in finnish lanquage, suomeksi Suomen  ja Puolan poliisille tutkintavaade

This is  demand to court of HAAG for war criminals from  international  culture association Keltaiset ry - Les Jaunes - die GelbenIlmainen www-laskuri-  Los Amarillos, written by chairman of board Hannu Hietikko. Citizen of Finland

 This is also invitation to all people in Europa, USA and Russia, who want  peace, real democratia and wellbeing . We should  open the folk parlament of renewed European union (FEU)












what for ?

State and EU is we, and power belongs to people. In such situation when  leaders  of Union are pushing us to destruction, economical catastroph and  nuclear war, we must take leadership to own hands. USA and Poland  did not respect orders of united nations, when they started this dangerous war. They must get punishment.  Germany swore 1945 how  they should never any more send armed groups outside their borders,  but  they forgot this and got several  million  exilers. 

Near this old german farm in Klodzko walley , owned by Keltaiset ry,   is place enough for million people. Good acustica. In front of this house we shall build a stage  from  beton and nature stones. Large loudspeakers and technical staff inside to those 4 buildings.

Annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8  we shall  listen  there   the best blues  , jazz , rock and roll,  ethno, country  rasta from Usa , Russia , Poland , England , Finland ... In meantimes we  give microphone to everybody , who is not drunken talk 5 minutes . The others vote with telephones or flaptops how  many  %  is  true,  how many % shit.

Results of votings we spread with tv and internet to all world. We shall use common  lanquage, simply basic english,  but after 3.6. we can continue until  20.8  with national lanquages parlaments of Poland, Sweden , Spain, France, Germany ,USA, Canada, Greece, Irland , Finland, Portugal , Russia  etc. Folk  music festivals from  those  lands ..Central computer shall  be situated in Finland, VAASA, new capitol of European union. Second possibility is Portimao in Portugal. 



 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

This  walley  exists in  middle  of Europa, 150 km  to east from Praha. Train to Lichkow, Miedzylesie ( Mittelwald ) , to station Domaszkow .  From Wroclaw train to Miedzylesie, station Domaszkow.  We need lot of voluntairs  to make everything  ready before 1.6. 2017. Tickets to this 3 days festival will  be 20 euros. If you want hire ready made nice tent and good madras, willage commissions of Gniewoszow Domaszkow Dlugopole grn shall  hire such to you with 5 euros  per day. Take with you own sleeping backs .

RULES:  All violence forbidden. Rubbishing surrounding is  forbidden,  mandate is 50 euros .  Rubbish  police,  local children under 15 years has a right to get it to themselves, and if someone not want pay, those children can paint you blue with spray . Chemical narcotics and cocaine forbidden. Natural herbs allowed

Because they  not  have anymore so  good artists, we  show there also the best parts of history of music culture in USA  using cd originals and the  PRETENDERS . Willage commission of Gniewoszow soltys Adam Prokop ( )  want  find volyntary actors and actrisses who not  must be able to play or sing, but have sense of sweng and dramatica. They shall  offer VISUAL SHOW  with no electricity in  microphones and  instruments. This show we shall sell to tv companies in all world

 The  pretenders should  have  similar outlook as  VAN  Morrison , ETTA JAMES , Johnny lee Hooker, Beatles, Charles mingus, Alex Harvey, Joan Baez, Sarah Waughan , Steve Windwood, Jim Morrison, Kentucky head hunters,  CREAM, Ten years after , Kauko kayhko, Rolling stones, Woody Guthrie , King Crimson, Gratefull death , Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash , Emmelou Harris, Bob Dylan, M.A. Numminen, John mayal , WHO, KINKS, Santana, Janis Joplin, Black Croves, Lionel Hampton, Taneli Makela , Billie Holiday, CAMEL , Louis Armstrong , Glen Miller, Nancy Sinatra YES Allman Brothers etc. We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

What is  plan of Donald J Trump, to make America great without weapons ?  Its possible by starting confess the realities and talking true . By showing in  Europa good parts of  american culture . If  he is loosing in elections, anyhow  has promised not  give up his plans.  But  he  needs lot of support from  all  word.

This picture of Hitler is here to warn  and remind  how weak  is United nations. And how history returns  when people learn nothing. Mr  Trump confess  that America  has  very dirty hands in  this  game.

USA and roman catholic  law and order in Poland started this large exiler problem and big war ,when they  wanted change by force legal governments in Iraq , Syria, Libya and Ukraine .  They  did it when UNITED NATIONS said no and this crime was same as HITLER did . It was explosing Schengen agreement and collapsing economia very badly .  Because they  want punish Russia from  their own sins (  and  they  are angry  )  we are near world war III. To prevent it, association Keltaiset ry demand opening of court of HAAG for war criminals and compensations.

--We  want that  state of Poland and gminna Miedzylesie  must accept this project and  repair house of Keltaiset  to top  condition.

USA must  invest  techical staff  and send  their  best   jazz blues country  rock and roll  artists  1.6.2017  to Poland ,  starting  their journey  7.5.2017  from  Gibraltar, Algeciras ( Spain ).  Also  50 states of America (each of them ) must send  by  ships to Poland Gdansk , to Portugal  Portimao ,  to West Sahara Dakhla, to Maroc sidi IFNI  and to Vaasa  Finland   96 wooden loghouses with individual interiors, model art nouveau jugend . Home machines, electronica, art and artesan works . Investors of these first models from 50 states of America shall get 10 % provisio when we start large mass production . This  punishment will  be very positive,  they shall win a lot.  Also Poland  shall  get  big  incomes  from  this  annual  happening

Art nouveau jugend was the gold age of arts, but it was interrupted when big wars started . We should continue it and start new system, called CIWILIZED CAPITALISM. Finnish culture association Keltaiset ry -Les Jaunes , Los Amarillos has no rights to take economical profit, but it can pay good salaries to the best professionals of marketing, logistica, product development, advertising.

This kind of leading centre should be started in  Poland Wroclaw   or in Portugal Portimao or in  Finland Vaasa by Keltaiset ry , de Gula rf .  When it leads big network of production from West Sahara, to Maroc Spain Portugal France Germany Tsech rp ,Poland ,White Russia , Inkerinmaa, Karelia and Finland, their costs of production are falling  more as 50 % . The companies in yellow  network  shall get good bisnes profits and are able offer such beautiful american houses with attractive prices, pay good salaries to good workers and also artists and artesanes in their home verstats.

