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dirty illegal Poland  needs puhishment,  they started this large exiler problem with USA,  big war in middle and near  east , when UNITED NATIONS  said no, dont do it

Iltalehti kirjoittaa 19.9.2016  miten isis ja saksalaiset  uus natsit aikovat  vallata etela Espanjan  in finnish taalla

german  insurance company Allianz  in Poland use methods of polish gangsters here allianz.htm

2 most puor lands in europa  Portugal and Poland  need reform here in  english

How to finish war between german new natzies ,  isis / al qaida and american world power in ciwilized legal ways  here

 In Portugalian here   la lonque francuski  dans  på  svenska  tvattas harifron SPANISH here  Deutsh hier  . Suomen nuorisolle suomeksi taalla     the  yellow  danger  in  english here in  linqua  latina  hic    Helsingin korkeimpaan oikeuteen tassa  Diaari R 2015/399   Varoituskirje Suomen konsulille Lissabonissa suomeksi   taalla Here  in polish   tutaj  po Polska      BUILDING PROJECT of  new world  in Marocco Andalucia Portugal Poland Russia and Finland  here

Rikostutkintapyynto Suomen ja Puolan poliisille suomeksi tassa  In english to court of Strasbourg HERE  TAALLA  

To polish people in USA Britannia Germany Skandinavia.


Big rascistic angers are rising everywhere, not only in Britannia , and I wish that 38 million polish emigrants in other lands start think about possibility to go back to your big beautiful land. When you read this letter, please listen from you tube

After Donald j Trump start talk true words , you should also confess the realities and make possible to those polish emigrants to come with their money and knowledge about societies where is law and order. Many polish people who has tried to come back , has terrible experiences , same as me.

To give signal about better Poland , please
repair my broken home in Miedzylesie Gniewoszow. I had to go away because of political opinions


Police Adam Polanski and prokurator Beata Jelinska in Klodzko banished me away from my house and other people robbed it . They kept me in crime court of Klodzko 3 years , but could not say what illegal I have done. Because they could not confess that in EU Poland is no freedom of opinions. There is post communistic culture of administration and courts and my lawyer in Wroclaw could not do anything else as take all my money.

I wrote some letters to president and Donald Tusk how State of Poland made terrible mistake, when they started with USA big dangerous war, when united nations said , nie rub ten , uwaga. Dont do the same crime as HITLER did. All european union is collapsing because of this

II world war has never ended !

After usa won german natzies and adopted german scientists and program of Hilter to rob and dominate all world , Politica of usa has been very dirty and illegal. Most of people have opinion how our world is going to full hell. But anyhow quite many do not want anything change. They support war criminal , amfetamin user Hillary Clinton, saying how she SAFELY continues the old SAFE line…Specially women in every country are too conservative and stupid.

15 years has gone from 11.9.2001 when lot of people died in New York . Now almost 50 % of American people are sure how it was work of cia. Aviation security in usa is so strict that otherwise it could never be possible. The man of TRUTH, Donald J Trump says how isis was created by usa and Poland, after they started big dangerous war in near and middle east, without respecting orders of united nations . American jewish weapon industry has made big money and millions are ded or loosed their homes. USA and POLAND needed reason to war in same way as natzies did when they were burning parlament house in Berlin. This large crime is breaking European union , but what for court of haag for war criminals do nothing ? because president of European council is polish war criminal Donald TUSK .

Vice president is second very stupid and unhonest man from Finland , Jyrki Katainen. Weapon industry of Finland Patria got the biggest client of their historia , when they sold material to Poland. Accoring laws of Finland it is a crime to do such with a country who is running illegal war.

When I wrote such in internet , they took away from me all police prokurator and consulat services and my only child William . Poland and Finland BOTH banished me away and broke my home in Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow to small pieces. Polish procurator beata jelinska in Klodzko said how Hietikko must go away because too honest , true talking people cant be in Poland , before Donald tusk do what he promised. To clean away from Poland all shit …This work is ratherly inpossible without international help because polish people SELF say , how in Poland EVERYTHING is shit. Only PISS is not shit in Poland.

But after living 10 years in Poland , I can assure that its not true, in Poland is more ciwilized intelligent people as in Sweden . Problem of poland is conservative dirty roman catholic church and old bitter women who keep absolute power in every family. Polish men and youngsters should start new Poland. International help what poland needs, should come from 38 million polish emigrants, not from german maroccian sturm gruppen . After many ten thousand germans went to syria and after there became TOO HOT, those germans ran away to south marocco. Local people like germans and hate french people. German isis gruppen do no harm in Marocco , they are educating maroccian al qaida in meaning to clean europa and take world power from falling usa to berlin. Most of people in Finland agree this . German intelligentsija and culture is the right one to lead this world . But in Poland i really hope that reform happens by polish emigrants. You must rescue Poland !!!!

lahden suomi puola yhdistys haluaa estaa etta tallaisesta ei saisi puhua mita kodillemme puolassa tehtiin
storm is coming , and it makes speed to the yellow revolution, a hard rain is going to fall...



