Mänttä Vilppula suostu  myymään tonttia  peräkylästä

It happens to all, what they have been believing, said Jesus, but all negative is possible to turn to positive. HELL means hel vete, wholistic knowing. When we end all dualistic dealing to good and bad, we shall understand what is satvic harmonia . But before this is possible, we must see and feel fire of hell.  FINN UGRIAN union of 7 brothers Karelia Estonia Hungary Mari, Inkeri   Turkey Finland have lot of strong shamans and engineers who MAYBE can neutralize those universal satanistic forces in Porvoo church and in Kauhajoki , develop from them new kind of energia .

City of Mänttä Vilppula  was signing under their  punishment  of death with  this  letter  yesterday,  but  has  possibility  to make  better  agreement  until 8.8.2019 midday.

Hannu Hietikko ja Melika Ramouz

Mänttä-Vilppulan kaupungin teiltä saapuneista sähköposteista käy ilmi, että olette ilmoittanut joillekin tahoille ostaneenne omakotitontin kaupungilta.

Kaupungin hallintosäännön mukaan tontin varaamisesta ja myynnistä tehdään päätökset.  Tontinvarauspäätöstä eikä myyntipäätöstä ole tehty. 

Mänttä-Vilppulan kaupungille antamienne ristiriitaisten tietojen vuoksi kaupunki ei voi varata teille tonttia.

Ilmoittamanne osoitteessa Suomelantie 2 as 5, 35700 Vilppula oleva huoneisto ei ole hallinnassanne.


Toimeksi saaneena   Mänttä-Vilppulan kaupunki, hallintopalvelut, kirjaamo, Kirsti Niemi


satan church of Porvoo will not explose if government of USA confess their sins in court of Haag for war criminals and go away from NATO. But time is short,  more and more people who hate america hope bad to church of Porvoo and it CAN explose .

Usa CAN fall to mass psychosa in  one day

This  is  not  dream  of Al qaida and isis,  its written  in the Bible apocalypta 18

I have been driving  with this white  bwm  all  these roads from Marocco  to Finland, from Finland to Palestina Egypt . I have  been talking with  thousands  of people  . I know what  is opinion  of majority

USA must  go away from NATO and instead of it come Russian Federatio , Marocco , West  Sahara Palestina , White  Russia , UKRAINA , IRAN ,  Georgia,  Armenia Azerbajdjan,  Sweden and Finland.  Russian  swedish finnish  maroccian polish army together is closing borders  of  new  NATO and renewed european union  with  their navy and airforces.

Common   valuta  politica shall  be  leaded from Berlin using the best  knowledge . Germans should  not  get weapons but  they are most intelligent people in the world to plan  traffic infrastuctura , healthy services and economia in  all  large european  union. We should  start use deutsche markka in renewed european  union. The have not  burned  their money as stupid Finland did   Tyhmä Suomi  poltti rahansa ja antoi  vallan   ulkomaalaisille . Ja kun  oma  typeryys  pelottaa,  pitää  ostaa  lainrahalla  paljon uusia aseita

Members of new europan union  can  use their own  money, zloty, dirham ,markka, rubel,  but  its value is same as DM . National  armies  shall  be  finished , as its said  in the  Bible.  Those who  get  salary from army, shall  get new work  to take care  of legality and peace  inside  Finland  inside  Poland   inside Sweden   inside Ukraina  and IRAN  and  Marocco  ,  inside  Germany  France  Portugal  etc.

Russia and  IRAN  are  the  most  rich  countries  in  the world and  if they  accept  Germany  Finland Holland France , we all should win a lot. Inside markets´´ in new union are so large  that we can  finish  bigger ´´globalization ´´--if there are  too big problems . Russia and  IRAN have  large  nature  resourches and if we  use them with the best intelligentsia, we can  offer to all  citizens   good  healthy services  and  very high standard of living in   all  lands of new European  union. Peace of 1000  years shall  save  large economical  capacity

50 states of america can join renewed NATO and European union if they are ready to become independent and FINISH ´´harlot of babylon´´, federatio USA , FBI, CIA, us army.  All power in new union shall be given to people , using digital direct democratia.

7. I agree this matter 100 % .  
6. I agree this matter 80 %     
5. I agree this matter 60 % 
4. I agree this matter 50 %
3. I agree this matter 40 % 
2. I agree this matter 20 % 
1. I do not agree this matter at all   

King shall come ´´in cloud ´´ says the holy Bible. But before its possible, we must finish all christian churches and religions ( according the Bible )

Isis and Al Qaida are ready to peace of 1000 years when we finish wrongly understood christian religion , COLONIALISM and divide & impera politica.  More as 95 % of  population  in  our world is  in this  kind of role. Its time to cut those  ropes  and let the ship  flow freely  to right direction of TAO

Time is short because USA is planning to continue this illegal war against IRAN. It will be final catastroph , because Iran belongs to SHANGHAI union, and it is 100 x stronger as NATO. Norwegian Johan Galtung from UN has said this, but media not want people know what´s going on

Its time to confess the realities and wake up from this mass psychosa before its too late.