This system sociologia knows by name PLUSSUM GAME, bisnes with no loosers. In old finnish book Kalevala, they call it SAMPO

Russian fisher ships can bring lot of pine wood and vuolukivi TULIKIVI to habours of Dakhla , sidi Ifni , Tifnite, Agadir , Portimao in Portugal .To Poland and Finland by trains. We should build up such new houses nearby road from Andalucia to Portugal France bayer Tsech rp Poland white russia karelia and Finland . First floor beton and stones, model jugend art nouveau. 7 douple rooms for travellers. Second floor wooden loghouses .  Also in Syria Iraq Ukraine and Libya  we need  peace and lot of new houses  to make  possible  to send  million  people  back from Europa

We should start annually repeating road festival , 7700 km from Dakhla ( Atlantis ,alfa - to omega Keuruu ). We should start invite people from America to ´´pilgrim ´´ trip to the roots of American culture. They  would  not  be so agressive and dangerous ,  when we teach  them  with this road festival to know themselves , and their european roots. This  will  be also to europeans  more  interesting  way to keep  holiday  as lieing on  growded  beaches

 If you  cant use 2 months to this,  you can travel with kavalkade  5  km  or 200  km to  next  festival and  feel  the  atmosphere when all  Europa and America are on  the  common  road to peace and well being. To  open  folk  parlament of  European Union in Poland .  Annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8  

Gibraltar Algeciras and Tarifa  

At 9.00  oclock  start teams of racebicycles, Poland yellow, USA black, Russia indigo blue. Finland grey. Germany karmin red. Spain sienna brown, Portugal middle green,  Marocco dark green. Sweden middle blue, Britannia middle red. Irland orange. France  pink . White Russia white etc

7.5.2017 from port of Tarifa 20 km to Algeciras Parque del Saladillo -carretera a Cadiz -Avda Gesto pr la PAZ - 50  states of america  should  show  5-7.5.2017 the best sides of american culture , example this  one

 Square of Paco de LUCIA,  near  port , buss and trainstation of Algeciras - Start of bicycles in morning 7.5.2017 at 9´00 oclock to direction Avda Agustin Balsamo -Avda Aqua Marina- using small local roads to Gaucin --- motorcycles and veteran cars start  one hour later and take from Avda Aqua Marina direction autovia A 7 Malaga- Gaucin  Ronda, Alcodonales, Coripe

Arahal Start  8.5

 Carmona, Brenes, Villaverde del Río, Las Pajanosas, El Castillo de las Guardas, Higuera de la Sierra, Aracena, Galaroza, Cortegana  -commonstart 9.5 

Aroche , Rosal de la Frontera...These cities and willages  arrange every year many  kind of festivals  with  money of european union, but if we keep  them  according common synchronized  time tables,  traveller can see and feel all europa singing and celebrating. When all willages  make  advertising to USA and all  Europa , very big  road festival starts for sure . Lot of good work places appear to Spain and Portugal. Europa union should support  this

  In Spain  they  have own strong rich culture and spanish willages should show what it is. In Portugal they have adopted   most stupid parts of commercial american rubbish  and their tv /radio production makes all  idiots.  Thats why  50 states of America should  concentrate to show in Portugal  what is  valuable in America. Portugal is also most puor  land in Europa, they  need  lot of good workplaces 

   villa verde Ficalho Portugal , 96  wooden loghouses with charming interiors  from Kentucky. mur 3 mtr high around 27,6 hectar. First floor beton / stone, art nouveau jugend 1906. 7 rooms for travellers 20 e /day makes good incomes  to landowner and to company who invest these samples. Wooden loghouses upstairs with individual interiors

After 15 km  exhibition  of  best  parts of culture and 96 houses  from Colorado, near    Villa Nova de Sao Bento

 If your willage cant employ big artists , make amplifier 100 000 watt, large loudspeakers made from beton, frontpanel massive wood. To be able to show the best parts of american and british culture , willage commissions must find volyntary actors and actrisses who not  must be able to play or sing, but  have sense on sweng and  similar outlook as  famous artists Janis Joplin, canned heat , van Morrison, Rory Gallanger etc.. We pay honestly to holders of copyrights and sell a lot their original cd .

 After 3 days of jazz blues rock and roll from America and UK , we use these same arenas  and hotel capacity  to purposes of roman catholic church , protestants , jehova witnesses , mormones , orthodixes , muslimans , to friends of classical music etc. We  can  make  large  money with  this road ..

 96 houses with 7 douplerooms can offer 672 rooms inside closed castle of 27,6 hectares and we can keep there marvellous festivales. Outside of the castle big campings for tents and homewagons. In these new houses nearby the KINGS ROAD  we can also start  folk  parlament of renewed european union. Rights of voting shall get people who can proove  that  they are able to read simply questions and think with own head. People who  can  not  travel to Poland, can  take part to folk  parlament of renewed european  union  in  their own willages and cities nearby this  new festival route. We shall  use it annually every year


 1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

  start 10.5. Mina de Sao Domingos  IDAHO– 


Sao Joao dos Caldeireios  ARIZONA–

 Almodovar  GEORGIA–

send from there such kind of men to defend national benefits of america in europa and to frighten conservative dry women in Portugal


start 11.5. Ameixial  NEVADA-


ALTE  MINNESOTA–96 houses,

  best of them also to Poland Miedzylesie Gniewoszow  and to  27,6  hectar  in Finland

Sao Bartolomeu de Messines / 27,6 hectar castle of WISCONSIN–


 Almarjao ALABAMA–

 Odelouca Pensylvania

Porto de Lacos  FLORIDA –

 Start 12.5. Near habour of Portimao     27.6 hectares of  NEW YORK. 96 houses , first floor beton, 2 floors wooden loghouses Mur 3 mtr high. Inside 27,6 hectar exhibition of culture in ´´greenwich willage ´´. Its best parts. Ship connection from Portimao to MADEIRA and to AGADIR. To Florida Daytona Beach , to New York

  ALVOR  CALIFORNIA, ( example from the cultura in California )