Religious people believe how Jesus comes to take suddenly somewhere up to clouds to shelter when all 1,6 millard muslimanes Russians, profane ateists and communists go to burning hell , ( of nuclear weapons ) But because we all know now what means word jahve jehova , christs in nobis, atman, aton, das Ding an sich, American Christians must SELF take them up and go to buy ticket to airplane . Fly together last week of april 2017 to Atlantis , Agadir south Marocco or to capitol of new WEST SAHARA .( Atlantis )

If you not want go to Islamic land, you can start your road festival from Spain Malaga Algeciras 7.5.2017 , from Portugal Faro 10.5.2017. If you have only one month holiday, fly to PRAHA in last week of may and go by train 150 km to Lichkow , Miedzylesie polish sudetian mountains. From railway station of DOMASZKOW 3 km to mountain of enlightment in Gniewoszow. In german time name was SEITENDORF. Me and my polish ex wife ( lives in Finland )  and our 15 years old son William  own there land 34,5 hectar in very beautiful place where we can start exhibition of the best parts of American cultures from 50 states

Our association have choosed network of most beautiful local roads through Europa , 7700 km to point of OMEGA in Finland , Send from America by ships to habours of Dakhla Agadir Algeciras or Portimao your motorcycles scooters bicycles , speedway and motocross bikes, quitars banjos drums . Cars must be model 1969 or older, we make exhibition of the golden days of American car industry , best of blues jazz rock and roll, wooden loghouses, furnitures home machines electronica art and artesan work , from 50 states of America. According those models we start massive production in north Finland, in all Poland ,west sahara Marocco and in East Portugal using Russian pinewood and tulikivi. Trump sr and jr organize millions of good work places to Europa and to 50 states of America

Better future is possible, if we are ready to full confession of personal and national sins in Bayern Augsburg, annually every year during last week of may 2017. We must start also new courts of Strasbourg and Haag for war criminals in AUGSBURG , because   and war criminal Donald Tusk are not able to do anything.

USA leaded by satan has done so serious sins and mistakes that its time to CONFESS all , ask forgiving from all world and start show the best parts of American culture. This will make America MORE great and safe , as it has NEVER been. In USA is big intelligentsia and marvelous artists , they can do a lot when we undress from sins of dirty CIA and us army. King of Gloria starts work as president of Poland, east Portugal and north Finland, finish all Christian churches religions and armies, as its written in Holy Bible. Starts with people new european union, unianova.

55 % of polish people and previous pope John Paul II plus large yellow network of Vatican were really choosing such president to Poland some years ago . In Finland 33 % wanted Him as KING. In Portugal 39 %. Because he is not yet visible , until day of Lord, Trump senior or junior shall be invited to be his represantive. But Jesus not like power keeping, he gives it all to people with direct democratia. No parties , no corruption . Basic law nr 1. state is we. 2. Ahimsa. Do not kill. Ala tapa, tapa tapa. TAO, ala tao, tao puo

If you want support real democratia , Jesus Christ , great America, Trump senior and junior , new European union and great America , please join in facebook to witnesses of Hietikko and send your emails to Algarve suomi America association ASA .

We invite to this project partners who own land nearby the choosen kings road 7700 km long . We need 27,6 hectares where shall be situated 96 houses . First floor beton stones, 7 douple rooms, mur between houses 3 mtr high. To second floor wooden loghouses , model jugend art nouveau 1906 . individual versions, where buyers can choose individual combinations to their own countries.

Inside the castles of 27 hectares wonderful evening festivals best of American high quality cinema and music. Theathre dance . visual arts , best of blues jazz rock and roll from times of Woodstock 1969 and today.

Landowners shall get 20 % of ticket incomes ,  state and local city /willage  administration together tax of 20 % . To woodhouse furniture home electronica companies and artists in 5o states of America who invest the first samples,- we pay annually 20 % of ticket incomes .

20 % to association Los Amarillos keltaiset ry , to bank of in Finland Keuruu or in Portugal Portimao . We employ the best professionals from Germany Sweden and Finland who lead product development , marketing , advertising and logistica of the big network of production in West Sahara , Marocco , south west Spain , east Portugal, Poland , white Russia , Karelia and north Finland. By using this method benetton- nokia , costs of production fall 50 % , we can pay 2500-3500 euros per month to good workers , get good bisnes profits and offer such homes to international buyers with attractive prices . Conquer world markets in sector of home production , houses , furnitures, home machines ,  electronics , art work , clothes etc

20 % to association Los Amarillos keltaiset ry invest to project sahara green . According French  scientists  , in high atlantis mountains and in Kamerum is enough water to make all sahara green , large production of fruits and wegetables, which start make air clean in all world . This large project we want start with 20 % of new bisnes.  5  km broad sector starting from Dakhla to direction MECCA. We call this GREEN LINE of colonel Gaddafi because it was his idea

Association Los amarillos Keltaiset ry has no right to make fiscal profit but we can pay good salaries to people who lead network of production using internet . This will lead us to ciwilized capitalism without capitalist. If you and your son adopt this sketch , and do it , your names will stay in historia.

If you are landowner who want sell or hire 27,6 hectar nearby this road 7700 km long , please send your offers to ASA

New land Atlantis in west sahara is starting from its capitol DAKHLA 1001 km to Maroccian city of Sidi Ifni. That long coast is very beautiful, subtropical .No industry , water clean. Russian ships come there to take fish, they can start bring pine wood and special stone for fireplaces , tulikivi, see at google with that name

We want build kjew of these houses nearby the beach 1001 km long , first floor beton and stones, model jugend art nouveau 1906 and give these homes to homeless people in West Sahara. They would get good incomes when they run this new turist bisnes and Trump hotels in north africa and europa . To second floor 12 mtr broad banas for bicycles , light noiseless electric cars and mopeds, skateboards , walkers. To third floor with 50 – 70 mtr distance wooden loghouses with 7 douple rooms for travellers and concert sala. If his majestet Muhamed 6 has same opinion, we could continue this from sidi ifni 199 km near beach to Mirleft Aglou Massa Tifnite Sidi Toile takkad Tuhommo and to international airport of Agadir. There will be commonstart every year 3.5. to marrekech , 250 km brandnew peacefull motorway over atlantis mountains . Start MEKNES 5.5 , start Chechaouen 6.5. Start Gibraltar Algeciras annually 7.5.