USA was winning german natzies and Japan , they had to create large weapon industry to be able to do it. But this industry is very productive to its owners and they not want finish it. Thats why USA has started lot of new wars and keep with their media power all word in ´´big sleep´´. They were adopting Hitlers megalomania to conquer and rule all world. Brexit of Britannia and ´´custom war ´´ are parts in this operation ´´america first
´´. They use traditional method , break and rule. USA not want strong united Europa but Germany does not accept such rules any more ! 100 000 german  new natzies in south Marocco have close connection with maroccian al qaida. They have networks in all  lands.  Finnish  patriotic persumen start co operate with hungarian  Liberty  and thats  it

Hannu Hietikko hope that Mr Putin gives us good lawyer because situation  is very  dangerous  . In Finland , Poland or Portugal not any advocate have courage to take this case. But Pirkanmaa oikeusaputoimisto  is  responsible to find one , who do  what  did not do

Hannu Hietikko and my wife Melika Ramouz have  residencia and house in  Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 . They gave me  lawyer Andreia CINTRA  but she sent  us to Finland 16.5.2018. They sparked us to Africa . Consulat Finlândia must find us lawyer who  continue  discussion  with prokurator  office  Carminda  Costa   avenue  Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia   8501  960  Portimao 1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM   13.5.2019   1131 70005 .  

 Roman  catholic  priests  nuns and  jehova witnesses  in Portugal and Poland are in danger to become killed, if portugalian  chef of UNITED  NATIONS  not  open court of Haag for war criminals  in Poland  must  take  care  of this matter

  since  year 2005 how  jehova witnesses  family of Stefania Samuel Stanislaw ilnicki   in south west  Poland Miedzylesie were pushing away from our farm finnish polish family Sarnowiak – Hietikko . Go to Finland, we KILL you, this they said with axe in hand also to clients of our hostel ( witness )

. I paid big  money to advocate and he  must  continue this case - 

Hannu Hietikko   Melika Ramouz  1.8.2018  in south Marocco

Please   help  us  in this  matter   .


In Tampere police station  knows  that  


Legal society is not existing in case of Hietikko Ramouz.

Poland  and in Finland BOTH   has  banished  us away. Police in Portugal  Portimao Jose Marques did not want  start  investigate what  has  happened


 Hannu Hietikko and my legal wife Melika.Ramouz   have  residencia in  Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 .  We have small  garden and  house in Portimao  but prokurator F Pinto and advocat Andreia Cintra were ruling  16.5.2018  us to Finland. 


20.7.2018 MIGRI   and  were  ruling  that we  must  be next 3  years  outside European Union.  The  reason  is  my  forbidden  opinions. My wife  had said  nothing 

We  plan  to come to live in Hungary,  but  state of Finland  is  responsible to pay  all  costs of  our  healthy services. (  they  take 600 e /  month  tax from  my  pension )   Im  suffering about  post  traumatic  stress reaction  after  being victim  of too  many  crimes  in Finland  and  in Poland. I need  psychoterapia 2 x  in week (  in BUDABEST )

 At  same  time   you Zoltán KOVÁCS   and  media  in Hungary  could  get  interesting  material  about  human  rights  in Finland

court of Kłodzko Poland  

Sad Rejonowy ul. Bohaterów Getta 15    57-300 Klodzko .  

 Their  court  psychiatric comitea reported how Hannu Hietikko  has  no  kind of  mental  illnesses . But consul of Finland  in varsava  said  how  hietikko  has  bought  that  document.




In court of Jyväskylä Finland 3 lawyers of my  polish ex wife and judge Erkki Marttila were all sure that Hietikko  is  mentally  ill, 100% skitsofrenia, 24 hour out of real  realities says . They not respect kidnapping agreement of Haag, because father  is so seriously  ill. And because Finland is so  much BETTER country as Poland .


If  you Zoltán KOVÁCS   help  us  to  get  residence in Hungary , Finland must show evidences  in  court of Budabest  in what ways Finland  is so much  better as Poland ? This  would  be  interesting  matter in front of  public media  is psychoterapist in Wroclaw , who knows me and my ex wife during 10 years. He knows  doctors of psychiatric comitea and says  that  it would  not have  been  possible  to corrupt older honourable  doctors  of psychiatria Maria Biedunkiewitz and Andrei Hanusz  in Klodko. This what arrogant Finland says and  prevent father and son  meet  each others --  its big  crime. When  they  not want  repair  this  matter,  they spark  us to SAHARA


 .  Finland  not  let  me  see  my son at all. I have not anything bad to my  boy, no crimes ,  but in Finland  is  no  freedom  of thinking

If new  boss  of EU  is going to   do  nothing  ,  she will  get terrible  punishment  in  our fictive  screenplay          

Euroopan komissio – pääsihteeristö 
1049 Bryssel, Belgia

Ursula von der Leyen

Home and  family  is  basic cell  of society, if you  accept such  destruction  in  middle or European Union  ,  fundaments  of EU  are shivering

Please  ask  from JUSTICE man of EU, what  for  this  matter not belong to him ?