  Bembosta  Washington DC–



 Casas da Sr do Verde /  MARYLAND–

big international  competetions of motorcycles and cars

Marmelete /  NORTH DAKOTA–

  Aliezur / MISSOURI –

Odeceixe / OREGON –

 Sao Teotonio /  INDIANA–

start 13.5. Villa Nova de Milfontes /  MAINE––
Cercal / UTAH–
Tanganheira / SOUTH CAROLINA–

Santiago do Cacem /  WASHIGTON SEATLE–
Grandola /  MISSISIPPI –
their represantives look like this

commonstart 14.5   Alcacer do Sal / NEW MEXICO
 Sao Cristovao /  OHIO–
 Montemor o Novo /  WYOMING–
 commonstart 15.5  Montargil /  KANSAS–
 Ponte de Sor /  CONNECTICUT –
Nisa /  NEW JERSEY –
 Villa Velha de Rodao /  SOUTH DAKOTA–
commonstart 16.5  Castelo Branco  DELAWARE –
 Alpedrinha TEXAS–
Covilha IOWA –
 commonstart 17.5  Guarda / ARKANSAS –
Freixedas / NEW HAMPSHIRE –
 Pinhel /  OKLAHOMA-
 Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo /  VERMONT–
Barca de Alva /  NEBRASKA–

 exhibition of the best architectura arts & crafts , furnitures, electronica , home machines , folk music, blues , jazz, rock and roll. High quality cinema and music from 50  states of America  

 Freixo de Espada a Cinta /  TENNESSEE-
 Lagoaca /  MASSACHUSET–
 Mogadouro /  WEST VIRGINIA –
commonstart 18.5  Bemposta / ALASKA 

 Kun TRUMP ilmoitti ettei hanen johtamansa usa aio investoida  sotilaallista  kapasiteettia st Petersburgin  lahialueille  eli  Suomeen ja Viroon , Suomi  ja  brexit  Englanti tekivat  sopimuksen  yhteisesta puolustuksesta  . Ministeri Niinistö sanoo, että yhteistoimintaan kuuluvat muun muassa koulutus- ja harjoitustoiminta, kriisinhallintaoperaatiot sekä kemiallisten ja biologisten aseiden torjunta. Lisäksi yhteistyötä tehdään puolustuspolitiikassa ja jopa sotilasoppien eli doktriinien kehittämisessä. Mutta  han  unohti mika on maailman  paras ase,  nimittain  nauru

After Portugal festival  road comes  back  to  Spain -Fermoselle – Bermillo de Sayago- 

19.5 start   Zamora-

Valladolid –  20.5 start  Burgos-

21.5 start Pamplona-   road   N 135  -  D 933  to  France 22.5. start ORTHEZ 

 Sinä vuonna kun arkkienkeli Sarnowiak  kulkee tämän reitin Espanjan Avilasta Puolan kotiinsa Miedzylesiaan , silloin koko roomalais katolinen maailma pidättää hengitystään ja kuuntelee kirkoissaan ja kotonaan tälläistä

 23.5. start AGEN  road D 656 to CAHORs -road 653  MURAT  --- Massiac - Sauxillanges- Vic le Comte -Marinques - Randan-

24.5 start AURILLAC N 122 , D 588  , D 906 ,

25.5. start VICHY D 480  , D 973  to Lapalisse - -

26.5.start  Autun -

 road D 973----D 673  Seurre - St jean de Losne --Auxonne --D 12- Rioz- Rouge Mont- Hericourt- Sochaux-

27.5  start Besancon

D 683 - to Belfort  GERMANY Altkirch  D 419 

28.5  start  LOERRACH

road 317   NEUSTADT   --29.5 start TUTTLINGEN - ROAD 311-   Sigmarinen  -Scheer---311  road 

  30.5 start  Augsburg


What  ever  happens  in USA  in  november , when  they elect  new  president and  new  line to world politics , this question shall  deal  people very strongly  also after elections.  America is  two divided as it  was in days of ciwil war . All  world takes  part to this  question !

Everybody can  safely take part to this  next ciwil war of america with no guns.   Who agree  with  Donald J.Trump   ,-  who want  peace of 1000 years with  russians,   go from Augsburg to  direction   Potmess --Pfaffenhofen--Moosburg--Landshut--Postau-

 31.5. start    Sraubing     ---Deggendorf--Innernzell--Grafenau--Philppsreut--Strazny--Lenora--Cesky Krumlov-  1.6 start    Ceske Budejovice - Litomysl -  -

2.6. start  -Rokytnice     NIEMOJOW  POLAND   Annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8

 ... 3.6. start Gniewoszow


who  want  support  Hilary Clinton ,  old politics of   USA and who  not  want go to Russia   those   go from Augsburg confessiones

to north  , start  31.5.  FURTH  -in  Gerhard Hauptman str EXHIBITION OF THE DEVIL, teufel   -  old road to Bamberg -1.6. start  Sonnenberg ---SAALFELD--Jena--Apolda--  2.6. start FINNE   -Lutherstadt Eisleben --Kothen --Aken--Zerbst--

3.6. start GENTHIN   ---Havelberg--Prizwalk--Wittstock--

start WAREN 4.6. ----Demmin--Wolgast--

start  Usedom 5.6.-  sand  beaches of baltic  sea KOLOBRZEG   start 6.6. -    at 9.00  teams of race bicycles , 10.00  motorcycles  , scooters , veterancars   –

 start Ustka   7.6.   -

 Karwia start 8.6.-   TOLKMICKO krajobrazowy wysoczyzny Elblaskiej   

9.6 START  SENJY ( border of Poland - Litwa 

 10.6.. Start VILNA ---11.6. Start JURMALA  beach near RIGA  12.6.  ---Start Parnu 13.6.    start Helsinki Kaivopuisto  14.6.  -   

 start Fiskars  15.6.   - start Turku Ruissalo 16.6.  - 

 at  9.00 oclock  teams  of  race  bibycles from many   countries  with  different  colours.  At  10.00 start  motorcycles,  scooters  and  veteran  cars  1969  or  older , after  them   samba and salsa dancers , arts & puos on the road  .   Kavalkade  NYSSE  go from RUISSALO camping 16.6  to  direction - Åbo Akademi - Aninkaistenkatu - Hämeenkatu-Itäinen Rantakatu- Martin Silta- Aurajokipuisto- Linnankatu- Pakkarinkatu-Hansakatu- Vaihdekatu- Pansiontie- Huolintakatu-Hiekkasortamankatu-Tuontikatu- PANSIONTIE- PAAKARLANTIE- piispa Henrikin tieta Auranjokivartta  pitkin Sakylaan-

