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I m citizen of Finland Hannu  Hietikko . I was educated in Helsinki art academia TAIK and i was working to finnish  export  industry  as advertising AD. My clients were such as NOKIA and  .  This  is my  offer to government  of Tsech republic and to european union.

Perma culture association Keltaiset ry wants buy farm 35 -  50  hectar in Tsech rp  Rokytnice  area,  near  polish  border and  my  previous  home in Miedylesie Gniewoszow. We  want building  permissons to  70  wooden  loghouses  bottom 170  sq mtr ,  exhibition willage  of  producers  in  your country , in Hungary Estonia Russian Karelia and Mari ( finn  ugrian  nations ) FUN. We  promise to  arrange good workplaces 2000-3000 e /  month everywhere in Tsech rp, to wood carvers , architects artesanes,  textil and   visual artists -  if you  let  us  do this. 

If you sell  us with  friendly  price farm 40 -50   hectar in  beautiful  place near Rokytnice and  if you give  wizums and  work  permission  to 20  members  of  my  family  , we can  arrange  to  Tsech rp
rent agreement  of 1020  years (  one  euro / year ) 40 -50   hectar  in subtropical  beach  of sidi Tual, 30  km  to south from Agadir  international  airport. Because of wonderful  climate there come million  foreigners  in  year  from  all  countries. They would sleep in  these wooden  loghouses made in Tsech rp and  buy  such  houses  or their  furnitures  paintings  home  machines etc  to  their  own  lands

This  idea is simple,  but simple  ideas are  the best

In  finn  ugrian   kalevala  shamanism  we know many secret  methodes.  If we put  piece of south to  north  and  piece of  north to south, sampo  machine ,  plus sum  game  starts  run.. Dealing gold and  diamonds in spiritual and material  meaning --to everybody  more as  they have  asked ´´. Such ´´gold time ´´ was  long time ago in China and  finnish  forest. In forgotten Atlantis of  south Maroc.  In  our  times  internet gives possibilities to  do it.

We  can  get  such agreement  of 30  years 34  periods 1020 years from Sidi Tual Takad and his Majestet Muhamed VI,  if companies  architects artists from Tsech rp  make  this  beach 40 ha  very  productive  and  pay  tax to commun  sidi BIBI and to state of Maroc. Tax to those 2  could be  only 7 % if we  get  land 40 ha  in Rokytnice for  free

this  is  matter  of negotiation. We  are waiting  for you  offers -Tel   to  me  to Agadir  00212 528 320 361.

 farm and building workers from Marocco come from  Melikas big family. Young,   men forest  farm  and  building  workers , with no criminal historia. They are unmarried 
and  find their  wifes from tsech  girls  to  be  able to learn local  language    and  get adopted to tsech   society. 
wizums  and  permissions  we need to those 12  men and 

to   my  wife , Melika Ramouz,  to her sister and 3 children , to her mother Fadma Rakibi and to melikas adopted daughter  1 years old   to my  adopted  son 1,5  old  and  to  his  mother   

--alltogether  20  people needs wizums and work  permissions  to tsech  rp

If  you  accept this  project and wizums to 20 people,  you will  get   43 ha 

to build centre of  tsech  CULTURE, .


 You  can employ 1200 e /  month  100  local murarski workers to  build mur 3 mtr high around  ´´ fort PRAHA  ´´ of 43 hectar, style jugend art  nouveau 1906, nature stones and beton. Ground floor bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers fixed standard price 20 e / day. Upstairs wooden loghouses and their charming interiörs from tsech  producers. 170 sq mtr sala, 4 mtr high for concerts  and exhibitions  of  visual  arts  in tsech  rp.  In III floor 7 sleep rooms 20 e / day

Inside    fort PRAHA    ´´  by  wonderful  beach tsech  artists can  arrange  364 days per year large festivals .The  best  parts  of  tsech  culture ,  jazz  blues  country  rasta  rock and  roll,  high quality cinema and theathre performances. We sell  lot of tickets  and association pay 44 % to  landowners  Kingdom Marocco and sidi BIBI Takad communa . 

 There is  wonderfull  climate also in winter and we can get  millions   people   from all  world  to  fly  to  sunny AGADIR and  beach Sidi TUAL fort PRAHA  . They will  enjoy marvellous culture festivals  and  beach!  They want buy such  new  jugend  tsech  houses  or  paintings carpets   furnitures  artesan works or home  machines  to their own  lands . The  ´´yellow network ´´ in  2 lands shall  make  it and send by  trains or  ships. In this  project we use cars only  to local delievery .

 2  km  from  the  beach is  big empty desert ,  far from all  houses,  no  noise  limits. In  that  area Keltaiset ry  art  academia agadir   wants make big stadion  for speedway and  motocross  bike ,  bicycle and  running competitions,  international  , every week end  friday -sunday. We  need  to co-operation all tsech german and polish  speedway and  motocross clubs 


The stadion  would  be  closed  by  stores of russian pinewood and the  buildings  where we  start  large  production of loghouses  furnitures  home  elecronica  art  and artesan  works.  The  roofs  of these buildings  in  form of ´´steps´´  sitting  places for 100 000   people.   fort tsech    arrange  many  kind of music festivals  and  cinema  under  dark Sahara  evenings.  Millions of people want  keep their holiday in place where is  not only beach,  but  lot of interesting  happenings


 Pine  wood and stone for fireplaces ( TULIKIVI in  google )  comes by trains  from Russia. They  send to  south Maroc   every  month 50 empty ships to take  fish wegetables and fruits. They can start bring lot of pinewood and vuolukivi to habours of al hoceima tanger agadir sidi ifni  Dakhla. They  send it by  trains to Tsech  republic Hungary Estonia Karelia  where  is  railway or  ship  connection. In this  project we  use  cars  only to local delievery
Millions  of   maroccians are  in very difficult situation in Europa because of   growing anger against islamic people )  Big al qaida   war  was  illegally started 2003  ( against orders of United Nations ) .   USA and Poland  started  it  and  they  must  answer  about  this  crime  in  court  of Haag for  war criminals  Donald Tusk  Hillary Clinton  etc.  Trump  has  said  how this  was  biggest  mistake  in  historia of usa.  More  as 15  million  killed,  Libya broken  and  black Africa wants  come  to west europa and  skandinavia.  6  million  exilers  in Turkey  will  arrive  soon ...If  we  not  finish  the  war and open court  of Haag for  war criminals


 Marocco  turist bisnes  has  been  loosing  lot  of  money  because of  this  illegal war. We  must FINISH  it  now  between tsech rp , Algeria and  Maroc. If we  start  this production  of nice homes and  offer  them to  40  million  maroccian AND algerian  emigrants  with  attractive  prices,  they will  come away from France Belgium Holland  Skandinavia.

 After fort tsech  in sidi tual beach  is  continuing  lovely  beach  1200  km  long . Its today  mostly empty and we could build it full  of  such homes. Ground floor bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers fixed standard price 20 e / day. 140  e / day -  tax to Marocco 14 %. In west sahara we  should deal tax 7 % to Maroc  7 % to Algeria and finish all quarreling.  Upstairs  wooden loghouses  170 sq mtr sala, 4 mtr high for the maroccian or algerian  emigrant family,   in III floor 7 sleep rooms . With  common  marketing those gast house rooms would be always  occupied. Road connection in that beach should be  only with  noiseles  electric  vechicles

This  deal  i  have  been  offering to Poland , i wrote  it to  15  lawyers. To  president and prime  minister of Poland. Nobody  is  interested  and  they  not  let  me  go back to  my  farm in Miedzylesie.  Its  out of question to  give  20  wizums  to  my  maroccian  family.

 I  was  married 18  years  with polish  architect  and we  lived in Poland 10  years. T  Court of  warsawa gave  me  already 2007  permission  to be  owner  of  34,5  hectar  farm  in Miedzylesie, but  my  neighbours KILL  me  if i try to go there. ( witness )

i  have  marriage  agreement  registered in  court Porvoo 1989  and it  says  how this  farm  is mine.    I promised  to give  from  annual  netto  the  same to  my previous polish wife Violetta as i take  myself to me and to  my  maroccian wife melika  ramouz. To my son ,  i m  going to give 2 times  more

What for this  not suit to Violetta ?

Because  she  knows  that  it  takes  100  years  before  in Poland  is  legal society .

Behind this  problem is also  RASCISM  in Helsinki.  They  did  not want  give  healthy services to ´´all  kind of  russians ´´ This  they said to  my  legal  polish wife  and she  killed our  child with  abortion. Reason to   this  were war crimes of german  natzies in Poland. They  put violas  father Wieslaw Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  90900 LODZ  -- in age of 5  to german school  where  natizies  were  beating  polish  children hard to head almost everyday. Violetta was  first  child, and  her  father did this same to small innocent shy girl  until age of 16  years. In her  brains are broken some  important  part ,  mantelitumalisäke. She  is  not creisi  but  no  power  to fight against  wish  of  psychopatic rulers,  such  as her  mother sister  and  finnish  social  system  SS  ladies. Because order of her  hard mother , she killed  our first son with abortion  in Finland.  Her  mother did  not want  that  we make child in Finland, we  had to sell  all  my  properity in Finland (  value today 3,69 million euros ) Roman catholic priest  in Poland was cursing our home  and turist bisnes  because this  murder was uckly crime . 

Priest Josef Siemasz can say  in court of  Klodzko that  reason  to this  murder and  kidnapping of our   second boy to Finland ---is  one, the  same  reason. Whats  that reason, this knows also  police of Klodzko, violas  psychoterapits  and  all willage  of Gniewoszow. Its question about violence of germans but court of Finland  says  how reason  is  ´´mental  ilness´´  of Hietikko ---and  never  let  me see  my  kidnapped son

Finland  breaks  kidnapping agreement  of HAAG . Matters of our family  belong to court of Klodzko  ---and  i  need  lawyer to take this matter to them
State of Poland police Adam Polanski in Miedzylesie is responsible about damages in  our farm after 4.5.2005 when  polanski  was ruling me to go away. But  our  polish  lawyer  must  blame state of Finland  and  , because  they  have  given some  untrue  terrible diagnozas. Violetta and her  mother  has  told such in  small  primitive  willage . Our neighbours  jehova witnesses  ilnicki  were  very afraid  that i  plan to  kill  them. Thats why  police had to push me away. Thats  why Violetta  had  to kidnap  my 4 years  old boy to Finland ---to secret  adres

police Adam Polanski said  that  i cant come  back  before  consulat in  warsawa explain  what means 100% skitsofrenia ?
Court psyhiatric comitea of Klodzko  3 years  later  got  ready  raport 6  pages where they say  how Hietikko  is  not  going to  kill anybody and he has no  mental  ilnes. Not  any % skitsofrenia.  / Finland gives  such diagnozes to different  thinkers  and  living artists. More as 1000  healthy  men every year are captured and poisoned, says investigator Markku Salo  . Its  national  ashame  of finland, he said in tv and loosed immediately  his work  in 

Court  of Klodzko  can  become  very  famous  in all  world  when  they expose  national  ashame  of finland  in  front  of  media.At  same  time,  you should  demand  from Finland HUMBLE  public  ask  of forgiving. Finland was  sending  lot of men to join  german SS  killers to Poland and Ukraine.  5 million  polish  people  was  killed, 20 million  russians. My  father had to go to barbarossa war  in age of 19. Now Finland  kill  my son  and  kidnap  an  other  one

 My  lawyer   can write big bill to state  of Finland. My  previous employer Ensto  is  VERY rich  family company  and  i was  their advertising AD  6 years. I did my work  well  but  from owner  family  wanted my  place. Engineers of ensto Kari Metso  Marjo Miettinen  Reijo Kallio  and Olli Antila ( isokyrö  hevonkoski ) made me  diagnoza 100% skitsofrenia  and  doctor  confirm this big lie

State of finland   must come to tell  to Court  of Klodzko , what are the  arguments  to say  how Hietikko  is  ´´mentally  ill ´´  or  finland  is so  much better country  as  Poland,  that  they  not  must respect  kidnapping agreement  of haag ? They vere separating totally  me  from  my son 14  years

it was  big torture and violence  and state of finland  must  pay  me 7  million euro taxfree  plus costs of lawyers.  With  this  money  i  can BUY  good farm  in Tsech rp

We should  invite to court of Klodko witnesses  from Finland , professor Jussi Halla Aho and bank director Björn Wahlroos. Those  2  men  can explain to polish court  how Finland  is falling  down  like stone,  its moral,  sense of  justice, security and economia is ruined,  population  is  growing  only  by  muslimanes. But still  today ´´normal ´´ finns  has  such  thinking  how  polish  people are  much  more ´´lower´´  and  Finland  is  much better  land to small child. This arrogantsia  is  heritage from  german  natzies and  its time  to  put  mirror  in front  of  president Sauli Niinistö  and 250 000 social system ss  ladies

similar  similibus  curantus,  is  principe of homeopatia. Similar can  be  cured with similar´´Finnish  social natzies and  their  satanistic  system  can be  eliminated with  real  natzies  from  east germany sweden finland estonia poland

Before  something terrible starts  happen--
we  need  your  help  immediately  to  make  family  agreement , wizums and work  permissions
Viola  has been  blackmailing  me 14 years to accpet me to sell  my lands to neighbours. To  people who said me 8  years , ´´go to finland , we   kill  you  and  burn your house´´. Violas sister and mother in Lodz has made some PRE agreements and took  money from mafia. They were so sure  that Hietikko  not can defend himself and not any  lawyer want help  me. 

Now they should pay BACK to  mafia and situation is illegal, crime court in Klodzko  must  be opened  against family  of Stefania ilnicki  and Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  90900 Lodz. Ilnicki family  is  not  polish,  they  are mountain  banditos  from Kazakstan . They  kept me in crime court 2005-2008  saying  how  Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  terrorist. But court psychiatric comissio in Klodzko  knows that Hietikko  has  no  kind of mental  ilnes,  no agressions,  no  criminal   historia  in  any  land.   

Ilnicki  must give to  association Keltaiset ry  owning  of 8,5  ha and all  buildings because of such nonsense  trial and terror  of 8  years . ´´  go to Finland, we kill you´´. This  they  said with  axe in  hand also to clients of our  hostel .

  Melikas  family are peaceful  farmers and they  not put their fingers to this matter. 

In Maroc are lot of german new  natzies  and they have networks everywhere. They has  promised go to gniewosow  and say  to jehovawitnesses  ilnicki,  ´´ go to finland we  kill  you , if you are here after 2 weeks ´´. When they say to  how they are  in danger to be  killed in Poland, Veistamo give them  money  healthy services  and new warm  home  in 

 Me and Melika  hope  that court of Klodzko  act rapidly and i  not  must ask  help  from german ´´sport clubs ´´.  Doctor Henryk Lange and farmers in  gniewoszow jidek zamosch  piort piaskus mietek  steinzek  has  said  how this  family has  been  terrorizing ALL  willage since 1945  when stalin  pushed  such  banditos from kazakstan  to  help  communistic  police  of Miedzylesie , to spy  polish farmers  , what they eat, what they  talk ? Such old power  constructions exists  still  in small  back side willage,  in  middle  of  european  union

when  this  trial  in Klodzko  happens  in front  of  international  media, 40 million  polish  emigrants   know  that NEW  FREE Poland  is coming finally !  Stalinistic  systems  shall  no  more  exist.  They start  think  to come  back to  their  big  beautiful  land  and we  produce them  nice  wooden  loghouses  (  this  matter  we cancel,  we buy  farm from Tsech Republic Rokytnice 30  to south from problematic Gniewoszow ) . People  there  are  much more correct  and  honest as in  kurva Poland )

Me and my polish architect wife were  living in that house 1998-2008 repairing 4 culture historically  valuable german buildings to be  our home and ´´centre of  7 finn ugrian nations´´50 rooms. But we  had to  interrupt this project, police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski said 4.5.2005 that we must go back to Finland. He  says  that  order was coming  in  letter  from Violas  mother  halina cieplucha  in Lodz.  When  i asked  police Miedzylesie give  me copy from  that  letter,  they did  not have  it. Police was  liening

When  i  had  to go away,  i could  not go to Finland. Violetta  has  been  asking 3 times finnish  police to arrest  me, to close to mental hospital  2,5  months.  social system ss boss Riitta Vanhanen  was  banishing  me 2010  to marocco.  They broke  basic law  of Finland  because im  born  there and  my father had to be in war  to defend ´´freedom´´  of fascistic Finland and  Germany

Holy Alberts association Wroclaw promised take responsibility from  that  place. German  Allianz made expensive full  value  insurance and  it shall  pay  us big  money ! 

We  want  buy  40 - 50  ha   farm  tsech  rp Rokytnice  in beautiful  surrounding. We  shall invite   there lot of hungarian finnish estonian  and german home cars. They are very  independent , need  only water firewood and  security .

12 maroccian men  clean forests to be beautiful  park  and make  bisnes with fire wood. Culture  association  Keltaiset ry  arrange  music festivals and get big incomes from tickets. 2 % of this bisnes can be a lot

We  invite there motorcycle clubs  to meet eachothers, some weeks we can sell to different kind of religious groups. Work of 12 men is to take care of security and build new  wooden loghouses from hungarian  estonian karelian , maroccian and  tsech   producers. We are selling these houses furnitures art and artesan works carpets cheramica home electronica and  create network from companies and home verstats everywhere in Hungary Estonia  Karelia Mari tsech  and Marocco .

 2 new  schools  take care of their  marketing  advertising,  plans of  logistica and  product development. The companies in  ´´yellow network´´ save  50 %  in costs of production. We shall win all  global markets in sector of ´´homes,  basic living´´ . Producers   pay us 7 %  from  their  nettoprofit to salaries  of teachers in 2 schools

1998-2008 in those 4 buildings  in  Miedzylesie  was´´centre of 7  finn  ugrian nations´´Hungary Estonia Karelia Inkeri Finland Mari and Saame ( Lappland ) exhibition of visual  arts and psychodrama theathre. These people came long time ago from India and their first living area in Europa was SEITENDORF mountain and Klodzko walley. In finnish estonian karelian lanquage are lot of same words with sanskrit. We are the oldest nation in Europa but berbers in Maroc are  older as we


President of the
Republic of Poland
Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Andrzej DUDA
Flag of the President of Poland.svg

Finnish culture association Keltaiset ry  sent this  initiative to EU to Donald Tusk. He  answered in FB  shortly ´´ fuck  you  hietikko,  fuck  islam´´. But  im  born in Finland and my mother was jewish ! That is strange  talking from  president of EU komissio.  He  did  not  understand  my  meaning

Because  Poland  is too  conservative  and not  accept anything  what smells NEW,  this  offer  goes 23.10.2019 to  consulat / government of  tsech rp.  Also  we  are  open  to offers from Hungaria. We  can  make  such  exhibitionwillages  also to Estonia  and in Karelia WÄRTSILA for finnish  and swedish  clients

 In Finland and  in  west europa  exist  similar problems as in  natzi  germany 1938.

 Maroccian people have same role as jews before . My wife Melika has heard terrible stories. Also in Finland Mänttä Vilppula 2018  they said how ALL  islamic people shall  be  pushed away. Ethnic cleaning  as it was  in Finland 1918

 Respected King of Marocco,   Muhamed VI.

you  must  help  your  people to go to safe west Sahara and earn 140 e / day

---with this program ´´K´´  government  tsech rp  can show   example  how they CAN  take 20 people   from islamic  marocco, give  wizums and  work permissions  with no  problem ,

  in such case when  those 20   not make  any  danger,   but  useful  work  helping NL  belgium   and France to get 5 million  maroccians   back home

Bank  account of association has  been  in Helsinki and finnish police  have rights to  look what happens  there. This project it 100%  ly  legal

 Art Academia Agadir A 3 ( keltaiset ry association ) ( registered and accepted by Finland )
iban: FI 3447304720017228 BIC: HELSFIHH.


If Tsech Rp  gives us 20  wizums and  make agreement,  bank account shall  be  in Tsech Rp , and your police  has rights  to  controll  this  milliard  bisnes


this world  is  sick  and it  needs good  medicine.

Cannabis has been used many thousand years in your country and in north Africa , near and middle east India China .

 In the Bible is written ´´when I went away , you saw me in cloud, and when you see me re come , you will see me in cloud.´´

But this heavenly majestet did not mean that he needs ´´puor mans nirvana´´. Those fishermen and sheepheards were using cannabis to understand better , to be more sensitive. Johannes who wrote the last part of the Bible in Patmos island , was using cannabis everyday. So did also TAO monks in CHINA already 5000 years ago. Previous president of European council Donald Tusk has confessed in TV how he also has been using quite a lot of cannabis. ( that photo is lended from ILTALEHTI )


culture association Keltaiset ry  makes you offer where is not easy to say NO.

Government in your country keeps more as million men prison because of cannabis, in Poland and in Finland such people are several hundred thousand .World healthy organization WHO says how it is good medicine, not so harmful as alcohol and cigarettes . Thats why Usa Canada Tsech rp Holland Germany makes cannabis legal.

Police in Finland says how they have new problem. From China is coming lot of syntetic material which looks out and smell the same as maroccian. But there is dangerous material inside. Millions of people are in big danger

Because Maroc is the best in all world to produce this old homeophatic herb , you should ´´mark´´ your original product with stamp ´´K ´´ ( kings quality ) and sell it legally to all world 5 e / gram

This would make to Marocco large annual incomes and you could offer good healthy services also to puor maroccians . Many  of them try  to go to europa because  there is 
healthy services and  pension  to  old  people.  But Europa  not WANT them anymore  because  they  make dirty booring works with robots. France would be  happy  if all  maroccians  get  place in  paradise, 1200  km  long subtobical  beach  incomes  140 e / day with  very small work .