I met  2007  in Helsinki  Jacob Söderman , who was JUSTICE man  of EU before . He is in pension and free to talk true. Mr Söderman told me  how this  surely  belongs to EU JUSTICE man.   But he/she has  different opinion . 

 Me Hannu Hietikko  ( citizen  Finland and my maroccian wife Melika Ramouz  
demand that you  Ursula von der Leyen start investigation from  this question . 

 When 2 JUSTICE man of eu have different laws, its sure  that something is not in correct

 2008 court psychiatric comitea in Klodzko Poland  write after serious  investigation  how Hannu Hietikko  is NOT suffering  about any  mental  illness, ---  but court of Finland says 2010(and  still today )how Hietikko  surely is seriously mad.  100 % skitsofrenia,  out  of real  realities 24  hours / day, writes 

 ( but this matter has never been  investigated , says doctor of psychiatria Eija Thomasson in Loviisa Finland ). Its not true, because in Spain Torremolinos , in Germany Loerrach and in Sweden Södertälje doctors in hospital know me. They say how  Finland makes serious  mistakes. Hietikko  is NOT suffering  about any  mental  illness. Melika Ramouz has been living with me 10 years, she has never noticed such.  She  has  been travelling  on  my heavy desert enduro 10 years and ´´dropping  out of  realities even  half second,  would have  been  noticed ´´

But because  of such ´´supposed ´´  strange ilness,  has banished me 2010 away from country where  i was born and  they  never  let  me see my  only child

There is no freedom of thinking in Finland. I had to run away from my home 3 times. First time it  happened in Porvoo 1996  when social  office Elina Paasio  and Paavo Koivisto wanted my  new house to  their child bisnes .


Police Jalo Jokinen did not like my articles in newspaper UUSIMAA . He wrote to  how Hietikko surely  is mad. Police ilmo  jantunen came to warn me how  im  in danger to become closed to mental hospital, if im  writing such stories. Head editor Antti Toiviainen in newspaper UUSIMAA was responsible, because he was publishing them all. He did it because he  know  that  i was working to the biggest employer in city Porvoo, grounder of  Ensio Miettinen. He was  big anarchist  and different  thinker,  I was his advertising man 5 years. But  my boss had stolen to  himself WIFE of comisario Jokinen and he was very  angry. He could  not go to hit  Mr Miettinen, secondly  most rich man in Finland ,  but  it was  possible to punish  me. Old forest around  my house  impivaarantie 87  was  cutted down in  middle  of summer and social  system SS  ladies Elina Paasio  said  that  i  must go away

I had been married with polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak  since 1987. Her friends  wanted to get  our  new house 235  meters in Porvoo and mother  of my ex wife in LODZ wanted that we sell all  in finland and start live in  new free Poland ! Many  people wanted to  push  me  away and when  they finally gave me  strong poison  mushrooms ,    i was  packing  my  motorcycle enduro BMW r 800 and drove alone   next 4  months through europa and turkey, arrived to Jerusalem. Violetta Sarnowiak came  there  in spring 1998 and we arrived together with  bike to sudetian  mountains in south west Poland Miedzylesie. We  bought  old  german  farm 34,5  hectar and started sell  our house in Finland Porvoo and 2 apartments  in centre  of Helsinki 48 m and 96 m. This  money was used to remont  of 4  culture  historically  german  buildings. My ex wife wanted  start  there mountain  hostel bisnes


But  because  i was quite schoked and  confused  many  years  because  of those  psilochybe  mushrooms  of Porvoo and my expreriences  in Palestina GAZA,--- i did not notice  that official  owner  of farm in Poland and apartment in wroclaw  breslau  was  MOTHER of  my ex wife ! Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24   90900 Lodz. She gave order to  my exwife to kidnap  our 4  years  old son to Finland  15.4.2005.  After 2 weeks came 2  police from Miedylesie and said  that also Hietikko  must go away. German  Dietmar Schuller heard that all  and  police  not deny. They say  how  order came from Halina Cieplucha.  But  i  had credit agreement  value 2,2  million euros  and hire agreement  of 30  years.

State of Poland  is  responsible,  because  police  cant  do such to legal eu citizen  with anybodys order,  only by decision  of the  court


I was owning still  one apartment  viides linja 12 a 1 00530 Helsinki.  But  i got banished  also from  there.   

29.4.2007   . Doctor of psychiatria  wrote to  email  how they shall arrest  me  to closed concentration  camp  in seinäjoki 

   IF  i  not stop writing . Docent Petri Luoma, teacher from Helsinki  university was at  my home and saw that e mail.