In Portugal come lot of foreigners in summertime, and local people are selling them very dangerous chemical ( unclean ) narcotics, amfetamine, cocaine, lsd, extase, heroin, cannabis where is mixed poisons , plastic, what ever. Police not want stop this, because turists want such and incomes are very important to puor Portugal

According united nations WHO cannabis ( homephatic medicine ) is much more healthy as alcohole and cigarettes, it makes people peaceful and sensitive to understand arts.

Hitler made it illegal, because he knew how cannabis take away agressions and such men are not good killers. USA had same reason to demand illegalization during war of Vietnam

Adolf Hitler self was using quite a lot amfetamin to be able to talk more strongly and furiosly. They were dealing it also to finnish soldiers with name PERVITIN . It is very dangerous material, same as heroin but in USA they were selling it legally to women to become more SLIM.

And now such war criminal as Hillary Clinton use that ( speed ) to make her fat uckly ash smaller and to be able to talk more strongly. Amfetamin is killing all feelings and making users PSYCHOPATHES . Out of realites, paranoid , who see peacefull nice russians and Mr Putin as some kind of devil. American jewish weapon industry , mediapower and stupid people around support that idiot . They try to explain how mr TRUMP is going to start III world war, but they are reflecting on him their OWN dirty sick emotions and aggressions

Anyhow in America are millions of people who would be very interested to get good clean cannabis in good international company, enjoying from rich culture festivals . President Obama has very positive experiences and also previous president of Finland , Tarja Halonen was using it quite a lot. Donald TUSK has told in TV how he was also user of cannabis. So what for to prevent it from other people . Its time to stop that madnes

the new deal of Donald J Trump

Fixed price 5 euros / gram

0, 8 euro / gram to members of Les Jaunes in Spain Algarve , France Germany Russia or to police who keep law and order in these happenings and sell cannabis to american and british hippes. 10 gr / 50 euro.

1,2 e / gram to farmers of Ketama , Barber and Chechaouen ( north Maroc )

0,5 e / gram to costs of transport , packing , marketing .

0,75 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Maroc

0,75 e / gram tax to Portugal Spain Poland Russia or Finland , where selling happens

1 e / gram to association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes, to produce culture festivals in maroc in portugal and in Poland, who pay salaries of artists or to payments of copyright holders . You can join to team of legal sellers and get 0,40 e / gram.

This money several milliard euros per year shall be handled in neutral ground , account of Keltaiset ry , Poppankki Finland

iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH . OR in novobank or uc bank in Portugal portimao or Deutsche bank in spain fuengirola.

Honest police of Finland, look after this account , this is not anybodys private bisnes. Registered culture association Los Amarillos keltaiset ry . Chairman of the board

if American people do what old shamans from india and finland suggest, America will be great and safe , show road to north Africa and all Europa to well being and peace of 1000 years

Tell them this dear Mr Trump. If they not take this warning seriously and choose amphetamine user , war criminal Hillary Clinton to so important place, it happens to usa finland Poland Portugal what is said in Biblia apocalypta 18. That alternative is very dangerous to Portugal Poland and to south Finland

 please listen american  prophets   who  saw this in advance 40 years ago

 ehdotin Trumpille etta koska olin aiemmin yksi parhaista Suomen mainos aa dee konstuista, eli  LUONNOS  NIKKAREISTA , mallin  veistajista , jotta  mitapas jos tehtais kuule trumppi  vahan  yhteistyota.  Tassa kirjeessani  hanelle  ja  pojalleen selvitan  ehdotukseni. Suomen ulkoministerion poliisin  ja konsulaattien  on syyta  pitaa itsensa tilanteen tasalla.  Kun Hietikon  kaltainen trumpetti yhtyy Amerikan trumpin  orkesteriin  siina alkaa kohta  pallit heilua, kaatua , hirvea  huuto  maiske ja  kolina alkaa kun Kalevan  tammi  kaatuu.  valheet  paljastuvat.Etta  repikaas  siita  kaikki  mailman  paskiaiset ja porvaris  kalakat .Jos  haluatte  akkia  viime hetken  voideltujen joukkoon  ja  saada pelastuksen liittykaa  jumalauta akkia  heti face bookissa ryhmaan   Hietikontodstajat   witnesses of Hietikko

 Few true matters from christianity  for muslimanes and isis/al qaida

My name is Hannu Oskari Hietikko, Im born in Finland from finnish father and jewish mother. My education is from Helsinki art academy TAIK and unversity of theologia. I was married with polish architect Violetta Sarnowiak  and we have common son William. They  banished me  from Finland and from Poland with police-violence because of forbidden opinions and they  never let me see my child. Because there in no law and order in European Union , I wish to get help from Donald J  Trump ,islamic freedomfighters and german sport clubs.

this  song tells  about me


This world has still hope ..