Cannabis is good also to cars and growing lot of it would help in climate problems.

 Setting million men free from prisons would mean big save of money. Marocco NEEDS this  money to  get  healthy services !

Many happy children would get father back home .

according our offer , all annual cannabis production should be sended to Agadir.

Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes  deal it to all other world 5 e / gram

0.5 e / gram tax to city of AGADIR  who arrange big safe store to habour and employ few people to take care. Agadir can change its laws and sell  it legally to millions of foreigners in year

0.5 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Marocco

0.5 e / gram tax to land of final marketing  ( Marocco Tsceh  Portugal Finland, Poland, Spain, Germany , Russia..)


0.5 e / gram to shop who sell it ( legally ) in Agadir , in  Mänttä Finland , Miedzylesie Poland, Portimao  Praya VAU beach in Portugal, in Tsech  rp 

0,5 e / gram to healthy services of puor people in Maroc

1,5 e / gram to farmer families  in Maroc , who product and pack cannabis. Send it legally to Agadir international store. Nobody goes to prison because of this

1 e / gram to keltaiset ry to arrange international logistica, quality control , product development and culture happenings in Agadir  to get  here million  foreingers  per year

. Large maroccian cannabis money could be situated to Finland  to account of culture association Keltaiset ry .

Art Academia Agadir   A 3 ( keltaiset ry association )

iban: FI 3447304720017228   BIC: HELSFIHH.

Police of Finland , , inspectors from ketama chechaouen farmers and government of maroc have right to control that dealing money goes correctly

If you  give us 20  wizums and  make agreement,  bank account shall  be  in Tsech Rp


If  you want to  team Tsech  rp   and  sidi Tual, send your applications to


Youssef Dassine     3/1- 3/2 Fondation Hassan II     Avenue Mohammed V   80000 Agadir Maroc
telephone to me,    in finnish  or  simple  english   00212 528 320 361
at  day of big   tabernackel ( home coming ) 14.10.2019  Hannu Hietikko   citizen of Finland



My homes in Finland and in Poland were destroyed, my first son was  killed by abortion and second boy kidnapped in age of 4.  Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz says how there is  one reason to these both crimes. According law of Poland it was a murder, never juridically old,  but  prokurator does not act. Polish mafia blackmail money and not  let us meet  eachothers.  Police Adam Polanski banished me away from  my farm  and Kamila Michalowska gave it to ´´association of Holy Albert ´´ . They stole and destroyed all. Advocat  in Wroclaw Poland could tell  you that 67  old citizen of Finland Hannu Hietikko is  victim of serious crimes in Poland,  but not any lawyer can help me and my  kidnapped son. in Finland can assure  how  situation is the same. In Spain Marbella took 1000 e but says how he can not do anything more. I made residence 2015 to Portugal but   Presidente do Conselho Regional <>José Leiria can  not find  any lawyer to take this case. 7.7.2018 family of my polish ex  wife sent mafia men to our home in Portugal . They have motive of 3,69 million e  to kill  me and my wife Melika. Police in Portimao did not want investigate, lawyer Andreia Cintra sent us to Finland 16.5.2018. banished us  out from EU 20.7.2018 and i could not see my  son any  moment. Finland take tax 600 e / month from  my  pension, but not give any  healthy services to me and my wife. Spark us to Sahara, where al qaida men and german new natzies offer  their help. After being tortured 20 years, im in danger to become mad and accept their offers. I do that, if European union close their eyes from such crimes. Please act rapidly because im in danger to die to diabetes and  sorrow. I have left  testament which could  mean war in Poland Portugal Spain and Finland   . Please give me  shelter of law and  investigate this Intitiative  to EU parlament,---  to prevent poverty in Poland , Maroc and in Portugal



  I answer your questions in  00212 528 320 361



Citizen of Germany Dietmar Schuller, finnish  Hannu Hietikko and 5000  other foreign  men   have been victims of similar crime in Poland and we  want that european parlamemt or  justiceman correct  this  matter


Beautiful polish ladies wanted  marry  these men and invest their money to Poland, to buy  land. I bought 34,5 hectar and remonted 4 old german farm buildings in Gniewoszow 6 Miedzylesie Poland  to be  our  home  and ´´ hotel  seitendorf´´. When it  was ready, jehovawitnesses  in neighbour came to say ´´go to finland, we kill  you´´. Cars were burning, dogs got poisoned and my polish wife had to save our 4  years old child to Finland. They never  let me  see my son  because my ex wife  said how Hietikko  is  mentally  ill and try to kill  people. In Finland  all is true what a woman says and they gave her 4 costless lawyers , to me and my  kidnapped son  nobody.


 But in Nurnberg  court did not believe  that  DHL logistica planner  Schuller  is  mad and german doctors in Loerrach  say  how Finland has  made  serious  mistake. They know that it was such  manner in  old communistic Poland  to destroy victims of crimes by saying how  they ´´ mentally  ill´´. But  family  of my ex wife in LODZ  and  their  lawyer did not  realize that this  kind of  methodes are   not possible to continue in european union.


My exwife Violetta Sarnowiak Kivijärventie 300  42700 Keuruu Finland has said in finnish court how Hietikko  has  been  mad all 18  years during our common  life. But she is  in  danger to  get 3 years in  prison  because  she has been fooling  from 100 %  invalid  properity ( value  today 3,69 million euros )  to Poland and still today REFUSE give  me quaranty , owning of  that  farm.


Her 4  lawyers  have been warning my exwife  and she  try to explain  now  how  it wasnt  true ,  Hannu was not at all  mentally  ill  in years 1986-1996  when we  lived in Finland. Chaos started when we  went to Poland. This  means  that finnish  court  has been  blameing  and  teasing   me and my  son  14  years becasuse European Union and Donald Tusk  were  not able to create  legal society to south west Poland sudetian mountains.


Problem in Finland is now  terrible,  because Violetta was succesful  to  make lot of  people and 2  courts  to  believe  how Hietikko  has  always  been  mad  and  in Poland was  not any  other problem. My own sister and brother  in  Kauhajoki   vetelä-pohjanmaa were ready to say  how Hietikko  has  always been  mad and doctor  agree this. But in Poland  court psychiatric comissio  says how Hietikko is  not  mad and  this my  plan is  very good . Finnish consul in Warsawa  said  how  Hietikko  has  paid black  money to 4 polish doctors of psyciatria and  our  family psycholog


Farms of mr  Schuller 18,5  hectar  and  our 34,5  hectar  are standing alone, because nobody  has  courage to be  there. Jehova witnesses  ilnicki  are not polish  people,  they are mountain  banditos from Kazakstan  who got  1945   from Stalin  only  8,5  ha  . But  with such  illegal  terrorism of 10  years,  they  can use  to  their cattle 61,5  hectares.  This is socialismus in  middle  of european  union.  Our demand is  to give owning of these 3  farms  to  finnish  polish   perma culture association Keltaiset ry . They will start  there legal productive  activities  and pay tax 10 % to state of Poland , 10 %  to commun Miedylesie who give owning  of  all  communal  roads inside  that 61,5  ha,  building  permissions to  69 wooden  loghouses  and  mur  3,3  mtr high around 61,5  ha .


7 % of montly  netto association pay to its  GERMAN members who  plan marketing advertising and logistica to 500  companies in Poland who product wooden  loghouses. We want to this  ´´yellow network´´ all producers of furnitures carpets  home-electronica artesan  matters and visual arts. Our potential clients shall be  40  million  polish emigrants   who  has  ran away from illegal  Poland. EU  must make  it  now  legal and create lot of good workplaces 2500 e /  month  everywhere in Poland ( where is  railroad or  ship connections ) Pine  wood and stone for fireplaces ( TULIKIVI in  google )  we  buy from Russia


This will  be  large bisnes and  landowners shall  get  from  monthly  netto profit 45 %.  Violetta  Sarnowiak, me  and my son shall  get according 34,5  ha ( 1/3 to each  of us )     mr  Schuller  according  18,5  hectar and banditos from Kazakstan   according   8,5  ha  ( if they go away from Poland and  never come back )


5 % of montly  netto association pay to its  american members who send GRATIS  first 69  houses and  their  interiörs by ships to habour of Gdansk. By  trains to station DOMASKOW . Keltaiset  ry  and EU  start Practical  university of Miedzylesie



We  shall  copy  digitally  those  69  models and  start  mass  production in Poland and in Russian Karelia  nearby railroad  from st Petersburg to Käkisalmi Sortavala Wärtsilä Niirala  . We  offer such possibility to city Portimao in Portugal  and to his majestet Muhamed VI    in Al Hoceima, Agadir ,  Takad, Sidi Ifni , Tarfaya and  Dakhla. 50 russian ships come there every month to take fish wegetables and fruits. 

They  can  start  bring  endless  amounts  pine  wood and ( TULIKIVI see  google )


Because Poland and Finland  both  banished me  away and police of Portugal Portimao could not  help,  I have been  living in south Marocco .I know lot of  people  here .  In  willage  commission  of  Takad  -sidi Bibi - beach sidi Tual  350  people  have  joined  association Die Gelben  Keltaiset ry.  Our  proposition  to European Union  and  to his majestet Muhamed VI  and


President of the
Republic of Poland
Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Andrzej DUDA
Flag of the President of Poland.svg

In  finnish  kalevala  shamanism  we know many secret  methodes.  If we put  piece of south to  north  and  piece of north to south, sampo  machine ,  plus sum  game  starts  run.. Dealing gold and  diamonds in spiritual and material  meaning --to everybody  more as  they have  asked ´´. Such ´´gold time ´´ was  long time ago in China and  finnish  forest. In forgotten Atlantis of  south Maroc.  In  our  times  internet gives possibilities to  do it

Panstwo Polska  , president Andrzej DUDA and  his majestet Muhamed VI  should  change   for  1000  years    61,5  hectars  in  subtropical clean  beach  sidi Tual  (  30 km  south of Agadir ).

Kingdom of Maroc gets   for 1000 years    farm 61,5 ha   middle of Europa 3 km to railway station Domaszkow in walley. Train to Praha 140 km, to Wroclaw 130 km. On top of mountains of eagles  690 mtr  high , majestetic wiews. -  

Maroccian  men build mur 3,3 m high around 61,5  hectares  , style jugend art  nouveau  1906  as  it  was  in Seitendorf  before in  german  times.

69 houses, ground floor nature stones and beton. Bottom 170 sq mtr , 7 douple rooms for travellers. Upstairs wooden loghouses and their charming interiörs from 50 states of America. 170 sq mtr sala, 4 mtr high for concerts  and exhibitions. In III floor 7 sleep rooms 20 e / day

Inside  that  close castle  ´´fort Trump ´´   maroccian  people  arrange  large festivals  with  the  best  parts  of  culture  in 50  states  of America,  jazz  blues  country  rasta  rock and  roll,  high quality cinema and theathre performances. we sell  lot of tickets  and association pay 45 % to  landowners Schuller Ilnicki  sarnowiak  Hietikko. tax 10 % to state of Poland , 10 %  to commun Miedylesie --7 % of montly  netto association pay to its  GERMAN members. Econom Schuller can  be one of them,  if he wants. We  hope  that he will  create  this   leading team 7  ( his email  is )

When  many  people from all  world  fly to Praha and travel 140 km  by  train  to Domaszkow , they will  see  beautiful  east Bohemian  mountains  and  great  festivals in Miedzylesia. They want buy such american homes to their own  lands and  ´´yellow network ´´ shall  make  it . In  this way Mr Trump fullfill  his  promise to  make  america great and respected.  German leading team 7 and  maroccian  men  shall do  it


 If Poland accept this,  they get  much  better  place to build centre of  POLISH CULTURE,  30  km south from agadir international  airport , subtropical  beach  of  sidi Tual. 500  polish  loghouse  producers  and  artesanes  can get  million  visitors  per  year ,  because  here  is  wonderfull  climate also in winter. General  level  of  security  500 %  better as in Miedzýlesie  where  local  police,  jehova  witnesses  and  mafia of  Borisko Bogdanowitz  work together


Landowners  in Poland shall  be  ready to  this solution, and  there  is legal  society after the court has  been  speaking. Owning  of 61,5 ha  comes to  association.  It will  rent it for 1000  years to Kingdom  of  Marocco.  They will  rent to state of Poland  (  or to commun Miedzylesie ) 61,5  ha  for  1000 years.  Poland and Marocco are both good friends with america  and  they want  help Mr  Trump to make his targets true . Also Mr Putin  has  nothing against his friend Mr Trump, and our  plan to build to russian  karelia    beautiful  american  houses , sell  them from WÄRTSILÄ niirala  a lot to Finland and Sweden ,  who also love all  what comes from america


If Poland  is ready to get 61,5  ha subtropical  beach near agadir airport for 1000  years ( rent 7 e  / year ) , willage  association Takad  sidi tual  is  giving  you something EXTRA.  Between the  beach  and  city Takad is  big empty desert with hills , its far from all  houses,  no  noise  limits. In  that  area Marocco and Poland commonly  could  make big stadion  for speedway and  motocross  bikes,  many  kind of competitions,  international  , every week end  friday -sunday. According  our  proposition  this stadion  would  be  closed  by  the  buildings  where we  start  large  production of loghouses  furnitures  home  elecronica  art  and artesan  works.  The  roofs  of these buildings  would  be  in  form of ´´steps´´  sitting  places for  million  people  who  come  to  look  which  country  winns  international  speedway and  motocross. In this  arena  we  can  arrange  many  kind of music festivals  and  cinema  under  dark Sahara  evenings.  This will  make  very big  money and  Takad  will  be  most rich place in Maroc


45 % of  ticket  incomes  to stadion Takad  we  deal  equally  to  all  people  who  have  permanent  adress  in Takad. tax 10 % to state of Marocco , 10 %  to commun Sidi Bibi --7 % of montly  to   GERMAN leader team



Pyydän että panette tämän asian eteenpäin EU hallinnossa ETNISESTÄ  rasismista , terrorismista

psykiatrisesta väkivallasta ja   ja  kansainvälisistä kidnappauksista vastaaville

Please  give my matter to comitea against  terrorism,  family violence , international kidnappings ,  rascism and torture

I answer your questions in  00212 528 320 361

Euroopan komissio –
1049 Bryssel, Belgia
Ursula von der Leyen

to Zoltán KOVÁCS International Spokesperson of the Government of Hungar. Ambassador in Helsinki  mr György Urkuti




In born in Finland 1951 from jewish  mother and finnish  father. Both of them were ´´different thinkers´´ and  i  have  NEVER  been ´´ordinary finn´´.


Because of  hard fascism  in Finland , i was  living in Poland  1998-2005. My  4  years old son was kidnapped to Finland 15.4.2005  .Local jehova witnesses illnicki and police Adam Polanski  sparked also me  out  from  my house and  hostel  bisnes  4.5.2005. They   kept me in crime court of Klodzko 3,5 years without  being able to say what illegal Hietikko  has  done ? This breaks laws of Poland and European union

Advocat  Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4/1, 5003 Wroclaw should   continue  this  matter,  but he  not want. He not allow  other lawyers, Marek Rudnicki  or  Jaroslaw Krtotlinski  to help  me  and  my  kidnapped son. They not want start quarrel with mafia of Lodz and  Miedzylesie


My only child  William Sarnowiak was stolen  to Finland   and  i could not see him  anymore. They did not  respect  kidnapping agreement of Haag. In finnish court they  have  said 14 years how  Hietikko  is  mentally  ill, 100%  ly out of real  realities,  but  they  not  can  explain  what it  means ? I hadnt  done anything  mad  or  illegal  but  in Finland  all  is  true   what a  woman says and foreigners  have much bigger rights as native born finns. ( my ex wife is polish Violetta Sarnowiak ,  born in Lodz 1962 ) Finland gave  her and to  mafia of Lodz 4 costless  lawyers, to victim  of crimes nobody



Violetta Sarnowiak came  from communistic Poland 1987  to my  new  house 235 m  in Porvoo. I had builded it with my father and 4 policemen in Porvoo ( in their free days ). I owned ( alone ) also 3 apartments in centre of Helsinki 28 m   48 m and 96 m. Value on this properity today is 3,69  million euros and all was  robbed  to Poland.


 When Violetta Sarnowiak got  preqnant, she killed  our  first child  by  abortion promising  to make  new  one -  if we  start  live in Poland , where she can  get  healthy services , psychoterapia to  her  childhood wounds.  Finland  was discriminating her because of  rascistic reasons and  Violetta  could not  get herself  free from ´´toxicen ´´  connection to  her  mother and sister Wiesa .  She  did this abortion  by order of her emotionally  cold  greedy mother Halina Cieplucha  ul Bratyslawska 13  m 24  90900 Lodz. They want all  properity of Hietikko  to  Poland  and  send my ex wife  and son back to Finland  to  live  with  money  of  taxpayers. Thats why they  were  cutting totally  connection  between  father and son. Asked police of  Poland to spark me  out  from Poland and  police of  Finland to  close  me  to  mental  hospital . In Finland kauhajoki  they wrote in  public media  allers oy   how Hietikko shall  be  killed  if i come to  my house  in Pihlajatie 4 kalkunmäki. Lawyer  in Seinäjoki  knows this case  but refuse to help


 According  law of Poland, abortion  was a  murder. Never becomes  juridically  old  and it  happened in Lodz  where ORDER was given.  is  responsible to give  this  matter  to general prokurator. If he  try to hide  serious crimes, he cant work as advocat.


 Roman catholic  priest Josef Siemasz  has  said how  there  is ONE -the  same reason  to this child murder and  kidnapping  of our  second boy William. Because this same reason  they were  trying to proof in courts  of  Poland and  in Finland 14  years  how  Hietikko  is  mentally  ill, 100%  ly skitsofrenic, says Finland , lawyers  association and cancelor  of justice  But the  court  psychiatric comissio of  Klodzko Poland and  say  how  they  not  find any % skitsofrenia  from Hietikko.  Consulat of Finland  in Warsawa  say  how   Hietikko  has ´´bought´´that raport from polish  court  but german  swedish spanish and  maroccian  psychiatres say  how  Hietikko  is  not sick. In Finland happens something  very dark  in  these  matters, said doctors in Sweden södertälje hospital. More  as   1000  healthy different  thinkers  in Finland every  year  are  captured and forced to eat  lobotomia  poisons of . This  said investigator Markku salo  in tv and  loosed immediately  his  work  in


ONLY   in  Portugal  doctor  Rui Neves  has  written 2015  how Hietikko  is  mad, paranoid . He  had time  to  listen  me 15  minutes and could  not  believe what i told  him about  happenings  in 2  eu  countries Poland  and  Finland. Rui Neves  must show  evidences  in  court  of  Portimao  -  or pay  me  500 000 e taxfree


My  family doctor in Spain Torremolinos  and   psychiatr  said how Im unusually  healthy  man  to be from such   country as Finland.  In costa de  sol  they  know  what kind of  mad alcoholized porks  are  finnish  people , also women.  Im  free from  such ´´cultura´´ because  they sparked me  out  from  there  already 25  years ago and i have been  living in  more  healthy and  lightfull  lands , Israel, India , Germany, Spain  , Portugal, Marocco , Poland )


During  years  1996  -2002  my  mental  condition  anyhow was temporarily   broken , PSYCOSA - wrote  doctors of  psychiatria  Arto Lauerma in Helsinki  and  Eija Thomasson  in  Loviisa. After killing  my child ,   polish  ex wife   invited me  to some  ´´new age  sessions  of  shamanism´´ and they  gave me  strong  poisoned mushrooms . At same  time  this group objected to me  very  hard  psychological  violence,  sparked me  out  from  my  own  houses  builded  by  my  father and  police  of Porvoo.  At same  time my  polish  ex wife  made  in Helsinki  law  office  3.9.1996  credit  agreement where she and   her polish  family  sell  all Hietikkos  properity  in  Finland and   LEND this  big  money  to MOTHER  of Violetta Sarnowiak in Poland. Not  must  be  a psychiatr  to  realize  that  Hietikko  was  out of  my  head  when i  accepted this


 Newspaper Iltalehti in Finland tells how court was giving 1,4 years prison to a  wife and  her  assistants who were  fooling from  husband 100 000 e. This man was ´´hyväuskoinen´´  who did  not understanding realities

iltalehti kertoo miten aviomieheltään yli satatuhatta euroa huijannut nainen on tuomittu vuoden ja kolmen kuukauden ehdottomaan vankeusrangaistukseen.