 Hietikkos texts  should be published as a BOOK, was opinion  of mr Luoma and comisario  But lawyer Aila Koulu said in Helsinki court that Hietikko  is mentally  ill  child killer, court of Poland  and  police of Helsinki  know this.

After that trial , where  i got  no lawyer , m
y polish ex wife was calling to   my older sister and brother in KAUHAJOKI , telling what Aila Koulu  has  said in court of Helsinki.  When  i went  to meet  my  old mother  in KAUHAJOKI,    7 policemen arrested me for 2,5  months and  forced me to eat  lobotomia chemia. When i was in narcosa, they did me all  kind of  unhumanistic  tests, for example sexual violence ( without  condoms ).


Lawyer  visited that concentration  camp of Törnävä and noticed how my  behaving was ´´normal´´,  not mad . He also knows that  Finland was  killing  in Törnävä   before  lot of different  thinkers. In  that forest can be found bones of more as 10 000  victims of fascistic crimes. Finland has  been  killing own citizens more as russians  killed us  in winter war. When  they cant any more use machine guns in Seinäjoki,  they  use false fascistic psykiatria and chemical poisons. More as 1000 cases every year says investigator Markku Salo


When i got out from  there 19.6.2006 , i called to Helsinki  police and asked do you really  think about Hannu Hietikko  in such ways ?

I was living  Helsinki since 1972, owning 3 apartments  in centre of city, advertising office  in PIETARINKATU  and all  my  money was  legal  . No criminal back ground and comisario knew this.  He became angry and said how  Aila Koulu  is telling  big  lies  in court ( once  again ) Police of Helsinki  does  not think that Hietikko could be  dangerous and  needs  treatment  in closed hospital.  Mr  Lotta said  that he has  been reading almost 1000  pages from Hietikkos  text  and recommend to print a book ( after professional editing ) One year ago in Tampere police station  said how she  understand everything very well. 


Legal society is not existing in case of Hietikko Ramouz. 


 Because her boss comisario did not want start  investigation,  MIGRI  said that Hietikko s legal wife  must go out from european  union for  3  years. I had to go also because im 67 old , emotional  reasons and diabetes makes  me  depend of food and herb service of my wife.

According  law of Finland ,  Pirkanmaan oikeusaputoimisto  is responsible to give lawyer to Melika Ramouz and also  to  me --because they did sexual violence  in closed ´´hospital´´

Problem  is that  there is NOT  ANY lawyer in Finland Poland Portugal or Spain , who  could  take Melika  or  me to  their  and EOA  Peter Fagerholm would  be  responsible to  investigate  reason  to this  discrimination , what for I never can see  my  illegally  kidnapped son  , and what for  banished my wife to Africa 20.7.2018 ? 

There is ONE  the same reason  knows  roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz in Poland.  Because of that  one reason my ex wife  killed  our first child  ( by  order of her  mother and  social  ladies  in Helsinki  ( responsible  director )  
Because of that  one reason  roman  catholic  church  and jehova witnesses  in Poland CURSED  our  home and hotel seitendorf

Anna Schabikowska 2011 in Wroclaw  made analyza from this case  ,  but also she  refuse to continue  investigation. Her friends ,  lawyers  Majiec Abresz and Marek Rudnicki  could  make  problems  if lawyer Anna Schabikowska  would  help  Hietikko. Anyhow she  must  say  in  court, what she told to me . 


´´its sure  that  polish  family from LODZ has  been fooling  Hietikko  in  horrible ways ,  and BIG compensations  would  belong to me and  my son´´

but  what  to do  when  boss  of prokurators  in Finland  has  taken  away  from 100 %  invalid  all  police  prokurator  consulat  and  healthy  services  IN  ALL  EU.  This told  me  in  telephone  2007  comisario   In  Jämsä 2010  and in Tampere 2018   noticed  this  in level  of  practice

When  i asked help  from
 EU president  Donald Tusk,  he sent me 5 moths  ago FB  message,´´fuck  islam, fuck you Hietikko´´. FB was destroying immediately that discussion and my  account  Hannu Oskari Hietikko,  but  internet memory is long. Police can find out all what was written.

What  hell  he  means ,  im born from jewish  mother and  babtized in ev. lutheric church  of  Finland. My wife melika  is sunni  musliman  and  they discriminate  me  because  of the  religion  of  my wife

EU  president has no rights to such rascistic hate speech , he hurts honour of 1,6 milliard people.