 If americans elect to power Donald J.Trump  who  want be friend with russians and supporters of Boris Johnson in Britannia,  this triangle could  make  peace of 1000 years. Jesus Christ not do that. In the Bible he says, dont  believe  that I bring you peace, i shall bring war and fire. Most of people shall die.  What for it is so, Johannes writes in the Bible how people are afraid to come to the LIGHT. Its question about hedonistic thinking, specially women do not want confess their dirtyness. Because of satanistic media and wrongly understood christian religions, system is full of dangerous virus , it needs  cleaning, and  we could do it without killing , confessing the real  realities .Sparking out from European comission war criminals as Donald Tusk 


Poland needs big punishment

 Polish prokurator Beata Jelinska in Klozko said in march 2008 in hearing of witnesses  how Hietikko  must go away from this  land , because truth talking people can not live in Poland.  When i went, they broke and robbed my house in Miedzylesie. Many younger people told me how terrible difficult it is to live in Poland if you try to be HONEST. Their  ex primie minister Donald Tusk was in power when Poland and Usa started this war without respecting  order  of united nations. This  crime is the same as HITLER did  ! Millions of people has died or loosed their homes. Donald Tusk was angry to Boris Johnson, when he was comparing european union to natzi Germany. But he was right. Such polish kurva leads European Council, but people do not understand anything because american styled  mediapower in all world has made them very stupid. Specially in countries where own culture is very weak , as Portugal, Poland . In Finland they call culture all meaningless rubbish and noise, what need people who have not courage to be what they really are.

 Donald J Trump wrote me yesterday in FB, how he agree this. American mediapower is big shit, big problem to this world. I start  like  that man more and more and I hope that also  my friends in islamic freedom fighters respect and support him and new alternative America  Be ready to negotiaton of peace, after you shoot or explose  polish president, roman catholic fascistic priests , Holy Albert association in Wroclaw , members of court of  Strasbourg ( )  and court of Haag for war criminals. I suggest that you start SELECTIVE KILLING, destroy only leaders of this satan system . Leave ordinary people to peace   Here  in polish   tutaj  po Polska   

Isis was born when USA and Poland hanged Saddam Hussein, german new natzies woke up. When they killed good man, colonel Gaddafi , more as  50 % of people in Libya has been loosing their lives or homes.  Now almost all countries agree that they  must  destroy isis / al qaida with common forces

But what is isis ? They  should  know the enemy if  they want win  somebody . Because I wasnt allowed to be in Finland and in Poland , and all  my human rights are taken away , I have  been travelling in  islamic north Africa and near  east  many years  with my  maroccian arab talking new wife , with desert enduro BMW r 800 . I know  quite a lot about  these matters. When I was in Israel and GAZA,  jewish police in Afula ( near Nazareth ) did not like me because of my opinions , they broke my camera and  sidebacks of this BMW, saying with gun in hand, go away from here , so long ase we let you go.  But in Gaza captain in palestinian army said how Hietikko  talk unusually bright  true and I shall be always friend of palestinian people, allthough Im jewish.

 Finland  is the most loyal assistant of american jewish fascism ,  social system SS ladies  say  how Im  100 %  ly skitsofrenic , talking total shit and not let me see my boy , take away all  police prokurator and consulat services because of my opinions, , witness comisario .But doctors of psychiatria  in every country say how someone who is skitsofrenic and out of real realities, surely not can drive such heavy bike around world without hurting himself. Finnish lawyers and social system ss ladies  make such diagnosas in Finland because of political reasons , as it happened in previous soviet union. In Maroc, Spain and Germany doctors say how im not sick, not need any psychiatric services. I need good lawyer but nobody has courage to help me. Lawyers are system guys, very shy about their reputation. Thats why i ask help from isis and german new natzies


what  is  isis ?

It was originally  group  of  people, who became angry after Poland and USA  attacted to Iraq Syria Libya Afganistan, because so called national benefits of America. They use name of isis also from children and young men who  have been looking too  much tv violence and get mad. Somebody want make suiside and kill at same time lot of other people , that kind of matters they call isis. They use that  name  in  meaning of total badness, some kind of devil. But devil is something else , God /Allah is keeping inside two  kind of forces, in India  they call  new creating force with name VISNU,  destroying forces of SHIVA. They both are necessary and exists everywhere. Nature keeps balance, if there is too  much shit and sick, Shiva must work. Climate change is part of this war of Allah. Allthough nato and Russia would be  succesfull to kill all  isis  soldiers, this war  is NOT over. Jesus Christ himself shall  continue and we  hope that he gives place in paradise to all martyrs of isis -al qaida, who give up violence against  ordinary people and concentrate to SELECTIVE  KILLING of the responsible leaders  of satan system ,  nuns and priests who are ready to send all 1,6 millard muslimanes to fire of hell. MUSTA  SURMA ALKAA

what  is devil ?

In the Bible is written  how it comes such time that we must  be ready to finish  all  christian  religions and expose the devil. Its not shiva/isis. The concrete devil in  our time is american  leaded  media power , which makes  big money with  bad  news . Inside every person ( specially in women ) is hiding something very satanistic and they secretly enjoy when  they hear news about crimes, catastrophes and wars. Mediacompanies make good bisnes with this kind of production and they show to people the world MORE  evil and satanistic as it actually is. Jesus said how it  happens to people what  they have  been  believing , mediareality and real reality becomes the same. He  also said  in Golgata this,-   when I come back, specially women and their daughters have really  hard times

In the Bible apocalypta 18  is very clearly said what is satan . Its big powerful country  behind big ocean , who has power to rule who can  sell  and who can  buy. Harlot of babylon   is swimming in blood  of millions of innocent  people. ( Vietnam, Laos ,Panama, Chile, Iraq , Syria , Libya ,american indians , africans ect )

American poet Robert Bly  in  his  book IRON  JOHN  says how this satan  is  feministic.  Most of men in usa  never grow up to be real adults, real  men, says mr Bly. Such  mickey  mouses as Georg W Bush  are all  their  live under power of stupid women and  have lot of secret angers. Big need to start  all  the time  new wars, without respecting orders of united nations.We  have  isis- shiva  killers just  because of this problem. They know what is question about but Mr Obama not know. But  in  the holy Bible  is written how GOD Allah  destroy this  big powerful  land and all  its allies. When spirit of Truth is growing fastly everywhere, american people fall to big mass  psychosa, kill  themselves and their  neighbours. This  process has already started

When Donald J. Trump says how Hillary Clinton is devil, he  maybe not know what Robert Bly  has been writing , but mr Trump  is very right in this  talking. When they were succesfull to kill colonel Gaddafi, Hilary Clinton  was laughing , hah hah, we did it finally .