In my  case we have 100 %  clear evidences and doctor documents  how  family  of  polish ex wife and  their  finnish  assistants were  fooling  3,69  million euros  from  finnish  100 %  invalid . Illegal arrestings and sexual violence  in Seinäjoki  Kauhajoki  Jämsä and  Keuruu. Finally in  july 2018 Finland  said  that  my  maroccian  wife Melika Ramouz  must go 3  years  out from EU. They  knew that 67 old Hietikko  has  no courage to stay  alone  in Finland and in Mänttä  Vilppula  they said  how  we  shall  be  killed if  we  not go away. My kidnapped son  i could not see at  all

What  for  Jose  Marques in Portimao  ,   comisario  of  Mänttä Vilppula  Keuruu  and  prokurator of  Jyväskylä  not  start  crime  investigation  and  trial about  so  cruel  crimes ,  its  because  the boss  of prokurators in Finland  Jorma  Kalske  has   made  decision  how  100%  ly  mad  Hietikko  shall  not  have  police  prokurator or  consulat  services in any EU country. I had no right to  get  married with Melika Ramouz during 6  years,  they accepted it 2016 when  new  consul  came to Rabat (  is  witness  of  this crime against  laws  of  strasbourg )

Comisario  in Helsinki told me  already  2007 in telephone  about  existing of  this decision of   Jorma  Kalske.  Mikko Keisala and in Jämsä noticed it  in  level  of  practice. Comisario Kari Aaltio in Keuruu is  disable to do  his  work . in Tampere 2018 said how there  is  reason to  believe  how  legal  society  is  not more  existing  in  case  of Hietikko  ramouz.  noticed this also  and said  how juridical shelter  of  100%  invalid SHOULD be  bigger  as  normally. Finland  takes from  my  pension  600 e / month   but  not  give  any  healthy services,  no european  card to go to doctor  in Spain Ceuta. It would  be  best  for all  that Hietikko dies  , this said in  telephone  mother of  my son. Finnish social  ladies give  therapia  to wounded woman  teaching  her  to feel  more  and  more HATE against  me ( who  helped  her  to finland from  closed poland )

Violetta  Sarnowiak  not want respect conditions of  marriage  agreement in Porvoo court 1989  and  her  big credit agreement  in Helsinki 1996. They  try  to force and  frighten us  with  mafia  violence, as in Portimao  happened 7.7.2017. Police  Jose  Marques not want investigate, sent  us  to Finland. They  banished to sahara

Farm in Miedzylesie  in quaranty  of  that credit ( value  today 3,69 million euro ) Violetta  Sarnowiak  not want give  its  owning  to  me  and  Melika ( who  is  professional  farmer ) We could  make it  productive and    studies  of my  son. We could pay  pension to Violetta and leave farm 43 ha  in  green middle europa sudetian  mountains to children  of  her son

 Vuoden ja neljän kuukauden ehdottoman vankeusrangaistuksen sai myös mies, joka osallistui aviomiehen huijaamiseen ja lisäksi uhkaili tätä.( violan lesbo kavaljeero leena lila  marjamäki julisti julkisesti fb ssä  miten HÄN vaatii hietikon  pantavaksi  vankimielisairaalaan  jos  yritän suomeen tulla) Violetan  apurit puolassa ja myös portugalissa  uhkailivat  minua  tappamisella  useita  kertoja ) 

Because police and  prokurators in Portugal  Poland Spain  and  Finland all  refuse to  help victims  of polish  mafia  and  finnish  social  ladies ,  and banish  us to Marocco , we are asking help from  islamic comissio of  truth  ICT   and  his  majestet Muhamed VI 

Syytteen mukaan kaksikko käytti hyväksi aviomiehen ymmärtämättömyyttä ja johdateltavuutta valehtelemalla tavaroiden ja lainojen käyttötarkoituksesta sekä käytti luvattomasti tämän henkilötietoja.

 Mother and  sister of my ex wife  promised  to  neighbour  jehova witnesses  cost less  rights  to  use  our  fields  and  forests  -  if  they  take  care  that NOBODY can  be in  our farm.´´go to finland, we  kill  you and  burn  this house,  they said to  all . witness  Sad Rejonowy ul. Bohaterów Getta 15 57-300 Klodzko Poland.




these jehova witnesses   wrote to prokurator 2005 how mentally ill Hietikko is trying to kill them and do all such bad matters what they do themselves. Those people are not polish, not real  jehova witnesses,  after war Stalin was pushing to sudetian mountains such terrorists from Kazakstan to help communistic police of Miedzylesie. 

 The old power constructions are not finished in such small back side willage. ( in middle of european union ) All willage must be afraid of them said Jidek Zamosz Mietek Steinzek Piotr Piaskus Pani Baranova. Nobody is afraid of Hietikko. Court psychiatric comissio of Klodzko raported 2008 How Hietikko has no mental ilnes or secret agressions


But  in  finnish  court  Violetta  Sarnowiak  said  how the  ONLY problem  there was  mentally  ill Hietikko. No  other  problem . But what for she   did  not go back  there with  our  son,  after POLICE   was  ruling Hietikko  out from all  Poland ?


And how  hell  she  was so careless  that transported to so  dangerous  place all  properity  of  family ? Later said to  how  the  lands  are  bought  with  money  of  her  mother  --and  big  credit  agreement  to Hietikko  means  nothing ?

This trial  in Klodzko  has never been ended in honorable ways. My demand from terror of 8 years is land 8,5 hectar and farm buildings to owning of culture association Keltaiset ry. Ilnickies made against us almost 50 request of crime investigation to police of Miedzylesie, with no reason. They came very often to say in front of our agro turist hostel with axe in hand ´´go to Finland we kill you´´. My supporters in al qaida and natzi  networks are ready to do this same to family  ilnicki ´´  
 ´´go to Finland we kill you´´. Finland  is  responsible to give them new  home and  money  because  they  REALLY  are  in danger in Poland.  

When i rented that farm to, they came in middle of night with real guns and robbed all valuable, cameras, computers. When nobody had courage to be in our farm, is breaking our hostel and ilnickies use our lands without paying any euro rent to account of my son WILLIAM SARNOWIAK

IBAN FI5239390053168480   Bic SBANFIHH

Jehova witnesses in Poland
Świadkowie Jehowy w Polsce
ul. Warszawska 14 05-830 NADARZYN POLAND


You have your own court systems . Please start investigate this matter immediately, because ´´one rotten apple can spoil all big store of apples ´´. Please pay to account of my son rent of 14 years 350 000 euros. Its including loosed eu supports during 14 years. After that trial of 3,5 years started by jehova witnesses, prokurator Beata Jelinska was ruling me to produce a screenplay what happens to Poland when pope John Paul II was leading 55 % of population to invitite JESUS to come and be their president .

Manusscripture comes 50 % from the Bible, 50 % from real happenings of today in Gniewoszow . During this crime trial  3,5  years in Klodzko  they  were  aiming  several  times to  my  letters to primie minister   TUSK  and president  of  Poland. I was warning  them  and also president of France Chirac   and Russia did the  same )


Poland  and USA  started big al qaida war 2003  , when  united  nations said, no. This crime was same  as Hitler did. More as 15 million  people died and  there is war inside Germany and Sweden .  Polish  people not take any war  exilers,  they are cleaning common shit and agressions to faces  of foreigners. Weapon industry of Finland PATRIA got from Poland biggest client in their historia and all involved in Finland shall be killed. Germany swore 1945 how they NEVER any more send armed people outside their borders. But they forgot this and punishments shall fall over all offices of german ALLIANZ in all world. Very dangerous place is DEUTSCHE BANK in Fuengirola. Finland Spain Germany can avoid from  punishments  by  accepting  plan told in   our  screenplay


After Ossi Viljakainen and ananda seva  joga  school  was  pushed  away from  that  farm  in  poland  with guns in  march 2009 , Kamila michalowska  brought  to that farm  jacek kolodzied from  holy albert  association wroclaw.  He said that if they  leave our farm  to vandals --al qaida  can come and start kill  priests and  nuns.

Me  and my maroccian wife Melika Ramouz  have not asked  anybody to do anything  illegal -  but we  have  right to  talk or write what has  happened. At  my  home page is possible to read  who are involved to this matter in Finland and in Portugal  ?


In south Marocco is hiding lot of german new natzies, working together with maroccian al qaida networks in all European lands. They have developed new kind of weapons, look out as normal PEN or telephone But it shoots with no noise very tiny sharp needle with superpoison. Victim think that it was a mosquito, but soon start pains of hell and hallusinations of apocalypta. After 2 weeks HELL comes mercyfull death. They are planning to finish blind terrorism  against  innocent  people,  because  white christians self are so  good  in such  operations --Al Qaida  ISIS and new  natzies concentrate to selective killing



 when killing of roman catholic and protestant  priests and nuns start in Finland  Portual and in Poland, international MEDIA  will dig out  roots of this family violence in  police  station  of Portimao Miedzylesie Seinäjoki Keuruu Mänttä. Al qaida international and german  new  natzies have such  plan, because those priests teach  how all 1,8  milliard muslimanes belong to hell..


This missunderstanding is basic  reason to cruel colonialism and  continuous wars against  islamic people. In the Bible is  written  that Jesus Christ and Spirit of  truth  NOT can  come back  to the world,  before we  are ready  to finish all  christian churches and  religions.They are reason to most of wars


 Thats  why Al qaida and isis want start ´´musta surma´´ ( killing of  priests and nuns )


i  have  been  asking  from  those  people , what  must  happen  that  you  NOT  start  this  ´´musta surma ´´


 Government of Finland must open court of Haag for war criminals ,  if you  not do that, you shall  be objects  of  selective  killing. ´´PEN MEN ´´  look  out  as  normal  turists when  they  destroy turist bisnes in Spain , who  also wanted to go to  kill  islamic people  in  illegal  al qaida  war. In  Portugal  all law  offices if  Faro Quarteira  and Portimao  are in  danger to become  poisoned

When i  started to  live  in Portugal , advocat Ivo Belchior Dias ( ) in  Faro  took 1.12.2015 decision of Helsinki highest court october 399/2015 and letter form office of Donald Tusk in Bryssel  . They wrote how this matter must go to court of Strasbourg immediately


Sr Dias promised to put cases Poland and Finland to court of Strasbourg, He took also money, power of attorney and 32 pages apostilled in Evora october 2015 . But after honour consulat of Finland and advocate were discussing with Sr Dias , they decided put my case to rubbish. There is lot of such material which show that primie minister of Hungary talks very true . Level of justice in Finland is the lowest of all European union.  European justicemen network and Ordem dos advocados must claim Giselia Farias ( state of Finland ) and Ivo Belchior Dias to responsibility , they must  get this all to Strasbourg court  . Finland  must open court of haag  for war criminals


State of Portugal / honour  consul of Finland , advocat  Giselia Farias was fooling us there in  march 2015 with unreal  promises  of  tax freedom, good healthy services and  security. She  must compensate me 100 000 e. 

It was all  big lie  meaning to sell  houses to foreigners  with  high  price.  Melina Fernandes  Vista Plaza and police Jose Marques know  that Williams  keller  Ruth Alexandra blackmailed illegally  from us 25 000 e . But  police let such crimes  happen and this matter goes to european  parlament  and    to network of  european justicemen. If  they do  nothing, i sell  my demands to maroccian  russian al paida. They add to saldo their  costs 50 %


Tämän  meidän  tapauksemme  myötä violetta  ja hänen tukiryhmänsä  suomessa  ja  puolassa  systemaattisen  harkitusti levittelivat  kelan  salassapidettäviksi julistamia potilastietoja HYÖTYMISTARKOITUKSESSA  -- huijasivat  myrkkysienillä  ja new  age  väkivallalla oikeustoimikelvottomaksi  saatettua Hietikkoa---

  Violetta  sanoi  oikeudessa  tietäneensä ´´  koko avioliittomme  ajan hannu  on  ollut  mielisairas ´´  hän sanoi valaehtoisessa  lausunnossaan--  jota  hän   nyt  yrittää  perua  peläten  saavansa  kuritushuonetta  invalidin  huijaamisesta.

Meaning of our international perma culture association is to EXPOSE SATAN 
--to find out what kind of forces in different lands NOT want peace of 1000 years ? Biggest of them surely is weapon industry of america

--to be able to win germany, they had to create large war industry. After war they did not want to finish it because it was so GOOD BISNES . That´s why they started continuously new wars, to small vietnam they dropped bombs and poisons more as  commonly was dropped in second world war. To get acceptation to such madness, american massa media has been trying to make people in all world so stupid as posible . But now more  as 50 % americans are sure that 11.9. 2001 attact in new york was their OWN  operation ---to get global acceptation --to reason to start war in iraq and libya  . When also truthfull GERMAN president Trump trumpetti  says how it was biggest mistake in historia of usa, FINLAND must have courage  to open the ´´last  judgements ´´ in haag strasbourg klodko Poland Portimao Jyväskylä


conditions  of  peace to USA  POLAND  PORTUGAL  SPAIN and  Finland are here


if you want support  this  project--  take membership A  in  our  association  and  pay  to our  account 10  euros 

INTERNATIONAL  account  of  Les  Jaunes  Los  Amarillos is in  Finland Helsinki POP pankki
Art Academia Agadir A 3 ( keltaiset ry association )
 iban: FI 3447304720017228 BIC: HELSFIHH.
asianajaja Ari Kuukka sanoi 2012 keuruulla ´´ Mitähän helvettiä tästä jutusta vielä tulee´´. Luettuanne tämän kirjeen huomaatte että helvetti siitä tulikin
ihan  samoin  sanoi  joensuulainen  rakennusmestari  kun  toi  poikansa  ossi viljakaisen  tavarat  puolaan ,  taloon  jonka  ylle  roomalaiskatolinen  pappi ja  jehovantodistajat  olivat   langettaneet  ankaran  kirouksen: 



 tähän 18  vuoden  rikokseen  liittyi  monia yksityiskohtia  joissa  violetta  käytti luvattomasti  henkilötietojani. ESIM  Romanowskan  notariaatissa   wroclawissa   hän  valehteli  miten  hannu  osaa täysin  puolaa  ja  oli  pannut  kauppakirjaan  itsensä  omistajaksi  sitä  minulle  sanomatta (  hän  kertoi  tuon  vasta kun  oli  suomessa  salaisessa  osoitteessa  ja  pyysi  poliisia  hannu  vangitsemaan ja karkoittamaan ,  kun  niin  kovasti  pelotti  kaikki  tekemänsä  rumat  rikokset  ).niiden  rikosten  salaamistarpeen  takia pojalta  piti  ottaa  hyvä  isä  pois


Hannu Hietikko   16.9.2019  In Agadir

tel 00212 650 623 732

no email. Send them to consulat



Thanks  for your  letter



Escritório Prokurator Avenida  Miquel Bombarda Palácio Justicia 8501 960 Portimão
sua carta 1279/19 .0 T 9 PTM 13.5.2019 1131 70005.

Hannu Hietikko, residencia em Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 


investigação criminal NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM.


você tem muitas cópias do meu passaporte na ordem dos advogados e na casa do procurador


you  have  many  copies of  my  passport in ordem dos  advocados and in  proucurator  house


enho 67 anos, de acordo com a finlândia kela, sou 100% inválido, esquecido por realidades e nunca consigo ver meu filho

minha esposa Melika Ramouz é simples fazendeira da maroc, ela não entende assuntos jurídicos. Somos vítimas de muitos crimes na Polónia, Finlândia e também em Portugal. Temos de obter um advogado que me ligue 00212 650 623 732


im 67  old ,  according finland kela  i am 100 % ly  invalid , skitsofrenic  out  of realities  and i  never can see  my son


my wife Melika Ramouz  is  simple  farmer  from  maroc, she not  understand  juridical  matters . We  are  victims of many  crimes in Poland Finland  and also  in Portugal.  We  must  get  lawyer who  call  me 00212 650 623 732





Alfandega Portimao Rua Judice biker 5 tel 282887720 levou meu carro Mercedes 300 TD no registro polonês DW 767 NV. Estava muito tempo em frente à nossa casa Rua Pedro alvares Cabral 14, aldeia sobreiras Portimão, Portugal


 Alfandega Portimao   Rua Judice biker  5  tel 282887720   has  taken  away my car Mercedes 300 TD in  polish register DW 767 NV.  It was standing  too  long  outside  our  house Rua Pedro alvares Cabral 14, aldeia sobreiras Portimão, Portugal´


o chefe de polícia José Marques, em Portimão, disse-me que não haveria problema com esse carro. Ele sabe que em nossa casa aconteceu o crime em 7.7.2017 e não podíamos mais morar lá sem possibilidade de atentados da máfia polonesa. Eles têm um motivo de 3,3 milhões de euros para matar eu e minha esposa marroquina. Ou assusta-se ao confessar que 1/3 das terras da minha fazenda nas montanhas da Polônia no Sudão pertence à família da minha ex-esposa em LODZ. Eles disseram isso para minha esposa e ela teve um bom coração. (testemunha portimao centro saudável dr Elena Tsyba)


police chef Jose Marques  in Portimao said to me that it will  be  no problem with that car. He knows that in  our house  happened crime 7.7.2017 and we could not anymore live in  there   without possibility of attacts by polish mafia. They have motive of 3,3 million euros to kill  me and my  maroccian wife. Or frighten to confess  that 1 / 3  of  lands  in my  farm  in poland sudetian  mountains belongs to family  of my  exwife in LODZ. They said  this to my wife and she got heart attacts. ( witness portimao healthy centre dr Elena Tsyba )

ESTA VIOLÊNCIA INTERNACIONAL DA FAMÍLIA FOI DURADA 14 ANOS E DURANTE O TEMPO QUE PAI E FILHO NÃO VÊM MAIS. Eles chantageiam dinheiro com sequestro ilegal e esse crime acontece na Finlândia agora

THIS  INTERNATIONAL  FAMILY VIOLENCE HAS BEEN LASTING 14 YEARS AND  DURING THAT  TIME FATHER AND SON  HAVE  NOT SEEN EACH  OTHERS. They  blackmail  money  with  illegal  kidnapping and  this  crime  happens  in Finland right now


De acordo com a lei da Finlândia, a FAMILY VIOLENCE deve ir ao procurador geral automaticamente, mas durante 10 anos a polícia de Keuruu Ismo Yijälä, e o advogado Ari Kuukka têm impedido que ela avance. Eles estão violando o acordo de seqüestro da HAAG e me capturaram várias vezes sem motivo legal. Me baniu da terra onde nasci e meu pai teve que estar na guerra de barbarossa


According law of Finland  , FAMILY VIOLENCE   must go to general  prokurartor automatically  but during 10 years  police of Keuruu Ismo Yijälä, and  lawyer Ari Kuukka  have  been  preventing  it go forwards. They have been breaking kidnapping agreement of HAAG and captured me  several times with no  legal  reason. Banished me away from  land where i was  born and my father had  to be  in barbarossa  war


O tribunal de Portimão Fernando Bruno Pinto nos enviou a carta 31.1.2018, 3176/174 T 9 ptm. O procurador e a polícia não quiseram continuar a investigação criminal NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM. Eles queriam nos enviar para a Finlândia porque esses acordos são feitos na Finlândia, e minha ex-esposa polonesa mora lá. De qualquer maneira, em Portimão, aconteceu assuntos ilegais e isso deve ser levado também ao tribunal de Portimão. Preciso receber uma compensação de 10.000 e se eles destruíram meus mercedes. Havia um novo motor 6 sylinder, modelo automático de luxo, sem corrosão. Aparelhos de som muito caros. O Estado de Portugal é responsável por pagar os custos da viagem sem sentido para a finlândia 7500 e e os custos da casa vazia em pé 1.6.2018 - até o dia em que a Habita Portimao encontre lá o cliente 450 e / mês. Hoje, a conta é de 15 meses x 450 e - 6750 e. Terras da UE Portugal não pode enviar vítimas de crimes para a Finlândia quando estão com preguiça de investigar questões que aconteceram em Portimão.


Portimao tribunal Fernando Bruno Pinto sent us letter 31.1.2018 , 3176/ 174 T 9 ptm. Prokurator and police  did not want continue crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM. They wanted  send us to Finland because these  agreements are made  in Finland, and my  polish  ex  wife lives there. Anyhow in Portimao  happened illegal  matters  and  this must go also to court  of Portimao. I  must get compensation 10 000 e   if they  have  destroyed my  mercedes. There was  new  motor 6 sylinder,  automat  luxus  model , no corrosio. Very expensive stereos . State of Portugal  is  responsibe to pay costs of  meaningless  journey  to finland 7500 e  and  costs  of empty standing  house 1.6.2018 --  until day when Habita Portimao find there client 450 e /  month.  Today the bill  is 15  months x 450 e  -- 6750 e. EU land Portugal  can not send vicitms of  crimes to Finland when they are too  lazy to investigate  matters what  happened in Portimao.

A associação de advogados e o escritório social deram-nos a advogada Advocat Andreia Cintra, Rua do Comércio, 72 - 2 andar, - 8500- 633 Portimão. Ela prometeu 2018 para cuidar deste caso, mas depois escreveu como não queria fazê-lo. deve continuar este trabalho durante tanto tempo que a ordem dos advocados encontre outro advogado.


Lawyers   association and social  office  gave us  lawyer Advocat Andreia Cintra, Rua do comercio 72 - 2 andar,- 8500- 633 Portimao . She promised 2018 to take care of this case but  later she wrote how she not  want do it . must continue this work SO  LONG that  ordem dos advocados find another lawyer. 