Start Sakyla Pyhajarvi 17.6.--  Start  Kauhajoki Nummijarvi 18.6.  -Kihnio , seitsemisen kansallispuisto --KURU -  . Start Ruovesi 19.6. --Vilppula -   20.6  --

after  fight of  7 days  and  nights in centre of keuruu  ,  ( keuruun  vittuiluviikot )  between  politica  of Trump and politica  of Clinton.  Whoever  wins  in  november 2016, this  question  shall  be open..Mr Trump  has said  how he never  gives up...

people  who  came  from tallinna helsinki Turku continue to  Multia, Viitasaari -- Start Kiuruvesi   --- Start Iisalmi Runninkyla , nearby the house of russian general C.G.Mannerheim  -- Varpaisjarvi   Juankoski  Koitere kivilahti  ---start Ilomantsi   - 

24.6.   in NIIRALA  starting  of annually  repeating   summer war  of  three days  with  water and colour  guns   in  border of RUSSIA  --   against  supporters of Donald Trump  and new  America,  who  enter to Finland from  Russian Karelia Sortavala every  summer  at same time with water guns , shouting URAA  URAA  URAA . This will  be HYDROTERAPIA to sad finns who still  have traumatic memories when they were mixing themselves to politica of Hitler and Russian army came with REAL guns .. Very  many  people are  sure that Donald Trump starts III world war , so  let them  have it  in border of Finland Russia. Summer war with water guns , 7 days  every year 24.6.- 29.6.

Supporters  of Donald Trump, new politica  of America   commonstart 3.6. from Poland in front of this  house  in  Gniewoszow 

  Please come to help us to create a cinema illusion  that  million people decided to go to the same road  to  make  peace with nice friendly russian people and give HYDROTERAPIA to finns. Independent Finland comes in autumn 2017 to age of 100 years. This would be right way to celebrate this matter. RUSSIA was first land who confirmed independent of Finland with no  kind of quarreling. War later was caused by  german   natzies. England tried to prevent it,  but  they  had too  much own problems with Hitler

 from  Gniewoszow to   Ponikva ,  Dlugopole  grn  - Wytski-  Bystrzyca Klodzka  ul Krakowska - Nadbzezna- Plac szpitalny - Plawnica  

we should join our forces and  organize   annually repeating

 eurovisio  competition of folk music on the road

competitions of  running and race bicycles, horses and  ursus tractors 


from Gniewoszow  the festival route goes  to  - Sienna – Stronie Slaskie  - ul  Nadprezna – ul Hutnicza – ul. Kosciuszki....  Prudnik, Wisla, Zakopane, Przemysl , to bialo Russia , Russian karelia  and to Finland Niirala Ilomantsi Juankoski Kiuruvesi Multia , to the OMEGA  point MISUN PUO   in  .

 Alfa point shall be in south Marocco near Agadir, beach rock of Sidi Tual where was long time ago original ATLANTIS.  This road festival starts 1.5. from west sahara DAKHLA where is  airport and  good habor to send by ships motorcycles and veteran cars from America --- start tarfaya 2.5. --  start Agadir  3.5. --  start Marrakech  4.5. --  start Meknes  5.5. --  start BLUE blues city of Chechaouen .6.5.  --  start Gibraltar Algeciras  7.5. -- 

West sahara want independence and we should start also there direct democratia. Symbolic KING should  be  oldest son of King Muhamed VI. In  that case marocco can accept this without war

  1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %
3. I agree this matter 60 %
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

If you have only  one month holiday, you can start from West Sahara and fly home from Germany Augsburg . If you want see Russia and  summerwar  in Finland ,  you  can fly to  airport  of  Praha , by  train  140   km  to Lichkow Miedzylesie  Domaszkow ,  3  km  walk    up  to   mountain  of Gniewoszow. Trains  from  Wroclaw  120  km   Annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8

Z Gniewoszowa do  Poremba  - Dlugopole Zdroj - Wytski-  Bystrzyca Klodzka  ul Krakowska - Nadbzezna- Plac szpitalny - Plawnica  (  – Black mountain - Sienna – Stronie Slaskie  - ul  Nadprezna – ul Hutnicza – ul. Kosciuszki-  

if you  have only short  holiday,  please drive with this  kavalkade  few kilometers . We need material to religious political cinema

 EXODUS TODAY that millions of  motorcycles , scooters and veterancars  are going to  make  peace with russians and to help  Donald Trump  to start  new  politics  .  Drive few  kilometer to next willage  after the kavalkade  with ursus tractors,  combainers , bicycles and horses.  Organize running competition to next willage , samba carnaval etc. Later you  could  find self in a famous cinema !

 Stojkow- Ladek Drj-  ul Kosciuszki- Slodowa – rynek-   to Zolty stok –kamienica - Paczków/

Unikowice - Ujezdziec  ...ratnowice.. kalkow- laka- Kijow- Biskupow- Głucholazy -Pokrzymna- Moszczanka - prudnicka  ...   PRUDNIK ...


Prudnik    commonstart 4.6. annually  every summer 

 in market place of   Prudnik   

trzy dni i nocy, każdego roku, koniec wielkiego koncertu obok marketu w PRUDNIKU   4.6.

9.00 start drużyn rowerowych,  10.00  start motorów, skuterów i weteranów, po nich traktory, piesi, tancerki samby, klauni....Mam nadzieję że dużo ludzi będzie chciało przejść te kilka kilometrów, CAŁA POLSKA NA DRODZE, nawet klauni.

  at 9.00 o 'clock start the teams of racebicycles.  At 10.00 start all the motorcycles, scooters and the veterancars, after them  tractors,  walkers, samba dancers  ..   ARTS AND PUOS ON THE ROAD.

 Wisla     commonstart 5.6. annually  every summer

Zakopane  commonstart 6.6. guality film and music  festiwal

     7.6.start   Uscie Gorlicke 


BIESZCZADY  tarnica mountain      

   9.6.start  Przemysl             10.6.start TOMASZOW LUB  

   11.6.start Wlodawa

12.6.start Hajnowka

RULES:  All violence forbidden.   Rubbishing surrounding is  forbidden,  mandate is 50 euros .  Rubbish  police ,  local children under 15 years has a right to get it to themselves .