This extremely stupid and unpleasant woman is keeping her mouth extremely open as an  idiot, even she is  not in room of the dentists. This kind of Hillary style  has became very popular  in  all world ,  but  people not know where it  originally  started . In Switzerland was 40 years ago a factory HINDSQAUL who  was manufacturing plastic  mannequin  dolls  and  to be able to  wake  up  attention , they  made such dolls  with mouth widely  open.  Now we see those plastic dolls walking on the streets and one of them is trying to become president of USA

Stupid american styled ladies as Hillary Clinton in all  world  , who  have  no own personal style and identity   are copying such commercial advertising  and stupid  men  try to do  the same to be able to be nice to women to get sex.

When Mr Obama says how Donald Trump is  not suitable to  place of president,  anyhow he is A  MAN . Not any stupid  plastic mannequin. He  has been showing his abilities as  manager when he created big properity and dynastia. What  has been doing kurva Clinton , nothing . Killing  respected  leader of Libya who took  good care of puor  people  in his country. Starting wars without  respecting united  nations . Correct place for Hillary Clinton  is   not the white  house   but  the court of HAAG for war criminals together with  president of european  council , Donald Tusk. We should do to them the same, what americans did after court of Nurnberg to german natzi leaders. Hang them high .

When  i  was living in polish sudetian mountains  1998 - 2005  and  remonted this  old german farm to be a mountain hostel ,  I wrote critics against president of Poland and   Donald Tusk , who  started make crimes of Hitler .  Dangerous war without respecting orders of united nations

Police Adam Polanski came to banish me away from my home 4.5.2005 . Witness DHL Nurnberg . Their assistants from roman  catholic church  came to break  my  house  to small  pieces and robbed all  my investings . Gangster team  Andrei and Violetta Bogdanowitz , ul Slonza 1 , Dlugopole zrj Miedzylesie  and holy Alberts association Wroclaw, Kamila Michalowska from Klodzko ( )tel 0048691536343

 Local jehova witnesses family of Stefania Illnicki tel  0048500845179 said  how  Hietikko  shall  be  killed  if I  not go away from Poland. When i tried come back to get lawyer , police made me  fysical violence.  My son  and wife had to run to Finland and consulat  of Finland did  nothing to help  me . This happened in Gniewoszow -Miedzylesie  near  border of Tscech republic . Thats why  i wish  that  isis / al qaida  help  me  and go to Miedzylesie  and break ALL houses and say  to people, go to Finland , we  kill  you. If you not want do it for me and my son, do it as international demonstration together with german sport clubs.

Its  not  illegal to do such , said finnish consul  and court of Strasbourg .Maybe you go to break also finnish  consulate in Warsawa , ul Chopina street 2- 4


 In Holy CORAN and in  the Bible  is equal law, what is  legal to do  to one of the smallest, is  legal to do to ther biggest , or to anybody.  Also i hope  that  my friends in isis /al qaida notice  what jehova witnesses, roman catholic priests and nuns in Poland and in PORTUGAL  teach to people . They say  how all  1,6 milliard  islamic people  belong to foreverlasting fire of HELL.

But all  christian  people get place in paradice who  are  mechanically repeating  name of Jesus. This  fascitisc theoria is reason  to big anger and  its not coming from Jesus Christ. He said how we must  be ready to FINISH all christian religions, before spirit of Truth can come  back to the world ( leaded by satan )

But  priests and nuns are  more interested  their power and money as real Jesus. Thats why  i suggest  to all islamic freedom fighters to stop blind attacts against ordinary people and join forces to kill  priests , nuns and jehova witnesses in two most rotten and unhonest  lands of Europa, Portugal and Poland . Let  them feel  what  means fire of hell and home breaking . If  they  put  me to the court because of such talking, look what  they self do . Teach how all  1,6 milliard muslimanes belong to hell and europeans / americans have right to steal their oil and minerals.

In Finland  the boss of prokurators made decision how even the most brutal and harsh ironia against holy values of ISLAM is totally free and legal. Office of that pork is in Helsinki Albertinkatu 25 , VALTAKUNNANSYYTTAJA.

But because GOD Allah  is  love  and mercy , we should anyhow give to all  possibility of  peace. When Donald J. Trump says  how he wants make america great and safe,  he  should start  this  project of peace. Network of jehova witnesses could also do  a lot something positive,  not only  go around to talk fascistic  shit

Jesus Christ said


in  China 5500  years ago they said how  such road is  TAO,  it  also means nature . In old ROMA  they were calling priests with  name pontifus  maximus ,  it  means bridge maker .

Road is  connecting  people and sometimes it needs also bridges over trouble waters..

what  means holy

To be able to find  road and  connection to ourselves, we need more humbe attitudes , general confessing of realities from ourselves and our surroundings. American styled plastic monkeys ( specially women ) in every country hate men with long hair and  word RADICAL. It comes from latin RADIX and it means ROOTS. When we orserv not only leaves and flowers, but also roots , we reach wholistic, truthfull understandig.