Mas não envie nenhum e-mail para melika ramouz @ hotmail com ou keltaiset.ry @ gmail com porque a al-qaida em maroc tem senhas e não queremos que eles saibam respostas dos funcionários advogados da corte ou da polícia.




 please do not send any email  to melika ramouz @ hotmail com  or  keltaiset.ry  @ gmail com because al qaida  in maroc have passwords and we not want  them  know answers  from  officials  lawyers court or police.  Send all  emails in Portugal  to  consulat  they are responsible to give lawyer when  ordem of advocados is not able to  its work. In Finland must  find lawyer to victims of  crimes


Envie todos os e-mails em Portugal para consulat, eles são responsáveis ​​por dar advogado quando a ordem dos advogados não puder trabalhar. Na Finlândia, deve encontrar advogado para vítimas de crimes

Quando José Marques e Fernando Bruno Pinto dizem como não sabemos quem está por trás desses crimes, isso não é verdade. Os planejadores deste jogo sujo são mãe da minha ex-ex-esposa Halina Cieplucha e prima da minha ex-esposa, advogada Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz, também irmã da minha ex-ex-esposa, Wiesa Czjazinska. ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz

When Jose Marques and Fernando Bruno Pinto say how ´´we not know , who is behind these crimes, its not true. Planners of this dirty game are mother of my exwife Halina Cieplucha and  cousin of my ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz , also  sister of my exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz

Quando comecei a viver em Portugal, o advogado Ivo Belchior Dias ( em Faro tomou a decisão de 1.12.2015 do Supremo Tribunal de Helsínquia, outubro de 399/2015, e o escritório de correspondência de Donald Tusk em Bryssel. Eles escreveram como esse assunto deve ir imediatamente ao tribunal de Estrasburgo

When i  started to  live  in Portugal , advocat Ivo Belchior Dias ( ) in  Faro  took 1.12.2015 decision of Helsinki highest court october 399/2015 and letter form office of Donald Tusk in Bryssel  . They wrote how this matter must go to court of Strasbourg immediately

O Sr. Dias prometeu levar os processos da Polônia e da Finlândia ao tribunal de Estrasburgo. Ele também levou dinheiro, procuração e 32 páginas apostadas em Évora em outubro de 2015. Mas depois de o consulado de honra da Finlândia e o advogado estarem discutindo com a Sr Dias, eles decidiram colocar o meu caso no lixo. Há muitos desses materiais que mostram que o primeiro ministro da Hungria fala muito verdadeiro. O nível de justiça na Finlândia é o mais baixo de toda a União Europeia. A rede
Prokurator  Portimao de juízes europeus e a Ordem dos advocados devem reivindicar Giselia Farias (estado da Finlândia) e Ivo Belchior Dias como responsáveis, eles devem levar tudo isso ao tribunal de Estrasburgo.

Sr Dias promised to put cases Poland and Finland to court of Strasbourg, He took also money, power of attorney and 32 pages apostilled in Evora october 2015 . But after honour consulat of Finland and advocate were discussing with Sr Dias , they decided put my case to rubbish. There is lot of such material which show that primie minister of Hungary talks very true . Level of justice in Finland is the lowest of all European union.  Prokurator  Portimao  European justicemen network and Ordem dos advocados must claim Giselia Farias ( state of Finland ) and Ivo Belchior Dias to responsibility , they must  get this all to Strasbourg court  .

Estado de Portugal / cônsul de honra da Finlândia, a advogada Giselia Farias estava nos enganando lá em março de 2015 com promessas irreais de liberdade tributária, bons serviços saudáveis ​​e segurança. Ela deve me compensar 100 000 e. Era tudo mentira significa vender casas a estrangeiros com alto preço. Melina Fernandes Vista Plaza e a polícia José Marques sabem que a Williams Keller Ruth Alexandra chantageou ilegalmente 25.000 e. Mas a polícia deixou que tais crimes acontecessem e esse assunto vai para o parlamento europeu e a rede de juízes europeus. Se eles não fizerem nada, eu vendo minhas demandas à alocida russa marroquina. Eles somam ao saldo seus custos 50%

State of Portugal / honour  consul of Finland , advocat  Giselia Farias was fooling us there in  march 2015 with unreal  promises  of  tax freedom, good healthy services and  security. She  must compensate me 100 000 e.  It was all  big lie  meaning to sell  houses to foreigners  with  high  price.  Melina Fernandes  Vista Plaza and police Jose Marques know  that Williams  keller  Ruth Alexandra blackmailed illegally  from us 25 000 e . But  police let such crimes  happen and this matter goes to european  parlament  and    to network of  european justicemen. If  they do  nothing, i sell  my demands to maroccian  russian al paida. They add to saldo their  costs 50 %

Quando a advogada Andreia Cintra e a polícia de Portimão, José Marques, não quiseram colocar os dedos em assuntos da máfia polonesa, estavam nos enviando para a Finlândia. Eu e Melika Ramouz fomos lá em 16.5.2018, mas o comisario em KEURUU não queria começar a investigar qual é o motivo pelo qual a mãe da minha ex-esposa Violetta Sarnowiak Kivijärventie 300 42700 KEURUU não quer respeitar o contrato de casamento registrado 1989 no tribunal de Porvoo e contrato de crédito de 1,53 milhões de euros 3.9.1996? Tribunal de polícia finlandês e damas sociais ajudam a polir a máfia. As pessoas em MÄNTTÄ nos disseram como todas as pessoas islâmicas devem ser afastadas e, se não formos, elas nos matam. não queria investigar esse assunto, mas disseram 20.7.2018 como minha esposa deve sair da UE nos próximos três anos. Eles sabiam que o velho Hietikko de 67 anos depende da minha esposa mais nova e eu certamente não fico sozinha na Finlândia. Eu não conseguia ver meu filho sequestrado que costumava dizer como o pai é seu melhor amigo


When lawyer  Andreia Cintra and police of Portimao Portugal  Jose  Marques  did not want  put  his  fingers  to  matters  of polish mafia,  they  were sending us to Finland. Me  and  Melika  Ramouz went there 16.5.2018 but comisario in KEURUU did not want start investigate what is  the  reason  when  polish MOTHER of my ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak Kivijärventie 300 42700 KEURUU does not want respect registered marriage agreement 1989 in court of Porvoo and credit agreement of 1,53 million euros 3.9.1996 ? Finnish police court and social ladies help polish mafia  . People in MÄNTTÄ said to us how all  islamic people shall  be  pushed  away and if we not go,  they  KILL us. did not want investigate this matter at all,  but they said 20.7.2018  how my wife must go out from EU  next  3 years. They  knew that 67  old Hietikko  is depending on  my younger  wife and I surely  not stay alone  in Finland. I could  not see  at all  my  kidnapped son  who  used to say  how  father is  his  best friend


neste caso, o advogado DIAS e o cônsul de honra não quiseram entrar em Estrasburgo e no tribunal de Haag por criminosos de guerra.


this matter lawyer DIAS and honour consul did not want to put to strasbourg and to court of Haag for war criminals.

Por causa dessa opinião, a Finlândia diz como hietikko está louco e eu nunca consigo ver meu filho. Por causa disso, a Polônia estava me assustando

Because of such opinion finland says how hietikko is mad and i never can see my son. Because of this Poland was sparking me away


 O líder da união européia este ano é a Finlândia, nossa associação está sediada na Finlândia 1994 Keltaiset ry Gelben Les Jaunes Los Amarillos I gialli Sarkar Zehubim. Exigimos que a Finlândia faça isso e exija para si mesmos os custos de cuidar de 70 000 exiladores islâmicos 2015-2019


Leader of europa union this year  is  Finland, our association is grounded in Finland 1994 Keltaiset ry die Gelben Les Jaunes Los Amarillos I gialli Sarkar Zehubim. We demand that Finland  must do it and demand to themselves costs of taking care 70 000 islamic exilers 2015-2019

 To be able to finish this dangerous war 
forever and start peace of 1000 years between islamic world and christians 
demands of our  association to germany poland usa are very POSITIVE
if they do this
or if court of HAAG and european parlament ORDER them to do this--everybody should WIN a lot

Na Suécia, a Dinamarca é milhões deles. Toda a Escandinávia e Europa Ocidental está cheia de exiladores de guerra e uma grande raiva contra o povo islâmico está crescendo. A situação das pessoas marroquinas na frança e no Reino Unido é a mesma que os judeus na Alemanha nos tempos de Hitler


In sweden danmark is millions of them . All skandinavia and west europa is full of war exilers and big anger against islamic people is growing. The situation of maroccian people in france and UK is the same as jewish people had in germany of hitler time

A França chegou a Marocco e matou milhões de pessoas, dizendo como o Marrocos lhes pertence. Muitas pessoas começaram a morar na França, começaram restaurantes e lojas, seus filhos nasceram lá. E agora todos eles devem ir embora ..

France came to Marocco and killed millions of people, saying how marocco belongs to them. Lot of people started live in france , they started restaurants and shops, their children were born there. And now they all should go away ..

Para poder terminar esta guerra perigosa
para sempre e comece a paz de 1000 anos entre o mundo islâmico e os cristãos
as demandas de nossa associação com a alemanha polônia eua são muito POSITIVAS
se eles fizerem isso
ou se o tribunal da HAAG e do parlamento europeu ORDENAR que eles façam isso - todos devem GANHAR muito

O significado de nossa associação internacional de cultura perma é EXPOSE SATAN
- descobrir que tipo de forças em diferentes países NÃO querem paz de 1000 anos? O maior deles certamente é a indústria de armas da América
- para ganhar a Alemanha, eles tiveram que criar uma grande indústria de guerra. Depois da guerra, eles não queriam terminar porque eram BONS BISNES. É por isso que eles começaram continuamente novas guerras; para o pequeno Vietnã, lançaram bombas e venenos com mais freqüência, como era comum na Segunda Guerra Mundial. Para obter aceitação dessa loucura, a American Mass Media vem tentando tornar as pessoas de todo o mundo tão estúpidas quanto possível. Mas agora mais de 50% dos americanos têm certeza de que 11,9. O atentado de 2001 em Nova York foi sua operação PRÓPRIO - para obter aceitação global - razão para iniciar uma guerra no Iraque e na Líbia. Quando também o presidente ALEMÃO Trump Trump verdadeiro diz como foi o maior erro na história dos EUA, a FINLÂNDIA deve ter coragem de abrir os ´´últimos julgamentos´´´ em haag strasbourg klodko Polônia Portimao Jyväskylä



I  was born in Finland 1951 , married 18 years with  polish engineer Violetta Sarnowiak . She  wanted our  son  ONLY to herself and   said in courts of  Helsinki and  Jyväskylä how  all  these 18  years Hietikko  has  been totally  mad. In Finland foreigners  have  much bigger rights  as native born finns  and  all  is  true  what a  woman says. I could never any  more  see  my child.  But today  Violetta Sarnowiak is  in  danger  that prokurator  start  blame  her  about FOOLING of 100 % invalid. She  try to write and talk  how Hietikko  has  never been mad  and  metally  ill !

Synnyin  vaatimattoman työläis/ pienviljelijä perheen nuorimmaisena  etelä Pohjanmaalla Kauhajoella 1951 . Olin  naimisissa  18 vuotta  puolalaisen dipl ins arkkitehti  Violetta Sarnowiakin  kanssa. Hän  halusi ryöstää Puolaan  äidilleen ja kylämafialle  kaiken  omaisuuteni  ja  kidnappasi 4 vuotiaan poikamme Suomeen.  Haagin sopimusta ei pyynnöistäni  huolimatta  noudatettu,  sen mukaan tämä asia ei kuulu  Suomeen  vaan lähtömaahan  Klodzkon käräjäoikeuteen. Tätä ei huomioitu  kun Violetta Sarnowiakin ja  hänen neljän  maksuttoman lakimiehensä  mukaan Hietikko on täysin  hullu, 100% skitsofreenikko  jonka  ei  saa  antaa KOSKAAN  tavata  lastaan. Yrittäessäni  tulla  synnyinmaahani, 4 kertaa  ex  vaimoni  ja  keuruun  ekokylän  lesbot  pyysivät  poliisia  minut  pidättämään  ja karkoittamaan  maasta (  perustuslaista piittamatta ) Hänen äitinsä ja sisarensa pyysivät Puolan poliisia  karkoittamaan minut Puolasta.  Kun  asia on  mennyt  euroopan unionin  tuomioistuimiin Violetta Sarnowiak pelkää ( aiheellisesti )  saavansa  syytteen 100 % invalidin  omaisuuden  huijaamisesta ja  kiristämisestä. Nyt hänellä  on  helvetillinen  kiire  yrittää todistella  ettei Hietikko  ole  koskaan ollut  mielisairas vaan erittäin  älykäs määrätietoinen  vahvatahtoinen  mies


We have  agreement  of marriage in court of Porvoo  1989 -  in divorce my  properity belongs  only  to me. We have  common son 18  years old William , me and my  new  wife want give all to him. But  its not  possible  because  of co operation  between polish  mafia  and 4  finnish  lawyers. With force of  ´´new  age ´´  violence , poison  mushrooms and  false  credit agreements Violetta and  her  lawyer  cousin in Lodz sold and transported all  my  properity to Poland 1998. I owned  3 apartments  in centre of Helsinki  96 m  48 m and 28m . New house 235 m  in Porvoo . Value  today 2,8 million e,  value of  furnitures ,  libary, art collections of keltaiset ry  association was 599 000 e. In  that time 1996 -2001 i was out of realities communicating with spirits  , beause of those  shaman  education  and  mushrooms. Doctor of psychiatria in Helsinki Arto Lauerma  and in Loviisa  dr Eija Thomasson diagnozed PSYCHOSA. Responsible from this ´´new  age ´´ violence  is ELÄMÄNTAPALIITTO ry Helsinki Riitta Pakaslahti and Riitta Hasari Kokko


Olin  naimisissa 18 vuotta  kommunistisesta Puolasta 1987  tulleen  Violetta Sarnowiakin  kanssa,  joka new  age  väkivallan , petollisten velkakirjojen ja MYRKKYSIENIEN  avulla houkutteli  minut 1998 -2001  investoimaan  kaiken omaisuuteni Suomesta Puolaan . Neljän  kiinteistön nykyarvo Helsingin  ydinkeskustassa  2,8  milj e . Irtaimisto 599 000 e. Porvoon käräjäoikeudessa 1989  rekisteröidyn avioehdon  mukaan hänelle ei erossa  kuuluisi mitään Hietikon  omaisuudesta mutta   haluaisin  antaa  sen  yhteiselle  pojallemme joka on 18 vuotias. Tämä ei  ole  mahdollista  koska ex  vaimoni  on suomalaisessa  oikeudessa  väittänyt Puolassa  olevien maatilamme  maiden olevan ostetun  hänen  äitinsä  rahoilla  joka  vaatii  vähintäin 1 / 3 . Komisario Kari Aaltion  Keuruulla tulisi havaita että tämä kiristämis rikos  tapahtuu  par aikaa. Ison  lainan  panttina olevan  maatilan  rakennuksia Puolassa  ryöstetään ja vandalisoidaan  parhaillaan ( se näkyy google satelliitista )   .Asianajaja Minna Tyvion  mukaan Violetta on  omistajana ja  lainanottajana vastuussa tuhoista,  mutta hän  on väärässä. Puolan  poliisi ajoi  minut  sieltä pois 4.5.2005 ja Puolan  valtio  vastaa  tuhoista.  Violetta on  omistajana ja  lainanottajana velvollinen  tekemään tästä  vaatimuksia mutta hän  pelkää  äitiään  ja mafiaa. Olemme koko perhe rankan rikoksen  uhreja

Because  polish woman wants EVERYTHING ,  my  properity was not  enough. She kidnapped 2005 also  our son William  from Poland to Finland to secret adres  and  prevented  me  never  anymore  see  my  boy ( who  used  to say  how  father is  his  best friend and he  wants live  with  me )

 Koska ahne  anoppi  ja  hänen nuorempi  tyttärensä Wiesa  LODZISSA haluavat  kaiken  ja  koska he  eivät  halunneet  poikamme  kuulevan  mitä  on  tapahtunut,  isän  ja  pojan välinen  suhde  piti tyystin  kokonaan  katkaista


Im born in Finland living  in Maroc Agadir. Here come lot of turists from Germany , UK, Skandinavia and almost 100 %  have  such opinion  that polish  people are snakes, thiefs and kurvas ( it  means prostitutian )

Olen syntynyt Suomessa  mutta Keuruun  sosiaalitoimi karkoitti  minut 12.5.2010 Marokkoon  puolalaisen  ex  vaimoni  pyynnöstä. Tapaan täällä  paljon  lomailevia  brittejä  , saksalaisia ja skandinaaveja. Heistä  lähes  kaikki  sanovat  miten  puolalaiset ihmiset  ovat käärmeitä  huoria ja varkaita


After  kidnapping of my son, assistants of Violettas  family wrote to court  how  Hietikko  is  mentally  ill  devil  who  hurts  honour  of jehova witnesses  in  our neighbour . Prokurator Beata Jelinska  kept me  in  crime court of Klodzko  3,5  years  without  being able  to say  what illegal i had done ?  She knew my education from Helsinki art academia TAIK and finally asked me to produce cinema . To  make reputation  of polish  people  better and to  get 40 million  polish emigrants  back to Poland with  their  money  and  knowledge  how  the things  are going in so called ´´normal  lands ´´ Germany , UK, Skandinavia. Lawyer is responsible to continue this case, or let  Anna Schabikowska to do it


 Syyttäjä Beata Jelinska piti  minua ensin 3,5  vuotta  rikosoikeudessa  syytettynä  voimatta  sanoa  mitä  laitonta olen  tehnyt. Lopulta hän määräsi  minut  tekemään elokuvan ja kirjan aiheesta  miten saada Puolan  mainetta  paremmaksi  ja kutsua 40 miljoonaa  ulkomaille  paennutta  puolalaista takaisin  rahoineen ja  tietämyksineen  miten  asioita  hoidetaan  ns normaaleissa  yhteiskunnissa


I am member of  perma culture association Keltaiset ry die Gelben rf  and we  want  fiscal support from European Union and  government of Poland to this important project. I answer your questions in  00212 528 320 361 .  Project  leader in Marocco   El Kacim Echhaarani   tel 0603394498  ( 00212 603394498 ) He speaks english and arab


Prokurator Beata Jelinska said in  march 2008  how  Hietikko  not can be in Poland,  i  must go aboard to do  this dangerous work.  Social ladies in Finland  and  police  got frightened because  of my  fantasia  cinema,  they  arrested  me in Jämsä  Keuruu  Seinäjoki  and Kauhajoki  and  finally  banished  me out from EU. I came  to Marocco and  found new  wife Melika Ramouz. 


Syyttäjä  Jelinska  sanoi  2008  maaliskuulla  että minun  pitää  mennä Puolan  ulkopuolelle  tätä vallankumouksellista  elokuvaa  suunnittelemaan  ,  mutta  kun tulin Suomeen  jonne 4 vuotias poikani  oli Haagin sopimuksen  vastaisesti  kidnapattu vuonna  2005 ,  rikokseen syyllistyneet  poliisi ja sosiaalitoimi  pidättivät  minut 4  kertaa puolalaisen ex vaimoni  pyynnöstä.  12.5.2010 Keuruun  peruskurvajohtaja  Riitta  Vanhanen  karkoitti  minut Marokkoon.   Poliisi Solmula  , asianajaja Ari Kuukka , Ruotsin  ja saksan poliisi sekä  kansanedustaja Kirsti Elomaa  ( ruotsinlaivalla ) saivat  tiedon  tästä suomen  perustuslakia  rikkovasta  teosta


When government  of Hungar  says  how   level  of  justice  in Finland is  lowest  in all eu ,  my  case shows  that  its so.  In  polish court  is  SOMEKIND  sense  of justice. In  Finland  its  total  zero


 Kun  unkarin  pääministeri  vittuilee  erinomaisille  suomalaisille  heidän  oikeustajunsa kuralla  olemisesta,   siviilioikeuden  professori Aurejärvi voi Strasbourgin  oikeudessa  esittää  todisteet. Suomen oikeuslaitos  on samalla tasolla  kuin oltiin edesmenneessä DDR  ssä  sen viimeisinä aikoina, sanoo Aurejärvi


British people  wanted  out from union  when every second person in London were  speaking polish.  They  are all  snakes,  british people say.  But  in  my screenplay the BOOKS  SHALL BE  OPENED ! Polish  pilots  were defending London against   german  bombers ! They have  rights to walk  in streets  of London  kurva mats ! And  talk  their  own  lanquage vittu perkele !