I want from  Donald Tusk,  or from EU  compensation  of 500 000 e to account Hannu Hietikko


 OKOYFIHH  Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95 


 Im  using that  money  to employ 5  lawyers  in Finland Poland Portugal Spain  and Marocco , who  put these illegal  matters to court process in 5 countries and   commonly  in Strasbourg. 100 000 e fee to each of them

 If  i not  get  that half million  before 31.8.2019 , association  die Gelben rf  take  care  that  1,6 milliard muslimans  hear what mr Tusk  has  said.   They will kill mr Tusk 100 % surely. When he was primie minister in Poland, they started 2003 with USA  big al qaida war  without listening  orders  of UNITED  NATIONS, presidents of  France Russia and  China  said that this was large mistake . The crime was same what Hitler did, more as 10  million has died, 1,5 BILLION dollars wasted   and europa is full of exilers. Donald Tusk , Hillary Clinton, Erkki Tuomioja Tarja Halonen  and Georg Bush may  be  killed  as  leaders  of Germany 1945. ( finland was selling lot of weapons to illegally started war, Patria,  minister Erkki Tuomioja  and  president  Tarja Halonen broke  laws of Finland )

To avoid killing anybody and to be able to finish this  illegal war , we 
must  open  the court  of HAAG  for war criminals


Ursula von der Leyen

You have power to ask eu to  pay half million to 5 lawyers who find out what has  happened in 5  lands to Melika Ramouz  Hannu Hietikko  and my son William  ?

You personally  must investigate 
  did  Mr Söderman talk true ? If EU JUSTICE man refuse to do  his work, you   must spark him/her out and find someone better. If you try to say  how this matter not belong to highest boss of european  union,  it is showing that EU  is not  in  legal condition. Boris Johnsson  is right when he leads british people out from such ´´creisi -house´´. But because   united europa, common valuta, common defence  and common rules are GOOD  matter ,  association Keltaiset ry  anyhow  agree and  support    your targets Ursula von der Leyen.  We want help you

But if you  not can  get european  union  to much better condition, it shall  be  destroyed . Mr Trump wants break EU and make USA strong. They took England to their side ,  next ones are Finland and   Poland  ( 2 most  loyal satellites of usa in europa ) 

You  got big power 
Ursula von der Leyen,  but  you carry also big  responsibility

If EU    demands  full investigation from case Hietikko Ramouz Sarnowiak  , if you  use it  as ´´ INDICATOR´´ ,  you will find what is realistic status quo   of human rights  in  Marocco  and in 4 EU countries Finland Poland Espanja  and in Portugal. If  they follow my ´´footprints ´´ , they know what for all Europa is  in  big catastroph.

After Gemany was fooling small stupid Finland to  join  their  barbarossa project , to kill all russians , who are not able to work of slaves, Mr Paasikivi said. 
´´To confess  the realities, is the  only way  to  better politics ´´

But  once again  finnish  people have forgot this . Historia is  repeating  itself when people  not  learn  anything,  only  new  bad  manners  and stupidens

My road  of exiler is very  long run. It started 1996  when friends of my  polish ex wife ELINA PAASIO and Paavo Koivisto wanted  our new house 235  sq meters in Porvoo to their child  bisnes . They were frightening me to long motorcycle trip from Finland to Jerusalem  and Egypt

When i came  back I had to run away again  from Helsinki  in  may 2007  and  i went to  our  farm  
 in Mittelwald Seitendorf (  Miedzylesie Gniewosow 6  Poland )   But very  soon  jehova witnesses  came in night 13.5.2007 in front of our house and said with axe in hand,  how they burn this house,  if jewish   homosexual  , mentally  ill  terrorist Hietikko  not go away from Poland. --3 witnesses told this in next day to police station  of Klodzko , Marian Misiazek. But  they did not start  investigation, did not put this matter to court of Kłodzko  

Because me and my son William Sarnowiak  could not be in  our home, everything was ´´socialized ´´ ( in  middle of european union ) . Police Adam Polanski said 4.5.2005  that  Hietikko not can come  back here before consulat  of Finland  explain  what means diagnosa 100% skitsofrenia ? Given by and

I have  been investing  there all  my properity in Finland ( value today 2,2 million euro ) and my polish ex wife architect Violetta Sarnowiak  invested very big work of 8 years --We both have only  one  child wich is common , and our properity would belong to him

 But  in LODZ mother and sister  of  my polish  ex wife want sell  our lands 34,5 hectar to german  investors and steal  the money. Keep my ex wife and son  in Finlans because  there is so good social  money for children without father


mother and sister  of  my polish  ex wife in Lodz  gave permission to  neighbour jehova witnesses  stefania and samuel  ilnicki  to use  our forest  for free ---  if they  take  care  that NOBODY can  be in  our  house


Because jehova witnesses wanted kill  me and  police of Klodzko / finnish  consulat  had  nothing against  such plans,  i had to run away to Torremolinos. Their police said me that its  better to hide  myself to Marocco , if im not going to sign under what polish mafia and their finnish  lawyers and demand. I didnt  sell  childhood  home  of  my  kidnapped boy,  but started live in south Marocco  , home wagon in changing adresses. 2009 i found new  wife from the desert Melika Ramouz. 