 Najlepszy festiwal filmowy, wspaniałe koncerty w wielkim kanionie dla 20 miliona ludzi zasadniczo  

see the start of  great bicycle competition  between the teams of  Germany, Russia , Poland , Holland , Irland  muzyki, kina, teatru.  1260  km  road via white Russia and Russian  federatio, Terijoki , Sortavala  to border Finland, NIIRALA to  meet  supporters of  Hillary Clinton and 

Trasa powinna przebiegać przez takie miejsca jak.... Prudnik - Biala- Slokow- Klisino- Pomorzowice- Kwiatoniov- Gadzowice- Wlodzienin- Cerekwia- RACIBORZ

Nieboczowy - Lubomia- Belsznica - Gorzyczki- Godow - Golkowice- JASTRZEBIE ZDROJ - ...Ruptava- Konczyce ML - Cieszyn- Goleszow- Ustron- Wisla- Malinka- Szczyrk- Godziszka- Lipowa- Zywiec- Rychwald- Gilowice- Slemien-Kocon- Kukow - Stryszawa.-  Zawoja- Przel Krowiarki- Zubrzyca DLN - Jablonka- Czarny Dunajoec- Koniowka- Witow- Zakopane ..

Apeluje do 40 milionów Polaków mieszkających w innych krajach, aby przyjechali i zobaczyli Polskę teraz, i jakie domy mogą kupić po festiwalu. Jeżeli nie chcecie mieszkać tu przez cały rok to możecie zarobić duże pieniądze na wynajmie tego domu turystom.

Bukowina  - Czarna Gora - Trybsz - Nizne- Kroscienko n Dunajcem - Gorzany -  Lacko- Road 969 to Jazowsko -

 Stary Sacz - Lazy Biegonickie - Jamnica- Ptaszkowa - Grybow- Kaclowa- Brunary - Czarna- Uscie Gorlicke 

Kwiaton- Gladyszow- Malastow- Mala   - Mecina- Bednarka- Pielgrzymka- str.  zmigrod- Dukla - Trzciana-  road 897-Daliowa- Wola Nizna- ROMANCZA - Wola Michowa - Kalnica- Wetlina- Ustryki grn- Smolnik- Lutowiska- Czarna grn- Rabe- Ustryki dln- Liskowate --road 890--

 Hitch hicking during this annual happening is cheap, safe , marvellous possibility to the youngsters to see all Poland , all Europa . You  must  pay  realistic part of fuel, nothing more. Own small tent and sleepingbag , flutes, guitars, banjos, balalaikas. BMW motorcycle clubs shall   quarantee the safety of children if they hitch hike to the kavalkade

Przyłączenie się do naszego hepeningu jest tanie, bezpieczne i dobre dla młodych ludzi, aby poznali Europę. Trzeba mieć własny sprzęt do noclegu, wszystkie kluby motorowe zgodziły sie zagwarantować bezpieczeństwo dzieciom, które przyłącz a się do kawalkady.


obudż się Wlodawa, wake up ,  the watchtower is falling

 We can make lot of money and culture with this road, but in beginning we must repair asfalt in some places in Portugal and in White Russia .

White Russia and Federatio give transit visum 50 e for 2 weeks to this route 1269 km long. With no weapons or chemical narcotics. Water guns and cannabis allowed

 start 13.6. PRUZANY

start 14.6. Mou cadz

start 15.6. Hlybokaje,

start 16.6. Asvieja

start 17.6 Krasnaje

 start 18.6  Pytalovo 

 start 19.6  Pskov 

 start 20.6  Gdov

 start 21.6  Koskolovo

start 22.6  Terijoki government 

 start 23 .6  Käkisalmi

 start 24 .6  Sortavala

Schengen border of Finland is open for eu citizens and americans .

  To get peace of 1000 years with  Russia, the best and most economical way  is to make the road which connect FINLAND to EUROPA . It would be marvellous 100 years birthday present from USA and European Union .

 Choosen network of local roads needs new asfalt  and this operation should be started NOW. We should use it in Russia only to one direction between 12.6.- 24.6. In autumn 6.9- 19.9 to opposite direction. This road would bring every year good incomes and international culture influences to White Russia and Russian Federation . Americans could learn know how nice warm and humoristic people are russians. Example

 We have no reason to be afraid of them. Only war industry , devil and Hillary Clinton  are  happy if we start next big war. Napoleon and Hitler were not succesfull to do it, but people learn nothing and thats why historia repeats itself. Becacuse during last 50 years people are everywhere manipulated with american styled media violence and foot ball  ice hockey  idiotism, more and more of us become so creisi  that  they want war again. If we not do something very radical and strong we are in big danger . Russia  has so much men and weapons that we never win them. Norwegian investigator in UN, Johan  Galtung is  warning  how  behind  Russia  is standing UNION  OF SHANGHAI, China, India, Iran  etc  and  this  union is 100  times stronger as NATO.  But  western  media  not  want say it to  people, because media  power in usa  is  in  same  hands as the same as weapon industry 

  1. I agree this matter 100 %
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         


We should all  join this  peace demonstration. If you  havent 3 months holiday to travel from alfa ATLANTIS  agadir to omega land of FIN keuruu, follow  the   kavalkade few hundred kilometers..