Englantilaiset haluisivat  eron  unionista  kun Lontoon  kaduilla  jokatoinen  alkoi  puhua  puolaa. He ovat  kaikki  käärmeitä  ja huoria, britit  sanovat . Mutta he  unohtavat  että  puolalaiset  lentäjät puolustivat  urheasti  henkensä  kaupalla LONTOOTA  saksalaisten  pommittajia vastaan. Puolalaisilla on  oltava  oikeus kävellä sen  kaupungin  kaduilla  ja  puhua  mitä  kieltä  haluaa


British people were fooling  polish  people 1939 . They promised  to come to help  if Hitler  attact. Thats why Poland did  not  accpet ANY  conditios  of  peace  with Germany. When  they started  war, UK did not help. Millions  of polish  people were killed, also grandfather of my ex wife. Her  father  had to go to school  of natzies  in age of 5.  ´´Teachers ´´ were  beating  hard  polish  children  almost  everyday. When  my  ex  wife  was  a  child,  her  father did the  same  to  her  until  age of  16. In finnish  court  they say  that this is  my fold and  take away father  of   my  small boy William Sarnowiak


Britit  ovat  kohdelleet  muita maailman  kansoja  petojen  ja  käärmeiden  julmuudella. 1939  he  huijasivat Puolaa  lupaamalla tulla  apuun  jos  Hitler  hyökkää. Sen takia Puola  ei  suostunut   mihinkään  sangen  kohtuullisiin  vaatimuksiin  mikä  johti II  maailmansodan alkamiseen. Miljoonia  puolalaisia  tapettiin,  juutalaiset  mustalaiset  ja homot lähes  kaikki. Ex vaimoni  isoisä  tapettiin  ja 5  vuotias  poikansa pantiin  natsien  ylläpitämään kouluun, jossa puolalaisia  lapsia oli  julmasti  hakattu  lähes  joka  päivä. Kun ex  vaimoni oli lapsi, häntä hakattiin  täysin voimin päähän kotonaan  aina 16  vuoden ikään  asti. Aivoissa  olevat  mantelitumat rikottiin  ja sellainen  ihminen on  koko  ikänsä täysin voimaton  psykopaattis  luonteisten  määräilijöiden  edessä. Sellaisiksi  saatanoiksi  osoittautuivat  tässä ´´elokuvassa ´´  suomalaiset  sosiaaliviranomaiset  , lakimiehet  ja keuruun ekokylän  lesbo traktorit. Islamin  lain  mukaan pojan  varastamisesta tulee  kuolemantuomio  mutta keuruun sosiaalinaiset selviävät siitä 1,5  milj euron  verottomalla  korvauksella,  ekokylä  antaa  43  ha  maata ja  asianajajaliitto  7  milj e   14 vuotta jatkuneen perusteettoman  mielisairaaksi  haukkumisen  takia. Ex  vaimoni  on viimeaikoina  alkanut puhua  miten  Hietikko  on aina  ollut  harvinaisen  terve  ja  Puolan  oikeuspsykiatrinen  lautakunta  sanoo  samaa


No smoke  without  fire. When all  european  nations  agree that  polish  people are  snakes  and kurvas, there  is something  true  in this ( unfortunatelly ) Polish  people  SELF  say how  in Poland ALL is  shit .  Only  piss is  not shit  in  Poland.  This  is broken  nation ,  CHRIST  of all  nations,  they say. 55% of polish  people were  praying  2003 that Jesus would come and start  be  president of Poland. Previous pope John paul II  was  leading  this ceremonia  and  our  fictive  screenplay EXODUS  TODAY  is  telling  what  happens when spirit of Truth  comes  to  secondly  most  dirty land  of Europa.  To  most  black  ashole  land  of  END  Finito -we  situate  earthly HELL  in  HELL sinki,  main devil


But  if  Finland pays  costs  of  this cinema, ( if  they want )  JESUS shall  take also Finland  and hell will  be  situated to Sweden  HELL singborg. During  500  years  Sweden  sent  by  force  to Finland  all criminals and  lunatics.  Today this swedish  talking  minority is 6,66 %  but  they have  very  big  power  in Finland. They  not  respect finnish people and got  married  between  small  population. These  HURRI people  are very  badly re generated and this  you  can see  on  face  of minister  of justice  Anna Maja Henriksson. I have  rights to say so  badly because  ministeria of Henriksson say  that Hietikko  is  100%  ly  mad. According Bible  and ´Coran, ´´  if  someone  says  to  his/her  brother / sister  ,  you  mad,  you  mentally ill´´ --this  one  who says,  is  pulling  on  him/her self PUNISHMENT  OF  HELL. Because  court psychiatric comisio  of Klodko Poland  and  say  that Hietikko  has NO  mental  ilness, state of  Finland  must  pay costs of  production when  we  make cinema true. Teemu Kassila  and Seppo Huunonen are  invited to role  of  stage  manager. If  Finland is not  interested,  this will  be  done  by film  institutes  of Lodz and  Marrakech. And  hell will be  in Hellsinki and  all south finland


If we  analyse  the reasons  what  for  finnish  court is  most  unhonest in europa  and  what for  reputation  of  polish  people is much more  low  as  russians , we must  observ  and  ZOOM to case  of  Sarnowiak  Hietikko


Violetta Sarnowiak is  unusually  honest  and kind  person  and  also  her  assistant in Poland Kamila Michalowska is  basicly  honest.  But  they have  same problem  as  all  honest  people in Poland. Its  inpossible to be  honest in  country whére everybdy  lies and  all  is based on  power  of conservative  roman  catholic  church  and thousands  of  mafias.  Violetta and Kamilla  are  inside  of  mafias    and  they  must  do  what other  people rule


Violetta Sarnowiak made  with  me  agreement  of  marriage and she  has  no rights to  my  properity in  case  of  divorce. I should  like to  give  it  to  our  common son 18  years  old William but Violetta wanted  break  our home in Poland, sell  lands 34,5  ha  and give money 1 /3  to  her  mother and  mafia  of Lodz. To  me  she  is  planning to give  NOTHING


This is  very strange because  Violetta wrote  to police of  Jämsä 2014  asking help. I not  want  break  my  home  and  family as  they rule  me. All this  investing in  Poland is  Hannus  money and in  case of divorce,  i  demand  NOTHING.  What for  Violetta  has  changed  her  opinion totally  and gives me nothing !


She  came in  year 1987 to my  house  in Porvoo Finland     from  communistic Poland. She had good occupation / architect , but not able to work because   hard  family violence at  her  home in Lodz until age of 16. Her father Wieslaw Cieplucha has confessed all but her  proud mother says  how this violence happened because Violetta had so  ´´bad character ´

She needed  psychoterapia  , before  she  was able to  make  us a child. But kela / Riitta Liisa  Lahdelma said to my legal wife ( who  was already citizen of Finland )  how  kela  not  pay  such expensive  treatments  to all  kind  of  russians. Her brother , advocat Aimo Lahdelma said how ´´ my sister has always been hard rascists ´´When my wife  became  preqnant,  they  killed  our child by  abortion  in Porvoo.    ( later i  heard that order came from  her mother in  Poland ) This  made  me    heavy sorrow, specially when city Porvoo came in  middle of  summer  and cutted down old forest  around our  house  impivaarantie 87 Haksi Porvoo

 Violetta  Sarnowiak said how she could make us a child if we start live in Poland and  sell my properity in Finland, new  house 235 m  in Porvoo, 3 apartments in centre of Helsinki 28 m  48 m and 96 m. Value of this  properity today is 2,8 million euro. Art collections, furnitures, home machines , indian silk  carpets , big libary  was also transported to Poland,  insurance  value 599 000 e. She made  in Helsinki  law  office 3.9.1996  credit agreement where her family  is LENDING  all  this Hietikkos  money and  they  must  give to me quaranty of credit ,  farm 34,5 ha in south west Poland sudetian  mountains Gniewoszow 6  Miedzylesie.  When this  deal happend, doctor of psychiatria  Arto Lauerma in Helsinki kallio noticed that Hietikko  is in PSYCHOSA,  i did not understand juridical matters because  new  age  friends of my ex wife wanted  my  house  and   gave me strong poison mushrooms. and Paavo Koivisto were ruling me and later also Violetta  out from  my own  house,  builded by  my  father

 I became SHAMAN  and started communicate with forest spirtis and angels. Finnish doctor says still today that Hietikko has skitsofrenia but polish doctors  say that mr Lassila is talking  wrongly.  According my  own opinion, my brother Pentti Koivumäki ,  Helena Antila Jalonen and  many  other witnesses,  i was  out of totally  out  of realities  in those  years 1996-2002 when  my  properity was sold and  transported to  Poland  ( to name  of Halina Cieplucha , she is MOTHER of Violetta Sarnowiak )

Laittomasti  kidnapatulle  pojalleni  on 12  vuotta  selitetty  ettei  hän  saa  tavata  isäänsä  koska Hietikko  on  vaarallinen  mielipuoli.  Nyt  hänen  äitinsä  on  alkanut  puhua samaa  kuin  puolalaiset  ja   espanjalaiset psykiatrit --että  hietikko  onkin  epätavallisen  terve  ja  fiksu. Tällainen on rankkaa  perheväkivaltaa  joka  pitää  mennä  syyttäjälle. Kun  minua on suomessa puolalaisen ex vaimoni  kertomusten  perusteella  vaitetty 100 % skitsofreenikoksi  ja puolassa ruotsissa  saksassa espanjassa  marokossa  psykiatrit toteavat tämän  täysin  perättömäksi , suomalaisten  KUNNIA  ei  anna  periksi  myöntää  erehtyneensä.  YHÄ väittää  minun  sairastavan skitsofreniaa  mutta  14 vuotta  sitten  pyydettyä  perustelua ei  kuulu


Komisario Aaltio Keuruu.

Suomen konsulaatti  Varsova.
Pyydän apuanne perheoikeudellisen  asian selvittämisessä


Violetta Sarnowiak on esittänyt minulle  ehtoja , että voisin saada takaisin maatilani rikotut rakennukset ja 1/ 3  maista. Ellen  pysty näitä ehtoja  täyttämään, hän uhkaa myydä  koko  maatilan eikä anna minulle  mitään. Asianajaja Ari Kuukan  mukaan hän EI  voi myydä ko  maatilasta  palaakaan ilman  minun ja Melikan allekirjoitusta ja  sentakia meitä  yritettiin 7.7.2017 portimaossa  pelotella. Poliisi määräsi suomeen ja sieltä karkoitettiin Marokkoon .  Tuona aikana taloni edessä ollut autoni oli  pantu kaupungin toimesta  romuttamoon.  Vaadin turhasta matkasta 7500 e ja autosta  10 000 e  Portugalin valtiolta  koska  poliisi kieltäytyi  tekemästä  heille  kuuluvia töitä ( kuultuaan että kyse on pahamaineisesta Puolan  mafiasta ) on  jo vuonna 2011  Violetalle  sanonut tämän olevan  vastuussa  tehdyistä  tuhoista.

Mitä  ne  ehdot ovat,  joilla hän  nyt  yrittää  kiristää  ja pelotella ?

Että minun  pitäisi  olla  kykenevä  menemään sinne Puolaan  ja  ottaa  maatilasta
  vastuu, palkata lakimies  tekemään  tarvittavat paperit. Vuonna 2007 minulla oli  lakimies Jaroslaw Krtolinski  joka sai varsovan  oikeudessa  minulle  luvan  olla omistaja,  avioehdon ja Violetan helsingissä 3.9.1996  tekemän velkakirjan  ehtojen  perusteella. Kuten tämä lakimies ja poikamme kummi Helena Antila Jalonen  muistavat, Violetta  ( hänen  äitinsä ) kieltäytyivät noudattamasta  velkakirjan ehtoja. 7 % yliaika  alkoi  raksuttaa  ja  1.1.2019  velka on  1,53 milj e. 599 000 e  varastetusta irtaimesta ja  keltaiset ry n  taidekokoelmista

Kun  poliisi  oli  kieltänyt   minua  siellä  olemasta , ennenkö  olen  omistaja , Violetta  kieltäytyi  vuokraamasta  maatilaa Ossi Viljakaiselle,  hänen sitä 8  kk  pyydeltyään  . Mafiatyylisellä väkivallalla  ajettiin  pois ja  rakennukset  tuhottiin,  kaikki  varastettiin. On selvää  kuka  tästä on  vastuussa ja  nyt hän  vaatii  minua  menemään sinne  pitämään  huolta rikotusta  talosta. Muuten en saisi  penniäkään

Violetan avustaja Kamila Michalowska  on sanonut  että minut  varmasti  tapettaisiin  jos tulisin  Puolaan. Naapurimme  jehovantodistajat  ovat  monien kuullen  niin  sanoneet . Klodzkon  poliisi  marian  misiazek on  saanut 14.5.2007  kuvia , äänifileita ja kolmen todistajan  lausunnut  ilnickien  yöllisestä  hyökkäyksestä --  mutta sitä ei  ole  pantu rikoskäräjille. Ennenkö  asiat  tutkitaan, siinä  talossa  ei  voi KUKAAN  olla

Että voitaisiin  luoda  edellytykset  minulle  Melikalle  ja keltaiset ry  lle sinne  mennä, poliisi Adam Polanski  (  joka  minut  pois hääsi ) on  asettanut ehdon. Varsovan  konsulaatin  ja  Violetta Sarnowiakin  on  hänelle  selvitettävä  MITÄ tarkoittaa  suomalaisten Hietikolle  antama diagnoosi  100 %  skitsofrenia ? Olenko  tosiaankin  potentiaalinen  terroristi  vaikka  ihan jeesuksen  näköinen  

 Violetta ,  hänen sukulaisensa ja  avustajansa  jehovantodistat  olivat tällaista kelan  salassapidettäväksi  julistamaa  tietoa  levitelleet  sangen  laajasti, saaden aikaan vihan sekaista  pelkoa joka  sekoittui  rasismiin  ja  uskontoon.  Suomessa  sitä oli  levitelty  tarkoituksena  saada  yksinoikeus poikaan  ja  Hietikolle  karkoitusmääräys  mielisairaalaan  ja myöhemmin saharaan

Kun  asia on  mennyt  euroopan unionin  tuomioistuimiin Violetta Sarnowiak pelkää ( aiheellisesti )  saavansa  syytteen 100 % invalidin  omaisuuden  huijaamisesta ja  kiristämisestä. Nyt hänellä  on  helvetillinen  kiire  yrittää todistella  ettei Hietikko  ole  koskaan ollut  mielisairas vaan erittäin  älykäs määrätietoinen  vahvatahtoinen  mies

Hän on  nyt  niin  pahassa  solmussa että  oman mielenrauhansa  terveytensä  ja poikamme edun  nimissä  olisi  parasta nostaa ´´  hände  hoch ´´. Kertoa  kaikki  totuudenmuaisesti  komisario Aaltiolle. Hän  on  hyvin  kiltti ja rauhallinen  henkilö, ei  lainkaan  pelottava . Olen jo 9 vuotta  aiemmin  keuruun  poliisiasemalla Kimmo Rytköselle  sanonut että Violettaa ei  voida  panna  syytteeseen  yhtään  mistään, sen  jälkeen  kun  on selvitetty  mitä hänelle  on  tapahtunut. Äitiään  ja mafiaa  peläten hän ei  uskalla  puhua ,  vaikkakin  ennen  kidnappausrikoksen  alkua  vuonna  2004 pyysi  apua Jämsän  poliisiasemalta ---menossa  olevan  rankan väkivallan  takia

Hän  kirjoitti  veljeni
   pojalle poliisi Arto Koivumäelle  jotain mikä todistaa että olemme koko perhe rikosuhreja´´. Ja  miten lapsuusaikaisen EPÄTAVALLISEN  RANKAN perheväkivallan  alaisena  ollut heikko ex vaimoni  ´´heilui ´´  oman  tahtonsa ja  äitinsä  tahdon välissä. Marja Heino Mäntän sosiaalitoimistossa  luki näitä  kirjeitä  ja  niitä on 53  violetan  omakätisesti  kirjoittamia  53 sivua  Mäntän oikeusaputoimistossa

Kun  olin lapsi jouduin  kodissani ankaran  perheväkivallan  kohteeksi. Nyt  kun  on  itsellä  pieni  lapsi nämä kipeät tunteet  aktivoituvat ja Hannu on  joutunut hirveästi  kärsimään . Ilmoitan kaikille teille ettei Hannulla eikä minulla ole pienintäkään aikomusta tehdä avioeroa . Ja jos näin kävisi , ilmoitan että en aio vaatia häneltä yhtään mitään , koska tämä maatila on ostettu ja remontoitu Hannun varoilla, samaten kaupunkiasuntomme Helsingissä ja Wroclawissa.

 Minä , Hannu tai William emme halua osallistua mihinkään minun perheen tai Hannun perheen sisäiseen riitaan tai valtataisteluun, haluamme olla rauhassa. En aio osallistua suomalaisten enkä puolalaisten valtanaisten unioneihin jotka on suunnattu miestäni Hannua vastaan

 Tuo Violetan lausuma todistaa että  perheessään  oli pahantahtoisia voimia jotka halusivat järjestää ikävyyksiä ja ryöstää Williamille kuuluvaa omaisuutta.  Minun  lainsuojattomuuteni  ja Violetan henkisen lapsuusvamman takia olimme kyvyttömiä puolustautumaan.  Helsingin ja Jyväskylän käräjäoikeudessa on 14 vuoden ajan käsitelty asiaa joka ei suomalaiseen oikeuteen lainkaan kuuluisi . Lakimiehet Aila Koulu ja Tanja Heiskanen ovat omaisuutemme osittamista himoitessaan pakottaneet ex vaimoni avioeroon ja sanomaan etteivät ex vaimoni puolalaiset vanhemmat ole hänelle koskaan mitään pahaa tehneet . Mutta Violetan omakätiset kirjeet todistavat aivan jotain päinvastaista .  Myös  isänsä Wieslaw Cieplucha on tunnustanut kaiken.

 pakottamisen todistaa  se  että Violetta otti pois  avioerohakemuksen Helsingin käräjäoikeudesta  saatuaan  itselleen  ja  pojalle  pienen pakolaisasunnon. Mutta  asianajaja Koulu ja  määräsivät  panemaan  hakemus  takaisin  ja valehtelemaan  oikeudessa asianajaja koulun heiskasen ja  hokkasen vakiovalheita --sekä  kaikkea sitä  mitä jehovantodistajat puolassa  olivat  syyttäjälle kirjoittaneet

When  we have so clear  evidences  it  is  very  strange  that Finland  gives  to  polish  mafia  4  costless  lawyers  AND take  good  father  of  small  boy. Never  let  us  meet  each  others.



 We bought 1998 with my  money old german farm and started remont its  4  buildings to be our home and  ´´hotel seitendorf ´´55 rooms. Healthy boy was born 28.3.2001 . After 8 years hard work and big investing,  mother of my exwife Halina Cieplucha Bratyslawska 13 m 24  LODZ and  her  younger  daughter Wiesa  wanted rob our  investings with help  of MAFIA  Andrei Bogdanowitz - Borisko  and send my ex wife and  son to Finland to  live with  narrow social money. After kidnapping those women asked police Adam Polanski  4.5.2005  to spark  me out from  my farm  and started big crime trial against  me.

Police did not have any  decision  of  court and  it was illegal  to banish eu citizen  out from  his house. I had hire agreement of 30 years and farm  was  quaranty  of big credit.  Police  tried  defend their operation  and said that i cant come back  before finnish consul in Warsava explain  what  means  their diagnosa 100% skitsofrenia? Jehova witnesses in  neighbour are afraid that i  plan to  kill  them and all willage

. Lawyer Majiec Abresz took  big money but  he has never finished this trial where they  could not say what illegal  Hietikko  has  done ? Jehova witnesses  ilnicki  were blamening  me because of ´´mental illness´´ but  influence of those mushrooms was already disappeared 2005 .Court psychiatric  comitea  raported  how Hietikko  has  no psychiatric illnes. But  finnish consul in Warsava Vappu Pajala said that Hietikko  has PAID  to those 3 polish  doctors to write something what is not true. Hietikko  has 100% skitsofrenia says  but they  not can explain  what  it means and how its possible that Finland  accept robbing of 100%  invalid ? They can not put me to  juridic responsibility because of my words, when Finland self says  how im 100%  ly  mad

 I had nt  done anything illegal or MAD in any  country but  it was question  about my verbal production. In Finland is no freedom  of  thinking  but  in Wroclaw says how in Poland  they could never  give such diagnosa to man  like Hietikko . Not close  me to  mental hospital 2,5  months and  make sexual violence ( as they did in Finland ) this crime is not yet old said comisario  State of Finland is responsible to give me lawyer

satanism  in roman catholic church

 Roman catholic priest of Gniewoszow -Rozanka  heard about this abortion from mother of my exwife , and it was murder according polish law. It was specially brutal  because our family had lot of  money  and Violetta was  using brandnew Peugeot 607. Priest was inciting jealous  angry people in eastern messa to satanism . He said, ´´lets hope now all good to each others, and lets hope all together all bad to those there ( aiming with his hand to direction of our house.) There is standing also 350  years  old statue of HOLY  MARIA

 Also networks  of jehova witnesses were joining to this  cursing , they came very  often with axe in hand in front of our house , shouting ´´go to Finland, we kill you ´´. They said so also to clients of our hostel ( ) He is  Ditmar Schuller from Nurnberg who could tell about this willage to the  courts  and to  media

Soon started dogs get poison and cars were burning.  My wife got nerv break down, she  took our  4  years old son and ran away to Finland  social office . 2 weeks later 4.5.2005 police Adam Polanski  from Miedzylesie came to say  how also Hietikko  must go away. When i rented it to finnish yoga school, armed gangsters of Andrei Bogdanowitz came in to house in night. Police did nothing. Consulat Finland  in Warsawa said that such socialismus  in  middle of  european union ´´ is our private problem´´

Also  i got wounded during this proces    and im suffering about post traumatic stress reaction. I need psychoterapia by skype-telephone , 2 x per week 45 min. Finland takes 600 e / month tax from  my  pension  and they are responsible about healthy  matters of me and my maroccian wife.  These  discussions must  be  recordered and given  to  international al qaida police  in Wroclaw . They know  me and  trust that Hietikko  wouldn t do anything bad to Poland. I can keep this  promise but  situation  is NOT in  my  hands, dear  al qaida  police. You  must act .  lawyer of  my exwife in Finland has  written already 2011 to  Violetta  how  she  carry  full  responsibility  about  the damages  in  the farm. She is  owner who  has  taken  from  me  big  credit  in time  when we were not  married  . In credit agreement  made by  law  office in  helsinki  3.9.1996  is  said  that  they  must give owning of farm  to hietikko 100 %  ly  at  least 1.1.2017 . We were living in Portugal  when  i  wrote to Lodz  about this.  They were sending  2 men with guns. Police of Portimao  did not want  put  his  fingers to matters of mafia  and  this  international  familyviolence. Violetta Sarnowiak  can  be  free from this responsibility  ONLY in such  ways  that she demands police to make clear  all  the crimes  in her  farm  and  at her  mothers home in Lodz. Violetta  is afraid of mafia and her  mother, she cant do anything. State of Poland is responsible from  our  house because POLICE was  ruling me  away  4.5.2005