Word ''whole'' comes from HOLY. In sweden HELA. Whats not broken , its holy . We  need connection  between our social identity and inner TRANCENDENTAL identity. Muslimanes who are following orders of practical life, made by prophet Muhamed , CAN  reach this kingdom of heaven inside us  , but not christians who eat porks and behave like porks. They only BELIEVE how  they are so holy, but its false pretending. The old wisdom says how we are what we eat.  Thats why many muslimanes think how christian europeans are shit , they self not eat animals who eat shit, like dogs and porks.

Basic reason to anger between islamic and christian world is rising from colonialistic robbing and wrongly understood words of Jesus. Christians translate word RELIGIO as BELIEVING  ( to  their dirty fascistic theorias ) As a matter of fact word religio  comes to latin from  etruskia and it  means RE- JOINING. Re uniting. YOGA  means the same.   It  has nothing to do with believing to any mechanical theorias or  heroes as father Christmas or Jesus Christ. We  must re-join to our real self , christus in nobis, in India they called this inside force ATMAN, in old Egypt Aton. In antic Greece it was atom. Smallest of all and when we find it, we notice how it is  same as biggest of all - AH.

I am the road

Work of satan  is to break and rule, to make big separation between nations and inside families. Work of GOD  ( opus dei )  is to re-unite. If Mr Trump want make america great,  you should open the festival road which  is  connecting people from south west Europa  Spain to west Russia and north east Finland , which is showing to us the best  parts of culture from 50 states of America . All  world has  seen in  near  historia all  terrible  bad satanistic sides of America , but there are also lot of good . Let us see  such matters now , mr Trump and America will  be great , respected.

 Rythm and  repeating are very important in all spiritual traditions , so we should  repeat  this annually  every year  using same choosen road and time table of common starts

common start of  motorcycles , scooters and  veterancars ,  model 1969 or older  start 7.5.2017  in  morning 10  00  oclock from

Gibraltar Algeciras and Tarifa  


When Britannia took brexit from EU,  people in Gibraltar felt a bit confused , because they not any more belong to european union. Value of their money was collapsing.  We were discussing with them and monkeys of Gibraltar and decided to suggest this program to European Union and to Boris Johnson

We  want start  organize eurovision competetions of folk songs on the road 7700 km long from Gibraltar to Finland. With traditional and modern instruments . We  want show by  that road the best parts of culture from 50 states of America. Annually every year at same days, using the same choosen KINGS ROAD.  If you  cant use 2 months to this,  you can travel with kavalkade  5  km  or 200  km to  next  festival and  feel  the  atmosphere when all  Europa and America are on  the  common  road to peace and well being

At 9.00  oclock  start teams of racebicycles, Poland yellow, USA black, Russia indigo blue. Finland grey. Germany karmin red. Spain sienna brown, Portugal middle green,  Marocco dark green. Sweden middle blue, Britannia middle red. Irland orange. France  pink . White Russia white etc

7.5.2017 from port of Tarifa 20 km to Algeciras Parque del Saladillo -carretera a Cadiz -Avda Gesto pr la PAZ - . City Algeciras should  show there 5-7.5.2017 the best sides of american, british   and spanish  culture , example

 Square of Paco de LUCIA,  near  port , buss and trainstation of Algeciras - Start of bicycles in morning 7.5.2017 at 9´00 oclock to direction Avda Agustin Balsamo -Avda Aqua Marina- using small local roads to Gaucin --- motorcycles and veteran cars start  one hour later and take from Avda Aqua Marina direction autovia A 7 Malaga- Gaucin  Ronda, Alcodonales, Coripe

Arahal Start  8.5

 Carmona, Brenes, Villaverde del Río, Las Pajanosas, El Castillo de las Guardas, Higuera de la Sierra, Aracena, Galaroza, Cortegana  -commonstart 9.5 

Aroche , Rosal de la Frontera...These cities and willages  arrange every year many  kind of festivals  with  money of european union, but if we keep  them  according common synchronized  time tables,  traveller can see and feel all europa singing and celebrating. When all willages  make  advertising to USA and all  Europa , very big  road festival starts for sure . Lot of good work places appear to Spain and Portugal. Europa union should support  this

  1. I agree this matter 100 %                                                        
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

 .  In Spain  they  have own strong rich culture and spanish willages should show what it is. In Portugal they have adopted   most stupid parts of commercial american rubbish  and their tv /radio production makes all  idiots.  Thats why  50 states of America should  concentrate to show in Portugal  what is  valuable in America. Portugal is also most puor  land in Europa, they  need  lot of good workplaces. First of all lands as Poland and Portugal must be released from fascistic power of roman catholic church. That mafia is satan number one in this world. They would  like to send to fire 1,6 milliard muslimanes, women, children..Finnish protestant priests as Matti Viitanen has same opinion 

   villa verde Ficalho Portugal , 96  wooden loghouses with charming interiors  from Kentucky. mur 3 mtr high around 27,6 hectar. First floor beton / stone, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 rooms for travellers 20 e /day makes good incomes  to landowner and to company who invest these first samples from 50 states of America. Wooden loghouses upstairs with individual interiors . RUSSIA is sending every month to Maroccian waters many big ships to take fish and wegetables. They could bring to Portugal Portimao and to Marocco Agadir  lot of pinewood and special stone for fireplaces, vuolukivi, look at google TULIKIVI. We start production according those first   samples from 50  states of america and sell such houses A LOT. When we  lead marketing , product development and logistica from one place, costs of production fall more as 50 %  and we can pay good salaries, offer nice homes with attractive prices.