After 7 days summer war  in Niirala , border of Russia , supporters of Clinton and  Trump travel  all together back to   Mutalahti - Ilomantsi -Kivilahti Koitere  , Juankoski ,  Nilsiä, Varpaisjarvi - Iisalmi Runninkylä, kiuruvesi - keitele -Viitasaari  - Multia .  Supporters of Trump  go to 96 houses and 50 hectar  camping of  Keuruun sekokyla, near border of Multia. ( 15  km  from centre of keuruu, kivijarventie 300. )

Suporters of  Hillary Clinton,  CIA   and old rotten politics of usa go to centre of Keuruu,  50 hectars area of previous keuruu pioneer pataljona.  Keuruu should make there banas for speedway and motocross bikes from  many countries to be able to solve which country is the best. In city house of keuruu can keep meetings of different groups trying to find  diplomatic solutions. In city house of keuruu we can also put central computer of  finnish  folk parlament ,  Suomen kansanparlamentti SKP

 1. I agree this matter 100 %                                      
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

During 1.7. -  31.7  these 2 groups shall  have hard fights with colour weapons , motocross bikes , 4 wheel scooters , aikido , judo , karate, kra maga in forests between Pioneer pataljona and When we repeat  this happening ( keuruun vittuiluviikot ) every year in JULY, we may  not  need to solve such international problems among women and children of Syria Libya Ukraine Afganistan Iraq. Culture association Keltaiset ry produce religious political screen play about the last big battle

Saapahan keuruun terveyskeskuksen typera haljunaamainen johtaja  paikattavaa,  kun eivat minua halunneet auttaa . Pyysin apua  kun tulin Puolasta 2012  jossa POLIISI  hyokkasi kimppuuni  ja  murjoi  niskani vinoon raskaalla saappalla, vaurioitti ranteitani  liian tiukkaan vedetyilla kasiraudoilla. Poliisi Kimmo Rytkonen naki  nama jaljet , mutta  heitti apua  pyytavan rikosuhrin  ulos  terveyskeskuksesta

 After one month  festival of OMEGA ( FIN ) the road goes to Vilppula Ruovesi Kihniö Nummijärvi Hyyppä Puskankylä Karijoki Säkylä Habour of Turku to Sweden . In Danmark 8.8.2017 Odense start to Jerusalem Mecca or Gaza pyramides . 23.8.2017 In sudetian mountains Poland Miedzylesie Annually  every summer 1.6.-3.6 and 20.-23.8

ateistic profane wanderers finish their intiation road in Gaza  pyramides. 


Start   Odense

to this  route  will  come  folk  parlaments  of  Danmark  and Germany.

If you want membership, please send your  emails  to 


 1. I agree this matter 100 %                                                        
2. I agree this matter 80 %                                                  
3. I agree this matter 60 %                                              
4. I agree this matter 50 %                                      
5. I agree this matter 40 %                                
6. I agree this matter 20 %                        
7. I do not agree this matter at all         

 GREAT HAPPENING FOR ALL TWOWHEELERS and veteran cars, yearmodel 1969 or older, with no caravan. Citroen 2 CV Volvo PV clubs etc. etc. BMW , HD clubs,  scooterclubs , all  2- wheelers Holland, Denmark, Germany, France. COME TOGETHER. Join together in Kerteminde habor 8.8.2001 cl. 9.00 and take the route to Ladby-Åsum -passing by in a parade ODENSE Townhall START ODENSE cl. 10.00..From Odense market place starts 8.8 at 9.00 o'clock the race bicycles to the Kings road number 303 to-Tarup-Brenderup-317-Båring- Big Bridge-road 161-Nr Bjert- Kolding-Vamdrup-Skodborg-Rodding-437-Ribe-dynes of Jylland. There shall be organized the international original natives summit, meetings for veterancars and mc travellers 5.8.-9.8.  Start Sr Farup Ballum- Koldby-Emmerlev-Hojer-(start TONDER 10.8. at the old townhall cl. 9.00 start of racebicycles, at 10.00 o'clock all the others..


and the K road goes to Germany -Suderlugum-Westre-Ladelund-Weesby -Medelby-Wallsbull-Grossenwiehe-Hullerup- Haurup-Oeversee-FREIENWILL-Obdrup-Satrup- GrossRude-Böel-Nottfeld-Basdorf-Borby-Eckernförde-Kiekut-Aschau-Noer-Surendorf-Stohl- -Altbulk-Strande-Schliksee-Kahlenberg-Kiel old city culture festivals 9.8.-11.8 ..start KIEL every year 11.8. cl. 9.00 start of racebicycles, at 10.00 o'clock all the others-direction Wellsee-Rönne-Sieversdorf-Preetz-Kuhren- Kuhrsdorf-Bundhorst-Glasholz- Ascheberg-Dersau-Stocksee-Damsdorf-Seedorf -BERLIN - Gnissau-Strenglin-Pronstorf-Neukoppel- Krumbeck-Obernwohlde- Lybeck Old City Festivals 10.8.-12.8. later annually at the same time.

  START   LUBECK 12.8. pass by parade old townhall cl. 9.00 start of race bicycles, at 10.00 o'clock all the others..Brandenbaum-Ludersdorf-  Neschow-Stove-Rehna-Wedendorf-Sievershagen-Wotenitz- Upahl-Testorf- Krankov-Bobitz- Bad  Kleinen-Dämelow-Neufhof-Warin-Mankmoos-Qualiz-Gralow-Steinhagen-Start Butzow 13.8. old townhall cl. 9.00 start of racebicycles, at 10.00 o'clock all the others- to direction Zibuhl-Tarnow-Pruzen- Klein Upahl-Lohmen-Oldenstorf-Suckwitz-Gross Tessin-Kurort Krakow-Linstow-Kniep-Cramon-Nossentiner Hutte-Malchow-Penkow-Sietow- Röbel city festivals 12-14.8 commonstart of Röbel 14.8. at the old townhall cl. 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock -Friedrichshof- Melz-Buchholz-Sewekow-Dranse-Alt Lutterow-Kunkelberg-Steinberge- cityfestivals and international commonstart of NEURUPPIN annually 15.8. at the old townhall cl. 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock-Treskow-Fehrbellin-Tarmow-Hakenberg- Linum-Kuhsiedlung-Staffelde-Börnicke-Nauen-Neukammer-Wachow-Weseram-

 FESTEN ,  annually 14-16.8.. Common start Brandenburg to MECCA and Jerusalem every year 16.8 cl. 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock.. For older pilgrims, or those who not like motorcycles or cars, we can offer a network of old romantic museumtrains and riverships.