When lawyer  Andreia Cintra and police of Portimao Portugal  Jose  Marques  did not want  put  his  fingers  to  matters  of polish mafia,  they  were sending us to Finland. Me  and  Melika  Ramouz went there 16.5.2018 but comisario in KEURUU did not want start investigate what is  the  reason  when  polish MOTHER of my ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak Kivijärventie 300 42700 KEURUU does not want respect registered marriage agreement 1989 in court of Porvoo and credit agreement of 1,53 million euros 3.9.1996 ? Finnish police court and social ladies help polish mafia  . People in MÄNTTÄ said to us how all  islamic people shall  be  pushed  away and if we not go,  they  KILL us. did not want investigate this matter at all,  but they said 20.7.2018  how my wife must go out from EU  next  3 years. They  knew that 67  old Hietikko  is depending on  my younger  wife and I surely  not stay alone  in Finland. I could  not see  at all  my  kidnapped son  who  used to say  how  father is  his  best friend

Farm in Poland belongs to me and i should like to give it to our common son William 18 years old. Because  he not want , i rent it for 1000  years to perma culture  association keltaiset ry  who  pay to my son and  his  children 45 % provisio  from annual  netto. But my wounded ex wife try to steal from her own child and lie to finnish court how our farm in Poland was bought with money of her mother Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 90900 Lodz. Polish mafia and 5 finnish lawyers try to steal their part

according law of islam breaking home of small child and stealing him from his father shall be punished by death. All involved, but not violetta sarnowiak because her own hand written letters tell how her mother and finnish social system ladies were forcing her to crimes against her own home and family. Mänttä communal law  office has 53  pages of her original  letters. We  are all  family  victims of  family  violence


 Serious  crimes of  human rights happen  in Finland and they  not respect international  kidnapping agreement of Haag saying how  ´´Finland is  so  much  better country as Poland´´ . I not  agree  this , our properity, farm 34,5 hectar  is in Poland Miedzylesie  and my son was living there his 4  first years. This  matter  belongs to court  of Klodzko . Also to courts of Strasbourg , Portimao Portugal , Seinäjoki  Jyväskylä and Tampere in  Finland

It ´s  question about  hard FAMILYVIOLENCE . According law of Finland  , such matter  must go to general  prokurator automatically  but during 10 years   lawyer Ari Kuukka  and comisario is breaking  the law. Lawyers  association  police government and accept it. We have  reason to believe  how legal society is not existing in  case of Hietikko -Ramouz. This said 2018 in Tampere police station  and  started CRY !  ( more as 50 % of people in  Finland agree this matter and  they are VERY afraid / angry ) Primie minister of Hungary  mr ORBAN says that level of  justice in Finland is very low. Its similar to previous DDR in  its last days, says professor of ciwil justice AUREJÄRVI  in Finland . This case  will  show the evidences.  We need international  help from Marocco London and Hungary

International Communications Office

International Spokesperson of the Government of Hungary

My  first son was  killed by abortion when  RASCISTIC  Helsinki  KELA did not want give  psychoterapia to my wounded wife Violetta Sarnowiak . Thats  why she  could not  be  free from  toxicen power connection to her emotionally  cold  greedy mother and sister Wiesa. She ´was object of unusually  hard  familyviolence  at  her  childhood home  until age  of 16. Violetta   told this in  her  letter  2004 to police of Jämsä, Arto Koivumäki , who is son  of  my older  brother Pentti Enkeli Koivumäki. Father  of Violetta Sarnowiak has  confessed all  saying  how he had  to go to school  of german  natzies  in  age of 5  and  they were beating  hard to  head  almost every day. He did the same to  his first child ( my ex  wife )

But  stupid akka court of Finland has  been  blameing me 14  years  because of  crimes  of  german  natzies ( allthough  my  mother is a jew ). My  father Tauno Koivumäki in kauhajoki  was  honest charpenter   who  never hit his children  or anybody . Police Arto Koivumäki  knows this. During last 10 years Melika Ramouz  has  not seen me  to HIT anybody and Helena Antila Jalonen  say  the same  from  years 1978-1987  when she lived near me.  Family violence started 1987 when Violetta came  from closed  communistic Poland to  my house in Porvoo. We did not  hit  each  others,  but she killed  our child because her mother  did  not  want  us  stay in Finland. We should come to Poland and take all  Hietikkos  money with us. 

In age of 4  my son was kidnapped to Finland in secret  adress, living  with  narrow  social  money. They not  let  him see  his  father,  not even call. They talk to small  boy  how his  father is  mentally  ill. Doctors in Poland  2005 and in Spain 2011 said how Hietikko  is NOT sick and  this  is VERY  hard family  violence  against Hietikko  and  my son. It  can  cause to my  boy feelings  of  ashame  and emptyness say doctors  in Spain Belgium Germany  and Poland. ( if we NOT rapidly  start open and investigate this  case of  international family violence and  explain it  to William. He is now 18  old )

Police of Keuruu Finland prevent investigation , ´´saying how  the crime is so small ´´. Real  reason  is  need  to protect ladies in social office who are  involved  to serious  crimes,  laws of Strasbourg and kidnapping  agreement  of Haag  says  that  they have  no legal rights to prevent  father  and son meet each  others. To  banish  Hietikko  to Sahara

these  matters can  not be TOO SMALL to start  investigation  comisario

We  have  doctors  in  many  lands  who  say  how  Hietikko   and  my son have  been  tortured 14  years . My house in Finland and in Poland were destroyed. Reason to these crimes  is ONE,  the same. This say  roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz , our family  psycholog  ,  police and prokurator in Klodzko Poland. Lawyer  said 2011 how BIG compensations  would  belong to Hietikko and my  kidnapped son  but she  cant  help  me because  mafia is  involved  to this  matter. And  Jyväskylä court give 4 costless  lawyers  to  polish  mafia

Halina Cieplucha  ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24  90900 Lodz is mother of my  polish ex  wife , who gave order to police Adam Polanski  to  spark me  out from  that country . My ex wife in Finland Keuruu gave order to   finnish police arrested me 3 times when i was trying to go to land where i was born.  social  office said  12.5.2010 that i  must go back to Marocco. This  was  breaking  basic law of Finland. When i was  coming to Finland  16.5.2018 , they did not  let  me  see my  illegally kidnapped son  and banished my wife Melika Ramouz  3  years out from EU

I came also here and im  asking  help from  islamic  lawyers in LONDON  and in AGADIR.  According law of islam stealing a son and breking his  childhood home shall  be punished  by  death, but this  must be changed to fiscal compensations and punishments of prison in Finland  must  explain  in Strasbourg and in  court  of Klodzko  what arguments  they  have  to  say  how Hannu Hietikko  is 100% ly skitsofrenic , 24  hours / day outside real  realities ? I have never  DONE anything mad or  illegal.  Because of my written  opinions  they captured  me  in Kauhajoki  Jämsä and Keuruu , never let me  see my  only child. But doctors in Spain Germany Sweden Marocco   and in Poland say  how Hietikko  is  not sick. Hietikko talks / writes  too  much  true  matters,  said polish prokurator Beata Jelinska 2008 . She gave me order to plan a cinema but i  must go outside Poland to prepare this work. 40 million too  honest polish people have ran away from  their beautiful country. We  must get them back and sell  them new houses

Historia on Poland has been very cruel and it is somehow broken  nation. But  there is old rich  middle european  culture back ground and  much  more  light as in Finland. Meaning of our  PR cinema is  to rise up  reputation  of Poland and to put MIRROR in  front of proud  fascistic  power  ladies of Finland ( akka  mafia )

There  is  quite a lot hidden secrets   which is not allowed to say in Finland. They  have been  killing own citizens  more  as  russians killed us in  winter war.  When  they cant any  more  use  machine guns, more as 1000  healthy people  every year are captured and poisoned to closed  hospitals , says investigator Markku Salo  Psyche medicines are thirdly biggest reason to deaths in Finland , says dr Aku Kopakkala. This shit  happens  because  drugs are big bisnes to chemia industry. And because finnish people are not allowed to be  what  they really are. Finns    pretend to  be  americans ,  they have  no own culture, say russian and estonian  people

I was  born in  healthy labour family in Kauhajoki , i  did not have  need  to any  pills, amfetamine or  cocain. I was educated in art academia of Helsinki TAIK, working as  advertising  planner AD to finnish export companies  NOKIA and  some  other.  1980 my client in Porvoo  said  how  they  know my ways of  thinking  and offered work of art  director   until  age  of  pension. Grounder  of Ensto  Ensio Miettinen  was  secondly  most rich  man in Finland  and he started his pension  in  age of 50 years . He  had  given to other people  all  power  in his company  concentrating to  new  innovations , litterature  filosofia and arts. During 5  years  this  man  invited  me very often to his home to discuss and  teached me all  what  he has  found out.  My work was ´´information´´ and i  had  to  teach to 1000 engineers  what Ensio Miettinen has  told me.

In year  1985 those  engineers started to talk how Hietikko  is  mad , when  they couldn´t say  that chairman of  the board   is  mad. Doctor of psychiatria Eija Thomasson  said  that  i m  not sick, but i will  be  mad  for  sure  if i  not run away from  such  workplace. She was fooling insurance company VARMA and wrote to kela  diagnosa 100% skitsofrenia to  get  full  pension to 33 years  old healthy man. When Mr Miettinen heard this, he became very  angry after wasteing his personal  time  thousands of hours. I bought good motorcycle and drove  everywhere in the world This was  cleaning  me  from  finnish  basic stupidnes , i became  unusually  healthy  comparing to ´´normal finns ´´  This said my family doctor in Spain andalucia where are lot of  finnish  people. Everyday drunken, behaving as porks. They  said how Hietikko  shall be killed if i  not disappear from costa de sol ( witnesses Lea Pons Fuengirola , Olavi Karjalainen in Torremolinos. )

2009  i  started live in south Marocco and  found new wife Melika Ramouz.  She demands to make  clear  what  happend in Finland and in Poland. When we came to Finland in summer 2018,  people in Mänttä Vilppula  said how they kill us. MIGRI and said 20.7.2018  that my wife  must go away from european  union  next 3 years. I could not see  my  kidnapped son at all

Swedish talking people  in Porvoo  were JEALOUS  because of  his  succes, talking   how Ensio Miettinen  is mad . Actually   his thinking was DIFFERENT. He  was  born in Viborg Karelia, those  people are not finns. His  son and  personal chef  Eeva Miettinen said 1985 how they  not can  see  anything ´´mentally  ill ´´ in Hietikko and how  my work is  important  to company

But managing director Esko Kahela Reijo Kallio  and Kari Metso  wanted me out . 1985 computers started  to come  to advertising- publishing  bisnes  and those engineers  were  thinking  how  they not   need  Hietikko. They were  finishing   my work   agreement  because Hietikko  has  become ´´sick´´  during work place education. Because this wasn´t legal,  their  lawyer  wanted  my  name  to  paper, where  i  promise  how  i  never  start  court  process  against Ensto. But  such  paper  is not valid because  they self  said  how  Hietikko  is 100% ly out  of  realities. Besides this  matter  belongs to  public prokurator. Also family of my  maroccian wife Melika Ramouz demand  to open this matter. Its important to my son 18  years  old to know  what has  happened. He needs to get good fiscal compensation because  of  this  ensto  diagnosa state of Finland took  away his  father 

Doctor of psychiatria Eija Thomasson did  not  want  start  any  treatment and therapia 1986 , because  she knew that im not sick. In Helsinki doctors Martti Kuokkanen  Iiris Keränen and Tapani Luoto said  that Hietikko is not sick  and  not any  treatment was given. Later  i  found  out  that KELA  has  taken away my  name  and  citizen  rights . Still  today inter helsinki KELA   refuse to give me european card and  possibility to go to doctor in  other eu lands. Comisario told me 2007   how  boss of prokurators  Jorma Kalske  has  taken  away from 100%  invalid all  police prokurator and  consulat services  in all EU. In Spain and in Portugal this made  us  big problems. Several crimes  happened but spanish and portugalian  police refused to help. Real  estate Williams keller  Ruth Alexandra  in Portimao stole and  blackmailed from us 25 000 e. Lawyer Ana Paula Duarte stole my  last  money but did nothing else. 

Im  living in south Marocco and i have rights of citizen because of marriage. I can give this case to islamic comissio of truth ICT. If  they confirm my demands, i can sell  them to maroccian depts & credit collectors in Poland Portugal and Finland. They add to saldo their costs 50 %. 

 It would be  necessary that polish finnish spanish and portugalian police and court make  investigation. You can  say  that crime is ´´old´´  because  everyday  right  now  my  neighbours are breaking my  farm. Police can see  from google satellite  houses where come  roof material from  my farm. If police  not do  their work and if european comissio  says  nothing,  i  must accept help from  maroccians and  german  new  natzies

They  have got from internet all  information from this case


When Jose Marques and Fernando Bruno Pinto say how ´´we not know , who is behind these crimes, its not true. Planners of this dirty game are mother of my exwife  Halina Cieplucha and  cousin of my ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz , also  sister of my exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz  Her husband Pawel self has said how he belongs to mafia of Lodz. Those hard women gave also to  my ex wife order to abortion. It  happened in Finland  but  it  must go to polish court  because  order  came  from  there. Murder never becomes  juridically  old. My demand to this family  is 1,5  million euro BUT i forget it if they give me owning  of farm  100% ly  immediately and lawyer  make all necessary  papers . She  must also assist  Violetta Sarnowiak  to  put  to responsibility all  who have  been breaking and robbing our house. Jehova witnesses in neighbour must compensate their  terrorism  by  giving to keltaiset  ry  8, 5  ha land  and all  buildings


´´go to finland , we kill  you, this they were shouting in  front of  our  house--with axe in  hand´´ during 8 years. They said this also to visitors of our  hostel. Finally when  nobody has  courage  to be in  our  farm ,  jehova witnesses use my  lands and forests without paying any  euro rent. This has  happened  14  years and vnow they  must go to Finland social  office

In spring 2018 lawyer Andreia Cintra was reading to us letter from Fernando Bruno Pinto   and  said that we must go to Finland and ask shelter of exiler, because Portugal is not safe place for us , before problems with polish mafia are solved. After  2  months  Finland sparked us out from all EU for  next 3 years. 29.7.2019 sent e mail  telling  that  banishing  is  no  more  valid. It was  totally  illegal and demand of my wife to state of Finland  is  one  million  taxfree  plus  costs  of lawyer. Its including also  crime of Rabat consulat, preventing our  marriage  during 6 years ( witness  new  consul ) .



We had to go away from Portimao and leave our house alone.  We  cant go to  my  farm in Poland before police of Miedzylesie adam polanski  jehova  witness family  ilnicki and mother  of my ex  wife ( mafia of Lodz ) accept it. Kamila Michalowska  and lawyer  Marek Rudnicki rented 2009  our farm to association  of  holy albert  . She  said  that Hietikko  shall be in  big danger  if i come to Poland. ( prokurator and  media  should ask  her what she means ? )  After that Michalowska and  my ex wife were selling  my apartment in Wroclaw and  her  assistants Andrei Bogdanowitz  and adam  zaba broke  buildings of    farm . This crime happens actually  today, we can see it  by google satellite. Owner of farm  and credit taker Violetta Sarnowiak MUST  make  raport  to the police,  but she is  wounded  invalid, too  much afraid  of mafia and  her  hard mother



State of Portugal honour consul Giselia Farias is  a lawyer who gets her salary from state of Finland. She must have  known  that Finland never  accept such 10  years taxfreedom.  She must  pay me 100 000  e  because this  game  made me lot of harm , i was loosing my good car and  home in Agadir  etc. Giselia Farias  was fooling me to invest to portugal by false promises of  good healthy services.  In Faro dr Rui Neves gave diagnosa 31.3.2015 paranoija , out of real realities . Not any kind of psychoterapia was given during 3,5 years. After 15 minutes discussion young proud doctor is sure that  this what  i tell,  cant  happen  in european union.  Hietikko is mad and ask me eat lot of products of chemia industry. Same style as in finland, where psyche medicines are THIRDLY biggest  reason to deaths


 Dr Neves must explain in court of Portimao and Strasbourg how its possible that man out of realities drive 40 years heavy motorcycle around the world without any accidents ? And what is more true story of happenings in India Jerusalem Poland and in Finland ? If he not can give arguments , my demand to state of Portugal is 500 000 e taxfree plus costs of lawyer .

If  they  can  proof that Hietikko is  sick,  my  previous employer in Finland  must pay  me 7  million euros taxfree  because they were educating me 6  years . My ways of  thinking are what  they are  very  much  because  of Ensio Miettinen. He was  grounder  of that company. Swedish talking people in Porvoo said how Miettinen is mad , and be´hind this  question  is  something much bigger

During 4 years dr Rui Neves has not answered --it means that  Portimao city is not able to take care of my healthy services.  They are  not able  to  arrange  work places  to people , only during turist time 3  months / year. Association keltaiset ry  suggest that Portimao city invest 43 hectar empty area between praya VAU and Rua Pedro Álvares Cabral  aldeia sobreiras . You should start  there same project as in Finland Keuruu, Poland Miedzylesie and Marocco Takad

( told in file in end of this letter )

Human rights in Spain are  not much  better. Lawyers take big money and do nothing 

2009-2014  i  had  registered adres in Spain. They said that  tax % is zero, because Finland  says how im 100% invalid. But later spanish doctors found out that Hietikko  is 0 % invalid and  they have  changed this tax decision without saying  me anything. They steal  all  money  from  my  bank account and Finland  helps  them. Not any  lawyer help  me,  in Marbella stole only  my  last money 1000 e. He promised to put  these  matters to court of Strasbourg ,  but  he never  did it

when  new  age  friends  of my ex  wife  gave  me  poison  mushrooms  and  i went totally to trancendental cosmic  level for  many years. Those  forest  spiririts started talk to me and  doctor Lauerma  said  how Hietikko  has  psychosa. ´Soon  i had  to sell  that house  and 3 apartments  in centre of helsinki

Finland did not give  us any  healthy services , but they took  away from  my wife  polish passport 1989. Foreigners could not own  land in EU Poland and we had  to use  mother of  my ex wife  in Lodz as ´´bulvan ´´  owner

She  started to  black  mail, did not give  farm to  us  when Violetta got back polish passport 2012. Mother and  sister of  my  ex wife  wanted  that Violetta kidnap   our  son to Finland and  start  live with social  money. Say in finnish  court  that Hietikko  is  mad  and our  lands are  bought with  money of Violettas    mother Halina Cieplucha

2 weeks after  kidnapping  4.5.2005  police of Miedzylesie Adam Polanski came to  our  farm in Gniewoszow to say  that also Hietikko  must go away. I not can come back  before  consulat Finland in Warsava explain what  means  their diagnose 100 % skitsofrenia ?  Otherwise old  ladies and  jehova witnesses in  that  small  mountain willage  must  be  afraid of Hietikko.

When i had  to go and  also tenant  was pushed away 2009 with mafia violence ,  they started to break our home and hostel 4  buildings .  Insurance  ALLIANZ  said that my expensive  home  insurance is  not valid  because Hietikko is 100%  ly  mad.

 Our family  psycholog says  that Hietikko is  not mad ,- and even if i would be --insurance company  has  no rights to such talking. Illness cant  be  reason to cancel home  insurance. 2009 -2010 when they destroyed buildings,  i had paid that  full value insurance. German Allianz must pay costs of repairing these 4  culture  historically valuable  german buildings

When i was trying to go back to Finland to my son, Violetta  Sarnowiak was afraid  because of  crimes of her family and asked finnish police to arrest  me  several  times . She  was  ILLEGALLY   spreading  that secret KELA  ensto information everywhere in Finland. He  sister  Wiesa  did  it  in Poland

14  years  has gone   but  and have not given  any  explanation to this ensto  mysteria. Its very  painfull  matter for them to  investigate the  reasons what for swedish talking people in Porvoo not respect  karelian polish or  russian  people

But this  matter  must be opened from Hungary and Poland

If someone knows about serious crime ( murder ) , and not tell it to police / prokurator, this one is self involved to the crime. When he/she   is a lawyer,  responsibility is much bigger.  Anna Schabikowska  and   Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4/1, 50036 Wroclaw Abortion is murder according law of Poland and Marocco, never becomes juridically old. They did it in Finland,  but  order came from Poland Lodz ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 . Because of  this roman catholic priest was cursing our  home and  hostel bisnes. Priest Josef Siemasz can say  in court how the reason to this child killing is the same what for  our  second boy  was kidnapped to Finland  in  age of 4.