We have been travelling a lot with my bmw enduro,  my arab / french talking wife has been translating my discussions with al qaida and  german new natzies. Most of them are saved to digital recorder . In Poland Wroclaw i left sd cards to lawyers Marek Rudnicki and Jaroslaw Krotlinski . Also i visited head office of al qaida police in ul Podwala 
Wroclaw. Because  of court  psyhiatric  investigation   they know about Hietikko  more as  myself , said al qaida police international. They trust me and believe  that Hietikko  could  not do anything  bad to Poland. When  Finland  arrest me to mental  hospital 2,5   months and never  let  me see my son, its  clear  that big crime has happened !

Wroclaw Breslau  is  quite ciwilized city  but in  country side  sudetian  mountains  is  law  of ´´wild west ´´.  When i could  not  be at  my farm, in Miedzylesie,  
I made  2008 hire  agreement of 30 years   with finnish  american yoga  association ananda seva But  15.3.2009  in  the night  came armed  gangsters , robbed all  money, cameras, computers, frightened with killing several citizens of Finland, as . Because police of Miedzylesie did not want make crime investigation, wice consul of Finland in warsawa Christina Bergenström said 2009 how their  responsibility is to make NOOTTI ,  notification to administration  of Poland . But  her boss consul  did not want such work to her fine  table.  do  not answer any  mails and in Strasbourg court anna.salmi@formin.fiblocks her mailbox


This  big  international crime  has  been unsolved 14 years and during that time i  was not able to see my  only child at all. His home was 4 first years in  south west Poland. My wife was  polish Violetta Sarnowiak. According agreement of HAAG , matters  of my  kidnapped son  not belong to Finland but to

court of Kłodzko Poland  

Sad Rejonowy ul. Bohaterów Getta 15    57-300 Klodzko .   Their  court  psychiatric comitea reported how Hannu Hietikko  has  no  kind of  mental  illnesses .
 ( psychoterapist in Wroclaw  )

and  me  met  last time 2012  and he said  how until that day,  not any signs  of mental  ilness  has  been  noticed. But if Hietikko  not get lawyer and psychoterapia , post  traumatic stress  reaction CAN turn to direction  of real  madnes. When Finland  banished us to Marocco 20.7.2019  and i  treat my diabetes and  sad feelings with  lot of  cannabis,  my wife worry if i really  finally  become mad. Who  takes  responsibility Ursula von der Leyen ?


 in Poland  they could  never  close to  mental  hospital  man as  Hannu Hietikko, Same opinion has doctors in Sweden Södertälje, in Germany Loerrach  and doctor  of psyciatry Rui Neves in Faro Portugal. But young stupid dr  Neves  wrote me diagnosa PARANOIJA , out of realities. This what i tell from Poland and Finland,  can not be  true .


2015  -2019  i had residencia em Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041  but  they  could  not  offer me  any  psychoterapia or lawyer  who  find out  what has REALLY  happened . Dr Rui Neves say  that im  sick  but not explain  in what ways  my reality is wounded ? Me and my wife demand that he explain  it  in court of Portimao. If he cant show evidences,  Hannu Hietikko demands from  insurance company  of Dr Rui Neves 500 000 e tax free  plus costs of lawyers. We  need  that  money  to  build house to Finland Mänttä


If  he can show evidences of paranoija  or skitsofrenia ,  that ilness  has started after 2012   when I  could not get   lawyer and psychoterapia. State of Portugal has not  taken  care  their responsibilities and must pay me 500 000 e tax free  , plus costs of lawyers.  They were inviting to Portugal  foreign  pensionists with false  promises 10 years tax freedom, good healthy services , security,  all was LIE


City of Portimao  must compensate  this  by giving building permissio to make second floor , wooden loghouse,  bottom 75   sq meters. We  make it for my son William and his mother, because they are in danger in Finland. Violetta Sarnowiak suffers about lack of light. i know her bacuse we were living together 18 years. Because William  is no more child, Violetta can  not get social  money  in Finland. Its time to become  INDEPENDENT


State of Portugal  must give  wizums to 5 people who are in danger in Marocco.   those 5 are mother and sister of my wife  and 3 children  15 , 20  and 22  old . Downstairs of our house  must  be given to them 



In south Marocco is hiding lot of german new natzies, working together with maroccian al qaida networks in all European lands. They have developed new kind of weapons, look out as normal PEN  or telephone. But it shoots with no noise very tiny sharp needle with superpoison. Victim think that it was a mosquito, but soon start pains of hell and hallusinations of apocalypta. After 2 weeks HELL comes mercyfull death. They want start some operations in Poland Finland and in Spain Fuengirola  . It was Poland and USA who started this AL QAIDA war 2003 when UNITED NATIONS said no ! Dont do it ! Their crime was same as Hitler did. Spain was joining this crime !  Weapon industry of Finland PATRIA got from Poland biggest client in their historia and all involved in Finland shall be killed. .( in  level  of this cinema )


saksa  unohti  lupauksensa 1945  ettei se milloinkaan  enää  lähettäisi  aseistettuja  joukkoja  rajojensa ulkopuolelle..  Korkeaan EU virkaan valittu saksan entinen puolustustusministeri on sotarikollinen ,  vastuussa yli 10  miljoonan  ihmisen  tappamisesta. EU  presidentti  , sotarikollinen  Donald Tusk  oli siihen aikaan Puolan  pääministeri kun  YK n  kieltämä sota aloitettiin