After 15 km  exhibition  of  best  parts of culture and 96 houses  from Colorado, near    Villa Nova de Sao Bento

 If your willage cant employ big artists , make amplifier 100 000 watt, large loudspeakers made from beton, frontpanel massive wood. To be able to show the best parts of american and british culture , willage commissions must find volyntary actors and actrisses who not  must be able to play or sing, but  have sense on sweng and  similar outlook as  ETTA JAMES , Johnny lee Hooker, John Lennon, Charles mingus, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan , Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters, Ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Woody Guthrie , King Crimson, Gratefull death , Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash , Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, M.A. Numminen ,John mayal , WHO, KINKS, Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela , Billie Holiday, CAMEL , Louis Armstrong , Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra YES Allman Brothers etc. We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

 After 3 days of jazz blues rock and roll from America and UK , we use these same arenas  and hotel capacity  to purposes of roman catholic church , protestants , jehova witnesses , mormones , orthodixes , muslimans , to friends of classical music etc. 96 houses with 7 douplerooms can offer 672 rooms inside closed castle of 27,6 hectares and we can keep there marvellous festivales. Outside of the castle big campings for tents and homewagons. In these new houses nearby the KINGS ROAD  we can also start national folk parlaments of Spain Portugal France Germany ...and new parlament of renewed european union. Rights of voting shall get people who can proove  that  they are able to read simply questions and think with own head.

 1. I agree this matter 100 %                                                        
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

  start 10.5. Mina de Sao Domingos  IDAHO– 


Sao Joao dos Caldeireios  ARIZONA–

 Almodovar  GEORGIA– send from there such kind of men send to defend national benefits of america in europa and to frighten conservative dry women in Portugal


start 11.5. Ameixial  NEVADA-


ALTE  MINNESOTA–96 houses,

  best of them also to Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow  and to  27,6  hectar  in Finland

Sao Bartolomeu de Messines / 27,6 hectar castle of WISCONSIN–


 Almarjao ALABAMA–

 Odelouca Pensylvania

Porto de Lacos  FLORIDA –

 Start 12.5. Near habour of Portimao     27.6 hectares of  NEW YORK. 96 houses , first floor beton, 2 floors wooden loghouses Mur 3 mtr high. Inside 27,6 hectar exhibition of culture in ´´greenwich willage ´´. Its best parts. Ship connection from Portimao to MADEIRA and to AGADIR. To Florida Daytona Beach , to New York

  ALVOR  CALIFORNIA, ( example from the cultura in California )

  Bembosta  Washington DC–Central computer of renewed America and European Union

 1. I agree this matter 100 %                                                        
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


 Casas da Sr do Verde /  MARYLAND–

big international  competetions of motorcycles and cars

Marmelete /  NORTH DAKOTA–

  Aliezur / MISSOURI –

Odeceixe / OREGON –

 Sao Teotonio /  INDIANA–

start 13.5. Villa Nova de Milfontes /  MAINE––
Cercal / UTAH–
Tanganheira / SOUTH CAROLINA–

  1. I agree this matter 100 %                                                        
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


Santiago do Cacem /  WASHIGTON SEATLE–
Grandola /  MISSISIPPI –
their represantives look like this

commonstart 14.5   Alcacer do Sal / NEW MEXICO
 Sao Cristovao /  OHIO–
 Montemor o Novo /  WYOMING–
commonstart 15.5  Montargil /  KANSAS–
 Ponte de Sor /  CONNECTICUT –
Nisa /  NEW JERSEY –
 Villa Velha de Rodao /  SOUTH DAKOTA–
commonstart 16.5  Castelo Branco  DELAWARE –
 Alpedrinha TEXAS–
Covilha IOWA –
commonstart 17.5  Guarda / ARKANSAS –
Freixedas / NEW HAMPSHIRE –
 Pinhel /  OKLAHOMA-
 Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo /  VERMONT–
Barca de Alva /  NEBRASKA–

 exhibition of the best architectura arts & crafts , furnitures, electronica , home machines , folk music, blues , jazz, rock and roll. High quality cinema and music from 50  states of America  

 Freixo de Espada a Cinta /  TENNESSEE-
 Lagoaca /  MASSACHUSET–
 Mogadouro /  WEST VIRGINIA –
commonstart 18.5  Bemposta / ALASKA 

We should invite to Portugal to holiday 38 million polish people who are living aboard, in USA , Uk , Germany. We sell them such houses in Poland situated nearby the road festival route UM POLSKA mentioned later in this page.

 Few years ago 55 %  of polish  people and previous POPE John Paul II were choosing to Poland new president, who is so far invisible. When we start  keep noise about this matter, 38 million polish emigrants want come back and buy new house. In  the Bible is written , when you saw me go, I was in cloud. When you see me recome, i shall be in cloud. Religious people say  how all  is true what is written  in  the Bible. But its not obvious that King of Gloria  needs puor mans nirvana , because He  is 100 % nirvana himself. But other people who saw him go and come,  they can need cannabis ( cloud ) to be more sensitive to understand new president of Poland, to be able to meet him

 Kun TRUMP ilmoitti ettei hanen johtamansa usa aio investoida  sotilaallista  kapasiteettia st Petersburgin  lahialueille  eli  Suomeen ja Viroon , Suomi  ja  brexit  Englanti tekivat  sopimuksen  yhteisesta puolustuksesta  . Ministeri Niinistö sanoo, että yhteistoimintaan kuuluvat muun muassa koulutus- ja harjoitustoiminta, kriisinhallintaoperaatiot sekä kemiallisten ja biologisten aseiden torjunta. Lisäksi yhteistyötä tehdään puolustuspolitiikassa ja jopa sotilasoppien eli doktriinien kehittämisessä.Seuraavaksi Suomi aikoo hyväksyä samanlaisen puolustusalan sopimuksen Yhdysvaltojen, Espanjan, Marokon ja Portugalin kanssa. Koska amerikkalaisten tausta on vahvasti brittilaista , on kohtuullista pyytaa heidat naihin bileisiin mukaan