My  polish ex wife  was  living with me 18  years and  she  said  in  finnish  court how  this ONE  reason  is  mentall   illness of Hannu Hietikko. But prokurator Beata Jelinska says after  serious  investigation  2005-2008  how  Hietikko  is NOT sick. Hietikko  talks  too  much  true . And  its  not allowed in Poland

 Keltaiset ry  clubhouse IMPIVAARA was before in Finland Porvoo ,  full  of shamanistic art collections, spirits of finnish forest. When all those things were cursed by roman catholic priest and  jehova witnesses ,  they were flying back to Finland to this house.,+06500+Porvoo,+Finland/@60.4074437,25.5725217,371m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4691f700242f5e5f:0xc4a15b3c67133683!8m2!3d60.4074411!4d25.5747157

President of indian yoga doctors association K.U.Sathyanath in Kerala Cochin saw how also lot of black satanistic agressions from roman catholic church and jehowa witnesses went to Haksi Porvoo Finland. Among those    angels  of war were  lot of german  colours


In Sudetian  mountains , where II world war  started --  it ended in year 1945  when  soldiers  of red army  said to german  people.  You  have  2 hours time to pack 20  kg and go away  from  their  home, march to railway station  of Domaszkow  . They did so  but  left  to Gniewsozow 6  heavy curse. They asked  german architype of war VOTAN to start  last final  battle against polish  people. Those agressive spirits were also flying to land of the END Finito Finland . Porvoo HAKSI.


Dr K.U.Sathyanath in India  is big shaman who can see to esoteric world. He told me how this forest start to  be full  of demonistic forces and  how they  are  making their  home to old church of Porvoo .  If someone is  interested in satanism, go inside that church to feel common  badness from all world. Go  to forest around  that red house in HAKSI  to  feel what  are  common  satanistic forces  from Germany  Poland and


Such bad hoping against only foreigners in willage is satanistic black magia . When jehova witnesses and roman catholic church do such, all vatican and jehova organization has got inside serious virus. One rotten apple can spoil big store of apples ( yksi mätä omena voi pilata ison omenavaraston )

In the Bible is written how peace of 1000 years is not  possible, before we finish all christian religions and churches. Because 55 % of polish  people were electing JESUS CHRIST to  their new president, this cleaning  proces,  holy war  harmakeddon  jihad  must be started from Poland. Donald Tusk promised long time ago to polish people to ´´clean away from poland all shit´´ if they choose him to power. He was meaning power of rotten roman catholic church , old bitter women  and  numerous mafias. But when Tusk  is boss  of EU, he did nothing. Fight against polish  mafia is so difficult matter that only some brave intelligent  lawyers in LONDON and in Agadir  MAYBE  can do it --if EU and  roman catholic  church  pay  their BILLS. If  this is  not possible, german new  natzies  and al qaida will do it what Donald Tusk promised

 In the Bible they talk about  the earthly digitalization  ,  general deal to plus and  minus. Its necessary  before we can enter to cosmic consciousness ,  kingdom of heaven. Door is open  to all polish jewish russian german people, all Hindus, sunnies , sufies and shiias,  who  join this  common program to EXPOSE  and destroy our enemies INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

If you are ateistic profane person, learn simple yoga exercise PRANAYAMA. Its very good to your healthy

If you are religious , ask during your praying Allah , Jesus Christ , Jahve, to show your secret angers and ten most terrible sides in your character. Write them to paper and ask opinion of your friends

Confess them to yourself and say to those 10 demons, one by one , go SAATANAN PERKELEET to satan church of Porvoo, in the land of END , FIN . Never come back

This GEHENNA exists 50 km to east from HELL sinki. Its full  of satanistic demons from Germany Poland and  jehowa witnesses  international

It is correct adress because our last intelligent president Urho Kekkonen said how Finland is more american country as USA. He was meaning its bad sides, good sides is not possible to copy ( sillä kannettu vesi ei pysy kaivossa )

Start breathing OUT from bottom of your lounghes and spit all those ten bad forces from your mind and body to this church.

Start breathing IN from bottom of your lounghes
and ask Allah Jesus, your real inner self ITTE to send to you
and to your country lot of

1. joy . ILO

2. peace .RAUHA

3. Energy ENERGIA

4. light. VALO

5. power. VOIMA

6. wisdom. VIISAUS

7. love , RAKKAUS

8. healthy , TERVEYS


10. foreverlasting life. IANKAIKKINEN ELAMA.

We should do this breathing exercise 10 minutes every day and we start feel better.  Sunnies and Shiias do not feel any more so big anger against each others and general anger against americans becomes smaller when we send all these negations to ONE place. ( yoga means concentrating )

Very important is to believe that it happens, because to us happen what we believe. It will be more effective if you study 10 words of FINNISH lanquage. Its very similar to Sanskrit because long time ago finnish people were living in India.

Doctor Sathyanath was grown in roman catholic family, but he knew very deeply old hindu mythologia and WHITE MAGIA. When satan church of PORVOO is full of satanistic bad vibrations from all world, it somehow shall explose,  like  our  home in Poland. When it happens , this knows only GOD / Allah and in that day all dwelling demons and´´ dirty birds ´´ fly to ´´big powerfull country behind big ocean´´. It happens what Johannes was writing to last part of Holy Bible. American people fall to mass psychosas , kill themselves and their neighbours

Pastor John Yoder from usa pensylvania told me in Jerusalem how 5 million promisekeepers know painfully well what means apocalypta 18 . People in Libya Vietnam Laos Panama Corea Chile Berlin Hiroshima Nagasaki Iraq Syria Afganistan know who is global satan who swims in blood of millions innocent victims. To Vietnam USA was dropping more bombs and poisons as together was dropped in world war II. Usa wanted defend ´´freedom´´ but did not accept that vietnamese people could decide about their own matters.

But because Jesus and Allah is mercy and love, americans shall get possibility to avoid this punishment. Previous president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari and his friend Ilkka Kanerva promised some years ago to government of USA how Finland is ready to die, if it helps holy america.

Ahtisaari antoi tietämättään , juovuspäissään valtion päämiehen roolissa lupauksen jonka seuraamuksia tuskin  arvasi.  Sven duuva  idiootti myytin  kotikaupunki PORVOO ottaa JEESUKSEN, syntien sovittajan roolin. Se tapahtuu intialaisen opettajani mukaan myös siksi että porvoolaiset haukkuivat suu  vaahdossa  kylän viisainta miestä Ensio Miettistä hulluksi ja lopulta panivat sen ristin 33 vuotiaan Hietikon selkään.  Mutta he eivät tienneet  miten  vaarallista voikaan  olla väärälle  miehelle vittuilu.  Kun  ovat  itse minut leimanneet 100 %  mielisairaaksi,  eivät voi syyttää  oikeudessa  uhkauksista ,kunnianloukkauksista  eikä  fiktiivisen  elokuvan suunnittelustakaan

Previous primie minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen wrote in Helsingin sanomat how harmakeddon jihad starts from Finland in next years, and it will more hard as winter war , because the enemy is inside.

nyt he sitten saavat mitä Lipponen tilasi , koko mailman yhteinen vihollinen itse PERKELE on Suomen sisällä Porvoon Tuomiokirkossa  josta nämä  voimat  leviävät  Mänttä Vilppulan  kaupungintaloon   ja Kauhajoen lämpöhuoltoon. Miksi sinne,  johtuu siitä että Mäntästä halutaan  tappaa ja ajaa pois kaikki  islamilaiset.  Kauhajoella  asuu antikristus, seppo korpi -filppula MYLLIS  joka väittää olevansa Jumala  ja on  perustanut kirkon saatanalle. Outi Jalava Lapualta  on  shamaani  joka  näki  miten Kauhajoki  omistettiin saatanalle silloin  kuin 11  koululaista tapettiin  ja Hannu Hietikko suljettiin  kauhajoen lämpöhuollon  Antti Virolaisen esittämien  juorujen  takia  mielisairaalaan . Vaikka se todettiin  aiheettomaksi , silti maineeni  mustamaalattiin  niin etten  saa koskaan nähdä poikaani eikä Mänttä Vilppula suostu  myymään tonttia  peräkylästä


It happens to all, what they have been believing, said Jesus, but all negative is possible to turn to positive. HELL means hel vete, wholistic knowing. When we end all dualistic dealing to good and bad, we shall understand what is satvic harmonia . But before this is possible, we must see and feel fire of hell.  FINN UGRIAN union of 7 brothers Karelia Estonia Hungary Mari, Inkeri   Turkey Finland have lot of strong shamans and engineers who MAYBE can neutralize those universal satanistic forces in Porvoo church and in Kauhajoki , develop from them new kind of energia .


satan church of Porvoo will not explose if government of USA confess their sins in court of Haag for war criminals and go away from NATO. But time is short,  more and more people who hate america hope bad to church of Porvoo and it CAN explose in  one  day.


Usa CAN fall to mass psychosa in that day


This  is  not  dream  of Al qaida and isis,  its written  in the Bible apocalypta 18

But GOD is  mercy, it always has  gíven to people free wish to decide if they  destroy  or save themselves

Demands  of  association  Keltaiset  ry   to Roman catholic church , jehova  witnesses, to states of  Portugal Poland Finland USA and Germany  are here

9.9.2019 Hannu Hietikko



Prokurator, police,  priest and psycholog in Poland  say that big crime has  happened  against 

finnish citizen Hannu Hietikko and his kidnapped son. But police, social ladies and lawyers  in Finland are mixed to this crime and ministers Tytti Tuppurainen  and  Marja Ohisalo  not  accept any investigation. All  media in Finland is quiet,  but  polish prokurator Beata Jelinska was asking me to produce a screen play. To this project we  need help from Hungary and from Taavi  Kassila   Seppo Huunonen  and  jehowa witnesses

Tapahtuneen syrjinnän   takia haastan Mänttä  vilppulan  ja  keuruun  kaupungin  oikeuteen .  Vaadin  keuruula  1, 500 000 e verottoman  korvauksen  .  Mäntältä 500 000 e. Jos se  hyväksytään  islamilaisessa  totuuskomissiossa  voin  myydä  saatavan  marokkolais  venäläiselle  perintäryhmälle, jotka  lisäävät velkasaldoon  kulunsa 50 %. He  aloittavat  perinnän  kaupungin  viranomaisiin  henkilökohtaisesti  kohdentaen ´Saamieni  ennakkotietojen  mukaan  ICT  suhtautuu  myötämielisesti  vaatimuksemme  koska mäntässä  sanottiin että KAIKKI  islamilaiset  ajetaan  pois ...Keuruu  on  varastanut  lapseni  haagin  kidnappaussopimuksesta  pittaamatta ja  Mänttä  avustaa tässä isä  poika  suhteen  katkaisussa. Islamin  laki  antaa  siitä  kuoleman tuomioita  sosiaalinaisille,  mutta  se voidaan  korvata rahallisella   korvauksella 


Prokurator office Bruno Pinto wrote how Portugal can do nothing, because we not know those 2 polish men who attacted our house 7.7.2017. We not now personally members of polish mafia , but we know who has sent them to frighten us. planners of this crime are these 3 women

1) cousin of Hannus  ex wife, advocate Izabella Dzikowska Pomorska 40 91408 Lodz

2 ) Mother of Hannus exwife , Halina Cieplucha ul Bratyslawska 13 m 24 90900 Lodz

3 ) Sister of Hannus  exwife , Wiesa Czjazinska Language school ´´perfekt okei ´´ ul Mickiewicza 15 a Lodz Her husband Pawel has self said how he belongs to mafia of Lodz international    and  are   responsible  to find us  lawyer


  in  KLODZKO  must  start crime trial


We have 7  good witnesses who know what has happened there


A )  Police of KLODKO said 2008 to Hietikko  and translator  mr Thadeus how polish family  Cieplucha in Lodz has  been fooling finnish Hietikko in  horrible ways  during 20  years,  kidnapping  his son and  blackmailing  money. This crime is not ´´old´´  , it continues still today

B ) Prokurator Beata Jelinska said  the same after crime trial of 3,5 years and  court psychiatric investigation. ´´Hietikko is not  mentally  ill ,  but too good hearted honest blue eyed finn , who  believe  how all people are  similar. Hietikko  not can  live in Poland´´ she said asking me to write a book or cinema manuscriptura  from  this subject. ´´What for 40 million too  honest  POLISH  people also  had  to run to other  lands ? ´´ And how to get  them back with their  money and  knowledge  from normal,  legal  societes ?

( to this cinema  project  we  need help from Hungary ) 

C ) Lawyer Anna Schabikowska  in Wroclaw analyzed this matter 2011 and said  
how polish family  Cieplucha in Lodz has  been fooling finnish Hietikko in very systematical ways. Very big compensations would  belong to Hietikko and his son, she said

D )  DHL  logistica  planner Ditmar Schuller from Nurnberg knows all what  happened. Also he  was  loosing his farm  and  he  says  how such cases are  more as 5000.

E ) Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz has  said to me and Alicia Panek , how  there is ONE  the same  reason  what for Hietikkos  first child was killed by abortion and other boy kidnapped to secret adres  in  finnish  forest .  And what for Hietikkos  polish  ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak wanted to get  with  me TWO times  married , demanded TWO divorce ? What for Hietikkos son   could  not get his fathers  name ?  This  is very strange  in Poland and shows  how the  crime was systematically  planned, says   But she  could not  take  this case because ´´Mr  Abresz  is  her  friend ´´

F )  Psycholog Mariuz   in Wroclaw knows me and my polish  ex wife since 1999 . If courts  of Tampere Klodzko and Portimao 
ask him to tell  everything,  he and pastor Siemasz  must forget  their  responsibility to be quiet.

 Abortion is a  murder according law of Poland, and it never becomes  juridically  old . They did it  in Finland,  but  order  came  from Poland Lodz. General prokurator in Klodzko  must  react, otherwise Poland  not respect   their  laws  of abortion 


G ) Witness nr 7  is Helena Antila Jalonen  vuorityömiehenkatu  9  b 6 Turku Finland. She was Hietikkos  ( avo ) wife 1979 - 1987  and we  studied both in Helsinki art academia atski TAIK.  Helena and his brother were helping me  to build big beautiful  house in Porvoo.  ( kun  talo on valmis, saapuu kuolema, Helena said )

Violetta Sarnowiak  came  there 28.3 1987 when house  was  ready

.  Helena has never seen Hannu Hietikko  or  his  father to hit anybody. Also  Melika Ramouz can swear  that during 10 years  Hietikko  has never hit her. But  in finnish  court Violetta Sarnowiak and her 4 costless  lawyers  said how Hietikko  is  very dangerous  mentally  ill  terrorist, who hits his  poor wife everyday

In her own  hand written  letters  53  pages  in Mänttä oikeusaputoimisto 
  Violetta Sarnowiak  is telling  how her  father Wieslaw Cieplucha  was  hitting  her to  head  with full  forces  almost  every day ,  until  age  of 16. To  policestation  of Jämsä Arto Koivumäki she wrote  how  she is victim  of hard  family violence in Lodz,   our son and Hannu  has  been suffering about this a lot. Social  office  saw  this  letter  in summer 2018  and she said ,´´  that farm  in Poland MUST be  given to Hietikko and Melika ´´. We MUST  get  a lawyer ´´said Heino.


When we had  to run away to Marocco, social  office Heino sent our  furnitures to adres suomelantie 1

, we wrote  there also  our  registered adres because state  of Finland/ Mänttä  take 600 e / month  from  my  pension. Because of this  matter  police started crime investigation


Kari Aaltio


Sisä-Suomen poliisilaitos


  pyydän  ettette  rikkoisi  tietosuojalakia 

Olen ilmoittanut  TIETOSUOJAVALTUUTETULLE  poliisille ja eduskunnan  oikeusasiamiehelle  että tähän meiliin  melika ramouz  hotmail  com  tai  keltaiset ry  gmail  com  ei saa  meille  mitään lähettää,  koska näitä  posteja  seuraavat  teille ei-suotavat  tahot.  Meille  voi  vain  soittaa, vaimoni äidin taloon etelä Marokon  pakolaisosoitteessamme  on lankapuhelin, johon pääsee  skypella ilmaiseksi   00212 528  320  361. Syytätte  minua  rikoksesta  ja  sanotte  että on  oikeus  avustajaan.


. Tiedossamme on, että olette syyllistyneet Mäntässä huumausaineen käyttörikokseen.  

Tunnustan  että  eräs Mäntän  kaupungintalolla  työssä oleva  nainen  tarjosi  minulle  marihuanasätkän kun  olin surullinen etten koko kesän aikana ollut saanut  tavata  Haagin  kidnappaussopimuksen vastaisesti kaapattua  poikaani. Se on  paljon isompi rikos kuin  marisätkän polttaminen


 31.7.2019  secretaria  of maankäyttö insinööri wrote  us  how Mänttä Vilppula shall  NOT give  us  any  land and  we  have  no rights  to  houses in suomelantie 2  Vilppula. People in Mänttä wrote  31.7.2019  in SUOMI24 how city has  been  breaking down  all  houses  in Suomelanrinne Vilppula. People  cant  understand  what for  Mänttä invested  big  money  to repair  those  houses,  and  2 years  later  break  all  down . They  did  not want  to give  them  to islamic exilers  from Syria who  live in TENTS  in  camping  place

  people  in Mänttä said  how all  muslimanes  shall  be  pushed away  from  here  but  this matter  police did  not want  investigate


4.5.2005  when police Adam Polanski was banishing  me away from my farm,  local jehova witness family  ilnicki  started against  me  crime trial of  3,5  years in court of Klodzko.  I paid big money  to lawyer   Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4/1, 50036 Wroclaw


During  that trial  they could  not  say what  illegal Hietikko  has  done, and this  kind of trials is not allowed to keep. State of Poland must  pay  costs of lawyers , when we  continue this  matter .  They were aiming several times  to  my letters to  president of Poland and to primie minister Donald Tusk.

I was warning  them   when Poland and usa  did  not  respect orders  of united  nations ,  they started 2003 big  dangerous al qaida war. Crime is same as  Hitler did , more as 10 million  deaths, 2  billion  dollars wasted , west europa and skandinavia full  of war exilers.  Finland forgot their laws when their weapon industry patria  got  from poland biggest client of their historia. Spain  is  in  bankrupt but also  they  had to join  illegal war .    Germany swore 1945  in Nurnberg how they would never again send armed  people outside  their  borders. But also  they forgot their promise and war is inside  germany. It  becomes much worse if we not  open court of  Haag for war criminals


Perma  culture  association  has demands to governments  of Poland Germany Finland and USA is  very  positive. It is i giving lot  of  good work  places. When portugalian doctor Rui Neves and in Finland  say  how  Hietikko  is  out  of realities

they must  explain  what part of this  fantasia cinema   is  not  possible to make true ?



Donald Tusk said year ago how Poland shall loose their rights to vote in EU, if they not make better their courts. But if you investigate my case, you will notice that the courts in Finland and in Portugal are in lower level as in Poland

Primie minister of Hungary mr ORBAN, please let media in your country know this


Advogat  Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4/1, 50036 Wroclaw

He knows that my first child was killed by abortion and according law of Poland it was a murder. Never becomes juridically old . Mr Abresz MUST start crime process immediately


Roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz and our family psycholog know that reason to this child murder was the same as kidnapping of our second son and several other crimes in Poland and in Finland. Before this matter is clear, Hietikko is not allowed to come back my farm in Poland, said police Adam Polanski 4.5.2005 in hearing of witnesses. If i come to my apartment in Wroclaw, i shall be in big danger, said Kamila Michalowska from Holy Alberts association. She wrote 2009 about this all in polish to

Komisariat Policji Wrocław-Rakowiec
asp. Sebastian Tkaczyszyn
gen. Romualda Traugutta 94
50-420 Wrocław

Hannu Hietikko, ul Traugutta 71 m 18 Wrocław, prosi o wszczęcie postępowania w sprawie popełnienia przestępstwa.

Kamila Michalowska from Klodzko reported to police about MANY serious crimes, for example smuggling of illegal narcotics from Hamburg to Miedzylesie , several kilos 1999-2005. She told many names of mafia Miedzylesie and Lodz. Organ player of roman catholic church Adam Zaba spoke to C caset how boss of mafia is Andrei Bogdanowitz ul Slonza 1 Dlugopole Zrj and Mr BORISKO in Miedzylesie.

When police refuse to do their work, it can  not  be reason to say that matters are juridically old

Advocat took from me big money and power of attorney in year 2005 when my 4 years old son was illegalley kidnapped to Finland and when polish jehova witnesses family stefania ilnicki started against me crime trial in


 I have asked help from finnish cinema directors Teemu Kassila, Johannes Setälä and Seppo Huunonen but we need economical support from Jehova witnesses. You know the Bible better as we, and what has really happened , this you must find out in your own court ´´the last judgements ´´. It must happen openly in front of cinema cameras

Court of Tampere in Finland, Portimao Portugal , Klodzko Poland and The court of Strasbourg / Europan comissio MUST handle this matter as well . After it mrs Ursula von der Leyen and Mr Orban can say what is the level of justice in several courts of european union

In Poland police of Klodko, prokurator, priest, psycholog and neighbours say that Hietikko is not sick and my fold in this tragedia was maximally 10 %. But in finnish court Helsinki 13.4.2006 my polish ex wife Violetta Sarnowiak said that Hietikko is 100% ly mad and there was no other problem in Poland. Her parents have never done anything bad to her. They did not give me any lawyer and did not care when i said how there is kidnapping agreement of Haag--and matters of my son belong to court of Klodko--not to Finland. After that trial 7 policemen attacted me brutally and i had to be in closed mental hospital 2,5 eating many kind of chemical poisons. During narcosa they did me sexual violence


The most evil and unhonest lawyer in Helsinki Aila Koulu was forcing my ex wife to make divorce and say in court what social system SS ladies and their 4 lawyers were ordering. But in her own hand written letters 53 pages , what Kamila Michalowska found from our broken home, my ex wife is telling totally different kind of story . Lawyer in Finland and police of Jämsä Arto Koivumäki have copies of those letters. My exwife tells how her father Wieslaw Cieplucha had to go in age of 5 years to school of german natzies. They were beating him to head almost every day. When my wife was a child, Wieslaw did this same to my ex wife until age of 16. In Finland they did not give her psychoterapia and thats why she killed our first child with abortion. KELA not pay expensive therapias to ALL KIND OF RUSSIANS said psycholog Riitta Liisa Lahdelma to my legal wife. Her brother advocat Aimo Lahdelma said how my sister has always been a rascist

When roman catholic priest Josef Siemasz says how fold of this child murder are mother and father of my ex wife, this is not correct. Real quilty ones are german and finnish fascists.