 Tekeillä olevassa  fiktiivisessä  elokuvassa  Suomea  koskeva  sotasuunnitelma  etenee  siten  että Antti Rinteen  hallituksen  kaikki  jäsenet  piikitetään 2 viikon  helvetti  lomalle  ja sen jälkeen  hautausmaalle


Kansanedustajista  piikitetään  kaikki  muut  paitsi Persujen  edustajat . Jussi Halla Aho  nimitetään  presidentiksi  niin  pitkäksi aikaa  kunnes Puolaan  on saatu  presidentti  jonka 55 % enemmistö  valitsi. Hän on toistaiseksi  näkymättömässä  muodossa ,  mutta  on tuleva alas  taivaasta  salamoinnin  saattelemana . Ottaa  tavallisen  ihmisen  hahmon,  kuten Arto Paasilinnan  kirjassa  ukkosen jumalan  poika  kuvataan. Suomen  persut  ohjaavat  maan digitaaliseen suorademokratiaan. Kaikki  valta annetaan kansalle,  jolle se  perustuslain  mukaan  kuuluu. Edustuksellinen  demokratia  AY  liike  ja tuhannet  korporaatioiksi  kutsutut  mafiat kokevat  maailmanlopun. Kaikki  kristilliset  kirkot ja uskonnot  lopetaan  kuten Raamatussa  lukee.


If you  translate that text,  you  understand  that situation  is serious. I have self seen those killing  pens and telephones. They  plan to produce them a lot and start  everywhere in Europa  harmakeddon  at same day. They kill all  who  have something against peace of 1000  years  and common  king Jesus Christ to  Finland  Poland Portugal Russian Karelia Mari  Inkerinmaa West Sahara  and Palestina . Its question  about  christian revolution. Everything  happens  according  the Bible,  all christian  churches and  religions shall  be  finished   police in Finland says  how Hietikko  has  full  reason  and rights to write angry  letters and comisario  has asked  him to publish  a book,  but has  different opinion,  they  were ruling 20.7.2018   that  my wife     must  go away from european  union   for 3  years.  promised to find to Melika  a lawyer


The bill


.Honour consul of Finland 

You are lawyer who get your salary from government of Finland . You must have known that Finland never accept such bisnes. You made agreement in march 2015 between finnish citizen Hannu Hietikko and state of Portugal. --10 years taxfreedom , good healthy and police services.

Your secretare made big public advertising in internet collecting money to her private bisnes Suomi Algarve seura . Promising to give all needed advices. My wife Melika needs such advices now and she is member of Maijas association. She waits for call 00212 615 700 148

 All this was illegal fooling and law office giselia.m.farias must pay me

100 000 e taxfree compensation before 17.7.2019


OKOYFIHH  Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95 


After 17.7.2019 start over time interest 7 % ,. If I must sell these claims , russian and maroccian credit & depts collectors add to saldo their costs 50 % .

Also  her  law office  is  responsible  to  put all  this  material  to  court of Strasbourg -- 


Escritório Prokurator Avenida Carminda Costa Miquel Bombarda Palácio Justicia 8501 960 Portimão

sua carta 1279/19 .0 T 9 PTM 13.5.2019 1131 70005.
RESPOSTA de Hannu Hietikko, residencia em Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 e minha esposa



Prokurator  office  Carminda  Costa   avenue  Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia   8501  960  Portimao

your letter 1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM   13.5.2019   1131 70005 .   


ANSWER  from  Hannu Hietikko, residencia in Portugal E 1507795  Tax  number 286014041 and my wife Melika.Ramouz



We  do not  understand what you  write. Consulat Finland refuse to help. We need lawyer


 Social  office gave us advocat <>  She wrote on Mon, May 13, 2019 how she FINISH all work in our case. We not accept  such , she must carry responsibilities from her wrong advices in spring 2018.




In Finland  lawyer can tell you what happened when we  followed those advices  and went there  16.5.2018 . They said how we shall  be killed and all  islamic people shall be sparked away.


 Comisario and did not want start  investigation. All lawyers refused to help. Police started CRY when she read us decision of MIGRI  that my wife must be next 3 years outside European union. Im 67 and i have diabetes, im depending on  my wife and i got banished also from  land where i was born 1.11.1951. This happened because of wrong advices of dr Cintra and  now she  does  not want continue this case ! 