After Portugal festival  road comes  back  to  Spain -Fermoselle – Bermillo de Sayago- 

19.5 start   Zamora-

Valladolid –  20.5 start  Burgos-

21.5 start Pamplona-   road   N 135  -  D 933  to  France 22.5. start ORTHEZ 

 Sinä vuonna kun arkkienkeli Sarnowiak  kulkee tämän reitin Espanjan Avilasta Puolan kotiinsa Miedzylesiaan , silloin koko roomalais katolinen maailma pidättää hengitystään ja kuuntelee kirkoissaan ja kotonaan tälläistä

 23.5. start AGEN  road D 656 to CAHORs -road 653  MURAT  --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-

24.5 start AURILLAC N 122 , D 588  , D 906 ,

25.5. start VICHY D 480  , D 973  to Lapalisse - -

26.5.start  Autun -

 road D 973----D 673  Seurre - St jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

27.5  start Besancon

D 683 - to Belfort  GERMANY Altkirch  D 419 

28.5  start  LOERRACH

road 317   NEUSTADT   --29.5 start TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311-   Sigmarinen  -Scheer---311  road 

  30.5 start  Augsburg


What  ever  happens  in USA  in  november , when  they elect  new  president and  new  line to world politics , this question shall  deal  people very strongly  also after elections.

 America is  two divided as it  was in days of ciwil war . Now everybody can  safely take part to this  next ciwil war with no guns.   Who is  interested to  help Donald J.Trump  to  become  president  of America and Jesus Christ president of Poland ,-  who want  peace of 1000 years with  russians,   go from Augsburg to  direction   Potmess --Pfaffenhofen--Moosburg--Landshut--Postau-

 31.5. start    Sraubing     ---Deggendorf--Innernzell--Grafenau--Philppsreut--Strazny--Lenora--Cesky Krumlov-  1.6 start    Ceske Budejovice - Litomysl -  -

2.6. start  -Rokytnice     NIEMOJOW  POLAND    ... 3.6. start Gniewoszow


who  want  support devil Hilary Clinton ,  old politics of   USA and who  not  want go to Russia   those   go from Augsburg confessiones

to north  , start  31.5.  FURTH  -in  Gerhard Hauptman str EXHIBITION OF THE DEVIL, teufel   -  old road to Bamberg -1.6. start  Sonnenberg ---SAALFELD--Jena--Apolda--  2.6. start FINNE   -Lutherstadt Eisleben --Kothen --Aken--Zerbst--

3.6. start GENTHIN   ---Havelberg--Prizwalk--Wittstock--

start WAREN 4.6. ----Demmin--Wolgast--

start  Usedom 5.6.-  sand  beaches of baltic  sea KOLOBRZEG   start 6.6. -    at 9.00  teams of race bicycles , 10.00  motorcycles  , scooters , veterancars   –

 start Ustka   7.6.   -

 Karwia start 8.6.-   TOLKMICKO krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej   

9.6 START  SENJY ( border of Poland - Litwa 

 10.6.. Start VILNA ---11.6. Start JURMALA  beach near RIGA  12.6.  ---Start Parnu 13.6.    start Helsinki Kaivopuisto  14.6.  -   

 start Fiskars  15.6.   - start Turku Ruissalo 16.6.  - 

 at  9.00 oclock  teams  of  race  bibycles from many   countries  with  different  colours.  At  10.00 start  motorcycles,  scooters  and  veteran  cars  1969  or  older , after  them   samba and salsa dancers , arts & puos on the road  .   Kavalkade  NYSSE  go from RUISSALO camping 16.6  to  direction - Åbo Akademi - Aninkaistenkatu - Hämeenkatu-Itäinen Rantakatu- Martin Silta- Aurajokipuisto- Linnankatu- Pakkarinkatu-Hansakatu- Vaihdekatu- Pansiontie- Huolintakatu-Hiekkasortamankatu-Tuontikatu- PANSIONTIE- PAAKARLANTIE- piispa Henrikin tieta Auranjokivartta  pitkin Sakylaan-

Start Sakyla Pyhajarvi 17.6.--  Start  Kauhajoki Nummijarvi 18.6.  -Kihnio , seitsemisen kansallispuisto --KURU -  . Start Ruovesi 19.6. --Vilppula - start   20.6  --Multia, Viitasaari -- Start Kiuruvesi  21.6.  --- Start Iisalmi Runninkyla , nearby the house of russian general C.G.Mannerheim 22.6  -- Varpaisjarvi   Juankoski  Koitere kivilahti  ---start Ilomantsi   23.6. --- 

24.6.  at  day  of JOHN  THE  BABTIST,  in NIIRALA  starting  of annually  repeating   summer war  of  three days  with  water and colour  guns   in  border of RUSSIA  --   against  supporters of Donald Trump  and new  America,  who  enter to Finland from  Russian Karelia Sortavala every  summer  at same time with water guns , shouting URAA  URAA  URAA . This will  be HYDROTERAPIA to sad finns who still  have traumatic memories when they were mixing themselves to politica of Hitler and Russian army came with REAL guns .. Very  many  people are  sure that Donald Trump starts III world war , so  let them  have it  in border of Finland Russia. Summer war with water guns , 3 days  every year 24.6.- 26.6.

revolution  in Poland  and Portugal

 in english  here