 The parade starts from the old city hall and goes through Hauptstrasse -direction-Pernitz-Ragösen-Dippmannsdorf-Belzig-Klein Glien-Borne-Bergholz-Grubo-Burg Rabenstein-Gross Marzehns- Straach-Dobien- WITTENBERG-

Luther neue kirche festen

( every year , annually 15.-17.8. )

 Common start of re-born real protestants,  with mopeds, scooters , bicycles

start by the Luther church in Wittenberg 17.8. cl. 9.00 race bicycles, at 10.00 all the others.. Kings road goes to Dorna-Trebitz-Pretzsch-following river Elbe-Dommitzsch- Torgau- Beilrode-Arzberg-Köllitsch- Tauschwitz- Stenla-Kossdorf-Lehndorf-Muhlberg Elbe- Fichtenberg-Kreintz-Zschepa-Bobersen-Riesa city carnavals annually 15.-17.8 Start    Riesa 17.8.  -Grödel- Boritz-Zehren- Meissen- Sörnewitz- Kotitz-following the streetline by the river Elbe-Radebeul-Kaditz-Ubigau-Johannsstadt- through the city of Dresden goes on the international folk music festivals annually 15.-18.8 ..Tolkewitz   ..big festival of german, grecian, polish, jewish, islamic, scotish folk music 15.8.-18.8.- 

  come to help liberate Polska  from  terror of roman catholic fascists

 start Dresden annually 18.8.   

at 9.00 starts the racebicycles, at 10.00 the others.. The concerts are contiunuing  in the cars and willages by the river Elbe -Pillnitz- Pirna- Bad Schandau- Sebnitz- Vilemov- Mikulasovice- Krasna Lipa- Jiretin Jedlovo-KROMBACH-Hermanice-Jablonne-Lvova- Rynoltice-Chrastava- Mnisek-Bedrichov-Josefuv Dul-Vel Hamry-Vysoke n Jiz- Roprachtice-Vrchlabi-Lanov-Rudnik- Hostinne-start TRUTNOV 19.8  at 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock -road 14 -Nachod-Kudowa Zdroj- Droga Stu Zakretow- Karlow- Radkow-Wambierzyce-Road 388- Polanica Droj- Stara Lomnica-

Bystrzyca-Klodzko GREAT ILLUMINATION for romancatholic pilgrims annually 17.8-19.8 . Festivals will take place on streetroute: Okrzei- ul Miedzyleska - Krakowska -Wyszki- Dlugopole Zdroj  , Dlugopole grn -BIG SAFE PARKING of all vechicles. The visitors of the mainfestival of UNITED EUROPE shall walk 3 kilometers up to the mountain of Gniewoszow

On top of the green hill 700  mtr high , in  front of our broken house , where corrupted kurva- police of Miedzylesie and criminal  jehova witnesses did not allow us to be,  we can build stage and big loudspeakers from beton. Frontpanel massive wood.  In large walley is enough place for several millions. It  is right place for the folk  parlament  of  european  union  and the  biggest woodstock in the world , every summer    

  1.6.-3.6  and   20.8-23.8


When the tree days post communistic party in Gniewoszow is over 23.8 ,  those who are interested  seriously to find Jesus Christ , and their real self  , atman, aton, allah , please join this.  

69  days  , about 150 km / day , motorcycles , scooters  and veteran cars drive together. From Ahtens habour of Raffinia  christians  go  by ferry to to Haifa and  Jerusalem ,  muslimanes  and profane  atheists   to Sparta , to CREETE , to Alexandra . Muslimanes continue to Mecca and profane ateists finish their pilgrim trip in  Gaza Pyramides  . Common road from Gniewoszow goes to 

  Rozanka - Mienzylesia Boboszow -Lichkov- Mladkov Pastivny- Letohrad- Usti n. Orl- Hor. Sloupnice- Litomysl festivals 23.8-24.8  (commonstart of Litomysl  24.8. at 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock ) to Polska-Jimramov-Dalecin- Bystrice-Rozna-Moravec-Krizanov-Oslavice-Rudikov-Trebic-Vycapy-Rozkos-Jevisovice- Primetice - in city of Znojmo will be international  filmfestivals every year 24.8-25.8.. start  Znojmo 25.8 at 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock -Tasovice-Krhovice-Valtrovice-Dyjakovice-Hevlin-LAA- AUSTRIA - Ungerndorf-Fallbach-Zwentendorf- Pyhra-Busch B- start Ernstbrunn 26.8. at 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock - Naglern- Wetzleinsdorf-Grossrussbach-Weinstieg-Seebarn-Stetten-Hagenbrunn-WIENNA  

 ( we are  asking help from the european motor cycle clubs and people who  has hobby to take care of old veterancars ) 

we need material to our film that 2 million motorbikes pass by one same choosen  street  route in Wienna . Choose that route and be ready with 100 000 bikes to drive this through wienna at the same time when NYSSE comes

  the kings route should go in every willage    through the most beautiful and peacefull streets, and it's marked with the yellow sign


 it means the yellow revolution of new president of Poland

START  WIENNA 27.8. 9.00 and 10.00 

 the Kings road   goes  to Mannswörth- Fischamend - Klein Nuesiedl- Schwadorf-Sarasdorf- Kaisersteinbruch- Neusiedl-Weiden am see-Podersdorf- start Illmitz 28.8.  9.00 and 10.00-  HUNGARY Fertöszentmiklos-CSAPOD - Ivan- Locs- Buk-( Start  Acsad 29.8 cl. 9.00 and 10.00 )-

Vasszilvagy-Szombathely-Kisunyom- Körmend- road 98- Nadasd- Viszak-Pankasz- Nagyrakos-Bajansenye-Hodos-Mackovci- start Murska Sobota 30.8 cl. 9.00 and 10.00 - Tisina- Radenci- Ivanjci- Gradisce- Lenart v. slov.Gor- Kamnica- Bresternice- Selnice-Ozbalt- Brezno-Muta-Dravograd-Lese-Velenje Sempeter- Tunjice-Kranj-(start Bled 1.9 at 9.00 and 10.00 o'clock)- Kamen-Jesenice-Kranjska Gor-Ratece-ITALY-Tarvisio- Pontebba-Tollmezzo-Belluno  Start Vittorio Venetton )

io-Venezia -Adria -( START Ravenna 3.9.)-Ravenna-Faenza- Brisighella-S.Sofia-Corniolo-Poppi-Rassina-O Pieve -Badia- (Start Urbino 4.9. cl .10. 00 ) - Pergia- Terni-

Annual commonstart  ROME 6.9. 