State of Finland must explain in courts what are the arguments to say that Finland is so much better country as Poland ? That they have no reason to respect kidnapping agreement of Haag ?

Im born in Finland 1951 and have been living in many lands. I can say that Finland is the most miserable and unfair country in European union. They have no own culture, they try to be something what they are not. This is national skitsofrenia of Finland, said my previous teacher and employer. Grounder of . He was  born in karelia Vyborg. Those  people are  not finns

Because of this madness finland has been killing own citizens more as russians killed us in winter war. When they cant use anymore machine guns, they use false psychiatria. More as 1000 such cases every year, says investigator markku salo This is national ashame of Finland, he said in tv and loosed immediately his work place in mtkl . Doctor of psychiatria Aku Kopakkala also was sparked out and he must come to tell in court of Klodzko what he knows ! Thirdly biggest reason to deaths of finnish people are chemical psyche medicines. Finland is killing own people, 9000 abortions every year and when population is not growing, they take people from Somalia to make children

In level of my religious cinema , All qaida and isis are going to give up from mass murdering because white christians seem to be so much better in such. islamic freedom fighters and new natzies in all world

They kill all such people who have something against christian revolution and peace of 1000 years. According the bible its possible, when we finish all christian churches and religions.  All qaida and isis have lot of work to kill all priest nuns and mormones, but jehova witnesses shall not be killed. ( if they produce this cinema )

Jehovas are not religion and they know that kingdom of heaven MUST be here, not in clouds. Also helluntailaiset all roman catholic priest nuns and mormones can avoid death if they go to sweden HELL singborg social offices to ask exiler place. Never come back.


This program is not fixed to stone, possible to negotiate, when Melika gets a lawyer
before she has one, send official letters to

letters  for us  in land post
Tuula Mansikka oikeusaputoimisto 

box 69 35800 Mänttä Finland          
Euroopan komissio – pääsihteeristö 
1049 Bryssel, Belgia
Ursula von der Leyen

  Primie minister of Hungary mr ORBAN  is not talking wrong when he  smell something bad in Finland. It is very miserable country which  has been  killing own citizens  more as russians  killed us in winter war. When  they cant any  more  use  machine guns,  they  use  chemical  ´´medicines´´  and false  psychiatria. More as 1000 cases every year says investigator Markku Salo


 Finland is disable to lead  union  because  they cant  lead  their own  land. There are intelligent engineers  who start  intelligent productive  export companies, but industry  must  pay  costs of  large  administration and very stupid politics.  Most of  good companies and educated  people want go away from Finland

What for  finnish  people are so blind weak  that  they  choose to power such idiots  as you can see  in government of Antti Rinne ?   What for  they choose to place of president such man  as Sauli Niinistö ? When you  look at  his barbie doll wife  and  Tanja Karpela , you  know what is ´´olemisen sietämätön  keveys ´´. What is life where is  lot of  money  but nothing own ? ´´

Most of russian karelian and estonian people know what Ensio Miettinen was  meaning ,  He said to me   ´´in finland  they call  culture all such  meaningless expensive  rubbish and noise  what  need  people who  have no courage to be  what  they  really  are´´. To  be separated  from  real  self own  own culture roots,  its the same what  we  call  SIN   in religious meaning. So finnish  people are  very sinful and  dirty inside !  


This said me  my  polish wife Violetta Sarnowiak  in Lodz 1986  when she saw me  first time ´´ HANI  kuule you are  VERY dirty inside´´. But she promised to help me if i help her  away from  communistic Poland. During 32 years she was  helping  me  in such ways  that all  my  properity went to Poland, to name  of her  mother  and she asked police to spark me out from Poland. 5  finnish  lawyers were helping her to rob 100 %  invalid. But  this game  is  not over

Our  last  intelligent president UK Kekkonen said  that Finland is  more american  country as usa.  But  finns  copy only  negative  sides  of americans, fascistic red  neck stupidness and pretending ´´. They have lot of  good sides in usa,  but to copy  them is not so easy.  ( kannettu  vesi ei  pysy kaivossa, said my teacher in ENSTO.) 

 Uimaan  oppii  vain  veteen  menemällä )


 Ensio  Miettinen was not FINN, he was born in Karelia Viburg. Starting from empty table 1958  he was 30 years  later secondly most rich  man  in Finland. 

Swedish talking  hurri people in Porvoo  were  very  jealous and said  how Miettinen is  mad  HYLLY

These hyrri  people are only 6,66 %  minority but  they have  lot  of power. In colonialistic time  Sweden was  using Finland in same  ways  as Spain  used  island of mallorca. All  mentally  ill lunatics and  criminals  sweden pushed to Finland. Small population  did not respect  finnish  people and got  married  between  themselves. Serious degeneration  is  possible to see  in Porvoo Lovisa Ekenes and  in ministeria of  justice, in  face of Anna Maja Henriksson

Because I was  advertising  man  of  true talking  man Ensio Miettinen, they gave me  diagnosa 100% skitsofrenia. Totally  out  of real  realities  24  hours per day.   Thats  why  they  can  not  put me  to legal responsibility when i write true words about some  people in Finland


In Finland 1986 my employer  wanted  finish my work and wrote to kela how hannu hietikko  is  100% ly  ill  mentally  , serious skitsofrenia. 4 doctors of psychiatria Eija Thomasson, Martti Kuokkanen, Tapani Luoto and Iiris keränen said  that its not true, but Antero Lassila , Irma Nivala , Seija Patrikainen and Antti Tuominiemi  wanted to close me to hospital and  force to eat  lobotomia poison. During narcosa they made me sexual violence and frightend with  lobotomia chirurcia

This matter  has never been investigated , said doctor Eija Thomasson. In Finland  happens very dark crimes and  does not want  investigate


Because of such reasons i ran away from Finland in july 1997  and  started  live in south west Poland sudetian mountains. I bought old  german farm 34,5  ha  in Gniewosow 6 Miedzylesie . My polish ex wife architect Violetta Sarnowiak  made  us a boy 28.3.2001.  But our neighbours jehova witness family stefania ilnicki was jealous  because of our remonting and they started to spread in network of  jehowa  witnesses  how Hietikko  is  100% ly  mad, dangerous terrorist. They have  got  this information from  consulat of Finland in warsawa and from mother of my ex wife .

Police Adam Polanski  said 4.5.2005  that Hietikko  not can  be here  before consulat of Finland  in  makes clear what this serious skitsofrenia means  in  practice. Police had not seen  me  behave in abnormal ways or do anything  illegal,  but such  diagnosa woke up  mythic    fears  in   imagination  of  jehova witnesses. They were spreading such  lies of ensto engineers Olli Antila and Kari Metso to network  of jehova witnesses and  came  in front of our  house  with axe in hand,  shouting  ´´go to finland, we kill you and  burn this house´´. They said this also to clients of our  hostel , ( witness )

Beacuse of fear of closed hospitals  in Finland, i went to Spain  and  made my  registered adres there . I asked    their doctors to make  investigation what means skitsofrenia  100 % ?  Because i was  invalid  (  according ) , state of Spain  said  that  my tax procent from  my  pension  is zero %  They  have NEVER  informed me  that this agreement has  changed !

My family doctor Martinez Galendo in Torremolinos /  psychiatr Cesar made  such investigation and said that Hietikko is  much  more  healthy as  finnish  men  in  my age usually are ( more as 100 000 of them  live in andalucia )


Hietikko  needs  no kind of psychiatric services , hietikko is 0 %  invalid, they said. Good father to small  boy. But  anyhow finnish  social  system ladies  did  not  let  me see  my  illegally  kidnapped son. ( My demand to city Keuruu is 500 000 e  taxfree plus costs of lawyers . To  kidnappers   43 hectar  land  to  association Keltaiset ry )

2014 Finland was finishing agreements  of  taxfreedom  in Spain ,  but Portugal  promised such for next  ten  years. I took away  my spanish   residence  in fuengirola  police station  in may 2014 and started it in Portugal . Spanish  tax office  said 2014  that  they  have  no demands to me.

in  april 2019  deutsche bank fuengirola said that they must finish my  account if i  not give them document about  residence in spain. Because this would  make me problems, I sent her  by  fax  copie from  OLD  document   nr  1663537 written  2009 . (  it  was  not  valid after  may 2014 )  but to bank  it was enough

But was giving this  information  to tax office and  they stole  5.6.2019   every euro  566, 86  e.   from  my  account  Num.Diligencia 291920573039 H.  They write that i  must pay to state of spain         8 624 , 53 euros

When i ask help from finnish consulat,  they not want help  me to  find  out  what  for they do such  because this matter is very difficult ,  KIMURANTTI . State of  Spain  said  that  i  have  no  kind of psychiatric ilness,  no  invaliditet,  i  not can  have  0 %  tax  from  these  years  2009-2014.  But  they should  tell  me  this  matter  before. And  say it  also to finland,  that  they shouldnt  break  laws of human rights

  . Doctor Alex Planas  in Spain canaria  said how Finland  is   breaking  kidnapping  agreement  of HAAG and  make  illegal  torture to small  boy  by talking  how  his father is 100%  ly  mad  and  thats why  boy  not can even call  to me. Before he  used to say  how  father  if his  best friend

Because spanish  doctors  know  that Hietikko  is no %  invalid, they were cancelling  my  taxfreedom. But in Finland  highest doctor of  psychiatria ,  lawyers  association  Tanja Heiskanen Aila Koulu Jukka Hokkanen  and COURT  of  Jyväskylä  still today  are  sure  about  Hietikkos 100%  madnes. I never can see  my boy and when i went to Finland in summer  2018  with  my  maroccian  wife,  they  were ruling  us out from EU for  next  3 years. 

We  are in south maroc  in house of melikas  mother   where  beton roof  can fall down any moment. Our  house in Portugal Portimao is  empty, but  bank UCI  takes 474 e /  month

  Finland  banished  us to Africa  but started  take 1.1.2019 tax  from  my  pension  600 e /  month. They would be  responsible  about  our healthy  matters  but  not  confes  this. It is private  company  and  my  case  becomes  expensive

EUROPEAN  COMISSIO  must investigate  , if  there were  fiscal  reasons  when   also  spain  did  not want  start  any  bigger  work with me ?.   But  when  they  are  going  to rob from  me 8 624 , 53 euros, spanish doctors must start FULL  investigation  about  this  matter. Owner of   was secondly  most rich  man in Finland. Because my  work  was to plan advertising  and information of international ensto concern , Ensio Miettinen was  personally educating me 5 years to  know  what  he  knew about bisnes management arts  and filosofia.  After  such highschool,     daughter of my boss  and several  other engineers said  that Hietikko  surely  is mad. But  her  older brother and doctor Eija Thomasson said how Hietikko  is NOT  mentally  sick  and  Spanish  healthy administration  must start  from  this question   and  it  belongs also to  police and european comissio.  Are  Timo and his  father  Ensio Miettinen  right   ,  or  is  and  engineer Kari Metso  Olli Antila  Reijo Kallio talking true ?  Because   my   employer  surely  is  responsible  about  this case, ensto  must  pay  to state of  Spain  this  demanded 8 624 , 53 euros  and  all  costs of investigation .   Stolen 566, 86  e  must  be paid back to  my  account

After being victim of serious crime of human rights,  polish   maroccian and german doctors say that i m  suffering about post traumatic  stress  reaction . It needs  lawyer  help  and  good  psychoterapia . We  need  also  family  terapia  because my son 18  years  old  must hear  truth about his father. This therapia must happen in Finland in finnish lanquge,  but SPANISH  doctors  ( and hungarians )   must investigate what for Finland is  using false self made  psychiatria to keep  power. Same style  as in communistic Russia,  more  as 1000 victims every year  in Finland, says  investigator Markku Salo 

. More as 20 % of finnish  people has got psychiatric diagnosa and they eat  lot of chemical pills. It is  THIRDLY   biggest reason  to deaths  of  finnish  people,  when  medicin  industry  makes bisnes .  This said doctor of Psychiatria Aku Kopakkala  and  loosed his workplace  immediately.  Also  investigator Markku Salo loosed his job in  when he said in tv  how  ´´this  is  national  ashame  of Finland´´

healthy administration  of Espanja  must find out  what  was bisnes filosofia of Ensio  Miettinen ? He  wrote 4  big  books from  this  matter. Not very  many  understood them,  but now in Mänttä Vilppula young  psychiatr  and  spanish doctors  in Fuengirola MUST  understand. They  must  make analyza  from Ensio  Miettinen and say  what  is skitsofrenia  in his thinking ? He  said 30 years ago  how this kind of system is going to full catastrop--we  must develope ´´ciwilized capitalism ´´

He  was  great SHAMAN  and saw many  matters  in  advance, very clearly. And it  has  nothing to do with skitsofrenia. Ending of dualistic thinking is  finishing such  mental  illness what 99 % of  finnish  people have, he said.  Because  of their  own reputation,  should  pay  costs of  investigation  and  psychoterapia  of  advertising  man Hietikko

Miettinen was teaching  me all what he knew and when other people gave me full  pension  in age of 33  years, i bought good motorcycle bmw r 800  desert enduro and drove  around world  using small  local roads and  paths. In india kerala cochin in was  1990-93 long times, every day 2 hours in karikkamuri cross roads , doctor KU SATHYANATH,  president of yoga doctors association. He  was grown  in roman catholic family but during 50 years studied all from old indian  traditions, prakash ( light ) yoga  and white magia. How to go to samadhi, area between  living and ded  people ( tuonela Bardo Lethe )

there are 144 000  holy  people from different cultures who  all  are  coming back to visible form in future

doctor KU SATHYANATH was ´´charching ´´ with  his  hands to  my  body NON verbal  information  and asked  me  to take it to land of POL star, land  of FIN ito OMEGA point. Later 1997  i drove from Finland  4 months to Jerusalem and took with healing  hands  messages  from  all  churches and holy  places  by  my enduro roads.  This all  informatio  from ENSTO  and  from INDIA  was given to all Europa and i took  it in to 7 holy  places of  Jerusalem. In  near future Melika and me  want go to Palestina Betlehem and open line 1000  km to Mecca.

We  need economical  help  to do this journey  and  a  screenplay . Meaning  of  our  work is  to make  peace of 1000  years  between  jews and palestinians , between al qaida  isis and  christian europa. 

account  Hannu Hietikko

OKOYFIHH  Iban   FI90 5521 0720 1069 95 


social office in PORTIMAO  av. Afonso Henriques, 8500 502 PORTIMAO Portugal 


Because  Portugal was  not able to  keep promises  of 10  years  taxfreedom  and healthy services, and because we  not  can  use  our  house,  your responsibility  is to pay to  my  account 590 e /  month . You  can give  our  house  in Bemposta alvor to local quipsies or to  exiler family from Syria who take good care . Give them number of my  arab talking wife, 00212 615 700 148  .  Small  orange garden 3 bedroom  livingroom  kithen bath. 1,5  km to beach praya vau. City  portimao  pay  the rent and give to us  building permissio  to II floor  . Wooden  loghouse, bottom 70 sq mtr

keys to that house  has  real  estate   but  during all summer  she has not found there any client. Before  there were 50 ones who  wanted it and we  not know  what is question about. We  are banished to africa and  not can come to Portugal. 29.7.2018  wrote  that  melika CAN come to doctor now,  but we  not  have  money to travel. Social  office  should send us  1000 e

State of Portugal honour consul Giselia Farias was fooling me  to invest to portugal  by false  promises of 10 years  tax freedom  and  good  healthy services

In Faro dr Rui Neves gave diagnosa  31.3.2015   paranoija , it also means out of real  realities . Not any kind of psychoterapia was given during 3,5  years. After 15 minutes discussion young proud doctor is  sure that  hietikko  is mad and ask  me eat  lot of products of chemia  industry. Same style as in finland

dr Rui Neves must be in  contact to spanish investigators  and  to  oskari Ventilä  in  Finland.  Dr Neves must explain in court of Portimao and Strasbourg how its possible that  man   out of realities drive 40 years heavy motorcycle around the  world without  any  accidents ? And what is  more true story of happenings  in India  Jerusalem Poland and in Finland ?  If he not can give arguments , my demand to state of Portugal  is 500 000 e taxfree plus costs of lawyer .


During 4 years  dr Rui Neves  has not answered and this show how Portimao city is not able to take care of my  healthy services. When doctor Neves say  how Hietikko is sick, he  must say  in what ways Ensio  Miettinen  dr  Sathyanath  and ossi.poikonen@evl.i (the highest priest in  Keuruu )  are sick and what to do to become healthy ?doctor Neves  would like to give me not of lobotomia chemia but this we not accept

In Finland and also in Portugal  level  of courts and  lawyers are more  low as it was in communistic Russia


   Fernando Bruno Pinto sent us  letter 31.1.2018  ,  3176/  174 T 9 ptm. Prokurator and police chef Jose Marques  in Portimao  did not  want  continue crime investigation NPP 398933/2017 NUIPC 001298 / 17.0 PAPTM

 Advocat   Andreia Cintra, Rua do comercio 72   - 2 andar,-  8500- 633  Portimao  promised 2018 to take care of this case .  
She must continue  this  work  or  find another to do it.  Cintra  must pay costs of this  useles journey 5500 e --or al paida men come  to her  office in Rua do Comercio nº72, 2 Andar  8500-633 Portimão – Algarve  Telf: +351 282 482 350


She was reading to us letter from  Fernando Bruno Pinto   and  said  that we  must go to Finland and ask shelter of exiler,  because Portugal is not safe  place for us ,  before problems with polish mafia are solved. Police chef Jose Marques and Fernando Bruno Pinto does  not  want  handle the question  what for family of my  previous  wife in Poland  Lodz  would  like  to kill me and my new  wife Melika Ramouz ? Or frighten us to sign under that we have no demands and mother of my ex wife can sell my  farm 34,5 ha in sudetian mountains Poland.  Such activities happened in Portimao 7.7.2017 and they have  motivation  of 2,2  million euros to take us to ´´nightly boat trip with cement shoes´´. This they said to my wife and she got heart attacts. ( witness portimao healthy centre dr Elena Tsyba ). We had to go away from Portimao and leave our house alone

 We went to Finland 16.5.2018 but comisario  in KEURUU  did not want start  investigate what for Mikko Keisala  could  not  continue  his work 2010  --and why polish  MOTHER  of my  ex wife  Violetta Sarnowiak  Kivijärventie 300   42700  KEURUU does not want  respect registered marriage agreement  1989 in court of Porvoo and credit  agreement  of 1,53  million euros  3.9.1996 ? Finnish police  court and social ladies help polish  mafia. Please tell this to  hungarian  media, mr Orban.


Advogado Majiec Abresz ul Lakowa 4/1, 50036 Wroclaw

The case is not finished, this man took from me big  money, he  is  responsible to continue, or let his friend Anna Schabikowska to do it. She knows all about this case

Court  of Portimao should  be  prepared  to  killing  of roman  catholic priests . All churhes  must be  given  to  jehova  witnesses  also in Poland  and  Finland

Escritório Prokurator Avenida Carminda Costa Miquel Bombarda Palácio Justicia 8501 960 Portimão
sua carta 1279/19 .0 T 9 PTM 13.5.2019 1131 70005.
RESPOSTA de Hannu Hietikko, residencia em Portugal E 1507795 Número fiscal 286014041 

Prokurator  office  Carminda  Costa   avenue  Miquel Bombarda palacio justicia   8501  960  Portimao

your letter 1279 / 19 .0 T 9 PTM   13.5.2019   1131 70005 .   


We  do not  understand what you  write. Consulat Finland refuse to help. We need lawyer  in Finland  is  responsible to give  lawyer to my wife and also to me

send all  our  emails to Harmaala


This  what  Hannu Hietikko  has  been writing , is only sketch  to screenplay  , ordered to prepare by  polish  prokurator Beata Jelinska 2008 (  after jehova  witnesses  were  blameing  me 3, 5  years in court )

Because in  my thinking is  a  lot  from Ensio Miettinen  , i would  like  to  give  this  project  to a man

who is also born in  karelia viborg , and ways of thinking is very similar. He is cinema director Seppo  Huunonen. Old man who  knows esoteric shamanistic levels  of  existence. Teemu Kassila is  younger  cinema producer  who  lives in Kopenhagen. They should  continue this  project


Polish prokurator Beata Jelinska gave order to finnish polish perma culture association Keltaiset ry to produce screen play . 

Big miracle happens in this walley of Klodzko. 


Because  of starting nonsense trial court of Klodzko and from 8,5 years terrorism family of jehowa witness Stefania ilnicki must give owning of 8,5 hectar to association Keltaiset ry.


8,5 and 34,5 hectar of Viola Sarnowiak shall be joined to purposes of  this  poject , Also registered culture association Keltaiset ry de GULA rf from Finland nr 162.601
demands 43  hectar  from


 here is  explained the cinemaproject

11.8.2019  in west Sahara

Hannu  Hietikko