 She ask me to find  new lawyer but finnish advocat Alexander von Hellens does not answer to my email, because he is member of . ( lawyers association of Finland ). My demand to them  is 7 million euro taxfree, and i remind about law of islam. ( because we are banished to Marocco ) Stealing a son shall be punished by death. All  involved execpt Violetta Sarnowiak and social  worker ( she is only  one who try to help victims of crimes )


7 million euro  to  HIETIKKO HANNU

OKOYFIHH  Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95


If  the  lawyers  association  can show evidences about skitsofrenia in  plan unianova  .eu  , in  that case 7 million euro must come from  my  previous  employer ENSTO Porvoo.  Its  owner, chairman  of board Ensio Miettinen  was  personally  training  me 5  years

During 14 years lawyers association of Finland  have  been breaking kidnapping agreement of Haag and prevented father and son meet each others, saying how Hietikko has 100% skitsofrenia . and give them such  information and those 2  must explain  in court of Portimao and Strasbourg what is more true and healthy  wiew reality as told by Hietikko ? 


In  Spain  Torremolinos doctors  say how Hietikko  is unusually healthy comparing to mad alcoholized finns generally and in islamic lands they call me mr ELWAFI. It  means spirit of Truth. Leading priest in Finland Keuruu  said how his way of thinking is the same as Hietikko  and  Ensio  Miettinen  in Porvoo , - but in court of Jyväskylä 3 lawyers are shouting how all  3  are  mad

In Portugal Faro dr Rui Neves gave diagnosa  31.3.2015   paranoija , it also means out of real  realities . Also   he must explain in court of Portimao and Strasbourg how its possible that such man drive 40 years heavy motorcycle around the  world without  any  accidents ? And what is  more true story of happenings  in Poland and in Finland ?  If he not can give arguments , my demand to state of Portugal  is 500 000 e taxfree plus costs of lawyer . During 4 years  dr Rui Neves  has not answered and this show how Portimao city is not able to take care of my  healthy services.


When doctor Neves say  how Hietikko is sick, he  must say also in what ways the highest priest in  Keuruu  and Hietikko  are sick and what to do to become healthy ? He would like to give me not of lobotomia chemia but this we not accept

ORDEM dos AVOGADOS Faro Portugal, presidente Jose Leiria

You  and social  office  has nominated  to me  3 lawyers  , Sonia Raminhos , Padhilo Brito  and Andreia Cintra ,  but  all  they  refuse to help us .  We  paid  privately 1500 e  to  , to Ana Paula Duarte  and Ivo Belchior Dias  but they stole our  money and did nothing more.  Foreign  pensionist in Portugal  are outlaws, no  human rights , no promised taxfreedom, no healthy services. Williams keller Ruth Alexandra  stole from us 25 000 e ,  internet company MEO robbed 700 e. Social office refuse to give us european healthy insurance  cards and we can  not  get healthy services in  any  land . Witness


social office in PORTIMAO  av. Afonso Henriques, 8500 502 PORTIMAO Portugal is responsible to send soonest such cards to Hietikko and Ramouz to honour consulate of Finland  in Agadir Maroc.


   Fernando Bruno Pinto sent us  letter 31.1.2018  ,  3176/  174 T 9 ptm. Prokurator and police chef Jose Marques  in Portimao  did not  want  continue crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM


 Advocat   Andreia Cintra, Rua do comercio 72   - 2 andar,-  8500- 633  Portimao  promised 2018 to take care of this case . 


She was reading to us letter from  Fernando Bruno Pinto   and  said  that we  must go to Finland and ask shelter of exiler,  because Portugal is not safe  place for us ,  before problems with polish mafia are solved. Police chef Jose Marques and Fernando Bruno Pinto does  not  want  handle the question  what for family of my  previous  wife in Poland  Lodz  would  like  to kill me and my new  wife Melika Ramouz ? Or frighten us to sign under that we have no demands and mother of my ex wife can sell my  farm 34,5 ha in sudetian mountains Poland. 


Such activities happened in Portimao 7.7.2017 and they have  motivation  of 2,2    million euros to take us to ´´nightly boat trip with cement shoes´´. This they said to my wife and she got heart attacts. ( witness portimao healthy centre dr Elena Tsyba ). We had to go away from Portimao and leave our house alone


We went to Finland 16.5.2018 but comisario  in KEURUU  did not want start  investigate what for polish  MOTHER  of my  ex wife  Violetta Sarnowiak  Kivijärventie 300   42700  KEURUU does not want  respect registered marriage agreement  1989 in court of Porvoo and credit  agreement  of 2,2   million euros  3.9.1996 ?


 Farm in Poland  belongs to me and i should  like to give it to  our common son William 18 years old. But  my ex wife  try to steal from her own child and  lie to finnish court  how our farm in Poland was bought with  money of her  mother Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  90900 Lodz.

We have legal documents to show  that  this  is  not true


 When Jose Marques and Fernando Bruno Pinto say  how ´´we not know , who is  behind these crimes,  its not true.  Planners  of this dirty game  are Halina Cieplucha and  cousin of my ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz , also  sister of my exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz Her husband Pawel self has said how he belongs to mafia of Lodz


conditions  of  peace to jehova witnesses