In front of Peter's church-Campobasso-Ariano-Rionero in Vulture-Altamura-Martina Franca- Latiano-Brindisi.There´ll be a ferryconnection to Igumenitsa 11.9.2002 commonstart   Igumenitsa - Ioannina- HANI KIASMA-

Ateistic profane group , who want continue to Egypt Gaza pyramides  and muslimanes who want go to MECCA  choose line: Kalambaka- Meteora Metamorfosa -Trikala- Karditsa-Agiopigi- Amarandos-Klisto- Fourna -Ag.Nikolaos-Krikelo -Neohori- Pokista- Stilia-Skala--Nafpaktos-Rio-Agia- PATRA-Ovria-Halandritsa-Kalanistra-Trehlo-Loussi- Kastria-( Start Klitoria cl. 10.00 town hall parade )( Klitoria International  folk music festivals 19.9-23.9 ) -Filia- Kerpini-Valtesiniko-Alonistena--Hrissovitsi-Karatoulas-MEGALOPOLI-Sparta- Githio- shipping to island of Kreta -Kissamos- Hania-Vrisses- Kares-Imbros-Stakia-  by ferry  to Alexandria ..

People who are going to Jerusalem from the start of Meteora Meta Morfosa 12.9. they take the direction-TRIKALA-Karditsa-Agiopigi- Kedros-Anavra-Ekara- Pournari-Lamia- START Alepospita 13.9-Thermopiles-Anavra- Reginio-Zelio-Exarhos-Kolaka- start ORHOMENOS 14.9.-Askrea-Thespies-Lefktra-Eritrea-Dafni-Pili-Fili-


 annually 12.9-15.9 

Start Athens 15.9. at 10.00 o'clock from Agropolis, 11.00 in Raffinia habor to Haifa 

 The groups with the flags of all colours attact up to the mountain of Jerusalem with the weapons of laughter, joy and good music..We ought to press also jews and palestininas to laugh and forget their  anger. We ought to show an example how different nationalities, religious groups and ateists CAN very well be all together and have a very nice time.

everybody who REALLY believe to Jesus ,  you should come together  to Jerusalem to invite him to work as polish president

12.10. at 10.00 o'clock happens a big commonstart
żółta REWOLUCJA  at the David´s tower.

The Kings road goes through old Jerusalem to Via Dolorosa and turns to direction -Betlehem- .

It has been told
that when the new light RA  RE- comes to the world,
the old rotten oak of kalevala falls down

The third road  , the WAY to the  Unitio exists, if we are wise and humble enough to seek and to notice it.  The finnish national writer, Aleksis Kivi is telling in his book ' Seven Brothers' about the seven architypes of Finland and their home IMPIVAARA, which means the same matter as  chinese , Tao. It can be translated as well in a meaning of nature or a road. Kivi writes how those seven ''rishis'' run away from the civilization of konfuze to wild nature and how they finally find a road back to the ''willage ''. Doing this ''circle'' they reached the wholistic understanding of existence and knew how to use it in spritual and practical purposes so that everybody is happy and rich. This is the spiritual meaning of this trip.

 Second  meanings of this project ´´ I AM THE ROAD `` is to rebuild Seitendorf / Gniewoszow, to invite 38 million polish exilers from America, Germany , Skandinavia, UK to nice holiday to Poland , Marocco or to Portugal. To buy such house from renewed Poland. Mittelwald / Miedzylesie ., mountains of eagles is one of most beautiful places in Europa, near border of Tseck Republic, 150 km from Praha

we should  also   decide there  democratically  what  we do  to  the question  about  cannabis sativa ?

In Portugal come lot of foreigners in summertime, and local people are selling them very dangerous chemical narcotics, amfetamine, cocaine, lsd, extase, heroin,  cannabis where is mixed poisons , plastic, what ever. Police not want stop this,  because turtists want such and incomes are  very important to puor Portugal

 According united nations WHO cannabis ( homephatic medicine ) is much more healthy as alcohole and cigarettes, it makes people peaceful and sensitive to understand arts.

Hitler made it illegal, because he  knew how cannabis  take away agressions and such men are not good killers. USA had same reason to demand illegalization during war of Vietnam

Adolf Hitler self was using quite a lot amfetamin to be able to talk more strongly and furiosly. They were dealing it also to finnish soldiers with name PERVITIN . It is very dangerous material, same as heroin but in USA they were selling it legally to women to become more SLIM.

And now such war criminal as Hillary Clinton use that ( speed ) to make her fat uckly ash smaller and to be able to talk more strongly. Amfetamin is killing all feelings and making users PSYCHOPATHES . Out of realites, paranoid , who see peacefull nice russians and Mr Putin as some kind of devil. American jewish weapon industry , mediapower and stupid people around support her. They try to explain how mr TRUMP is going to start III world war, but they are reflecting on him their OWN dirty sick emotions and agressions

Anyhow  in America  are millions of people who would be very interested to get good clean cannabis in good international company, enjoying from rich culture festivals . President Obama has very positive experiences and also previous president of Finland , Tarja Halonen was using it quite a lot. Donald TUSK has told in TV  how  he was also user of cannabis. So what for to prevent it from other people . Its time to stop  that  madnes

the new deal

Fixed price 5 euros / gram

 0, 8 euro / gram to members of Les Jaunes in Spain Algarve , France Germany Russia  or to police who keep law and order in these happenings and sell cannabis to american and british hippes. 10 gr / 50 euro.

1,2 e / gram to farmers of Ketama , Barber and Chechaouen ( north Maroc )

0,5 e / gram to costs of transport , packing , marketing .

0,75 e / gram tax to Kingdom of Maroc

0,75 e / gram tax to Portugal Spain Poland Russia or Finland , where selling happens

1 e / gram to association Keltaiset ry Les Jaunes, to produce culture festivals in maroc in portugal and in Poland, who pay salaries of artists or to payments of copyright holders . You can join to team of legal sellers  and get 0,40 e / gram.

 This money should be handled in neutral ground , account of Keltaiset ry , Poppankki Finland Vaasa  iban : FI 3447304720017228 BIC : HELSFIHH . Honest police of Finland, look after this account , this is not anybodys private bisnes. Registered culture association Los Amarillos keltaiset ry . Chairman of the board


To  be  able finally  to stop quarreling about religions, we should  create  also truthfull  theologia to  profane ateists , muslimanes and christians